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May 15, 1997, Issue #3-97


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Editor Martin Lindstedt

Fable of Contents

1.Hard-Learned Lessons for Modern Militiamen
2.Man Killed After Standoff Recalled
3.The Murder of Mike Matson
4.Selected Republic of Texas e-mail messages, May 5-13, 1997
5.Collateral Militia Damage
6.Always some KongressKritter ready to add the voice of Reason to the Public Debate
7.JJ Johnson's Resignation from the Militia
8.The Courage of our Founders?
9.Return Fire! Letters to the Editor .


Hard-Learned Lessons for Modern Militiamen

Usually I would place such a commentary at the back of this issue, letting people make up their own minds as what to make of the past few weeks in the aftermath of the Republic of Texas outcome and the arrest of some open militiamen for explosives and gun violations. However, the back is presently allotted to working on some loose ends from Modern Militiaman #5. Besides, I want people reading this issue to reflect on the past week or so in light of what I have to say in this column.

The very first thing we must do is to learn from the mistakes caused by our weaknesses in how we handled the situation and to identify the root causes which made those mistakes inevitable. Having learned from those mistakes, we must then take measures to prevent from making those mistakes all over again. As a smaller, more flexible cadre of the New Elite, we have an advantage over our enemy, the federal Leviathan, but only if we choose to learn from our mistakes. In war it is the side which makes the last fatal mistake which loses.

And what was the inevitable root cause of the mistakes made the past few weeks? I attribute it to the open militia organizations and their militia generals. The penalties for the inherent problems caused by such faulty militia ‘organization’ were wholly visited upon such offenders against good sense. Practitioners of "leaderless resistance" were wholly exempt from such penalties -- unaffected by foolishness, safe from the wrath of FedGoons who are unaware of their existence.

Consider the foundation of the open militia organization over three years ago. "No More Wacos!" was the battleyawp behind their professed formation. Uneasily ignored was the pertinent question, "But what if there are more Wacos? What then?" The past week or so of mini-Wacos leading in the murder of one man who would not bow down to the state-god has resulted in the surface of the water alongside the 9/10th of the iceberg churned up to a high froth with recriminations of cowardice and lawlessness. "What then?" came to pass. It split the open militia movement apart, revealing deep divisions between loveless egotists who never much cared for one another in any case.

The excuse seized upon by both sides was to find fault with other open militia organizations under attack. The leadership of the main Republic of Texas faction condemned the McLaren faction as lawless kidnappers who were now on their own as mere criminals subject to arrest by de facto Texas State officials. Most of the militia generals and their out-of-state open public militia organizations hastened to sign 'declarations' concerning how since the ROT was wanting to secede from the gubbnmint, that they were no longer under the paper protection of the Constitution, and hence on their own. Some other militant-keyboard militia generals in turn used that as an excuse to call the rival militia generals with a few troops "cowards" and in turn wipe their hands of the entire situation. They didn’t go to Texas either.

The worm turned when after the McLaren faction was rounded up or scattered, then murdered, the cowardly Leviathan pressed federal charges against the McLaren faction and the de facto Texas regime proceeded to crack the other half of the ROT nut. Using what the Texas regime’s kkkourts called a writ of attachment, (A bill of attainder whose effective purpose is to treat rebellious slaves as pieces of property to be stored with their papers and effects indefinitely under color of pretend legality.) some of the ROT leadership was detained so that the Texas regime could draw up an extensive enemies list from ROT papers. This problem would have been negated if the ROT people had organized as a cellular structure, not a hierarchical political open organization.

In the meantime, a few more militia generals got rounded up with their entire organizations and their goodies last week. They were under the impression that big talk and heavy weaponry and explosives are compatible. The police forces disabused them of that notion -- and now these fools are in jail. Survival of the fittest took place in this case. If you are going to be a talking militia general, then perhaps you should not be associated with weapons you have no idea of how to use. If you are going to be a action militia corporal, then you don’t want the gubbnmint to catch you and your action cell. By all means, let the gubbnmintgungoons arrest the militia general who is not guilty of anything and who would probably piss in his pants at the thought of a few dead pigs wallowing in a pool of their own blood for once. That’s what militia generals are for -- to deflect the heat. To spend some time in jail for stuff they didn’t do while you run wild. To whine about gubbnmint injustice while you rectify those injustices on a case-by-case basis.

THE EVENTS OF THE PAST TWO WEEKS affected only the open militia organizations and their idiotic leadership. A cowardly, incompetent government learned all the wrong lessons and now believes that escalating a situation to a violent conclusion as soon as possible is the best way to deal with increasing dissent brought out into the open by its degenerative social and financial policies. The vast mass of Bourbon Amerika learned nothing, but did get their massive appetite for blood and violence briefly whetted. The modern militiaman relearned that which he already knew:

So watch and wait in silence --
Do not blink and do not run --
But plan your countermeasures as
The wronged have always done.
From "Campus Unrest, 1991" by Arch O’Lochus

The modern militiaman understands where the government and society is headed -- he approves of such a just development. He is not out to save modern society from itself -- he is out to save himself and his own from modern society. He no longer runs for political office; chances are he is no longer registered to vote, and if registered, only votes against the latest tax increase. His moral sense is developed highly enough so that he will not engage in the gamble of "Pick the Least Degenerate Politico" to rule over himself or others. He has banished the television set from his house and only reads the newspaper in order to figure out what the System wants him to believe. He doesn’t store up automatic weaponry and the massive amounts of ammunition necessary to feed such poodle-shooters. He has a 30/06 or .308 caliber semi-automatic or bolt-action rifle he says is for deer hunting, a .22 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, maybe a .22 or .38 caliber revolver. He has adequate ammunition and spare parts for these three or four weapons. He probably knows how to reload ammunition for these weapons. The wife and children know how to shoot the family weapons. He certainly doesn’t store up explosives in his house. He probably has access to information so if he needs improvised weaponry, he will be able to make it out of common household goods or gasoline.

Such a modern militiaman by definition does not appear on any government enemies’ list. He is a solid citizen. He might have briefly shown up, once, at a militia meeting asking for information. Hopefully he was told to go home and form his own cell, for the good of himself and his family, and to not ever show up at another militia meeting ever again. Even is such good advice wasn’t given by the local militia general, he was smart enough to figure it out for himself and is on nobody’s mailing list.

By such a militia soldiery shall the current regime receive its coup de grace after its rondevouix with destiny. Upon such solid foundations shall a new civilization, purged of parasites and predators, arise from the wreckage of the old.

THE EVENTS OF THE PAST TWO WEEKS? Mere foolishness practiced by fools acting like fools in a fool’s world. Irrelevant to the modern militiaman.

--Martin Lindstedt,
Editor, Modern Militiaman’s Internet Gazette



Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 22:38:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: piml] Man Killed After Standoff Recalled

The Associated Press  

DALLAS (AP) - The Republic of Texas sympathizer killed after the 
group's standoff ended was willing to die for leader Richard McLaren 
but was duped into believing the group would never surrender, the 
dead man's older brother said. 

"It must have been the nightmare of his life when McLaren told him 
that he would give up,'' said Mike Matson' older brother, Ralph 

"He left my brother hanging," Matson said. "My brother said, `I 
will never again spend a minute in jail. I will fight to the death 
with anyone who tries to arrest me.'"

Mike Matson, 48, died Monday in a shootout with authorities. He 
had fled the faction's encampment outside Fort Davis after McLaren, 
the self-styled Republic ambassador, agreed to go into state 
custody Saturday. 

Ralph Matson, 54, said his brother was not a member of the Republic 
of Texas but sympathized with the group and was committed to 
protecting McLaren on the condition that he not surrender. 

"He duped my brother into thinking he was a freedom fighter," 
Matson said Thursday in a telephone interview from Alpine, near 
the site of the standoff.

Matson, a resident of Colorado Springs, Colo., said his brother's 
remains would be cremated and his ashes taken to Chicago, where 
they have five sisters. 

Mike Matson's ex-wife recalled him as a man obsessed with the 
military who joined up with the group only because he needed a 

Matson was medically discharged from the Marines just before he 
would have gone to Vietnam, Carolyn Matson told The Associated 
Press in Friday. 

"That was part of his frustration, I think. He wanted to be a part 
of that," she said. 

The Matsons were married in the San Francisco area in 1991. Their 
marriage lasted seven months. 

Richard Frank Keyes III, 21, who fled the group's encampment with 
Matson, remains a fugitive. 

Keyes faces several state charges stemming from the April 27 
hostage-taking that sparked the standoff between McLaren's group 
and some 300 law enforcement officers. 

McLaren and his wife, Evelyn, are jailed along with four of his 
followers. McLaren faces state charges and has been indicted along 
with his wife on federal charges accusing them of issuing $1.8 
billion in phony financial documents. 

AP-NY-05-10-97 0115EDT



The Murder of Mike Matsen

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 17:41:30 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN NO. 442  The Murder of Mike Matson

                    STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
         S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, NO. 442, May 10, 1997

   by Norman Olson (

   Bob Cronkhite (the guitarist who sang and played Patriot Down)
   talked to Ralph Matson about Mike's murder.  Ralph said that Mike's
   arm was blown off by what appeared to be a highpowered blast. 
   Mike body also had a small caliber wound directly in the heart.
   If you'll remember, the early claim was that Mike had fired on a
   chopper and that he had killed two dogs.  Considering the wounds,
   I have to conclude that he was hit by a large bore rifle, perhaps 
   even a .50 cal from the chopper or a shotgun from very close range.  
   The second is improbable.  What I think happened is that Mike was 
   cornered by the dogs and killed them. Then, with a chopper 
   hovering nearby, he pointed his weapon at the chopper and may 
   have even shot, (Mike was a marine marksman and could have 
   hit the chopper if he had wanted to).

   By that time, Corrections enforcers on the ground had radioed that
   the dogs were dead and with that the chopper returned fire and 
   severely wounded Matson.  Matson lay bleeding, his arm torn off, 
   unable to steady his rifle and probably near unconsciousness from 
   loss of blood (remember that he had been on the run for hours 
   AFTER being on alert for six days...he was at the end of his 
   physical strength)... Now the dog handler approached and 
   deliberately dispatches Mike Matson with a final round to the 

   We still don't know about young Richard Keyes.  Perhaps his body
   lies in the Davis Mountains.  My thought is that the search was 
   called off because the enforcers blasted him to shreds and buried 
   the body somewhere, not wanting his next-of-kin to know the brutal 
   nature of his death.  Why did they call the search off so quickly 
   when it was Keyes and not Matson who had charges against him?  

   You bet it stinks!
   As far as Paul Mitchell trying to work something through the courts,
   I personally don't think the courts are going to buy it.  With recent 
   activity in California, my thinking is that the Domestic Terrorism Act 
   together with RICO and other Federal laws have kicked into action.  
   Although restraining the state MAY be likely, it wouldn't surprise me 
   if the FEDS move in with heavy firepower and force.

   I certainly appreciate Paul Mitchell's offer of legal help, but
   I tend to be more realistic with respect to military action and see
   armed confrontation and mortal combat coming very soon.  What 
   we have NOT seen are several men with the character and backbone 
   cave in.

   I fear that the course is set. The militia has grown virtually
   unimpeded over the last three years.  Groups that sprang up are 
   heavily armed. It is not surprising then, that arrests will uncover 
   caches of weapons, explosives, night-vision gear, gas masks, etc.  
   After all, the American arms and equipment merchants have made 
   a lucrative business of supply frightened people.  But no matter how 
   many "automatic" weapons they confiscate, they only represent the 
   tip of the iceberg of what is out there...   All of this presents a 
   scenario where the flashpoint will be found.  We still have not had 
   the Lexington/Concord event that will kick the frustration up to a 
   level of retaliation thus plunging us over the edge and beyond the 
   point of no return. The "critical mass" is  very unstable and the 
   meltdown soon may occur.

   I urge all patriot and militia people to secure their caches and
   remain vigilant.  We have perilous road ahead, but a road which 
   we MUST travel.  

   Kind Regards,

   Norm Olson

                             ( o   o )
     "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
   SAFAN c/o Dot Bibee (  Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011
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Selected Republic of Texas e-mail messages, May 5-13, 1997

>Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 22:39:55 -0500
>From: John Bell Hood (
>Subject: Alert Status
>>Return-Path: (
>>Date: Mon, 5 May 97 21:06:18 -0500 (CDT)
>>X-Sender: (Unverified)
>>From: (roger erickson)
>>Subject: Alert Status
>>1000 hours 5 May 1997
>>To:  All Defense Force Personnel
>>Alert Status
>>By the direction of the President, Archie Lowe, of the Republic of 
>>Texas, I have been instructed to place the Defense Forces of the 
>>Republic of Texas back on Yellow 3 alert, normal peace.
>>The normal status is a result of the peaceful end to the situation 
>>in the Davis Mountain Resort.
>>Roger Erickson
>>Secretary of Defense
>>Republic of Texas

>Peaceful end? one of your members is dead. Shot under dubious 
>The DPS spokesman Mike Cox was very evasive about the details 
>involving the killing of a ROT member. he was shooting "in the 
>area" of DPS officers. One account said he shot 2 tracking dogs 
>and then pointed his rifle "skyward".  Was he killed for shooting 
>2  mutts? 
>On another note the arrogant bastards that are the Texas DPS 
>took down the ROT flag and put up a Defacto Texas flag. Same ploy 
>as the BATF did after the Waco massacre. Why would they put
>up a Texas flag on a shack?


Return-Path: (
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 19:29:25 -0400
To: "102062.2510"<>
From: eagleflight 
Subject: Texas

Return-Path: (
Subject: Texas
From: (Arthur R.D. Bean)
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 17:53:28 EDT

TO: All Commanders & So called patriots of Texas

FROM: Gen. Art Bean
Eastern Theatre Commander

Subject :Davis Mountain Siege.

I have watched the situation at Fort Davis for many
months.  We even had a way out for McLaren and
his people to defuse that situation.  Since than there 
was a Siege men and women have been arrested,
one man has been killed and another man will be
killed.  Before that in Texas you had 100 plus men,
women and children killed and nothing has been 
done.  I have seen better results at a high school
football game when neither team had the foggiest
idea of what was going on.  I have watched a so called
cluster fuck with better results than anything in Texas.
I have informed my commander that the women in 
Texas have larger testicles than any man that walks
on the grounds of Texas.  Also that the eastern half of 
this country will no longer support any breathing
coward in the so called Texas or Republic.  The 
people in Texas can not have the responsibility
nor the privilege of being neither a Republic or a
State.  I have told my commander the day he asked me
to help Texas again or any states like it he will have my
resignation at that moment.  I do not and will not 
support cowards to the likes of Texas or anything else.
General Art Bean

Dave send this to all this applies too please!


Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 21:31:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN ALERT:  May 6, 1997

      S.A.F.A.N. ALERT.....May 6, 1997
     Mike Matson, Militia-Embassy Staff Guard
     Republic of Texas

     Mike Matson, who was he?  I can't tell you much about that, except 
     that he came to the Republic of Texas to be a free Sovereign man.  
     I have seen him on a few T.V. interviews, and he really wasn't 
     impressive on sight, but he had a message for everybody to hear.  

     His message was that he would die before he would give in to the 
     DE FACTO GOVERNMENT.  This promise was kept yesterday, 
     5 May 1997, on a dusty Texas hillside in defense of his beliefs.

     I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one, SALUTE this man.  
     He has kept his word, and his faith in God's promise.  His duty to God 
     and country is complete and he will join all the other soldiers a lot 
     of us have already said goodbye to and will do again.  He is the first 
     to die.

     May God Have Mercy On His Soul and Grant Him Eternal Peace.

     Major Blackmon, 
     Cmdr District II  ROT Defense Forces


Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 13:09:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN ALERT:  Seach Scaled Back for R.O.T.  Keyes

                  STOP ALL FEDERAL ABUSES NOW!!!
                 S.A.F.A.N. ALERT.....May 7, 1997

   by John Bell Hood (

   The Texas DPS has scaled back its search for the remaining 
   member of the ROT still at large. They claim the terrain is too 
   rugged??   As of this morning they had him surrounded.  Now 
   they call it off?    Why? 

   Let's pray for Mr. Keyes and his safety. Let's pray for the soul of 
   the murdered patriot.   We owe him a great deal.


    SAFAN %Dot Bibee  (  Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011
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Date: Wed, 7 May 97 17:15:07 -0500 (CDT)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Our Flag

7 May 1997

From the office of the Secretary of Defense, Roger Erickson

Reports have come in stating that on 4 May 1997 law enforcement agents 
of the STATE OF TEXAS took down the flag of the Republic of Texas that 
flew over Richard's McLaren's home and property.  The agents of the 
STATE OF TEXAS then raised the flag of the STATE OF TEXAS in place of 
the flag of the Republic of Texas.  We saw a similar act just four years 
ago in which the flag that flew over the Branch Davidian home/church 
was taken down by the ATF and FBI and replaced with their own.  Today 
the flag pole at McLaren's home lays bent completely over to the ground.

Those worriers that have fought in battle know the significance of 
taking down the "enemy's" banner and replacing it with that of the 
"conquer."  It is a symbol of conquest and defeat.  Is this the message 
the STATE is sending to the Republic?  Part of the agreement of the 
"cease-fire" was that the flag would continue to fly.  Cox, spokesman 
for the STATE, stated that the flag would be left alone and further 
assured everyone that it was on private property and would remain 


> From:
> To: Mzs
> Subject: Re: The Flag of the ROT: Failure to Fight = LOSS o
> Date: Thursday, May 08, 1997 8:17 AM
> (mesage cc'd to your cc list)
> On  7 May 97 at 21:24, Heaven's Messenger 777 wrote:
> >
> > Well, I hope that you people all now realize that the
> > De Facto Gov't Agents and Agencies are after your
> > butts and that they LIE and DON'T KEEP THEIR WORD
> > when given, even in WRITING.
> Everybody already knows that.  What's your point?
> > Yes, the Agents of Baal replaced the ROT Flag with
> > that of the De Facto State of Texas at McClarens
> > home in Ft. Davis.  They did it as an act of showing
> > you that you have lost and they won.
> If that's what they (and you) believe, they (and you) are sorely 
> mistaken.  
> > It's symbolic, because it shows you that you have
> > no chance in hell of wining now.  You folks gave
> > up any and all claims to a Republic by not coming
> > to the aide of McClaren in his situation. You've now
> > shown the De Facto Agents and Agencies that you
> > are nothing more that showing your full of hot air.
> And you show that you are unaware of the truth.  There are three 
> issues -- one, the Republic of Texas doesn't support criminal acts.  
> I don't care who McLaren claims to be, his actions were criminal.  
> The Sheriff had every right to go and arrest him.  
> Secondly, the Republic of Texas tried to end the standoff peacefully 
> through diplomatic and international pressure rather than direct 
> confrontation.  The last time Texas fought a war with the US, we 
> lost, remember?  :Let's not start another if we can avoid it.  There 
> are causes to fight for, and there are causes to die for.  This 
> was neither.
> And finally,  just because you didn't see it on the news doesn't 
> mean it didn't happen.   Would you expect us to advertise "Republic 
> of Texas Defense Forces to meet at Motel 6 and launch attack?"  
> Surely you must realize that military strategy is best worked by 
> playing your cards close to your shirt.  
> > Don't Worry, Be Happy !  The De Facto's will now be
> > on your butts worse than before.  Utterback, Kesterson,
> > Erickson, Lowe and the rest of the Cowardly Cronies
> > of "Lets Give Peace a Chance" have lost in the eyes
> > of the Patriot / UnOrganized Militia / Common-Law 
> > movements, and opened the doors for the De Factos
> > to come in and wipe you out.
> Your attitude is absolutely amazing to me.  If we've "lost" in the 
> eyes of these people, it sure isn't showing.  We've had *MASSIVE* 
> amounts of support during these days following the standoff, and 
> we're pushing forward stronger than ever.  
> Might I suggest that you spend less time criticizing those who are 
> working to secure freedom, and more time doing something productive.  
> The war for freedom has many battles.  Some are won, some are lost.  
> Some aren't even battles at all.   
> One final question -- were *you* at Fort Davis?  
> =============================================================
> Robert Kesterson                 Republic of Texas Information
>                by web:
> EMail me for my PGP public key
> Republic of Texas EMail list:  Send a message with the subject


 In a message dated 97-05-07 00:18:24 EDT, 
(Norman Olson) writes:

                  PATRIOT DOWN
   Hunted and hounded neath the West Texas sun
   Alone and unaided, two men on the run.
   Tracked down by soldiers! "No quarter!" they cry.
   With his dreams of Republic, a Patriot dies.
   And his lifeblood now nourishes Liberty's tree
   Mingled with thousands who fought to live free.
   And the cowards that murdered the Republic's own son
   Soon will be forced to be on the run!  
   But is the parched dirt of Texas worthy again
   To be drenched with the blood of Alamo men?
   Or have others defiled and shamed hallowed ground
   Where the graves of Travis and Bowie are found?
   Shall we add Mount Davis to a list that has grown
   Where others who stood--stood all alone?
   Remember Goliad, The Alamo, and Waco my friend,
   For after each battle we vowed it would end!
   And we gaze in the sunset, toward the fast setting sun,
   And shamefully regard the deed that we've done;
   For we've turn once again our back to the man
   Whose blood turns to dust in the dry Texas sand.
                          Norm Olson, Commander
                          Northern Michigan Regional Militia
                          Pastor, Freedom Church


Date: Thu, 8 May 97 14:55:08 -0500 (CDT)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Orange 1 Alert

1400 hours 8 May 1997


To:  All Defense Force Personnel, All Militias National and International,
Organized and Unorganized.

Re:  Alert Status

By the direction of the President, Archie Lowe, of the Republic of 
Texas, I have been instructed to place the Defense Forces on Orange 3 
alert.  Be prepared to moblize at any moment to specified rally points.

This is a reslut of the abduction of Donald Varnell, a leader in the
Republic of Texas, yesterday; and the abduction of Robert Kesterson,
Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas.  Secretary Kesterson was
abducted today as he came our of the doctors office by foreign agents.  
Tis coupled with the siege and abducton of Richard McLaren by foreign 
agents and the shooting and killing of Mike Matson, who had no charges 
against him, by foreign agents, has pushed the people of Texas over the 

The defacto government thought that our non-support of McLaren's action 
was a lack of support for McLaren and the Citizens of Texas.  They could 
not be further from the truth.  They will now see the fierceness of 
the Texas spirit.  You do not mess with Texas!

It is obvious that we are not going to sea change from those defacto 
and foreign agencies allowing u a peaceful process.  Staging points have 
been set and will be announced shortly for those patriots willing to do 
what they have been preaching.

May God help us all.

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas


Date: Thu, 8 May 97 16:44:51 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Where are you now?

This is a message for all those stone chuckers that pelted us low these
many months for our supposted lack of action.  We have been labeled 
cowards and traitors.  Well, now your time has come to show the world 
your true colors.  The Republic of Texas is NOW UNITED.  We have taken 
all the abuse we can bear from the defacto STATE OF TEXAS and the U.S. 
Federal government.  We are preparring to defend ourselves at all costs. 
Now, are you willing to get off you backside and help or shall *you* be 
the coward? I expect everyone that critizied us to be in Texas with in 
24 hours, or are you to frighten to stand for freedom and liberty and 
against tyranny?

For those of you that thought we were not doing anything during the
stand-off in Jeff Davis county, I have news for you.  We had almost 
100 men on the ground out there and more coming at them time of Richard 
McLaren surrender.  If the U.S. Federal troops or government agencies 
would have attacked, then we would have responded.  It is just that we 
do make our military tactics known to the press.  I am sure you will 
understand, if you think about it.

Where are you now?

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas

P.S.  Update:  Two more leaders of the Republic of Texas have been
abducted.  The number of leaders and citizens of the Republic that have
been abducted by U.S. Federal agents is 10.  The number killed is 1.


Date: Thu, 8 May 97 17:46:36 -0500 (CDT)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Staging Areas

1700 hours 8 May 1997

To: All Defenders of Freedom

Re:  Staging areas

If you are coming in from the east Texas, the contact number is
1-888/903-3926 and give the code name "Jack Johnson" and leave your 
number; from south Texas, Houston area, the contact number is 281/530-5511; 
from wast Texas and the panhandle, the contact number is 1st 
- 915/333-9914, 2nd - 9915/362-4216, from north Texas, Dallas and Ft. 
Worth area, is still to be announced.

These numbers will put you in contact with the individuals that will 
assist you in the apprpriate areas.  If they sea change in developments, 
then you will be notified.  Once you are in a staging area, further 
orders will be assigned.

May God help us all.

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas


Date: Fri, 9 May 97 15:25:45 -0500 (CDT)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Needed Resources

1500 hours 9 May 1997

To:  All Patriots

Re:  Needed Resources

The need for supplies is a result of the infulx of people coming into 
the staging areas and the possible extended stay of some.  Staging areas 
have been setup to sea change and receive the supplies.

Special assistance will be need from individuals with the skills in
pathfinder missions, recon and medical.  Items that will be needed are
food, water, shelter, generators, gas, financial support, radios,
transportation, etc.

The contact numbers are as follows:  1-888/ 903-3926; 281/530-5511;
915/333-9914; or e-mail at

Thank you and may God be with us.

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas


Date: Fri, 9 May 97 16:43:55 -0500 (CDT)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Rtx: Robert Kesterson Abducted

>From: (Lowes)
>Subject: Rtx: Robert Kesterson Abducted
>Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 04:06:12 GMT
>Organization: Republic of Texas
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>May 8, 1997
>       Robert Kesterson, Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas
>since April 1996, left his doctor's office this beautiful spring
>morning, headed toward home, and noticed two 'squad cars' parked in
>the car wash nearby.  As he got into his truck and began to travel,
>another ‘police vehicle' pulled out in front of him.  He parked his
>truck in the Food Lion parking lot across the street, and was
>immediately surrounded by eight or so 'police vehicles,' whose
>occupants came at him with guns drawn.  These men abducted him at
>gunpoint, based on an unconstitutional 'writ of attachment' from Dan
>Morales' office, because he has refused to turn over private lists of
>names entrusted to him by citizens of the Republic of Texas, as well
>as personal, private correspondence, E-mail, and names of contacts.
>        Earlier today Robert was being held in the Garland City Jail,
>block C14,  repeatedly threatened with stories of beatings received by
>many inmates, whether by guards or inmates is not certain.  After he
>was booked, the 'officers' wrote and presented him with two tickets
>for not having what the de facto believes are required 'papers'
>related to his conveyance.  His truck, even though it was parked on
>private property, was impounded by the armed men who abducted
>him.  He is reportedly being moved to the Dallas county jail, held
>without bail, for transport to the Travis County jail soon.
>        I am personally well acquainted with Secretary Kesterson and
>his pretty wife, Christine. They are expecting their first child in a
>few months.  Both Robert and Christine exhibit the quiet courage of
>true Texans.  They are both completely dedicated to those high ideals
>of liberty and freedom we all hold so dear, and they are two of the
>most sincere, honest, intelligent Christian people I've ever had the
>privilege of knowing.  Robert Kesterson has done nothing wrong
>or unlawful, probably not in his entire life, and certainly not in
>this matter.  Yet Dan Morales has threatened to rob him of his
>freedom, hold him without bail, and whether he is found guilty or
>innocent in their courts of any crime, Morales has plainly stated that
>he will hold this good, decent man without bail until he turns
>over information clearly protected by the natural right to privacy,
>including lists of our citizens, which Robert will never do.
>Therefore, Morales and his judge have, in effect, issued a death
>sentence against an officer of the Republic of Texas.
>        It is assumed that the de facto AG's office will attempt to
>'pick up' other members of the Provisional Government, as they did
>Donald Varnell, one of the founders of the Republic of Texas movement.
>We are, of course, concerned for the safety of our leaders.  The
>Defense Forces of the Republic of Texas are now working across all
>faction lines.  All are at Orange 3 alert status, which means that
>they are fully prepared for immediate mobilization and are
>awaiting orders.  All are agreed that the line has been drawn. To a
>man, they are through backing up, and will do so no longer.
>        My question is simple.  What are you, individually, going to
>do to put an end to this insanity?  Where do you, personally, draw the
>line?  Will the people of Texas finally stand up and say "No MORE!" to
>this ever-increasing tyranny, this reign of fear and intimidation that
>keeps our beloved countries from fulfilling their destiny as sovereign
>nations among the nations of the world?  We have within our grasp the
>opportunity of a lifetime, and it may never come again -  alone in
>this world of gathering darkness and encroaching evil, to be
>the last bastion of liberty and hope, to be the bright and shining
>glory that God intended, to be the gathering place for American
>eagles, to be the fire that burns in men's hearts and the final prayer
>on their lips when they die.  Republic - the vision, the hunger, never
>         What is your freedom worth to you?  What is the future of
>your children and their children worth to you?  May God grant us the
>wisdom to see and the courage to act, while we can, as true men and
>women, whether Texan, American, black, brown, or white.
>                        Sara Lowe, Private Citizen
>                        Republic of Texas
>Please distribute as widely as you have opportunity to do so.


Date: Sun, 11 May 97 13:24:00 -0500 (CDT)
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To: Shiloh1
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Update

1300 hours 11 May 1997


To:  All Patriots

From: The Office of the Secretary of Defense,
        Roger Erickson

10 May 1997 the Dallas Morning News reported that there are warrants out
for the abduction of President Archie Lowe and Darrel Franks on a writ 
of attachment.

President Lowe talked with Secretary Robert Kesterson yesterday, who is
still in jail some where in Austin.  Mr. Kesterson requests that any 
action by the people in response to the abductions of the leaders of 
the Republic be held off until he is able to talk with the de facto 
judge on Monday, 12 May 1997.  Once again the leaders of the Republic 
of Texas are attempting to respond peacefully to the violent acts of 
the STATE OF TEXAS and the U.S. Federal Government.


Date: Mon, 12 May 97 13:17:37 -0500 (CDT)
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From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Message

1300 hours 12 May 1997

Urgent!  From the Man.

Italy Italy, hold Roman Candle with Orange 3.

Operation Peacock stage 2.

Recon commence run, 1 dozen no jellies, 24 push-ups.

Gums drop is to await for 1400 hours for further instruction, prepare 
and circle.

Prepare for Ralph Penzer 24125997.

Good Luck.

Roger Erickson
Secretary of Defense
Republic of Texas


Date: Mon, 12 May 97 18:16:37 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: Press Release

Second Provisional Government of and for the Republic of Texas

Archie Huel Lowe, President
903/326-4684V, 326-4188F

Robert Kesterson, Secretary of State
972/222-8785V, 222-0065F

Roger Erickson, Secretary of Defense

Ray Wanjura, Secretary of Judicial Affairs
512/277-8640V, 277-8813F

Press Release
May 11, 1997

On Thursday, May 8, 1997, as Robert Kesterson, Secretary of State of the
Second Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas, left his doctor's
office he was confronted by a dozen or so armed men with weapons drawn.
This 'law enforcement' group imprisoned Secretary Kesterson on orders 
from a judge in Travis county, Texas, called a 'writ of attachment' (an
unconstitutional bill of attainder).  He is apparently charged with
contempt of court, even though a proper plea at bar had been entered in 
his defense, and even though he had timely responded to the judge's 
demands in a lengthy letter, both of record.  Attorney General for the 
de facto STATE OF TEXAS Dan Morales asked and Judge Hart apparently 
signed an order demanding that "regardless of the outcome of [such] show 
cause hearing, Kesterson should remain in jail, without bond...until 
such time as he submits himself to deposition and produces the documents 
which he has previously twice refused to produce."  Amoung those 
documents are lists of citizens of the Republic of Texas, private email 
correspoondence, and names of every contact Secretary Kestereson has 
had, personal or otherwise.  This order stands in clear violation of 
the natural right to privacy, a right which has been many times upheld 
by superior courts in the de facts system.

It appears that Hart and Morales have conspired to subject a sworn 
officer of the Republic of Texas, who will not comply with the unlawful 
demands of these foreign agents, to a life sentence.  Secretary 
Kesterson has been neither indicted nor convicted of any crime.  He is 
being held at an unknown location and has been denied a hearing to date.

President Archie Huel Lowe unequivocally condemned actions taken against
Secretary Kesterson and other leaders and citzens of the Republic of 
Texas by foreign agents operating unlawfully on the soil of Texas, in 
clear and direct violation of the de facto STATE OF TEXAS constitution 
at Article I, Sections 2, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, and 19.  He expressed 
grave concern for the conquences of these actions against the citizens 
of a neutural, non-aggressive nation, and demanded that every citizen 
abducted in recent weeks by foreign agencies be immediately turned over 
to the proper venue and jurisdiction under the laws and constitution of 
the Republic of Texas.
  He stated today that "The people are greatly incensed and it is 
impossible to perdict their response to this outrage.  Secretary 
Kesterson has requested that he be granted the time and oppertunity to 
address the unlawful actions of the STATE OF TEXAS in their own court.  
The General Council has issued a strong protest to the UNITED STATES  
and its corporate subdivision concerning the dangers inherent in 
creating an interenational incident of the magnitude."

Secretary of Defense Roger Erickson, in cooperation with other factions 
in Texas and support groups in the united States, has placed the 
Republic of Texas Defense Forces on Orange Three alert status.  
Yesterday his office issued a plea for supplies and resources to provide 
for the influx of concerned patriots, as well as assistance from 
individuals with patherfinder, recon, and medical experance.  Items 
listed as most needed are food, water, shelter, generators, gas, 
communications equipment, transportation, and financial support.


Here is a message from Kesterson:

>Greetings! I am relieved to report that I am no longer being held 
>in jail. I was released from the Travis County Jail last night at 
>about 5:30 PM central time. I will post a full update later, but 
>here's the short version: I was picked up by the Garland police on 
>Thursday. They transferred me to the Dallas County Jail later that 
>same day. I remained in the Dallas County jail until Friday, when 
>I was then moved to the Austin City Jail (Sheriff's Booking 
>Facility) and held there until 2 AM Sunday. I was then moved to 
>the Travis County Jail, where I remained until released on Monday. 
>During the whole experience, I was not mistreated or abused in any 
>way by anyone concerned (even the arresting officers were
>courteous, and were not rough in any way, though they did approach
>with guns drawn.) After a hearing before Judge Hart, I was
>released on a $10,000 personal bond. I have told the State the
>same thing I have always told them -- that they can have copies of
>anything they want *except* the Citizens list -- that is off
>limits. This has now been *agreed* by the State *in writing*.
>This was agreed *after* my release from jail, so it apparently was
>not a condition of my release. A full report will be posted as
>soon as I can "re-orient" a little bit, but for the moment I just
>wanted everyone to know that I am out, I am fine, and so far as I
>know, nothing has changed from when I went in, other than that now
>I have an agreement from the State to leave the Citizen list
>alone, and I no longer have any arrest warrants pending against
>me. I consider the whole experience, though unpleasant, a victory.
>It's not over yet, to be sure, but round one went very well. It
>will probably take me a couple of days to get my feet back on the 
>ground, so EMail responses will be slow (and I still have a big 
>backlog from *before* this happened, so now it's even worse! :-)  
>Have patience with me -- I'll get to all of them in time. -- 
>Robert Kesterson



Collateral Militia Damage

Others Sought in Explosion Case
Police probe militia ties to cache found in Yuba City 

Bill Wallace, Chronicle Staff Writer
Yuba City 

Investigators are looking for more suspects with links to militia 
organizations in connection with a cache of explosives found in a 
trailer here last week that already has led to six arrests. 

"The evidence indicates that there are other possible violators 
located outside the jurisdiction of the court," said Yuba County 
Sheriff's Lieutenant Steven Durfor in an affidavit requesting a high 
bail for two men in custody. 

Three of those arrested have petty criminal records, according to 
court records in Yuba and Sutter counties. All pleaded not guilty 
last week and remain in custody with bails ranging from $70,000 to 

William Goehler, 34, the man who touched off the investigation when 
a homemade bomb exploded outside his house in Olivehurst just south 
of Marysville on April 27, has been arrested at least six times 
since 1991 on charges ranging from drunk driving to failing to 
register as a sex offender. 

Goehler, a convicted rapist, rode his motorcycle to Jordan, Mont., 
last year to demonstrate his support for extremists from the "Freemen 
Movement" during the group's three-month stand-off with FBI agents. 

Vernon Weckner, 66, who owns the house where detectives found a 
quarter ton of gelatin dynamite, was arrested for traffic violations 
twice last year and appealed his convictions on both charges, 
claiming the court had no authority "to prosecute a Freeman under a 
Flag of military jurisdiction or Marshal Law."

Both appeals were rejected. 

Jason Fox, 20, has been arrested several times on drug charges, most 
recently in February when he was charged with manufacturing 
methamphetamine. Fox was arraigned in that case Monday and pleaded not

The other three men arrested, Kevin A. Quinn, 37, Robert Scott Deaver, 
33, and Edward Whitlow III, 20, have apparently had no previous run-ins 
with the law. 

Authorities say that Quinn formerly worked for a Montana mining 
company that may have been the source for the explosives and that he 
was believed to have been at Goehler's house when the bomb exploded 
last month. 

Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are 
attempting to identify the composition of residue from that explosion and 
are also tracing the explosives seized last week. 

Law enforcement sources say they believe that Goehler, Weckner and 
Quinn were members of the Militia Movement while the other three suspects 
were not directly involved. 

"They are involved in the sense that they ended up in possession of 
the explosives," said Yuba City Undersheriff Gary Finch. "What they 
were going to use them for, we don't yet know.'' 

Finch confirmed that investigators, including sheriff's detectives 
from two counties and the ATF, are trying to identify other possible 

He added that it is not clear whether authorities had seized all the 
suspects' explosives. 

"There could be a tube (of explosives) or two out there," he said. 
"It's hard to tell. I'm not going to say we're sure we got it all."


Mini-militia hit by charges

By Peter G. Chronis
Denver Post Staff Writer 

May 7 - Three alleged militia members from Aurora, in whose rented 
home authorities reportedly found a stash of illegal machine guns and 
explosives, were indicted Tuesday on eight federal felony counts each.

The indictments came about four hours before their preliminary 
hearings were to be held.

A federal grand jury returned the indictments against Ronald David 
Cole, 27; Kevin I. Terry, 24; and Wallace Stanley Kennett, 33, all of 
2439 S. Kittredge Way, at 9:24 a.m.

The three then made a brief appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge 
Richard Borchers at 1:30 p.m., during which Terry's attorney 
denounced the government's handling of the case.

"I can tell you these boys are not terrorists," Terry's attorney, 
W. Lee Hill of Jamestown, said after the hearing. "They're idealists, 
and if the U.S. government were at least half as interested in 
justice as they are, they should be released soon.'' 

When the defendants appeared before Borchers, he said that because of 
the indictment, they are no longer entitled to a preliminary hearing. 
The question of their detention remains unresolved.

Hill and Dave Conner of the federal public defender's office, who 
represents Cole, also complained about conditions under which the 
three were being held at the Federal Correctional Institution in 
Jefferson County. Conner said the three were being "held in the hole 
at FCI Englewood" and it was "unclear why they they were originally 
placed in the hole." Hill complained to Borchers that he had been 
denied "ready legal access" to his client, including phone calls.

"The thing that alarms me most of all," said Hill, "is that 
confidential attorney-client communications in sealed envelopes - 
three envelopes - were taken out of view for over 45 minutes and 
returned open." Borchers gave the defense until Thursday to file a 
motion on the complaints.

Additionally, Hill said, the three men couldn't shave to look 
presentable for their court appearance. Kennett does not have an 

Maureen Cruz, spokeswoman for the correctional institution, said that 
the U.S. attorney's office would respond to the allegations for the 

"However," she noted, "since they've been housed at FCI, they've had 
media visits, legal visits, and have had access to the phone." They 
were put in "special housing," which doesn't include "unlimited 
access to the phone," Cruz said. 

"It's not unusual in a case where you have limited information on an 
individual coming in with serious charges against them, for security 
reasons, to go ahead and place them in the special housing unit," 
Cruz said.

Hill later reported that the men's conditions of incarceration had 
been downgraded to a "more comfortable" level.

The men, allegedly the only three members of the grandly named 
Colorado First Light Infantry militia, have been in custody since 
being arrested Thursday, the same day a federal search warrant was 
executed on their home. The government is asking the defendants be 
denied bail. The three asked for and received a continuance of their 
detention hearings until Monday. 

Hill said he has a "very well-qualified team coming together" for all 
three defendants. "The scenario is each young man will have his own 
lawyer, but we'll be working cooperatively." 

Cole, who became a Branch Davidian and wrote a book entitled 
"Sinister Twilight" about the government's siege of the Branch 
Davidian compound at Waco, Texas, is an outspoken critic of the 
government. He also has handed out pamphlets outside the U.S. 
Courthouse Downtown where Timothy McVeigh is on trial in the 
Oklahoma City bombing, which the government alleges was revenge for 
the Waco deaths.

The indictment charged each of the three defendants with one count of 
conspiracy, five counts of illegally possessing machine guns, and two 
counts of illegally possessing destructive devices. If convicted, the 
conspiracy counts carry a possible prison term of five years and fine 
of $250,000.

On Nov. 1, the three rented the home on South Kittredge Way in the 
names of Cole, Terry, and Mark Hollingsworth, which the document said 
was an alias Kennett used. They stored machine guns, destructive 
devices, and large quantities of ammunition at the home, in addition 
to rigging a grenade booby trap to the front door, the narrative 
said. Among the weapons enumerated in the machine-gun counts were a 
9mm Heckler & Koch HK 94 assault-type rifle; a .308caliber Heckler & 
Koch Model HK 91 assault-type rifle; a .223-caliber Olympic Arms 
Model PCF assault-type rifle; a 9mm Action Arms Uzi machine pistol, 
and a 5.56mm (.223-caliber) Norinco Model MAK90 assault-type rifle. 

The writer can be reached through 



And of course, there is always some KongressKritter ready to add the voice of Reason to the Public Debate . . .

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Date: Tue, 6 May 97 19:14:07 -0500 (CDT)
From: (roger erickson)
Subject: US Congress up to something?

>The following is from the US Congress.  Note the last paragraph, and
>ask yourself -- "*What* database?..."
>HOUSE MUST ACT NOW (House of Representatives -
>                           April 29, 1997)
>                              [Page: H1917]
>(Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas asked and was given permission to address
>the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)
>Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas . Mr. Speaker, as a member of the House
>Committee on the Judiciary and Subcommittee on Crime, I rise today to
>say to America, hatreds, no, terrorists, yes. The Republic of Texas
>this past weekend and the last couple of days held hostage two
>innocent Americans, two individuals who were guilty of nothing other
>than rejecting their terrorist activities.
>Over 800 militia exist across the Nation. It does us no good to not
>respond to these unchecked fringe groups, violating the civil rights
>and constitutional rights of Americans.
>This House must act now. Among the legislative inertia, we must
>respond to militia that are organized across this Nation to unseat
>this Government in a violent way. We must now have immediate hearings
>dealing with these types of groups. We must pass my House Resolution
>that indicates and asks for vigorous enforcement of U.S. laws against
>such militia and we must update the database. We cannot stand for
>these kinds of attacks on the constitutional and civil rights of



A Resignation from the Militia

From: E Pluribus Unum (
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 20:01:29 -0400

Subject: My Resignation

There comes a time when people must make personal decisions 
in their life. After long reflection, I have decided to make 
this choice in my own best interest.

Recent situations in Texas, Colorado, California, and other 
places now forces the Militia Movement to look upon itself 
for a sense of direction.

Regrettably, I will no longer be part of that movement. My 
3 1/2 year "Tour of Duty" with the militia is over.

It's easy to say I'm leaving the Militia movement, but I feel 
the Militia has left me. The militia that I helped create has 
lost it's identity. True, the press can be blamed for most of 
the public relations problems, but some can be laid at our own 

Today, any project, even having the best intentions, is 
tarnished when the word "Militia" is attached. If the Militia 
were to save children from drowning in a river, they would be 
blamed for throwing the children in the river in the first place.
Like it or not, it's reality. Militia leaders will have to 
face these issues, or "stand down " all together.

For those who will celebrate this resignation, the Militia 
is "their" problem now.  And "they" may be the militia's 
greatest problem. But this is no time for character assassination.

I will no longer speak on behalf of the Militia. I will no 
longer accept calls from the press , law enforcement, or 
anyone else concerning the Militia movement. Any issues 
between the Militia and any other party is no longer my concern.

I have not been threatened, bought off, compromised, shamed, 
or frightened into quitting. I'm simply "burned out" , and 
have other things to do with my life.

As abuse of government power continues, so does the need for 
citizens to monitor their activities. Many believe there is 
no political solution. Perhaps the correct solution hasn't been

Last week, I was told that a tax revolt was waiting to happen. 
Here in Columbus last Tuesday, a handful of people successfully 
campaigned against a tax increase for a new sports complex
despite being out spent over 250 to 1 and having every local 
media source against them. A lesson can be learned from this.

My position on the Second Amendment (as well as the rest of 
the Bill of Rights) has not changed. I will be taking some 
time for myself this summer, preparing for political battles 
ahead. There is simply no magic bullet the will restore this 
country to a Constitutional government. There is no way out 
of the hard work of running canidates for local elections, 
building broad coalitions around popular single issues. 

I have found many friends during this "tour of duty". Thank 
you all. I'll carry the memories of meeting you forever.

In Liberty,

J.J. Johnson



The Courage of our Founders?

From: Gary Hunt (
To: Martin Lindstedt (
Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 17:56:36 -0700
Subject: The Courage of our Founders?

The Courage of our Founders?
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 3, 1997

Sunday, April 27, 1997 was a day that could have been recognized by
history. Instead, it has become another blemish on the face of the
Constitutionalist community.

Robert Scheidt had stopped by the Rowe home. What occurred in the 
home, we do not know. What may have occurred after Scheidt left, 
however, is the beginning of a drama that has played out these 
past six days.  Shortly after leaving the Rowe home, Scheidt was 
picked up by local authorities, his van searched and firearms 
found. It appears that these firearms were nothing more than 
semi-automatic, but they landed Scheidt in jail.

Having heard that Scheidt had been arrested, McLaren directed 
other members of the Embassy of Texas, Defense Force, to 'secure' 
the Rowe's, in retaliation for the arrest of Scheidt.

After some negotiations with the Sheriff, an agreement was reached 
that the Rowe's would be released in return for the release of 
Scheidt. Soon, Scheidt was back on the embassy grounds, and the 
then twelve or thirteen 'dug in' to wait for the imminent attack. 
After all, we now have five or six people charged with kidnapping, 
and one, although released, apparently having firearms charges 
against him.

Within hours, hundreds of primarily Texas State Police and Sheriff's
Deputies, had surrounded the Embassy grounds. As verbal shock-waves
echoed throughout the Internet, radio and television broadcasts, a 
siege of unique circumstances begin to form.

For the second time, a siege wass laid because the 'under-dog'
(non-government) side of the incident was charged with a sort of
financial crime. Not that the Freemen or the Embassy people are 
wrong, for the dollar is worthless, and how can you be charged with 
stealing nothing? However, unlike Waco and Ruby Ridge, the players 
are people who have become aggressive, and by their acts, have 
created difficulties for others.

The dilemma that arose, for the Constitutionalist community, was 
whether it would be proper to defend against the government, when 
those you would be defending were acting morally below the higher 
standard we would prefer to support. Should assistance be offered, 
or not? was the continually discussed question on the Internet. 
Many answered yes, and a nearly equal number, to the contrary. 
Verbal attacks were made against those who would go to Texas, and 
attacks against those who wouldn't stand behind their brother. 
Probably a true hey day for the government.

The division had reached proportions unheard of in past events.
On Friday, May 2, Robert Scheidt was allowed to leave the Embassy
grounds and turn himself in on charges of "engaging in organized
criminal activity." Wait a minute! Wasn't Scheidt the one that the
others were willing to risk all for? And, what else did those inside
surrender when they surrendered Scheidt? All of a sudden, the count 
of the defenders was reduced from the previously reported 'twelve 
or thirteen' to seven remaining inside, Mike Matson, Robert "White 
Eagle" Otto, Greg and Karen Paulson, Richard and Evelyn McLaren 
and Richard Keys. Suddenly, the Texas State Police backed off of 
their threat of imminent attack. Why, there were nearly half of the 
number originally estimated, and now, down by one. Surely, these 
loose lips had sunken the ship of state for the Embassy. There can 
be little doubt that Scheidt told all, including armament, location 
of escape routes, booby-traps, defensive information, contacts 
outside, etc. The entire integrity of what was purported to be a 
military operation was now unable to be sure if there were any 
secrets un-revealed.

Friday night resulted in apprehension, not only at Fort Davis, but 
all over the country. In a short-wave broadcast, McLaren put out a 
plea for support, "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Hostiles are invading 
the Republic of Texas  embassy. "We have hostiles in the woods. 
This is a Mayday call for any nation in the world. ... We are being 

This final act of requesting assistance, however, was not the first. 
It was with reliance upon the need and determination of those at 
Fort Davis that others acted and reacted, around the country. 
Although most of those who might have gone to Texas were adamant 
that, unless there were federal involvement, there was no call for 
'our intervention', there were others who were outspoken over the 
events, or even willing to go in support of the Embassy.

On Wednesday, seven men were arrested at the Flying K truck stop, 
near Pecos and Interstate 20. They were armed, and according to 
first reports, their moves were reported by an informant [see ]. Seven men, willing and 
courageous enough to attempt to help their fellow man in a time 
of need.  How many others were on their way, or had arrived in the 
area? Surely, the government, whose intelligence gathering is 
better than ours, was aware of many. On Friday, the Texas Department 
of Parks and Wildlife announced that it was temporarily closing the 
Davis Mountains State Park near Fort Davis and the Balmorhea State 
Park in neighboring Reeves County during the day and was restricting 
overnight camping. It began to appear that the line had been drawn.
Another group of outspoken Constitutionalists, the First Colorado 
Light Infantry (Ron Cole, Wally Kennett and Kevin Terry) were 
arrested in Denver. Perhaps as a result of the government's 
apprehension over the events at Fort Davis. It appears that an 
informant was involved in this arrest, as well. Government was 
surely braced for disaster. All over the country, a heightened 
tension was prevailing, on both sides, similar to what happened 
after the Oklahoma City Bombing [see ].

Instead, we have at least eighteen people in custody, and we have 
been set back another step. Our progress since Waco can be measured 
only in the negative. Why? Because, the courage of those who find 
themselves in a confrontational situation are lacking one of the 
major elements prevalent some two hundred years ago. Words, rather 
than actions, have become the mainstay of the 'patriot' community. 
Verbal bantering, expressed strength of conviction 
[see ],
and, ultimately, absolute denial.

The result? Those that, though not in a position to prove their 
worth on the front line, are willing to defend their neighbor find 
that the cause they were willing to take arms in defense of, has 
let them down -- and, now, they, too, are gone.

Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom



   Thank you Gary.  You have brought out in the open a divisive
question which has haunted the Resistance movement since Oklahoma 
City, and which our Cause has been able to duck by finding fault 
with the messenger. We could duck when it was the Manchurian Oswald
McVeigh because we said that he shouldn't have bombed a government 
building with children in it. When it was Starr, Looker, Viper Militia,
Kemp, we said that they were stupid and brought it upon themselves.
Now we are uncomfortable because McLaren has intentionally brought 
the government down on himself because of his filing all them liens 
against gubbnmint and gubbnmint-lovers and because he allegedly 
'kidnapped' somebody to protect his own. We are uncomfortable 
because we are going to see the government kill some people to 
protect the interests of government power and because some of us 
ran our mouths off in the past about how we wouldn't allow it 
any more.  But we did.

  I will republish above letter in the Modern Militiaman's 
Internet Gazette after events have reached their culmination 
with the murders of the Ft. Davis holdouts.

   As I look at it, this is another small step leading up to 
total civil war in America. This time the rebels have identified 
themselves as legitimate combatants in accordance with the laws 
of war and the Geneva Convention and demand to be treated as 
such. Instead they shall be murdered under color of law when 
for all such practical purposes there is no law other than the 
law of the jungle running riot in the land.

   So what am I going to do about it? That is the question that 
each of us have to ask and answer in our hearts. Nobody else can
answer it for us. In the solitude of our own hearts we must each 
grapple with the truth, and then live with our decision.

   It is a divisive question only because each of us improperly 
and fearfully asks, "Well, what is somebody else going to do about 
it?" Why should what someone else does, someone who lives under 
different circumstances, and with different talents and abilities 
really matter?  We live in a world wherein each of us enters alone, 
and so we shall depart this life. So there is no necessity to validate 
each of our lives as meaningful as to whatever others did or said.

   The McLarens and their small group have chosen to do what they
have as individuals chosen to do. We know what will happen. So does
the government. Another one of lines supporting a decayed 
civilization will snap, and then another and another until there is 
no going back to what was before.

   So what am "I" going to do about this?  I'm not saying. Let the 
government live in fear for what I might do. It is potential 
energy which cannot be dissipated and is counteracted far too late.

   Listen up, government agents. In the civil war you caused and have 
been waging against us since we won the last one 220 years ago, there 
will be no front lines. Conversely there shall be no rear areas, no 
safe places to hide. You will never learn who your enemy is. You shall 
never see the hands that strike. A thousand eyes shall see your evil, 
and 500 tongues spread it to the winds. You will not dare to venture 
out of your enclaves, and all of your cowardly nightmares shall come 
true a hundred-fold. Pleasant dreams!

   Such are the positive results I expect from the upcoming murders 
of McLaren and company.

--Martin Lindstedt
Editor, Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette
8:22 am,  May 4, 1997



Taking Care of Business

Return Fire -- Letters to the Editor

When one is a Renegade Intellectual and Outlaw Publisher like myself, one has to upon frequent occasion answer one's critics.

Frankly, I enjoy this aspect of publishing the most. I have a rather combative nature which I enjoy keeping in fine form. Besides, I do enjoy teaching lessons in logic and some people are in dire need of lessons.

So step right up and have your turn by sending me some e-mail and giving me a good whack. And like Sir Gawain in his dealings with the Green Knight, you shall receive one in return.

This week finds some criticism of my Dangerous Liaisons essay printed in Modern Militiaman #5. Some by an assortment of "militia generals" and one by a re-revisionist historian of the type I have been urging that the "constitutional militias" recognize. I am of course pleased to know that I have done something right to have made both sides squall, as they have nothing in common except an inability to think their professed beliefs through to an end conclusion.

--Martin Lindstedt



At 11:13 AM 5/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>From:	DBV::PNPJ         "Patty Neill"  4-MAY-1997 11:06:21.78
>To:	IN%"liberty-and-justice@pobox.COM"
>Subj:	RE: L&J: Modern Militiaman, #5, Part 5
>As a roving editor of Modern Militiaman, allow me to speak for a 
>First. When I first read Mr. Lindstedt's essay, it appeared to me to 
>be quite a radical document. It made me truly uneasy, for personally 
>I think racists are stupid, and no one needs stupid allies.
>I read it again. 
>And again.
>I sent it to a few folks who said they would have nothing to do with 
>it because it was "racist."
>Hmmmmmmm. I thought. Here I was hearing political correctness from 
>those who say they hate political correctness. 
>Martin Lindstet is talking strategically. In the history of war and 
>warfare, not all is perfect, pleasant, or desirable. One might have 
>to have horrible allies. I've asked Mr. Lindstedt what we do with 
>these allies after we win. Perhaps he will answer sometime. 
>In the meantime, he has a point. I'm still thinking about it 
>myself--thinking if he is right or not. But what I see here is that 
>you all don't want to think about it. For the sake of political 
>correctness, you'd rather condemn it out of hand.
>Congratulations! Pat yourselves on the back. 
>What the hell--do YOU believe the media? The media tells us that 
>all militia are racists. They have told us that even when it is 
>patently untrue. NOT TRUE. And the media and Morris Dees keep 
>on ......
>(I got booted out of my email just then, but I'm back.)
>Please, just think. As I said, I think racists are simply 
>stupid--willing to rule out any relationship with a body of people, 
>even though some of those people are fine folks. I don't agree with 
>it, no more than any of you do, or that I think Lindstedt would 
>either--but I can't talk for that one, he'll have to answer for 
>Iconoclasts, radicals, saints, warriors, revolutionaries--tough 
>bunch to hang out with. I'd rather be perfectly polite myself. 
>Tis a good thing JJ Johnson is the next roving editor of Modern 
>Militiaman. Now, there's a "racist" for you...
>My opinions here are my own. If you wish to purchase a few of them, 
>let me know. They are very expensive, so beware.   
>Patricia Neill
>P.S. And as for what the SPLC and the media thinks: they have called 
>us racist from the get go, and worse. They will NEVER EVER give this 
>movement a fair witness. PERIOD. Quit asking or expecting it. They 
>will only love us after we win. Shall we?
>I have to agree. It is alarming to know that viewpoints like this 
>are then interpreted as applying to all militia-related individuals 
>and groups. It just gives the other side more targets at which to 
>On Sat, 3 May 1997, Dennis Clark wrote:
>> Jim, I don't know one single LEGITIMATE Militia member who would 
>>agree with the rantings of the lunatic who wrote this piece.
>> ONE MORE TIME. PLEASE do not lump in the LEGITIMATE hard working 
>>PATRIOT freedom loving Militia members with the RACISTS hate groups. 
>>They do not go tegether.
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>> "unsubscribe liberty-and-justice" in the body (not the subject)
>> Liberty-and-Justice list-owner is Mike Goldman (


   Thanks, Patricia, for holding the fort for me. But now I feel 
like sallying out and bonging some head of nitwit.

   Unlike most people, I have a reason for everything I do. Modern 
Militiaman #5 was most certainly no exception, especially given the 
date of April 19, 1997.

   During the past year, I have seen the open militia movement 
cut open by the corrupt courts from the outside, and torn apart 
by strife from the inside. As a result, the militia movement has 
gone underground because it had to.  
   As Managing Editor and Founder of Modern Militiaman, I have 
consistently advised reality by publishing the need to pursue 
"leaderless resistance.  I have also shown how "constitutions" 
and "laws" are by themselves worthless when not obeyed or 
enforced by decent people. In fact, such scraps of paper can 
become death-traps and snares for the unwary honest man who ends 
up becoming the only one obeying the law, on trial for his life,
liberty and property, judged by thieves, murderers, liars and 
parasites. I have published articles by Louis Beam and Lysander 
Spooner, when they covered the subject matter far more thoroughly 
and definitively than I could do so myself. 

   So what is the purpose of Modern Militiaman, A Journal of the 
Resistance Movement, put out about every two months?  It's avowed 
purpose is to be THE magazine of Patriot Philosophy that everyone 
who is someone in the Resistance movement reads first thing right 
off.  If the general public or the government-enforcement community 
wants to observe it as well, then fine.  Perhaps with understanding 
the coming bloodbath to restore civilization will not have to be 
as deep or wet. 
   If you read Modern Militiaman and say, "This lunatic's ravings 
are not for me," then you are absolutely right. Such is definitely 
not for you, and you have as much right to be perusing it as a 
deacon, aroused but dishonest, wanting to rant and rave about 
smut pages on the Internet.
   Secondly, by opening up a forum open to the best thinking of 
the Resistance Movement, it is my hope that the best of the 
Resistance can form the basis for true understanding of each 
other, and thus work independently towards forming a limited 
confederacy as the basis for a renewal of civilization after 
the current decaying democracy destroys itself.

   I have seen, during my 2 1/2 year observance of the open militia 
movement, people buying militia uniforms complete with officer's 
insignia, a whole PX worth of ribbons, strutting around while not 
knowing how to handle a new SKS out of the box with only 20 rounds 
of ammunition. And I wondered just how long they would last. And 
they were looking down on me because I cannot afford anything more 
than blue jeans and flannel shirts, but I do have a 30-06 deer 
rifle firing reloaded ammunition and scrambling after used brass. 
Well, the guys with the SKS's and $100 uniforms with no rank lower 
than 1st Lieutenant are long gone. Probably their SKS's are sitting 
in the closet, with a rusting bore, and with 5-10 rounds left in the 
Norinco box. Maybe they are today's keyboard Kommandos.
   I don't have time to waste on these fools. I don't care what they 
think, if they think at all.

   I knew full well, when I wrote about the need for the Modern Militia 
movement to recognize the Christian Identity, White/Black Nationalists,
and even the Skins and Neo/Non-Neo Nazi militias, that I was stepping 
right into a shitstorm from the Politically Correct militia generals. 
But somebody had to recognize reality. I estimated based upon what I
saw at Gadsden Alabama last May that between 1/3 and 2/5 were Christian
Identity or White Nationalist.  What with events of the past year, I 
strongly suspect that the percentage is much, much higher today.

   Arguing with reality is an exercise for the irrational. I am not 
irrational.  Nor am I going to argue with the irrational or the 
cowardly.  The only thing subject to debate is whether or not it was 
wise of me to have let that particular cat out of the bag or not. 
   As I look at it, our enemies have been telling everyone that ALL of us 
are CI or racists. Might as well make ALL of these con-men's nightmares
come true and make them wonder if all their past lies paved the way 
for the current reality.
   Patricia Neill informed me about a conversation wherein some 
militia nitwit had a conversation about how what I was writing 
made militiamen look like racists. Then, toward the end of the 
conversation, he admitted that he was a racist himself!  
   What an idiot!  Next thing you know, he will be filing with the 
IRS to form a non-profit militia group with tax-exempt status as a 
501(c)(3) corporation.  Come to think of it, for the sake of 
mischief, maybe I ought to file such papers myself and rake in 
some bucks from fools instead of having to fight for free.

   Patricia Neill brought up the valid point of what should we 
do with such allies after we win. And of course, we shall win, 
because we can rebuild a civilization and our enemies are only 
able to parasite off what we build. But many of us will not be 
around to see that day. So why worry about the future when we 
may not be around to dictate terms on that date?  Also, are we 
not facing an evil present, with a evil government out to utterly
destroy us, without any need to look down on others who are 
facing a similar peril?
   When we do win, are we prepared to fight another civil war 
with the other partisans who have different religious beliefs 
and are not as 'tolerant' as we profess ourselves to be? And what 
leverage will we have with those people whom we have always 
professed to despise?

   The time is now to recognize reality. The time is now to 
forge loose alliances against the common enemy. While we might 
very well have differences with some of our allies, our enemies 
share the common goal of further enslaving all of us that they 
do not kill.  When faced with such an alliance of evil, should 
we mindlessly cling to our past indoctrination? 

   When the coming war is won, and the only ones left standing 
are the former rebels, and the social parasites, predators and 
their human herd animals are dead and unburied, then by the very 
nature of the struggle there shall be no more monolithic anarcho-
tyrannies left. Instead of a "New World Order" there shall be "No
World Order."  The wary survivors are not going to establish an 
EEOC first thing right off. The natural order of things will kick 
in and people will tend to live with like attracted to like. No 
government enforced segregation. No government enforced 
integration.  There won't be any lawyers or courts to protect 
some criminal who has so little sense as to infringe upon the 
rights of others.  The survivors will be a pretty hard-bitten 
lot and will enforce a rough, raw sort of justice. Does anyone 
really believe that they will have an inclination or spare time 
on their hands to enslave other hard-bitten heavily armed 
survivors?  I would prefer to tend my own fields and sleep 
in peace at night rather than worry about my throat getting 
slit by some disgruntled slave who used to be a freeman.
    As Mr. Kurt Saxon and Mr. Robert Heinlein observed,  
Survivors tend to be very well-behaved ladies and gentlemen.

   Mr. JJ Johnson was offered the post of Roving Editor for Modern 
Militiaman Issue #6 because I reckoned -- rightly -- that it would 
be a plus for the e-'zine.  Mr. Johnson runs his own newsletter, 
and is quite literate. He is an excellent orator. I met him at 
Gadsden Alabama last year.  He is a proven militia leader.  When he 
went before the panel of U.S. Senate on 'terrorism' several years 
ago with other militia leaders, the closest thing to even a glimmer 
of understanding was between Mr. Johnson and Senator Thompson. So with 
the two rules that MM#6 must publish at least 2 articles from the 
managing editor (me) and at least 1 article from the other roving 
editor(s) (Patricia Neil) between May 20 and June 19th defined, I 
am happy to say that JJ accepted.  I have always been fortunate in 
my selection of Roving Editors.
   By the way, I am quite aware that Mr. Johnson has a black skin 
and a white wife. Any bellyaching about this to myself is a 
guaranteed way to be placed upon my "shithead list" for thorough 
ridicule.  A man of Mr. Johnson's abilities is an asset to Modern 
Militiaman.  I have published some of Mr. Johnson's material before, 
and after his stint as a Roving Editor he will have the right to 
have published at least one article in every issue after #6.

   From the very first issue of Modern Militiaman, I recognized the 
need to get outside talent to edit at least every other issue. I do 
not want an inbred, parochial e-'zine. 
   The Modern Militiaman is always seeking people of merit and ability.
Every Roving Editor has pulled his/her own weight and that tradition
will continue.  There are no figureheads or deadwood allowed to 
accumulate around here. What we worry about is how do we top the 
last issue.

   Lastly, I have never heard of this Dennis Clark fellow or any 
other of the mediocrities who want to bitch over what they read 
that gave them an itch in Modern Militiaman. I never heard of them 
writing anything worth reading. Probably should not have even 
mentioned his name, as it has all the relevance to me of a dog 
yapping.  As the proverb goes: "The dogs may bark, but the 
caravan will continue." 
   But I will wish Mr. Clark well in his career as a militia 
general or as a militia general's government informant. It is one 
hell of a deal to have to run around in life with a case of terminal 

   Thank you, Patricia for holding the fort for me until I could get 
out my favorite axe and come out swinging. Please get in touch with 
the idiots I neglected to insult and tell them that what I said 
goes for them as well. I'll print this in my Modern Militiaman's 
Internet Gazette.

--Martin Lindstedt, 
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman

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Part 2, Return Fire from Dangerous Liaisons in Modern Militiaman #5

At 09:44 AM 5/7/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Lindstedt
>Enclosed you will find my expanded reply to your essay, with the
>copyright notification intact.
>This is what I have posted at my website and posted around the Internet
>and this is what you should rejoin if you are so inclined and not the
>preliminary version I e-mailed you earlier this morning.
>M. Hoffman II

   I am so inclined, and below is my reply which shall show up in the 
next issue of Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette.  It will join the 
replies I have made to some "militia generals."
   My main ISP is rather incompetent in handling e-mail so as a 
result it has been a while for my response.  This address is one 
I look at about twice a week after 11:00 p.m. because it is a 
long-distance call.

--Martin Lindstedt

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>Someone is Trying to Suck Us into the Same Script All Over Again: A
>Reply to Martin Lindstedt’s militia essay, “Dangerous Liasons”
>Copyright©1997 by Michael A. Hoffman II
>In his militia essay, “Dangerous Liasons,” 
>Martin Lindstedt praises such government and Jewish-funded front groups
>as Aryan Nations and the Aryan Republican bank robbers, who were
>shepherded by FBI, ATF and even U.S. Secret Service assets and agents.
>When Lindstedt refers to "shadowy" groups behind OK City bomb(s), are
>they in fact so obscure? Are they not a gang of white supremacist
>patsies including John Doe II (Brescia) of the Aryan Republican Army,
>led by ATF and FBI handlers?
>When Lindstedt justifies bank robberies at this time in America, he is
>either naive to the point of incompetence or himself a conscious or
>unconscious agent of the System.
>When he implies that white youths are justified in desiring to execute
>their white working class parents because it is their parents who are
>supposedly to blame for the country's ills, he is mirroring
>Freudian-Bolshevik contempt for the family and establishing the kind of
>milieu that Federal snitch Mark Thomas set up when he incited two
>adolescent skinheads into murdering their parents and sibling in
>The System does not fear random guerrilla violence. It encourages the
>revolt of children against parents. The System loves violence, (unless
>it is a strike or city-wide street riot, because such actions exhibit
>the mass appeal and neighborhood rootedness that undercuts the
>government and media script/image of white rebels as lone nuts and
>The government fears organizing. They fear activists at the local level
>taking over school boards, PTAs, county commissions and labor unions.
>They fear self-help and mutual aid. They fear strong families and
>respect for parents. Lately they have turned their media and Labor
>department hounds on the Amish. They fear anyone, black or white, who
>lives like the Amish. 
>By advocating the same old agent provocateur militia violence, against
>all evidence of its counter-productivity to the contrary, Lindstedt is
>building the justification for a neo-Bolshevik police state in the U.S.
>The American people at this stage hate and fear bank robbers and
>bombers. If militiamen and "Aryans" don't perform those actions,
>government agents will, because those actions are absolutely necessary
>for the police state to advance, as it advanced exponentially after the
>OK City bombing.
>The "militia" movement is a misnomer and a hoax. 
>In the history of the U.S. the  later, modern militia were more often
>than not used as mercenary killers for the state, slaughtering striking
>white working men on behalf of railroad magnates and coal mine owners.
>The early militia component present at our nation’s founding--the Bay
>State colonial farmer militia, for example--were family and neighborhood
>based, predicated upon extended blood-lines and clan relationships. They
>were organic--rooted to the locale and united by lines of kinship and
>lifelong acquaintance; a far cry from the modern militia with its urban,
>instant friendship mentality that makes for a perfect breeding ground
>for informers and agents.
>While Lindstedt's essay has a snappy sociological gloss and lampoons
>easy targets like Morris the Sleaze Dees, I see no evidence of his
>having learned from the calamitous blunders of the recent past. 
>It is almost as if Lindstedt is trying to seed more violence into the
>ranks of otherwise seasoned anti-government veterans who, while
>retaining their resistance to government, have become disillusioned with
>the militia concept and the generally mindless violence which has served
>as poster boy for Bill Clinton and Louis Freeh's designs on our
>The militarization of our dissent is both premature and disastrous. The
>American people reject it and we are not yet at an apocalyptic stage,
>despite millennial doom-sayers. 
>Yes, we should have a firearm on hand and disaster preparedness
>provisions such as surplus food and water. But if we will pay heed to
>what our enemies are doing, we will see that they are advancing on our
>community's infrastructure. They are organizing in the schools, unions,
>local government and on the street. 
>The vacuum our apocalyptic obsessions have generated, wherein we've been
>told it's 'too late' to activate local government, education and labor,
>has created the perfect "Sun Tzu function."
>The Chinese warrior-sage decreed that the superior general is the one
>who wins a battle without fighting. By being told that the battle for
>our communities has been lost--to the U.N., ZOG, UFOs--you name it--we
>have left the primary community battlefield without even having waged a
>serious organizing struggle.
>There are revisionist historians like David Irving and this writer who
>need bodyguards, activists, attorneys and organizers to safeguard and
>arrange for our speeches and meetings before black and white audiences
>across America.
>There are communites like Philadelphia where whites beseiged by
>inner-city crime need attorneys and community activists.
>There are legions of school kids who need time on farms and
>apprenticeships with master craftsmen to instill self-esteem and
>technical skills.
>There are vacancies on school boards, county commissions, planning and
>zoning and mayoralties which patriotic men and women with energy and
>intelligence may fill and take over.
>There are still some churches with decent, justice-loving priests and
>ministers who would like to work to organize and educate for justice for
>the white working class.
>There are separatists--Hispanic, Arab, Black and Oriental--who would be
>willing to build a united front with white separatists in the battle
>against corporate greed and usury and against the Aryan Zionist
>Overclass which is far more toxic than even the Jewish variety.
>Here in north Idaho we have two independent patriot newspapers, we have
>elected three patriot county commissioners, a state superintendent of
>schools and an NRA legislature; we have the best home schooling and gun
>rights laws in the nation. People of like mind are moving here all the
>If we look to the Le-Pen National Front in France we will see a mass
>movement winning the country back city by city and providing youth camps
>for kids based not on the Freudian-Bolshevik hate-your-parents poison,
>but on traditional family kinship; for without strong families we have
>anarchy, nihilism and government Big Brotherism.
>The French National Front parades en masse--families, army vets, kids,
>teens, the elderly-- to heritage and cultural monuments, such as the
>memorial to St. Joan of Arc--and asserts its right to govern.
>In Quebec, Canada, similar events are taking place among Francophile
>separatists there and my friends, this is what the System fears!
>The Establishment wants to claim that any assertion of our right to rule
>the nation our forefathers built is linked to bank robberies and
>Do you see the ruse at work here?
>We are still in the educating and organizing phase of American history
>and society. Therefore those who impose a military "militia" model on us
>now, are doing the work of the enemy, whether they know it not.
>Those who link dissident educators and organizers with bombers and
>terrorists are putting a rather large smile on the mug of Hillary "Olga
>Kamenev" Clinton.
>When will we learn? In this modern age, when? The short cut, the sexy
>media pizazz, the quick-fix, are dead and discredited, born of an
>enervated people raised in the "insta" this, "porta" that pathology of
>modern times.
>Some of us are in this for the long haul and the work we perform is not
>glamorous and not amenable to TV cameras and sound bites. It takes elbow
>grease. It is slow going, but deep-rooted, and our militance, anger and
>spirit of resistance match that of any uniformed militia patsy or
>Hollywood Nazi, posing for benefit of higher Nielsen stats for Pete
>Jennings and Teddy Koppel and more funding for Louie Freeh.
>I will not serve as a prop in an age old mind control script that has
>the white working class playing the part of boogey-man to further
>inflame Jewish paranoia and justify bigger budgets for the FBI.
>The American people sense they are being robbed and pillaged by the
>corporations and the Feds who are their enforcement arm. Americans will
>arise, at least a third of them anyway, (which is all we require), but
>they will not fight to build Fascism or Bolshevism, or to destroy
>families or deny care to the elderly; they will not join us in order to
>kill civilians, or to terrorize a young mother who goes to the bank to
>deposit her paycheck and gets caught in the middle of an "Aryan militia"
>robbery perpetrated by her supposed saviors. Come off it! 
>“Boycott, separate, organize, activate and educate!”
>Why is it that there never was a single goverment informant or police
>agent who ever advocated the preceding?
>I ask you folks, how many more mistakes can we make? I ask you, is it
>time to practice our own version of the Amish way of life (adapted to
>city or country), or shall we, yet again, costume ourselves for the
>cameras and act out the violent script certain people continue to wish
>to seed into our ranks?
>The price of liberty is the vigilance that is eternal. We must be
>forever aware of the traps the clandestine cops and Pinkertons try to
>impose on us.
>Study Le-Pen. Study Quebec. Study the Amish. Study the white union
>movement in the 19th and the early 20th century, before unions became a
>corrupt mafia. Read my essay on Shays' rebellion and my books on white
>slaves, secret societies and the Great Holocaust Trial.
>My people can either perish for lack of vision or they can obtain the
>vision and march ahead to the Jubilee!
>©1997 by Michael A. Hoffman II. All Rights Reserved.
>News Bureau, Archives & Bookstore at:
A Denial of Suckation

     If one writes anything of value, it is to be uneasily
expected that there are all sorts of people who will proceed
to put themselves into whatever is written, using it to
justify whatever dogma, point of view, or random piece of
paranoia they may have.

     My article, Dangerous Liaisons" in Modern Militiaman
#5 was predominantly aimed at the open, so-called
"Constitutional militias," informing them that reality
should dictate for them to stop acting like a bunch of
politically correct wusses, and to realize that it is time
to stop whuppin’ up on people who are our de-facto allies.
I expected criticism from the Tory element and the militia
generals -- and I received it.  I then chided them for their

     But then who should enter the fray but a re-revisionist
"historian" named Michael Hoffman II.  Mr. Hoffman comes
from out of the Christian Identity, White Nationalist, Neo-
Nazi alliance that I argued that the modern Militia movement
should recognize as allies.  Regardless of Mr. Hoffman’s
schizoid "review" of  "Dangerous Liaisons," I still feel the
same.  Reality doesn’t change just because a different dog
barks at the caravan.

     In fact, money can’t buy such a review.  Especially
since I do not have any. While I admit I think it is a plus
for a re-revisionist "historian" such as Mr. Hoffman to
disparage my article, let me hasten to assure the terminally
paranoid that no, it wasn’t a plot between Mr. Hoffman and
myself.  Of course, if I am "a conscious or unconscious
agent of the System"  as Mr. Hoffman alleges, then such an
assurance is rather worthless, isn’t it?

     First of all, let me agree that there are numerous
agents provocateur running around, anxious to provoke
violence so that the gubbnmint (and maybe even Jews) have a
rational for imposing an open totalitarian system.  Let me
hasten to agree that Timothy McVeigh was a mere Manchurian
Oswald, and that his puny truck bomb was indeed the signal
for the feds to detonate shape charges bringing down the
federal building and killing a lot of "innocent bureaucrats"
and their children. Without a doubt, a significant level of
violence and barbarism have been fomented by federal agents

     With a rising spread of 'terrorism' it is highly likely
that a large portion of the American people will demand more
totalitarianism in order for the government to 'protect
them' from the awful right-wing extremist threat.

     Given all these facts in common, what are Mr. Hoffman’s
'solutions?'  One is to "educate and organize" the American
people to withstand this steady erosion of freedom. The
other is to concentrate people who feel like Mr. Hoffman in
one place, say in Northern Idaho, where Mr. Hoffman’s first
'solution' can be implemented.

     Mr. Hoffman’s first notion is foolish.  The Amerikan
people in the mass want  less freedom and more 'security'
which ‘their government’ is supposed to provide for them.
Mr. Hoffman ignores the fact that both nature and nurture
are against him.  There has been a steady increase in social
entropy over the past century and it is speeding up well
past the point of no return today.  As a public service, I
have scanned and transcribed much of Dr. Lothrup Stoddard’s
1922 classic "The Revolt Against Civilization" for free on a
number of my WWW sites.  Dr. Stoddard, an early eugenicist
writer, ascribed most of the coming decline in Western
Civilization to "inferior germ-plasm," i.e. heredity.
However, looking at Dr. Stoddard’s masterpiece, I must
conclude that Dr. Stoddard was an optimist.  Dr. Stoddard
didn’t account for over four generations of planned and
promoted social entropy delivered via the government school

     Anyone who really thinks it is now a mere matter of
simply reversing the process by working within the
established political, legal, or financial system is a fool.
These systems, while in a state of drift towards Armageddon,
were not set up and imposed by 'accident.'  There is a state
of war between such social systems and what little remains
of healthy tissue within the body politic.

     So will there be more violence, about 99 percent of it
of either government origin or caused as a reaction to
government misconduct?  Of course.  And yes, it will get
worse.  But is this awful?  Not unless you yourself are
unlucky or foolish to be caught up within it.

     Look, why should anyone get annoyed about the sight of
lower-class bank-robber criminals and police state criminals
fighting it out and killing one another while a moronic
majority looks uneasily on like a cow watching a fight
between packs of wolves?  Sooner or later one faction of
criminals of the top or bottom will prevail and promptly
destroy their diminishing means of survival.  What
difference does it make to you which gang of criminals wins
if either way you will be predated upon by the winners?
Wouldn’t you be better off if all the criminals were to
thoroughly exterminate one another?  Better get out from
under this mess and make sure you have the means for
eliminating the last predators after they eat the last head
of their human herd animals.

     Where do you think this government gets its support
from?  From whence arise these gangs of informants, agents
provocateurs, and criminals?  Why cry over parental idiots
who raised a pair of dangerous criminals who put them to
death?  Why cry when thieving banks get robbed by amoral
criminals?  By all means, give cowardly police thugs more
firepower with range sufficient to reach downtown, or even
to suburbia.  Why should anyone worry about inner-city
minorities running riot, killing social workers and
bureaucrats, looting and burning government buildings?  The
point I am trying to make is that there no innocents
anymore.  Mr. Hoffman’s trying to somehow educate the vast masses
who are about to reap the consequences of their foolishness
is absurd.

     I have always tried to identify with my audience.  It
is an audience of quality -- not a mass of people whose only
qualification is that they have money to buy books which
they will drool over like social pornography, showing only
to other people who can appreciate Mr. Hoffman.  I have
asked these people of quality to prepare for the day when
they will have to defend their lives and property against
the hostile masses.  To let the society and civilization
fall apart in its process of decline and fall.  But to not
seek a fight with other people of quality who merely happen
to believe in Christian Identity or seek to form their own
society based upon homogenous racial or social
characteristics after the collapse arrives.

     Whether or not it is an intelligent idea to concentrate
people who think like Mr. Hoffman in one general area, such
as Northern Idaho will be determined by a pass/fail grade in

     I found Mr. Hoffman’s article schizoid in its
conclusions of whatever facts he presented.  To my way of
thinking, he has no idea of whatever the true situation is
like today.  If Mr. Hoffman cannot figure out the political,
moral, social, legal, cultural  situations of a time in
which he lives, is it not absurd to think that as a
historian that he has a better understanding of similar
events which happened years, decades, centuries ago?

     Secondly, I myself left a long paper trail of writings
easily available upon my numerous WWW pages.  Did Mr.
Hoffman read any of past issues of Modern Militiaman,
wherein I advocated the splitting of militia organizations
into cells based upon ties which the government would find
difficult to infiltrate?  And yet, according to Mr. Hoffman,
I am either "a conscious or unconscious agent of the
System."  If Mr. Hoffman would have done some further
research, he would have found that I myself have spent some
few trifles of  time in political activity, running for
governor, sheriff, state legislature, municipal judge. I did
so not because I had a realistic chance of being elected,
but to have a forum to say that which I thought needed to be
said.  If Mr. Hoffman were to run for political office
himself, what would he tell the general public?  What is on
his own particular WWW page?  If so, I bet he would find
that he has even less support from the masses than what
little I have been able to get from the voting public.

     Which brings me to my second conclusion as to Mr.
Hoffman’s ability as a historian.  It is quite obvious to me
that Mr. Hoffman wrote above article concerning my
motivations without doing any research on my previous
writings or stances on the issues as a political candidate.
I, on the other hand, looked at his free writings posted,
and can now definitely state that I will not be paying money
for Mr. Hoffman’s 'histories.'  In addition to not being
able to analyze the facts, Mr. Hoffman doesn’t seem to
bother with collecting any facts which negate his
preconceived conclusions.  While I have no problem with
churning out my own opinions and distributing them openly
and freely as revolutionary propaganda, I do have a problem
with spending what little money I have on purported
'histories' by Mr. Hoffman.  While I was initially annoyed
with being imputed a Bolshevik and a federal agent by Mr.
Hoffman, still, Mr. Hoffman has done me the favor of sparing
me the company of people who think Mr. Hoffman is a
competent historian.

     Those of you who want to run on out and pay good money
on a re-revisionist history by Mr. Hoffman should do so.  A
fool and his money ought to be soon parted.

--Martin Lindstedt
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman


Back for Seconds

At 06:19 AM 5/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Lindstedt
>Thank you for the e-mailed copy of your rejoinder.
  You are welcome.

>It contains errors in fact, fails to address my main points and
>concludes with argumentum ad hominem.

   Since the issue in question concerned what I originally wrote, 
then perhaps I should be the best judge of my original intent. 
   Secondly, what were your main points -- other than the time being
ripe to get the masses to vote favorably for policies they have been 
indoctrinated from day one to despise? 
   Lastly, calling someone a Bolshevik and government stooge is 
usually the best and quickest way to invite a response in kind.

   Tell you what.  Let's go back to my original premise, which was 
for the "constitutional militia(s)" to stop trashing the Christian
Identity, White/Black Nationists and even the Neo/Original Nazis and 
Skinheads, and accept them as allies for the upcoming revolution. 
In spite of their ideology -- not because of it. I still think the 
same way, even with youself added to the mixture, because I actually
meant what I wrote in MM#5. Love or respect between adherents of 
differing ideologies has nothing to do with forming mutual alliances 
for the common defense against the common enemy.

Sincerely yours,

Martin Lindstedt
Managing Editor, "Modern Militiaman"

P.S.  How would you like to be Roving Editor for "Modern Militiaman" 
several even issues down the line?  Perhaps you would like another 
crack at setting me straight? -- M.L.
>Yours sincerely,
>Michael A. Hoffman II
>Announcing Michael A. Hoffman II's appearance at the American's for
>Constitutional Government meeting, Thursday, May 15 at 7 p.m. at the
>Royal Neighbors' Hall, 221 Railroad Avenue, Post Falls, Idaho. Mr.
>Hoffman will be speaking on "White Slavery in Early America." Admission
>is on a donation basis.
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