Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Libertarian Candidate 4 Presiding Commissioner -- 2002


Mad Dog's Picks of the Pricks on the Newton County General [S]Election Ballot


Here in Newton County, in a State of Missery, there simply ain't no reason to pick up a Democrat or LibberToon primary ballot because Newton County, in a State of Missery, is as much a one-party area as Saddam Hussein's Iraq or Jewsepf Stalin's Bolshevik Russia. The only difference is that deranged thieving Whigger Supremacists are running this meth-kleptocracy further into the ground. In fact, the Newton County Democrats ought to vote for me as a Presiding Commissar as a means to embarass the Newton County Bad Ol' Boyz Republican Establishment.


U.S. Senate

Well, you need to vote for Widder Minstrel-Show Carnahan on this one. Even LibberToon Tamster-the-Hamster Knapp-Millay or the [Watermelon] Whigger Romano. Anyone other than Talent!

Let's remember who voted to ship out working-class White (and black) jobs and ship them to Mexico by voting for NAFTA in 1993. Who voted against unemployment benefits to help those put out of work by Talent's treasonous votes. Who voted to make illegal aliens 'legal' by giving them 2.5 million green cards. Who sent our jobs to Mexico and brought Mexicans to rob and rape and pillage and take away what jobs remained to feed our families. Who was the deciding vote for the assault-rifle ban. How Talent talks like Charleton Heston and votes like Charlie Schumer!

Until Jim Talent and his corpsorate imperial whigger supremacist backers are in the same boat us working-class White people are, then Jim Talent and the Missouri Republican Establishment are going to keep on preying upon us. However, we turn Talent out and tell the Repubs that treason doesn't pay, then they shall either have to go down with us or start pulling their share in doing what needs to be done in this country. And that repudiation of treason isn't going to come about until there is a repudiation of Talent.

I really despise Tamster-the-Hamster Millay. I was amused and pleased to see that Tamster-the-Hamster, incubator of paki-sikle-dickals, wannabe Murphy Brown, and future ex-wife #5 of Judas Knapp, looks like what them whigger supremacist pro-abortion LibberToon not gone to fat look like -- an embryo&ass-pecker like Jeanne "Leathercunt" Bojarski. Tamster-the-Hamster sure doesn't look like no Cinderella chick no more, but rather like a hen harpy rode hard and put up wet for a decade servicing pakis in a kike whorehouse. She seems to have been replaced as a resume secretary for some other paper-shuffling job in a jewnivershitty. Typical for LibberToons. Collect a gubbermint check for workfare and call for an end to the taxes necessary to support them in the style that they hypocritically denounce while enjoying.

I must say that I have no use for either Tamster-the-Hamster nor her shack-up, Judas Knapp. However, if you are a Repub whigger trying to wean yourself from whiggerdumb status and want to start out right, but can't stand to vote for Widder Minstrel-Show, well, perhaps a vote for the Hamster can be stomached.

'Digger' Romano, the Green 'Watermelon' (Green on the outside, red on the inside) is a vote for No-Talent, just as a vote for Nader was a vote for George W[higger] Bush back in 2000. A Watermelon Green is merely a spoiled Democrat who wants his socialism NOW!

No-Talent is a ZOG piece of shit. The rascal voted for NAFTA, and thus destroyed the ability of White working-class people to feed their families and breed more White kids. In fact, Talent destroyed the political base of the Republican Party by the pencil-necked geek freak's being a corpsorate ass-clown shipping off the industrial base to Mexico and China. Talent's foresight is as long as his foreskin.

Widder Minstrel-Show Carnahan, on the other hand, is a moderate to conservative Democrat. She lets the 91-IQ, In-Flight, One-Term NWO/ZOG sock-puppet Jorge W[higger] 'Leave-no-Beaner-Behind' Wuss-Bush have its puppeteer's way. I doubt that she has any calculation in her of giving the whigger ass-clown enough rope to hang itsself by the nuts.

This 2002 [S]election is simply whiggerdumb's last gasp. It is merely a question as to whether demographic 'tip-over' shall occur in 2002 or 2004. it is my impression that tip-over shall try to be forestalled in 2002 so that the collapse shall be even more resounding in 2004.

Either way, the pee-pul of Missery shall deserve what they get, like Sodom and Gomorrah voting with their feet & peckers for more degeneracy.

Vote for ANYONE and ANYTHANG other than Talent! Anythang except Talent!!!!


State Auditor

Vote for Al Hanson. The reason is because Al Hanson isn't supported by the Missouri Republicans. Al Hanson is his own man. Al Hanson isn't getting any money from the Enron Repubicants. Al Hanson wasn't Jay Kansler, with the odious little creep Nikky Meyers handling all the corpsorate campaign contributions, like Judas Iscariot ass-licking for Baalzebub, that such theiving vermin gives to its own, like Jay Kanzler. So the Cuntree-Clubber Repubs, pissed that Repub voters didn't like their selection, gave the office to the Democrat incumbent. All of which goes to show that Repubs are simply the pimples on the ass of dem[on]ocracy. .

U.S. 7th District Kongress-kritter

Leave this space blank, unless you vote Democrat for Ron Lapham. Ron is a nice guy, without a clue, running as a Democrat. Roy Blunt is the Kongress-kritter for Korpsorate Amerika. Roy loves bringing in them beaners to the Degeneracy of Northern Tysonia in hopes of them beaners voting for Roy and giving the rest of us more divershitty than we want to handle. Don't vote for Roy. Leave the oval blank if you can't handle voting for a Democrat who has absolutely no support from the local Democrats.


State Senate -- District 32

There are is only a Republican politician running for office. Gary Nodler. Nobody is running as a Democrat or LibberToon.

Gary Nodler. Gary's problem is that Gary is a professional Republican politician. Gary was a former congressman's executive aide in a bygone era in which going along to get along was how political business was done. Nodler's problem is that he is simply a soft Repub politician in an age that requires and will require tough sonsabitches.

I'm leaving that ballot space blank. Gary has a nice family, and is nice himself, but duty requires that weakness and softness simply cannot be rewarded. .

State Representative -- District 129

Ron Richard. Former mayor of Joplin, whom I've sued for federal civil rights violations because he let the Joplin pigs run wild and they arrested me for 'obstruction' for something I said concerning Waco to a FiBbIe pig at a piglice academy function. Richard is a 'booster,' i.e., a mindless businessman who thinks what is good for his business, and that of his contributors, is good for the country. Almost always that notion is wrong. What is good for self-serving businessmen only concerned with the root of all evil -- love of money -- is almost always something wretched for the People. Every time Richard has run for something I've advised people to vote for Richard's opponent. Today is no exception.

Jack Shilts isthe Libertarian candidate. Since I've heard nothing bad about him, as he is not a professional LibberToon, why not vote for him?



State Representative -- District 131

Marilyn Ruestman is a nice lady who thinks good thoughts and listened to what I had to say to her. And she wants to reform the pubic skrewls and try to pass a law providing only for incremental taxation of 10% per year as opposed to the 50% per year which has struck both Newton and Jasper and McDonald Counties over the years. Which means that she will be out of her league in Jeff City. I don't need a civilized polytickian up in Jefferson City to represent me, I need a mean asshole. I'd prefer a smart mean asshole, but a stupid mean asshole will do. So I quietly voted for her primary opponent. Then I read in The Jewplin Glob that she supported letting beaner and greaser immigrunts register to vote. This is stupid and racially treasonous. All the more reason to let the pubic skrewls go to shit, because they will go to shit anyway when the greasers come with their fifteen little greasers speaking Spiclish. Only a stupid whigger doesn't figure out that in a dem[on]ocracy that the majority gets to rule, and if you give every greaser a vote than Eastern Newton County will look like Noel Missouri, where she grew up and refugeed out of. This is even more stupid than anything even a Democrat (but not a LibberToon) could be able to think up. Marilyn is wrong in all of her Republican policies. I can and probably will home-school my grandchildren as necessary so I don't need or want the pubic skrewls to 'improve' at my expense. I simply cannot afford to let her turn my home in Granby into Nuevo Noel in Nuevo Missouri, Nuevo Mexico.

Update: Leave this space blank.


Associate Circuit Kort Judge -- Division 2

Gregory Stremel is a crook and the incumbent and unopposed. As Chief Justice John Marshall once wrote about a corrupt and dependent judiciary being the most dreadful punishment that God could impose on a wicked and stupid citizenry, Stremel is third, behind Killebrew, Perigo and tied with LePage. Shame Cambysis II is long dead or Stremel would be useful as a raw dripping pelt for a Resistance tribunal to sit upon, making such mindful to behave.


Associate Circuit Kort Judge -- Division 3

One of the most evil degenerates infesting a public bench, Judge Harmon A. Killibrew, decided that he had stolen enough for his eventual eternal sojourn to hell, and so the most profitable probate bench position is open. Probate is a lawyer's dream, in which the judge can appoint a lawyer to steal an estate blind in guardianship and administrtive costs until there is no estate left for the true heirs. Probate is the plum picked by the crooked judiciary.

Kevin Selby is the worst of the lot. He likes to brag about putting 'bad guys' in jail. He railroaded me into the Jasper County Jail for 30 days because I refused to pay a bogus ticket for a burnt-out headlight because the City of Granby, like all other municipalities are forbidden by statute, Constitution, and contract from writing a ticket upon state and federal highways for anything other than "traffic flow and regulation," i.e., speeding or failure to stop at a light or stop sign. Selby and a crooked judge named Schoeberl connived to give me a jail sentence without benefit of jury and while a writ of prohibition was before a Missouri appellate court (and in violation of Article 8 of the Missouri Constitution because it was an election day), which was double the maximum jail sentence under law for a Class C misdemeanor of 15 days. I got to eat slop in the Jasper County Jail while the Missouri Supreme Court violated the law in refusing to hear my petition for habeas corpus.
. . . . Why all this crap? Because I helped out my first son-in-law over a bogus ticket written by a crooked Granby cop named Brady who last year was given kid-glove treatment for being a thief. When I was in jail, the municipal judge, Steve White, and Selby railroaded my son-in-law, threatening, "We'll do to you just like we did to your father-in-law, Martin Lindstedt, if you don't plead guilty.
. . . . To further show how crooked this was, myself, Shawn, and stepdaughter Amalie told how the accident in which a postal vehicle was the postal worker's fault, that she didn't want to pursue it because it was her fault, that the crooked cop Brady lied on the very face of the ticket, and that nobody wanted this matter to proceed. Selby promised to do what was right, but instead forced the postal worker to testify, tried to get me jailed for "unauthorized practice of law" and when that failed, had me railroaded to jail for 30 days while forcing the issue to trial while I was in jail and not able to help my son-in-law.
. . . . Recently Selby did the very same thing to a man who claimed that he was being railroaded for sexual molestation of his daughter because the molestation really occurred in a foster home in which the Division of Family Services put the girl. This man was not allowed to bring this matter up at trial and he got sentenced to life in prison.
. . . .Would Special Prosecutor Kevin Selby deliberately lie and send an innocent man to a life of hell behind bars if it would benefit Kevin Selby? Well, I don't have to think long and hard on that matter. Kevin Selby pulled unlawful evil on myself and my son-in-law. Didn't have a bit of problem with it.
. . . .Selby probably knows more of the law, at least in terms of how to do dirty dealing, than all of the four above lawyers wanting to be a judge. And Selby did help me and my grandchildren out by getting an admission from my former son-in-law at the divorce that the affidavits were correct in that Shawn was mean to the kids, would throw them around and 'forget' to catch them from divorce proceedings before Judge Stremel. However, it was merely bringing up relevant testimony which by law should have been raised by any competent attorney.
. . . .It is lawyers like Selby and Dobbs and judges like Stremel, Killibrew, Perigo and every other single judge I've ever encountered which make this former great nation a hellhole of injustice and iniquity. We the People have not rule of law, but tyranny of lawyers.

Brian P. Tayler is the Democrat's sole excursion in Newton County. He is fat and lazy and none too bright. Vote for him or leave the ballot blank.


Presiding Commissioner Jerry Carter is the Repub I am running against for Presiding Commissioner. He is not as crooked as his brother Max, but still one of the local witless kleptocracy making Newton County for meth what Columbia is for coke.

As an example of what a typical petty-minded fool this fool is, back in 1994 Carter signed a Hancock II petition, a Missery CONstitutional provision limiting taxes to voter approval, thus bypassing the General Assembly, that I alone of all political candidates was petitioning for. Repubs, as the [d]ruling oligarchs around here, want higher taxes. But Carter signed the petition and then found out my name. Since I had written a letter-to-the-editor in the Granby paper critical of the Granby Piglice State, Jewry Carter decided to scratch off his list off a petition putting all taxes to a vote of the People. All of which goes to show that Carter is a member in good standing with vicious stupid whigger trash with money and connections. Newton County is simply a Turd-Whirrld cuntree run by whigger offal, and it is of course to be expected that the most rancid cream rises to the top of the dungpile. Like a typical whigger, Jewry Carter simply must yap about how all the roads are paved and that the contractors are getting paid, as if a decent place to live depends upon senile old whiggers being able to drive their Medicare sledges 55 mph down the county roads, the spiraling of meth labs and DFS kidnappings being a sign of 'progress.' Him and Ron Doerge are architypical Republican county politicians.

Prostituting Attorney Scott Watson don't need your vote and you don't need to waste moral capital on the likes of them.


Recorder of Deeds, Circuit Clerk, Recorder of Deeds, County Auditor, Tax Collector and County Clerk -- all a dreary lot of Republicans wanting a government job with no opposition whatsoever. The only one worth voting to affirm for is Kay Baum, the County Clerk, who at least allows for some pretense of political opposition.




Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002