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Editor Martin Lindstedt



The war starts

Forwarded message:
Subj:    SAFAN ALERT:  RED ALERT - Embassy ROT Being Fired On!!!
Date:    97-04-27 13:52:40 EDT
From:    SafanNews
To:      SafanNews

SAFAN ALERT:  April 27, 1997


Per Telephone Conversation, the Embassy at the Republic of Texas is
being fired upon.  White Eagle reports that a group (reportedly the
Sheriff and Deputies) have taken one of their perimeter guards as 
hostage; and have been firing shots at the Embassy this morning.
The Embassy has also taken a "hostage".   The Embassy has been
told that the Border Patrol are on their way to the site and that the
"feds" have been notified as well.


Dot Bibee
Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011 or



Republic of Texas 
Press Release 

May 1, 1997 

The situation near Fort Davis appears to be intensifying. Information from eyewitnesses is beginning to show discrepancies in what is being reported publicly and what is actually taking place.

Law enforcement presence is intensifying, with over 200 officers on or near the scene at this time.

There is also a buildup of United States federal law enforcement personnel in the area. The official position is that federal personnel are there as observers only, but their increasing numbers make this seem unlikely. Law enforcement stated early in the week that they had cut off telephone communications, and they are now stating that they have shut off electricity.

Despite efforts by the Republic of Texas Provisional Government to convince both sides of this standoff that this be resolved peacefully, concerns are mounting that law enforcement may be staging a massive armed confrontation.

The Republic of Texas does not condone criminal activity, whether that criminal activity be done by a Citizen or by the Government. We therefore offer the following points for consideration: Even though the Republic of Texas Provisional Government remains hopeful for a peaceful solution to this situation, the activity of law enforcement in this buildup is cause for grave concerns and serious questions. The Secretary of Defense, Roger Erickson, has issued a notice of Alert to the Defense Forces of the Republic of Texas, placing them on Yellow Alert 1. This alert status signifies that they should be at a high degree of preparedness, watching and wary of any situation that may threaten the safety of their communities.

We continue to implore both Mr. McLaren and the local Sheriff to work quickly to resolve this issue peacefully, before this situation can escalate. Tremendous attention is focused on Texas, and all of us want this situation resolved peacefully in a proper court of law.

For further details, visit the Republic of Texas web site on the Internet at "" or"", or contact the Republic of Texas via the following: 

President Secretary of State
Archie Huel Lowe
(903)-326-4684 voice
(903)-326-4188 fax

Robert William Kesterson
1515 N. Town East Blvd.
Suite 138-123
Mesquite 75150
Republic of Texas

voice: (972)-222-8785
fax : (972)-222-0065
Secretary of Defense Secretary of Judicial Affairs
Roger Erickson
PO Box 153 
Corsicana 75151
Republic of Texas 

Ray Wanjura
c/o 912 McArthur
Cuero 77954
Republic of Texas



Hostages traded for jailed member; McLearen, group digs in

By Mark Babineck
Associated Press Writer

FORT DAVIS, Texas  - A militant separatist group swapped two hostages
for one of its two jailed members early today, more than 12 hours after
invading a neighbor's home and triggering a standoff with police.

But the self-styled Republic of Texas ''ambassador'' said the group
wouldn't give up and was ''digging in.''

"They released one of our people, our captain," Richard McLaren told
the San Antonio Express-News by cell phone from his so-called "embassy"
in the rugged Davis Mountains.

"He's back at the embassy. All our boys are back. We're digging in."

The Republic released hostages Joe Rowe and his wife, Margaret Ann 
Rowe, in a swap for Robert Jonathan Scheidt, arrested early Sunday on 
a weapons violation, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Laureen 
Chernow said.

At least three dozen state and local police who surrounded the remote
subdivision called Davis Mountains Resort remained in position and 
would resume negotiations with the group later this morning, Mrs. 
Chernow said.

Reporters were kept at a rest stop several miles from the entrance to
the site, 75 miles north of the Mexico border and 220 miles south of 
El Paso, the nearest major city.

Joe Rowe, who suffered a minor gunshot wound to the shoulder, was 
wheeled on a stretcher into Big Bend Regional Medical Center in 
Alpine. He was listed in stable condition.

The standoff began about noon Sunday, and McLaren said hours later 
that the Rowes would be released in exchange for two Republic 
members: Scheidt, a 43-year-old identified as "captain of the embassy 
guard" and Jo Ann Canady Turner, arrested in Austin last week on two 
contempt charges. Ms. Turner remains in custody.

McLaren also demanded another concession.

"We want them to ... agree to a referendum to allow Texans to vote on
the independence issue,'' he told San Antonio radio station WOAI.

McLaren apparently was not part of the assault on the Rowes and 
remained about 15 miles away at the "embassy," a ramshackle trailer 
surrounded by trees. Richard Keys, the "militia lieutenant commander," 
claimed to be in charge at the Rowe house.

The group has refused to specify its numbers, and the DPS declined to

Ms. Chernow said the Rowes' home, which overlooks the only road into
the development, remained occupied early today.

Although the hostages were released, other residents remained in some
90 homes scattered over thousands of acres of rugged high-desert 
terrain covered with prickly pear cacti in lower elevations and thick 
stands of pines up higher.

Some of the residents said Sunday that they would be afraid to traverse
the road because that would mean passing the Rowe house.

"We would like to advise them to stay calm," DPS spokeswoman Lucila
Torres said of the residents.

Residents had been complaining for months about McLaren, a wild-haired,
lanky 43-year-old who has filed property liens against his neighbors 
and threatened them with machine guns. He had been avoiding an arrest 
warrant since last December for filing bogus liens.

"We've been telling people ... this was going to happen," area resident
Michelle Behrendt said. "They (authorities) sat on their thumbs and did

Last month, McLaren threatened to fight back against the government 
and compared his situation to fatal standoffs at Waco, Texas, and Ruby 
Ridge, Idaho.

"These boys are asking for a total military assault," McLaren said
in an interview with The Associated Press. "Our defense forces will 
fire because we would consider it an invasion."

The Republic of Texas contends that the annexation of Texas as a state
in 1845 was illegal, that Texas should remain an independent nation, 
and that the group's leaders constitute the legitimate government of 
the independent nation of Texas. Texas was an independent republic 
from 1836 to 1845.

McLaren represents one of three Republic factions that resulted from
a split over tactics and finances late last year.



Update from the Secretary of Defense, Provisional Republic of Texas

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 97 21:01:43 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Situation at Ft. Davis

27 April 1997  20 00 hours

To All Concerned People,

Recent events at the Ft. Davis Land Resort makes it necessary to present
the facts as follows:

1) On Feb. 5, 1997 Richard McLaren was suspended from his office with 
the provisional government of the Republic of Texas.  On March 22, 1997 
Richard McLaren was impeached from that office for his unlawful actions.

2) Neither the President nor I have issued any orders for the Defense
Forces.  All individuals involved with the kidnapping/shootout were 
acting on orders from McLaren, not the provisional government.

3) The provisional government of the Republic of Texas does not condone 
ANY UNLAWFUL use of force.

For any further infromation and updates, please accesss the offical 
website of the Republic of Texas at

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas


Date: Sun, 27 Apr 97 21:38:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Update:  Ft. Davis

27 April 1997 21 00 hours

Earlier today Constable David Sanders received a telephone call from Mr.
Robert Reed of the de facto Attorney General's office.  Mr. Reed stated
that *all* "members" of the Republic of Texas would be charged with
conspiracy (of what, we do not know) in response to Richard McLaren's
actions.  Mr. Reed also indicated that the charges would be lifted if,
among other things, the one lien the Republic of Texas has against the
assets of the STATE OF TEXAS was removed.

The Department of Public Safety also contacted Mr. Sanders to express
concerns about a press release apparently issued by McLaren.  It seems 
Mr. McLaren has instructed his followers to pick up defacto agents 
listed on a warrant issued by Timothy Perkins, a "judge" recognized 
only by McLaren.

I must emphatically point out that Mr. McLaren was impeached from 
office on March 22, 1997, he does NOT represent the Republic of Texas, 
his followers are NOT the ROT Defense Forces, and neither the President 
nor I have issued any orders to the ROT Defense Forces or Peace 

If any orders are issued, they will follow the *official* chain of 

For further information and updates, please check the official website 
of the Republic of Texas;

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas



Update from the Secretary of State, Provisional Republic of Texas

From: Robert Kesterson (
To: "Republic of Texas Updates" (
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 14:12:09 +0000

April 27, 1997 


It has come to the attention of the Provisional Government of the
Republic of Texas that a situation has arisen in the Davis Mountains,
near Fort Davis.  It is with great regret and sadness that the
following information is posted: 

It appears that Richard McLaren and those acting with him have gone
completely off the deep end, disregarding the very laws he claims to
uphold.  According to reports by witnesses in the Davis Mountain
Resort (including Mr. McLaren's wife), and further confirmed by our
contacts in law enforcement, both state and federal, there have been
shots fired between Mr. McLaren's supporters and law enforcement

These actions are another in a long chain of unlawful acts by Mr.
McLaren, culminating today in the *kidnaping* of a Texas Citizen on
nothing but hearsay.  This morning, a captain in McLaren's security
team left McLaren's property and proceeded out of the Davis Mountains
resort.  On his way out, it is believed that he stopped by one of the
neighbors' houses (the purpose of that stop is unknown at this time). 
After leaving the neighbor's house, the man proceeded out of the
esort.  As he left the resort, he was stopped by someone from the
Sheriff's department.  The van the man was driving was "loaded"
according to witnesses (loaded with what is uncertain), and he was
arrested.  It is not clear whether shots were fired at this point or

As word of this arrest made it back to McLaren's property, apparently
the assumption was made that the neighbor must have "set up" the van's
driver.  Based on nothing more than this supposition and rumor, two
men from McLaren's security detail went to the neighbor's house and
*kidnaped*  the neighbor.  It is not known whether shots were fired at
this point. 

This blatantly unlawful act by Mr. McLaren illustrates his contempt
for the common law process he claims to love.  The neighbor was
kidnaped by force of arms based on nothing more than a rumor -- no
evidence, no grand jury, no indictment, no hearing, no due process of
any sort.  It is not known at this time whether the neighbor is still
being unlawfully held. 

Area law enforcement officials have responded, and are well within
their rights to do so.  Citizens and supporters of the Republic of
Texas are strongly cautioned and advised to be wary lest they be
pulled into this situation. 

After the impeachment of Mr. McLaren on March 22, he attempted to
perpetrate a coup and install himself as the only member of the
General Council.  When this failed, he attempted to convene a special
election by direct-mailing a small subset of Texas, and using the
fifty or so people who cast a ballot as being "proof" that he could
not be impeached, and was the sole charge of the question of Texas
independence.  Mr. McLaren has subsequently decided to declare war
against the United States, the State of Texas, and the United Nations.

The lawful Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas remains
committed to a peaceful solution to Texas independence.  We reserve
the right to defend ourselves if attacked, but we cannot and will not
support unlawful actions such as kidnaping without lawful process. The
man who was kidnaped is a Texan and deserves every bit as much respect
as any other Texan.  It is this blatant disregard for law and due
process that has caused the Republic of Texas to seek its
independence.  We will not condone more unlawful government under a
different name, nor will we support the actions of a madman, no matter
what his contributions may have been in the past.

Again, all Citizens and supporters of the Republic of Texas are
strongly cautioned *NOT* to involve themselves in this conflict. 
There is absolutely no justification for placing life and limb in
jeopardy over the political ambitions of one man. 

Robert Kesterson                 Republic of Texas Information                by web:
EMail me for my PGP public key
Republic of Texas EMail list:  Send a message with the subject



Return-Path: (
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:29:26 -0400
From: Gary Carlson (





300+ Federal and State Law Enforcement personnel have set up camp at 
the entrance to the Davis Mtns Resort area where the ROTE is located. 
Paramedics and fire fighters are also on hand.  CNN Headline news
reports that more government entities are on their way and that a
massive buildup is in progress on the Government side at the site. 
McClarens attorney arrived this morning and hopes to visit with 
McClaren later today.

Many of you said that "IF THE FEDS GET INIVOLVED, WE WILL"...  
The time has come to PUT UP OR SHUP UP!  This stand must be the
beginning of what is surely to be the begining of the end for the De
Facto Regimes.

CNN also reported that reporters from around the world are at the Media
camp site some 15 miles away from the Davis Mtns Resort area.  No
contact with McClaren has been made since Sunday.  CNN stated that
McClaren has been involved in negotiations with law enforcement for the
past 8 hours and has yet to yield any positive results.

May GOD bless you all, Exercise His WILL upon you and GIVE us His
strength, wisdom and courage to do what He wants us to.


                    THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS

                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                       April 28, 1997

              Republic of Texas Embassy Personnel
              Receiving Legal Assistance

	In the standoff between personnel at The Republic of Texas 
Embassy and defacto "law enforcement," the "negotiations" proposed by 
the FBI amounted to demands that the Embassy personnel surrender.  
Mr. McCaren states that they have no intention of surrendering 
...they're only interested in geting the foreign agents off of Texas 
soil.  In fact, Mr. Terry O'Rourke, former Assistant County Attorney 
for Harris County, will be arriving this evening to assist in filing 
indictments against state and federal agents through a court in 
Washington, D.C. in which The Republic of Texas has doplomatic 
immunity.  A Mike Williamson will be assisting in negotiations and 
the filing of legal documents.  An attorney for the Branch Dividians 
has also offered to assist in negotiations.

	A neighbor of the Embassy in the resort area told us today 
that defacto agent are telling residents of the resort area that 
Ambassador McClaren is threatening to take other hostages as a lure 
to get the residents to leave.  Mr. McClaren has no intention of 
taking other hostages.  The reason Mr. and Mrs. Lowe were taken was 
because they have acted as informants for the state police, and it 
was their phone call that resulted in the abduction of the chief of 
security at the Embassy.  Embassy guards immediately offered to 
exchange them for military personnel, but the Rowes declined, stating 
they would rather stay where they were.  Mrs. Rowe cooked dinner for 
the men and allowed them to use their phone.  When the Embassy 
personnel left their premises, they gave the Rowes $45.00 to repay 
them for the food and phone calls and asked that the Rowes send them 
a bill for the broken window.

	The general attitude voiced by the hundreds of phone calls 
officials of The Republic of Texas have received the last two days 
has been overwhelmingly supportive.  People are calling and offering 
assistance from around the U.S.

	As a correction of our prior news release, the internet 
location for "Waco--Rules of Engagement" is versus


FROM:  MAJOR BLACKMON---Republic of Texas.



            Once again the FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS are flexing
their muscle against soveriegn people.  About 1 hr. ago I talked to Rick
McClaren, he informed me that the NATIONAL GUARD had arrive and were
unloading 2 APC's and TROOPS.  I can no longer go along with my
President and Secretary of Defense or stand idle while this happens.

	If you would want to join us in stopping these actions you would be
welcome in the Texas Republic.  If you want more information you can
contact me at: (915) 333-9914 ph
               (915) 333-2806 fax
               (915) 362-4216 house phone

                                     Signed by Major Blackmon


    Please forgive me for any typing errors.  I am in too much of a 




Regarding Fort Davis, Texas April 27, 1997

by J.J. Johnson

Due to the ongoing incident at Fort Davis Texas, we have received numerous calls and email messages from Patriots and Constitutional Militia members. To date, no one within the Constitutional Militia has voiced support for McLaren,

1. Richard McLaren, are not, repeat, not a Militia group by any stretch of the imagination. They do not recognize U.S. laws, including Title 10, U.S.C. 311. They refer to themselves as the "Texas Defense Force". They are a "defense force" of "Texas" in name only.

2. Richard McLaren, have successfully demonstrated, by their recent actions, what the Constitutional Militia is not. The Constitutional Militia does not advocate the *initiation* of force to achieve political or social goals. McLaren publicly admitted they forcefully entered a private residence; admitted kidnapping the residents of that private dwelling, and in so doing, caused bodily harm to one of those individuals. Each of these acts are criminal by any definition. These criminal acts clearly separate the Constitutional Militia from garden variety insurrectionists such as McLaren

It has been suggested that this issue should not be discussed in the public forum, as it only leads to controversy and needless infighting. There is no controversy. This is criminal behavior, and is being addressed as such. As for needless infighting, we will gladly cease communication with anyone misguided enough to condone or endorse the criminal activity of McLaren

3. McLaren have no intention of submitting to the authority of the duly elected sheriff of Jeff Davis County, Texas, or any one else. They are operating from an indefensible position, both strategically and philosophically. Quite possibly, they have willfully signed their own death warrants. The Sheriff of Jeff Davis County, Texas, has been Constitutionally empowered to use whatever lawful means he has at his disposal, to bring these perpetuators to justice with the greatest dispatch possible, to ensure the rights and liberties of the residents of his county.

The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of military force against the citizenry. These protections are afforded to McLaren even though they do not recognize the authority of United States law.

Recognizing the volatile situation currently underway at Fort Davis, and to avoid possible injury or loss of innocent life, we strongly urge McLaren to relocate any non-combatants (especially children, if any) to a safe environment.

4. We are monitoring our communication networks for anyone condoning the criminal activity of McLaren or anyone recruiting aid and comfort for McLaren We will consider any such individuals who attempt to obstruct justice, insurrectionists by law, and vigilantes by nature.

The Constitutional Militia of the United States claims NO responsibility, or kindred sprit for the actions of Richard McLaren, and those currently in Fort Davis, Texas giving him aid and comfort. We ask all Media organizations to refrain from using the term "Militia" when reporting the Fort Davis Standoff.

Richard McLaren, have proven themselves unworthy of such a title.


J.J. Johnson
E Pluribus Unum - Ohio (




Stand Behind the Republic of Texas

Return-Path: (
X-Sender: (Unverified)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 20:53:34 -0400
To: "102062.2510"(
From: eagleflight (
Subject: Re: Needed: Reality Check and Sympathy Shift

The truth in the matter of support of ROT is obvious.  A great
separation is occuring.  Those who are serious about winning our 
country back are disagreeing with those who want to play "politically 
correct nonviolent soldier."  These pseudo patriots want to distance 
themselves from anything that is disapproved of by the mainstream 
media.  I suppose they entertain the delusional hope that one day, 
the media and the great body of sheeple will 'see the light' and come 
to the defense of the patriot movement.

Anyone who wants to win the country back, and has some modicum of
intelligence realizes that there is no politically correct way to do 
so. Anyone who fails to support, at least in principle, any cause 
that bucks the statists, are no patriot at all.  It is my opinion 
that they wish they were politicians but can't get it together.

Let's put aside all the absurd ideological nonsense and stand behind
ROT.  If we don't, it may be you next time.

Stephen L. King
CO, California Militia


The War Inevitable

From: (Martin Lindstedt)
Subject: The war inevitable.
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 12:42:46 -0500

To interested parties, especially in the Resistance: 
   The situation in the Republic of Texas is heating up 
and I would like to post some thoughts on this subject, 
honestly as I see them, with favor to none. I think that 
there shall be stalling for several days, maybe even 
several weeks before the need to hurry overcomes good sense.
But one never knows. 

   Looking at the 5:30 news last night, there was film footage
of McLauren boasting that he had "something big" planned in 
three weeks.  The three weeks are up.

   McLauren is trapped like a rat with 10-12 others like him 
facing charges that a government court will easily spin into 
life sentences. They have nothing to lose beyond what they have 
already lost already -- the rest of their lives. Fortified with 
talk of Waco and the Alamo, they are on a course to martyrdom.
But not yet -- they will stall with talk of "negotiations," 
trying the patience of a fearful government until they are 
effectively Wacoized. This policy is deliberate -- they have the
moral iniative -- and they will not give it up.  They intend to 
die there. This is why they didn't press the issue of receiving 
back their fellow woman hostage in Austin.  It made the 
government look disaccomodating while preventing another 
unnecessary corpse.

   The majority of the Republic of Texas members are trying to 
ease the situation by showing some solidarity with their errant
John Brown. This is generous of them, but it will not stop a
situation now well beyond their control.

   Now as to the rest of the militia movement.  Many of us have 
foolishly said, "No more Wacos," rather than the revolutionary 
ethos of saying, "As many Wacos as what it takes."  Now the people 
who said it -- and meant it -- are hooked upon their own rash vows.
There is indeed a moral dilemma here. Can or should we allow a 
government grown increasingly foreign to us, to  kill each of us, 
one militiaman at a time?  If we are to stand for anything other 
than our ourselves then this is a policy of moral bankruptcy.

   The majority of public opinion -- like majorities everywhere at 
any time -- does not favor us. Listening to the talking heads one 
detects a whiff of nervous laughter while endorsing a Peruvian 
style solution against their countrymen -- a Waco or Ruby Ridge 
'solution' while professing to want the exact opposite. The 
nervous laughter is due to the subconscious realization that when 
civil war returns to America, it will be total, with nobody safe 
until the last opposing combatant on one side is dead or totally 
defeated.  No 1860-1865 style war, but rather one of each against 
all -- anarchic and total civil warfare.

   So, left upon ourselves, what will the Resistance movement have 
to do? Nothing more than what we can, to the best of our limited 
   The open public militias, infiltrated badly and targeted for 
destruction, have pretty well died.  I hear of many, many white 
suburban militia units now which are hollow shells of themselves 
or down to a militia general or two.
   Instead, the past year has seen the militias pour through the
sands of scrutiny like water, puddling deep underground in small
cells, practicing "leaderless resistance." An unknown quantity of
survivalists, Christian Identity, White/Black Nationalists and 
Neo-Nazis never, ever were in the limelight, and thus remain 
unaccounted for by anybody.
   So, with that being the situation, none of us "militia leaders"
have any control over this unraveling situation. Some of us act
like the rooster, inflated by his own importance that he thinks 
the sun rose because he crowed. Some of us "militia leaders" 
thankfully still realize that our positions are positions of 
service, to reach through our words a process of sifting and 
sorting out the patriotic remnant from the masses.  As canaries 
for the underground, there will come a time when our arrests or 
police executions will signal the start of the middle stage of 
our present civil war.

  So having no control over the situation, why do we persist in 
declarations or fighting among ourselves? Is there any point to 
it?  None whatsoever, other than the aim of fooling a government 
which will become desperate to talk with some "militia leaders" --
who have absolutely no self-control over themselves, much less 
an effective fighting force.

   Monday's decisions by the Supreme Court destroyed the last 
chance, if there was a last chance left, for peace between the 
government and the people. Gutting government responsibility 
for police brutality in a police state means that there is no 
effective judicial relief for victims of government. The ruling 
regarding how states can regulate whether political coalitions 
can act to run the same candidates has made our political 
activity theoretically impossible or pointless. 
   Since Revolution is sired by injustice and given birth by an 
inability to peacefully change, it is only a matter of time 
before an explosion.

   This is why you did not see an April 19th Oklahoma City type 
incident. The government has so many leaks to plug, that 
coordinating an act of terrorism with Manchurian Oswalds is 
beyond their abilities or even desire.  Chasing every Ryder 
truck with fertilizer, missing ammunition trucks, A-10 attack 
jets, and now this R.O.T. situation has them stretched out so 
thin that they have no time to engage in acts of provocation.
After this present situation is resolved with the killings of 
McLauren & his Texicans, it will get worse.

  No. Now is not the time for declarations or telling the enemy 
our intentions. Let the government live in terror that they will 
no longer be able to control the situation. Let them worry that 
some disgruntled madman will set off something that will end their
power and their lives. Since we have no control over a situation
headed to its appointed rounds, then why pretend that we do?

   To those of you who will want revenge for past and upcoming 
grievances, why announce your intentions? There are no need for 
threats, especially when such serve to neutralize or negate your 
   Justice does not require advance notification.

--Martin Lindstedt,
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman, 
 & Commander of myself.


Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 21:19:32 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Yellow 1 Alert

2000 hours 29 April 1997

To: All Defense Force Personnel

By the direction of the President, Archie Lowe, of the Republic 
of Texas, I have been instructed to place the Defense Forces of 
the Republic of Texas on a Yellow 1 alert.  Check your unit 
level alert system sheet for clarification of the Yellow 1 alert.  
We also request that assistance of national and international 
militia groups.

The alert is a result of reports that U.S. federal troops and 
agencies are operating on the soil of Texas for the purpose of 
apprehending Mr. McLaren and others in the Davis Mountain 
Resort, Jeff Davis county.

Until such time that we can confirm that they are not actively 
involved and that the sheriff has control of the situation, we 
will remain on alert.  If the threat of violence increases at 
the hands of U.S. federal troops or agencies, the level of alert 
will increase.

We cannot nor will not tolerate any abuses on the people of Texas,
especially at the hands of foreign troops or angencies.

All SALUTE reports of any U.S. federal troop or agency should be 
forwarded through the proper chain of command.  If in the event 
the chain is broken, forward the reports to me directly.  Secure 
your line of communication for proper chain of command.  If they 
decide to escalate the threat, we will need to increase the 
response time.

We request that all militia groups assist in this struggle, not 
for a man, not for a group affiliation, but for freedom and 

May God give us the wisdom to do that which is right.

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas

Copyright 1997. Modern Militiaman Internet Gazette



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