My Family, Nov. 2003: Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines

My Family - Scattered & Destroyed



Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Libertarian Candidate 4 Sheriff of Newton County, Missouri -- 2004


Extermination of Regime Criminals is My Campaign Platform

The Doerge Doctrine vs The Dzerzhinski Doctrine

. . . . . We live in Revolutionary times. The current criminal regime, this mighty Evil Empire, this Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) is about to collapse due to its war against the entire world and against its own founding White population. Unlike my Republican competition, Ken 'the Bagman' Copeland, endorsed by Ron Doerge, and Democrat Dwayne Fischer, I have a different policy of being sheriff. Under Ron Doerge, I have been beaten up, falsely arrested, threatened with torture and seen and heard of countless others, poor and White, who have been tortured, falsely arrested, beaten up, and even murdered by local and county police. This is not to mention those who have been written up by lying police officers out to steal revenue under color of law. I've never seen a single pig who wouldn't lie to a citizen or upon the witness stand. Be they Scott Watson or Greg Bridges, these lying corrupt public prosecutors have sent hundreds of innocent people convicted of a crime to false imprisonment or even their deaths, all to have a 'win' gained by their abuse of power. Likewise, the corrupt local circuit court judges, Tim Perigo, Greg Stremel, Kevin Lee Selby, Don Killebrew, have violated the laws of this state and the rules of court, pretending to hear cases in which often they lack jurisdiction and having their minds made up from the very beginning to railroad the defendants. This is not to say that there are not guilty defendants. There are some in the jails and prisons. But there are far more innocent defendants in the sense that they did not get 'due process of law' in that they were set up by corrupt police, 'defended', if not plea bargained, by incompetent public pretenders, prosecuted unjustly by professional public prosecutors who are immune to civil suit for malicious prosecution, and have procedural safeguards violated by incompetent and lawless judges. Then the appellate courts refuse to obey the law or actually strive to have injustice at the trial level overturned. The end result is that the System is not 'broken,' but rather simply doing what it was meant to do in disposing of the lives of the poor and weak and letting the well-connected and government workers commit whatever crimes they please and get away with it. Establishing an 'us' vs 'them' regime in which 'us' are merely used as cattle and slaves for 'them' -- the regime criminals.

. . . . . My grandchildren, above, were kidnapped under color of 'emergency' and taken screaming from the only home they knew and loved by Children's Division (Formerly Division of Family Services or DFS) personnel, Newton County Juvenile Officers, Newton County Sheriff's Deputies with the collusion of Granby police officers on April 9, 2004. The day these criminals chose to violate my grandchildren's home, their nest, like predatory animals, I swore that I would destroy their criminal families by torturing their children and grandchildren and their entire family unto seven generations and four degrees of relatedness and send them screaming to hell. Not only them, but the rest of the regime criminals who made their destruction of my family possible, by merely voting for funds to support regime piglice and korts, or by passing laws or agencies which made this possible. Their plot was to use the vermin living across the street, namely my fat, ignorant, sluttish welfare-queen stepdaughter, her second husband, her cousin and another slut living there to lie that I had molested my own grandchildren, railroad me in a kangaroo kort, and have me murdered in prison as a child molester and racist. In the past six months I have been falsely arrested, threatened unlawfully with contempt of kort three times, had the secret juvenile kort of Judge Kevin Lee Selby, who refuses to recuse himself as a long-time enemy of mine, refused the biological grandmother of the children her right to intervene by shutting out the incompetent and corrupt attorney for which I paid $1500, and then the Missouri Court of Appeals refused to obey the law and make the trial court obey the law by providing the legal file to compile the necessary Record on Appeal.

. . . . . When a despotic evil criminal regime refuses to obey its own pretend laws and rules, is openly out to abuse its power to enrich its favored regime criminals at the expense of the poor, weak, and defiant of those under its control, there is no choice for any People but to rise up, exterminate the regime criminals and their spawn, and set up a new form of government designed to benefit themselves, not parasites and predators either alien or domestic. When evil kings like Saul and Ahab violated both the Law of YHWH and their own People, YHWH set forth a Revolution in which the families of these evil kings and the regime criminals who served them were destroyed absolutely. Like Naboth, who was murdered after being railroaded by Queen Jezebel, so too have I suffered from regime criminals serving the Beast Power, and like Naboth, I demand vengeance. This is why my story involving my grandchildren is named after Naboth, and his plight in Chapter 21 of I Kings.

. . . . . There is no solution except White Revolution to the evils wrought by this mighty Evil Empire. We must exterminate every single regime criminal and its spawn. We must live but let die any and all of the ZOGling (Zionist Occupation Government) whigger (white nigger) herd animals which support this criminal regime. We must use any and all weapons against this criminal regime and regime criminals; from basic prion poisoning by feeding rendered-down deer with Chronic Wasting Disease to uninfected deer hundreds of miles away; spreading man-made and natural pathogens to where non-whites live in the big cities; cutting off supplies of food, power, medicine to any suburban Whites supporting this criminal regime; using nuclear weaponry; or any other act of civil warfare aimed at making it impossible for this mighty Evil Empire to project any power over us within this continent, much less in oppressing the rest of the world. Our goal is to destroy everything and anyone making it possible for the current criminal regime to survive, and then to ensure our everlasting security we exterminate every regime criminal and its spawn. Then we establish a Whites-only Revolutionary regime in which not a single non-white gene, idea, or person is allowed to exist and anyone who would put himself above his community is expelled by death as a punishment for self-serving treason. A community in which every White person has a secure place, with that secure place decided not by accident of birth, or self-serving worship of mammon, but by merit of good character and sound mind.

. . . . . As Sheriff of Newton County, I will replace the "Doerge Doctrine," wherein corrupt, evil, cowardly police abuse their power hiding behind a badge to steal, rape, rob, enslave and murder the White citizens and families of Newton County, getting away with it because the county prosecutor refuses to prosecute and the circuit-kort judges refuse to obey the law with the "Dzerzhenski Doctrine," wherein every citizen gets to resist with deadly force any false arrest, where false arrest is adjudged an act of treason worthy of death, as is malicious prosecution or refusal to prosecute, judges are judged far more harshly than they judged others, and anyone who destroys a White family will have their entire family destroyed. Where there is penalty of extermination for having a White child or slave in regimeist possession, and in which any and all non-whites are subject to being buried under the very ground they refuse to vacate. Where victimless crimes are adjudged no crimes at all, where no prosecution results unless under the testimony of two witnesses, where every man is master of his household and his house is his castle, wherein he rules absolutely. Where justice is largely a matter of self-help, and the 'Code of the West' written on every White Man's Heart is the highest law of the land. A county wherein men are strong because they are able to defend that which is theirs, and their women are obedient because they know what is good for them. Wherein children are not taught by ignorant hirelings but rather by their parents within their families, and there is no provision for taxation for state indoctrination. A county in which White People rule for their own racial community interests, never aliens, predators and parasites.

. . . . . I do not expect to get elected by degenerate ZOGling whigger herd animals in this [s]election; however, this is what I stand for, and this will be what shall come to pass, regardless of how many hundreds of millions must perish in civil warfare before the survivors set things aright. Like Moses, I may well not get to enter into this Promised Land, but like Moses I can see over the mists of the Jordan into the Promised Land. As the Fifteenth-Century Habsburg motto put it: "Let Justice be done, though the whole world be destroyed!"

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Sheriff of Newton County


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