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1. This Issue's Editorial Commentary
2. American Social Outlawing
3. Timothy McVeigh is Going To Be Murdered
4. Elohim City -- FBI Central or Christian Identity Switzerland?
5. Richard Keyes Alive?
6. A Black-Suited Army of GubbnmintGunGoon Occupation
7. Beware of Militia Generals Who Are "Cozy" With Feds
8. Return Fire -- Letters to the Editor


--Editor Martin Lindstedt .


American Social Outlawing

From: Tom Saunders (tom@ISC-DURANT.COM)
Subject: Bill Of Attainder Project

American Social Outlawing
 Thomas M. Saunders
Bill Of Attainder Project

	One of the dynamics influencing bills of attainder is
social outlawing. Social outlawing inspires the government
to introduce and pass laws called bills of attainder.  "A bill
of attainder is a law or legal device used to outlaw people,
suspend their civil rights, confiscate their property, punish
or put them to death without a trial." (1)  Bills of attainder
are laws or legal devices the government administers
against citizens.  They are forbidden to be passed by the
legislature according to Article 1, Sections 9, and 10, of the
U.S. Constitution.  

	Although it sounds simple, "just don't do it" bills of
attainder are becoming common in this country.  We find
that the majority of legislators, judges, lawyers, and
citizens have no idea about bills of attainder, or what they
really are.  There is no legitimate definition of bill of
attainder in the United States Code.(2)  This fact has cost
Americans plenty.   People do not realize that without the
right to personal property they are in fact subjects, not

	Bills of attainder come about because of social
anxiety and the influence that anxiety has on society and
lawmakers.  Those who wrote the Constitution, who
understood the dynamics of social outlawing,  knew we
needed a way to stop it.   Too bad the bill of attainder
mandates never developed in American law as a
mechanism to actually stop outlawing. They have been
ignored in most of our history so that laws like Jim Crow
could be administered and enforced without opposition. 
By defining what a bill of attainder actually is, we could
restore our rights in our justice system meant to protect us
against such repressive laws.

	America's biggest outlawing fiasco was the
McCarthy era.  The legislature made numerous attempts to
outlaw communists, many with the approval of almost
everyone.  We have not studied and learned from the social
mechanisms that caused that disaster.  One of the ways to
stop this kind of disaster is to define a bill of attainder for
what it really is.  This will clarify individual liberty, and
serve to eliminate laws that plunder individual liberty.

	 The media thrives on today's laws that permit
police to enforce bills of attainder like asset forfeiture. 
They have no incentive to see these laws changed.  The
government enacts laws that clearly have provided the
media with stories every day and continues to do so at the
expense of citizens and their rights.  There is a clear trend
in America to deny civil liberties to anyone who can be
labeled a criminal.  The media and the government would
prefer us to look at criminals as non-people.

	We as Americans have not preserved our right to
private property, are not protected from ex-post facto laws,
have around 300 federal laws which allows the government 
to steal private property outside the boundaries of due
process, and a society who believes these laws actually
protect them.    The reason this society believes that is the
media's dedication to presenting views that do not contain
real information about civil rights.  The media constantly
promotes Communicist (Communitarian) dogma.  A sure
way to appear on the news is to present a way we can
protect America's children by eliminating individual rights
in one manner or another.   The ideas out there are many
and they are all presented by the media as good for the
community.  They almost always follow a "controlist"
philosophy, and they always promote outlawing.  

	Many  bills of attainder we have in our law are
there as a result of the social anxiety that promoted
outlawing.  Recently,  many associated with the Republic
of Texas who had not broken the law experienced having
their rights violated because they could be associated and
maligned with the real trouble makers.  Most Americans
believe the "militia" picture the media painted about the
Republic's membership.  In fact it just was not true. (3) 

	Another example of social outlawing these days is
what is happening in the U.S. military with all the sex
scandals.  The U.S. military laws are a microcosm of
national laws, and their problems reflect our society's
problems.  Some are guilty of the crimes they are accused
of, but there are too many innocent people effected
by the influence of outlawing.

	The military laws concerning adultery,
fraternization, and  sexual pressure brought on by the
military caste system are examples of laws to control
morality.   These laws were meant to promote respect, 
morale, and moral turpitude amongst the troops we send to
places like Panama to slaughter innocent civilians.   Laws
passed to promote somebody else's morality often backfire.
The media can fuel the fires of social outlawing or like in
this case they have pointed out the stupidity and harm 
of this kind of outlawing.

	Another example of social outlawing is what just
happened to Disney with the "Baptist Boycott."  Southern
Baptists want to boycott Disney on the basis that they
promote homosexuality on ABC, and at Disney theme
parks.  If great strides had not come about concerning gay
rights and preventing discrimination, the influence and the
social anxiety by the Baptists might influence the law. 
Disney and ABC ought to be congratulated for promoting
equal rights.  Baptists ought to pray, and not "prey"  for
salvation and mention those they believe are in spiritual
danger in their prayers, and leave it at that.  America's
religious community has awesome political power.    

	It is ironic that the very month before the "boycott," 
ABC led a month long communicist propaganda campaign
which almost ensures the insane "War On Drugs" will
continue to influence Americans out of more civil liberties. 
What ABC needs to tell Americans is these laws make
Americans "subjects" not citizens.  The promotion of laws
that plunder American life, liberty, and property, protect

	The media can be stopped from promoting these
laws if more Americans pay attention to "communicist"
dogma, and confront news media with the communicist
issue.  When somebody promotes an idea that encroaches
upon civil liberties, they should be confronted.  If modern
political activists will stand up for individual liberty over 
communicist doctrine the media may be forced to actually
examine individual liberty, or the lack of it.

	One of this nation's most dangerous communicists
is Pat Robertson. Organizations like the Christian Coalition
and Opus Dei (4) can have a tremendous influence
politically.   Members of organizations like the Christian
Coalition have a tendency to be influenced into action
without question.  Hitler had the same kind of influence on
his followers.  Hitler's use of bills of attainder and his
manipulation of conspiracies is legendary.  Pat Robertson
is not Hitler, but they both promote and influence bills of
attainder by their tremendous social influence.

	Pat's new promise is to see to it that the
Constitution and the Ten Commandments go hand in hand. 
What's wrong with this picture?  This nation's religious
right is responsible for promoting more bills of attainder
than any other faction outside the communicists in the U.S.
Congress.  How about seeing to it that the law is based
upon the premise, "thou shalt not steal."  Or Pat, explain
why the half billion dollars a year the government takes
from Americans is not stealing.  Explain how well this
nation's "overclass" is teaching morality to the "underclass"
by breaking down our doors to steal what is inside.  

	Another thing I'd like the religious right and
Americans to address is the use of personification of
property in our courts to justify confiscation of personal
property.  Personification of property is the belief that
material things like your house, car, plane, boat, or even
your money has the power to commit crimes by their own
free will.  Pose this idea in the church and you will quickly
learn most are opposed to it, like "Devil Worship."  Why is
it allowed to be done in our courts?    Most people do not
realize our courts have the power to issue souls and free
will to property.

	Millions of dollars in private property has been
stolen from Americans from the use of personification of
property in our courts.  The belief that objects can have
free will is an idea based in witchcraft, the occult, and devil
worship.   In occult law,  objects have to be instilled or
cursed to have this power.(5)  By promoting politicians that
support asset forfeiture, like Phil Grahm, Henry Hyde, and
Don Nichols, the religious community has promoted the
use of personification to steal property.  I am sure Phil
Grahm, Henry Hyde, and Don Nichols would not propose
personification of property to the church.  Why are they
promoting it in the courts?    

	Some in the communicist/ religious right movement
know full well the facts concerning the use of
personification of property in our courts.  They continue to
promote politicians that make these laws that plunder our
life, liberty and property.  These sacerdotalist orders (6)
influence our laws which deny us our rights, and they do it
almost without opposition.  They can actually scare the
legislature into action promoting "feel good" legislation
that causes thousands of Americans problems they should
be protected from.  By properly defining the phrase "bill of
attainder" in our law we can eliminate these problems.

	 The newest communicist plan President Clinton
has to make America safer is to provide incentives for
police to obtain houses in inner cities at a 50% break. 
These are the policemen the government has given the
power to use over 300 laws to go "shopping" with.  These
are the same kind of laws that fill our prisons and provide
no protection against corruption.  As much as 75% of the
people arrested are for crimes which are drug related and
these laws are based upon sacerdotalistic morality.  These
laws and policies are bills of attainder.  

	Understanding the process of outlawing by the
government, the media, and society,  will help stop laws
that plunder,  if political activists will stand up and
confront the communicists. The communicist threat to
individual liberty is a real one but many communicist ideas
are presented by people who do not understand what their
rights are supposed to be.  It is very pleasing to tell them
what a communicist is and watch their face as they realize
their mistake, especially concerning private property.

	If you are a political activist stand up to the
communicists (people that promote laws that plunder our
life liberty and property).  Go one-on-one and make them
understand they have no right to give away your civil
liberties or the liberties of any other American.  There are
whole organizations out there who irresponsibly promote
policies that influence bills of attainder.  When the
"communicists" use the media,  let the media know they
owe equal time to the promotion of civil liberties and the
restoration of the American "subject" to American

Notes and References:
(1)  See "Defining Bills Of Attainder"  
(2)  See "The O.J. Bill Of Attainder Scenario"  
(3)  See "The Republic of Texas Situation Report" Contact
the Republic of Texas website.
(4)  See "Opus Dei"  by Michael Walsh (Harper San
Francisco) 1989 	
(5) See "The Supernatural" by Hill and Williams
(Hawthorn) 1965
(6) Sacerdotalism: Any religious system based on priestly
order, rather than human and spiritual values.  (Rudolf



Timothy McVeigh is Going To Be Murdered

by Political Prisoner Ron Cole

Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 11:54:42 -0700 
Subject: Timothy McVeigh is going to be murdered, by Ron Cole

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     Distributed on: 28-JUN-97, 11:53:20
Original Written by:

Timothy McVeigh is going to be murdered
Ron Cole

Timothy McVeigh is going to be murdered because 168 people were murdered
on April 19, 1995, and they were murdered because 86 people were
murdered on April 19, 1993, and they were murdered because 4 people were
murdered on February 28, 1993, and, it didn't hardly begin there.

If you were to look up the definition of war in the dictionary, you
would find that the word well describes the actions and reactions
effecting our lives so dramatically, today. Those actions and reactions
have only occasionally resulted in death, but they nearly always involve
destruction and suffering. I know this because I was raided and arrested
by the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Unit on May 1 [1997]. I am a prisoner of
that war because my arrest represented part of the FBI's reaction to the
Oklahoma City bombing.

But, the term war is almost never used by us to describe the environment
in which we live. The actions and reactions going on around us, that are
both taking lives and destroying lives, are removed from their proper
perspective. As events of violence occur, the tendency is to write the
events off as "incidents" with no cause or effect. Without the proper
perspective, reactions to actions are not seen for what they really are.
Without the proper perspective, I would have believed that I was
arrested simply because someone said I had the wrong kind of guns.
Without the proper perspective, the patriot movement has much to fear
from its enemies, and more to fear from itself.

In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, people in the patriot movement
wasted valuable energy and resources trying to show the world that the
bombing had nothing to do with them, the movement, or anything that
anyone felt strongly about. We blamed the bombing on the US government,
the Japanese, or insane maniacs that we shared absolutely nothing in
common with. The fact that the bombing represented a reaction to the
action of the federal government's attack on Waco was largely missed at
the time. It was a fact that was not only missed, but avoided all
together by most people. The fact is, the vast majority of the people in
the patriot movement just took the easiest way out. Patriot clubs
disbanded, militias changed their names to appear less militant, and the
movement, as a whole, back-peddled itself right off of the map.

The trial of Timothy McVeigh is over. He was convicted by a jury, and
the jury decided that he will be put to death. Now I hear that people in
the patriot movement are, in many cases, and in many ways, throwing in
the towel. If the trend continues, the patriot movement in the United
States will meet a truly humiliating and disgraceful end.

Speaking from my position in federal custody, the knowledge that my
compatriots are backing down in the face of the McVeigh verdict turns 
my stomach. I hated the reaction that Timothy McVeigh was a part of, 
and I hate the fact that I am now a prisoner as an indirect result of 
the bombing. Like any rational human being, I hate violence, but these
things happen in a war-like environment, and now I have to deal with
what is happening both to me and in this country with my head held high.
Why? Not because I support violence or enjoy my environment (which, now,
is prison), but because I am right, we are right, the patriot movement
and what it stands for is right. As true patriots, we must understand,
as General Sherman did, that "War is Hell," and we're right in the
middle of it.

What all of this means to the average patriotic American is that they
need to learn that they can understand the actions and reactions created
by a warlike environment without supporting or condoning the inevitable
acts of violence that will surely effect us. We all would now be much
better off if the patriot movement, in general, had understood the
actions of Timothy McVeigh two years ago, as we should have. Instead of
coming off as foolish conspiracy wackos, the movement could have
directed international attention upon the worst act of terrorism ever
committed against the American people by their own government. Not only
could we have brought needed attention to Waco, but we could also have
done much to prevent another Oklahoma City bombing.

It would do us well to understand that we are all a part of a movement,
not an organization. As such, we do not have the ability to cast
individual people away because we dislike a part of their political
ideology or because we are horrified by their tactics. The fact is that
anyone who empathizes with the general cause automatically becomes a
part of our movement. Such is the case with any movement, and Timothy
McVeigh was, and is a part of the patriot movement, simply because he
supports the movement's tenets in his own mind. It is the responsibility
of the movement, therefore, to recognize the potentially violent fringe
and attempt to control it as best we can. Why? Because throwing people
to the dogs, even before they are found guilty of a crime, only serves
to further frustrate the potentially violent fringe. Trying to
disassociate ourselves from everything we don't completely support may
be the easiest way of dealing with inconvenient problems, but, in the
long run, will probably bring about more death and destruction.

Buildings full of children are rarely blown up by people acting
rationally. Those who have committed such acts, like Timothy McVeigh, do
so out of sheer desperation. The established system in the United States
failed McVeigh. He, naturally, turned to the patriot movement for
constructive solutions. But, the movement in those days, like today,
lacked direction and possessed no reliable leadership. The fact that the
movement offered no constructive solutions should be obvious, as the
deaths of 168 people clearly indicates. That is not to say that we
should consider ourselves responsible for those deaths, but we cannot
ignore the potentially violent fringe and hope that they will go away.
Everyone within the movement suffers mounting frustration because we
offer nearly no constructive solutions, direction, or leadership. It
should go without saying that there are there are those who possess
shorter fuses than the rest.

Trying to throw those with shorter fuses out of the movement, even if we
could identify these people, is both unrealistic and counterproductive.
The only solution is to provide everyone with a united and strong
patriot movement that is capable of providing leadership and
constructive solutions. Anything less will generate more frustrated
people. Some of whom will resort to irrational acts of violence, and the
world will blame all of us for it.

As far as Timothy McVeigh is concerned, his name will be added to the
growing list of human beings who have been killed in the war-like
environment we are living in. There are those in the movement who
applaud his pending execution as a means of making themselves look
better. I have even more to gain by vilifying McVeigh. As I sit here in
prison, I know that I could see my family again a lot sooner if I
appeased the prosecutors in my case by saying the things that they want
me to say. But, I will not cheer the murder of one of my countrymen no
matter what he did. I may rot in prison for the rest of my life, but
I'll rot with my head held high.

How patriots dealt with the Oklahoma City bombing two years ago is now
water under the bridge, but how we deal with Timothy McVeigh's
conviction and execution will do much to determine our collective
future. More importantly, we must decide now how we will look upon the
actions and reactions going on around us. Then, and only then, will we
be able to build a movement based on experience, not ideology, and offer
constructive solutions to those who seek our guidance and direction.
What we do now will determine the future of the patriot movement with
all of its professed high ideals. As one of the people, what you decide
will either give the desperate some rational recourse, or leave them
with no alternative but to remain desperate, and to act desperately.

Ron Cole #27523-013
Federal Correctional Institution
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, Colorado 80123

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From: The John Doe Times --

McCurtain Daily Gazette (Idabel, Oklahoma)
1 July 1997 


By J.D. Cash

Tulsa--  Near pandemonium broke out in a federal courtroom here Monday 
when a senior agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shocked 
observers by telling the court that the spiritual leader of Elohim City, 
the Rev. Robert Millar, was a confidential informant for the FBI.

The McCurtain Daily Gazette has long been reporting that Elohim City 
is a religious and paramilitary compound in east-central Oklahoma that 
is frequented by some of the most dangerous members of the neo-Nazi 
underground in the United States and Canada.

Although residents of the cult have continued to deny it publicly, the
Gazette has reported that its sources believe one of those shadowy 
figures was Timothy McVeigh.

Stories published in this newspaper have also exposed Elohim City as 
the center of a wide-ranging conspiracy to overthrow the federal 
government by members of a group called the Aryan Republican Army.

Several of those members have since been arrested on charges related 
to a string of bank robberies across the midwestern United States.

The incredible revelation that the leader of Elohim City himself was 
part of a government intelligence operation came during a pre-trial 
hearing associated with the upcoming trial of another confidential 
informant and frequenter of the compound, Carol E. Howe.

Howe, a former Tulsa beauty queen, debutante and one-time paid 
undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 
is scheduled to stand trial later this month for conspiracy charges 
associated with making bomb threats and possession of bomb-making 

Howe was indicted shortly after the Gazette reported that she intended 
to be a key witness in the trial of Timothy McVeigh.

U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch, who presided over the McVeigh trial,
refused to let Howe testify in Denver-- ruling that her information that
Elohim City was the center of the bombing conspiracy "might confuse the

Under questioning Monday by Howe attorney Clark Brewster of Tulsa, 
Special Agent Peter Rickel stunned everyone when he reluctantly admitted 
that the man Elohim City cult members call "Grandpa" is really a 
cooperating source for the FBI.

Millar's status as a confidential informant began in the fall of 1994.  
The FBI admitted in court that Millar was a paid confidential informant, 
although the amount of his paycheck was not revealed.

When Rickel disclosed this startling information, a senior FBI agent and
several U.S. attorneys bolted from the courtroom in an agitated state.

Millar's encampment was heretofore considered by experts in domestic
terrorism to be the "Switzerland" of the neo-Nazi movement in the United

Elohim City, a 1,000-acre area of rolling timberland, is the residence 
of some 80 followers.  But more importantly, it has played host to some 
of this nation's most notable subversives.

Thus Millar's position as a mole for the FBI could explain why the 
compound has never been raided.

Despite its use as a hideout for gunrunners, drug dealers, bank robbers 
and suspected members of the conspiracy that bombed the Alfred P. Murrah 
Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Elohim City has enjoyed a reputation 
as a place fugitives can live without fear of arrest.

In the weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing, BATF agent Angela Findley 
had planned to raid the compound and arrest its security advisor, Andreas 
Carl Strassmeir.

Strassmeir, an illegal alien who migrated to Elohim City from Germany, 
was supected by Findley of converting semi-automatic weapons to machine 
guns as well as plotting with other Elohim City residents and visitors 
to bomb federal installations.

Carol Howe reported to Findley during the time she worked for the BATF.

Howe told Findley that Strassmeir was the ringleader in the plot to bomb 
the Oklahoma City federal building and that Millar was preaching twice a 
day to his flock that the group had to act by April 19, 1995, or they 
would end up like the Branch Davidians in Waco.

The arrest of Strassmeir was scrubbed after senior members of the BATF, 
the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office met in February, 1995 and 
discussed Findley's plan.

Sources have told the Gazette that Strassmeir was also an important 
source of intelligence for the U.S. government.

In January, 1996, shortly after it was discovered that it was Strassmeir 
that Timothy McVeigh had called for in the days before the bombing, the 
German national fled to his native Berlin with the aid of German 
intelligence officers.

With Millar now exposed, the loss of Elohim City as a virtual nest of 
spies for the U.S. intelligence community is almost assured.

But such a loss could have consequences far beyond the obvious.

If Millar was reporting a wider conspiracy to bomb the Oklahoma City 
federal building, and those reports were not subsequently turned over 
to Timothy McVeigh's defense team, then the withholding of such critical 
information by the FBI could get McVeigh a new trial.

Those reports, as well as Howe's, will likely be sought by the defense 
teams for both McVeigh and Terry Nichols and may also be subpoenaed by 
the grand jury convened in Oklahoma City to investigate the bombing.

Also those reports could prove important in several civil suits that are
pending against the government for its alleged failure to notify the
occupants of the Murrah building that there was a heightened risk of 
danger on April 19, 1995.  And Congress is also looking into the 
government's intelligence role in the bombing.

Calls to the compound to get Millar's comments about the situation were 
not returned.


-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR
Editor, The John Doe Times 

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The vindication of Reverend Robert Millar

From: Gary Hunt (
To: Martin Lindstedt (
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 
Subject: The vindication of Reverend Robert Millar

The vindication of Reverend Robert Millar
Gary Hunt,
Outpost of Freedom
July 4, 1997

The July 2, 1997, Tulsa World on-line carried an article titled "Elohim
City Leader Admits He Provided FBI With Information."

This is not the first article on the Internet which has attempted to
cast aspersions on the character of a very fine gentleman. One of the
accusers, J. D. Cash, met Rev. Millar one day in October, 1995 when I
took Cash to Elohim City to introduce them. I had spoken to Millar on a
number of occasions, and first met him a few days before when I took
Richard Reyna, of the McVeigh defense team, to meet him. I had cleared
these introductions with Millar days earlier when I had arranged to stay
at Elohim City for a few days. My trip to Oklahoma had been at the
request of the defense team. Some members of the press and Glenn

Rev. Millar, and all of the people at Elohim were very gracious and
friendly. Mary Snell, widow of Wayne Snell, was willing to move out the
mobile home she was staying in so that I wouldn't have to sleep on a
couch somewhere. My meals were provided, by a number of people over the
four days I was there. I walked with the children to the lake being
created for swimming, and set crosses at Wayne Snell's and two other
graves, on a hilltop on the property. During my entire stay, not once
was I questioned about my activities, as would have been done by an

As I read the article, I attempted to retain objectivity in any judgment
of Millar and Elohim City that I might come to. It is with knowledge of
the place and the people that I now provide you some food for thought.

Elohim City has been known for years among the Christian Identity
movement. It has been the location of an FBI invasion, which was quashed
at the beginning by Rev. Millar reasoning with the FBI. It's hundred-
plus people have established a very comfortable community, without
regard to building code, just as you and I would like the right to do 
in our own communities. 

The children are community schooled. To the people at Elohim, the sun at
the apex is the beginning of the day, and each day is begun with service
to the Lord. Men have jobs in town, or for the trucking company that is
operated out of Elohim City. Many of the drivers are gone for days or
weeks at a time, but there is no reason for concern for the safety of
the family, for the entire community shares and is not much different
than one large family, itself.

Now, about the allegations.  Suppose that you had, after years of
fighting the battles that many of the newer members of the patriot
community have just begun to fight, decided that it was time to sit back
and live your life as close to those ideals as you could.  You have
friends in prison, friends who have turned states evidence and friends
who have been executed.  The achievements of your own efforts, among
other things, has provided you the means to establish a Godly community,
as close to what you desire to live as you possibly can under the
present circumstances. Years of effort and hundreds of acres of land,
and the dream is coming true, Your family, and others are able to live
as they choose, on the edge of a state and on the edge of the
contemptible civilization that surrounds them.

Not long ago, the dream was nearly shattered because the government
thought that some of the members might have been a part of a plot.
Frequent visitors had been arrested, charged and convicted of crimes.
The FBI confronted your community over these allegations, but,
fortunately, a peaceful resolution was had. And, you are back to life,
as you would have it.

A few years later, because of the openness of the community, a number of
people come to visit.  They 'conspire' to do certain things that you
cannot condone. Worse, they speak to you and some of the younger members
of the community in an effort to solicit participation. The Godliness of
the community won't allow you to turn away from providing for these
visitors, but you cannot become a participant in their efforts.

Then, in April 1995, your community, because of a single phone call, 
has become a focal point for the condemnation of the bomber(s) of the 
Alfred AZP. Murrah building. You still cannot close your door to strangers, nor
can you put a stop to their conversations. But, are you bound to risk
all that you have achieved because some over-zealous patriot, or true
government informant or agent, chose to discuss their plans in your
presence, in your community, as your guest?

Rev. Millar never ran to the FBI with information, but he said what he
had to say to protect what he had created. It is not his fault, nor
should he be blamed. This sensationalist tactic is an effort to destroy
a very fine gentleman. All blame should go directly where it belongs --
on the indiscreet, the informant, the agent and any who would impose
this sort of risk on such a fine community as Elohim City.

Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom
"when the government is pointing its guns in the wrong direction!"
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Subject: Re: Views on OKC trial
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 97 
From: (
To: "Martin Lindstedt" (

Dear Martin,
Thank you for responding.... your observations of Judge Matsch
were very interesting.  

I gather that you assume that I (we) are Identity... which is NOT the 
case, however, I am sending along to you an article by Bruder Schweigen, 
Richard Scutari, POW, which we recently published.

It may interest you...

Sincerely yours,
for the 14 Words,

FBI Information Gathering Center
by Richard Scutari

    Recently I received a  newspaper article from the Benton County Daily 
Record, dated February 6, 1997.  The content was more than disturbing, 
in fact, it was well nigh unbelievable.  The article concerned a 
Christian Identity community called "Elohim City," located in Oklahoma 
about 10 miles east of Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  It stated that four of the 
five White supremacists indicted a week earlier on charges of conspiring 
to rob seven midwestern banks had visited or lived at Elohim City, and 
that two weeks before the Oklahoma city bombing Timothy McVeigh had 
telephoned the Identity compound.

   Elohim Cityıs leader is Robert G. Millar.  He is considered to be one 
of the most important leaders of Americaıs Christian Identity movement.  
Elohim City was not armed until after 1982 when Millar met Kerry Noble 
and CSA founder James Ellison, according to the article.

   Today Ellison lives at Elohim City and he is married to one of 
Millarıs granddaughters.  Millar believes that Ellison is the man to 
lead the right wing movement.

   Anyone from the White resistance should feel total revulsion upon 
hearing the contents of this article.  Those who have been involved for 
a number of years know why, but for newcomers, let me explain.

   James Ellison bought his way out of prison by becoming the Federals' 
star witness at the 1988 sedition trial in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  His 
testimony was predominantly perjury.  One of the defendants he testified 
against was Richard Snell, who was subsequently executed by zog the day 
of the Oklahoma City bombing.  There would, in fact, have been no 
sedition trial without the testimony of the piece of smelly sewage 
called James Ellison.  One of the defendants in the sedition trial was 
Ellisonıs own 22 year old son-in-law.  In Ellisonıs bid to buy his way 
out of prison he did all he could to give his own son-in-law a life 
sentence.  Yet, Pastor Millar believes Ellison is the man to lead the 
right wing?!!

   The five individuals who were recently indicted and who had stayed at 
Elohim City were apparently part of a group known as the "Aryan 
Republican Army."  These courageous and honorable men took up where the 
Order Brüder Schweigen left off.  Our folk should honor and support these 
warriors.  One of the five is/was engaged to Millarıs step-daughter.  
This individual is also named in a civil suit by the victims of the 
Oklahoma City bombing as a co-defendant with Timothy McVeigh.

   So, now we see that Pastor Millar gives sanctuary to one of the lowest 
and slimiest vermin who has ever crawled on earth, and by doing so he 
endangered brave and honorable soldiers of the Folk.  Ellison betrays 
family, friends and race.  He is a bought-and-paid-for whore for the FBI. 
He got released from prison for committing race treason and even got 
paid for his vile acts.  Once owned by the FBI, always owned by the FBI.
Millar was and is fully aware of Ellison's character and he is thus fully 
responsible and equally guilty.  Elohim City can be regarded as no more 
than an FBI information gathering center.  Ellison's presence there might 
even lend credibility to the theory that the Oklahoma City bombing was a 
government sting operation that went sour.

   I suppose there will be those from the Identity branch of the 
resistance who will take offense to these words, or even come to the 
defense of Millar, Ellison and Elohim City.  It reminds me that Dan 
Gayman, who took money from the Brüder Schweigen, then testified against 
us to save his skin, is nonetheless still a major Identity "leader."  
Those who defend treason and who accept the scum of the earth as their 
"leaders" ignore facts and surrender their minds to fantasy.  They may 
preach an Identity message, but their minds are Judeo-Christian.  Anyone 
who condones Millar and Elohim City could care less about those who rot 
in zog's prisons as a result of Ellison's treason.

    Fact 1 - Ellison is a bought-and-paid-for fbi informant.
    Fact 2 - Ellison resides at Elohim City with Millar's blessing.
    Fact 3 - Honorable men who reside at Elohim City now face long prison 
    Fact 4 - There is a tie between Timothy McVeigh and Elohim City.
    Fact 5 - The government knew about the Oklahoma City bombing in 
             advance.  This is attested to by the circumstance of 
             Federals who were told to stay away from the building that 
             was bombed on the day it happened, and by other evidence.

   Draw your own conclusions, but if you value your freedom, avoid the 
FBI branch office at Elohim City.

14 words,
Richard Scutari



Never An Off Season for FBI Informants at Elohim City?

From: Martin Lindstedt (
To: Katja Lane (
CC: Louis Beam 
Subject: Re: Views on OKC Trial
Date: June 14, 1997

At 10:10 AM 6/11/97 -0000, you wrote:
>Greetings kinsmen,
>Louis Beam just forwarded correspondence 
>between you, which we read here with much interest.
>My husband, David Lane, received 150 year sentence
>from Judge Matsch in a double jeopardy "perjury circus,"
>for a crime which he did not commit, and for which he
>was already serving 40 years, the death of talk show host,
>Alan Berg.

   I agree with you that the government court system is a 
festering sewer. I have never met an honest lawyer or judge 
in my quarrels with the State of Missouri or federal system. 
I have four federal lawsuits out over election violations and 
civil rights violations and spent a month in jail for contempt 
of court in April '96.  It ostensibly was over a unpaid (illegal) 
fine over a burned-out 18-wheeler dimmer-side headlight. So I 
am a convicted misdeameanant & headlight desperado.

. . . (snip)

   Matsch used to be a U.S. attorney before he became a judge. 
He used to prosecute before the bench, now he is a prosecutor 
on the bench.  A friend of mine, Robert Joos, told me how 
Matsch congradulated him (Joos) for avoiding a federal indictment 
by some IRS rascals by appearing before the grand jury and telling 
them his side of the matter.  Matsch told Joos that he was the only 
one he has seen smart enough to know his rights by getting his side 
of it before the grand jury rather than let the US attorneys run 
wild like they usually do.  (I asked Bob if Matsch should know -- 
having abused and allowed to be abused the system himself.) Joos 
is an offshoot Christian Identity pastor who has been abused by 
what passes as a court system in adjoining McDonald County.
   At a rally for Joos in July 1996 I met a bunch of people from 
Elohim City, including Dr. Robert Millar, who gave me his card and 
invited me to come down and visit. I look like a Swedish peasant
most of the time. I informed Dr. Millar that the press was 
saying all manner of stuff about him and his settlement and that 
he was famous -- notorious. Dr. Millar warned me not to believe 
everything I see in a newspaper. 
   I might go down and take him up on his invite and see what the 
fuss is all about, but perhaps I should wait until a season when 
the federal informants thin out.  I have been told that they are 
so thick sometimes that you cannot swing a dead cat by the tail 
without hitting one or two.

   Since the system is so corrupt, imputing reasonable doubt should 
be mandatory for the consciencious juror. (Let me tell you how I 
got kicked off of a jury pool by what I suspect was the 
Newton County prosecutor's office calling up and posing as 
poll takers in July 1993 sometime.) So I have no problem in allowing 
that your husband was wrongfully tried. Since he is an open 
enemy of the current regime, the title of POW would be correct.

   The current regime's captive corrupt court system should be 
abolished in favor of a lottery system of properly paid rotating 
jurors of normal IQ, with a smaller subsystem of high intelligence 
volunteers who have learned the law as judges, also chosen by lot. 
There would be no special guild of lawyers with special priviledges, 
as the courts would be open to all for the adjucation of disputes. 
Only serious matters, not idiotic traffic tickets would be decided 
as the initiators of foolishness would pay the full price for 
legal foolishness. 
   Of course what "should be" will not come to pass until "what is" 
has destroyed itself.

>David has written two articles about Tim McVeigh,
>January 96 and March 96 which can be found at:
>entitled: "Open Letter to Timothy McVeigh"
>and "P.S. It only gets worse, Tim"

   I haven't had time to read it. But I will.

--Martin Lindstedt

>Best regards,
>for the 14 Words!
>(Mrs. David Lane)
>14 WORDS:
>"We must secure the existence of our people
>and a future for White children" - David Lane, POW



The roots of the American Resistance movement have been around for a long time. As long as there has been tyranny, corruption and decay in local and national government, you will have some of the victims, tired of being victims, forming a natural reaction, a resistance movement. This in turn stimulates fear from the criminal classes who have taken control of the government because they rightly fear the consequences of their injustices. They seek to infiltrate every Resistance movement which has the potential ability to destroy their criminal regime, and themselves with it. This sets in motion a cycle of mistrust and betrayal which affects all involved: regime, resistance, and society at large. With this lack of trust, not knowing who is a betrayer and who is a loyal ally, all human organizations internally collapse, from Resistance cell to gubbnmint agency to the surrounding overall civilization.

Some of the more far-sighted and experienced Resistance individuals like Louis Beam have advocated a policy of "Leaderless Resistance." This is in effect an inoculation against the overall disease of betrayal and treachery endemic in our society by choosing quality individuals of proven moral worth and having them interact only among themselves. It is in effect putting into effect a John Galt maneuver, wherein select individuals pull themselves out of society, depriving the civilization of their genius while at the same time infiltrating and sabotaging the overall base society to hasten the day when they can emerge to live in peace and freedom among a society of their peers. This is a Revolt of the New Elites, at war with the old, tired, corrupt elites who have lost everything which made them rulers except a desire to rule. It is not guerrilla warfare in the old sense because the new elites will let the middle fend for itself, with the exception of whatever elements of the middle decisively choose their side now when the New Elites are weak. Right now society exists at the stage wherein an uneasy corrupt Old Elite senses that the future holds for them justice and is using its Kourts and Media allies to whip up the masses to destroy these New Elites of the Resistance movement. Hence the current Kulturkampf, a precursor of open and total civil warfare.

One of the oldest such secessions from the masses involves Elohim City. These people have withdrawn from a social order they find degenerate and immoral. However such an open withdrawal is usually not allowed by the current regime as it is both a slap in the face ("So you think you are better than us state-god worshippers do you!") and a threat to their doxology of power. (The rest of the slaves will ask "How come those strange people get to live by themselves in peace and freedom and we got to provide taxes and cannon fodder for our rulers' benefit?") The Branch Davidians and the Weaver family tried to secede or drop out from 'The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave' and look where it got them. They were denounced as 'separatists' -- a capital crime nowadays -- and open season was declared on them by the state-god and its minions. So why has Elohim City, a nest of religious separatists if there ever was one, been spared the wrath of Baal?

The reason why?: Elohim City provides a service. Dr. Bob provides a service. Potential crazies and open rebels must live someplace when they are not in Federal prisons. By letting them concentrate themselves at Elohim City where they can be kept an eye on by their own reporting them to the Feds, they are essentially paying -- at their own expense -- for their own segregated confinement where they cannot infect outside society. Additionally, if the gubbnmint pulled another Waco on their open enemies, no longer could the current regime pretend that Waco and Ruby Ridge were "a disaster" and that "mistakes were made" in their implementation as opposed to showing their inherent nature of pure distilled hypocritical evil.

So for the good of his chosen society, perhaps Pastor Dr. Robert Millar informs on the indiscreet crazies and militants who run their mouths off while visiting at Elohim City. Based upon my impression when I met him, Pastor Millar simply lets his visitors do whatever they are going to do outside the boundaries of Elohim City. If the FBI/BATF and their foolish Rent-A-Nazis want to make deals and perform contracts on Federal buildings and gubbnmint employees outside the jurisdictional and parochial limits of Elohim City, what's it to Dr. Bob? Why believe what a Fibbie has to say on the witness stand of a government-franchised perjury parlor? They have been known to lie.

What business does any Resistance leader have at Elohim City? It did occur to me when Dr. Bob gave me his business card and an invitation that perhaps he was inviting some rising talent to his town in order to sound me out. That would be understandable if any communication started and stopped with Dr. Bob. However, what if it doesn't? Should a Resistance 'leader' have a need to run his mouth off to the choir, especially when some of them might not be good choirboys?

Now I might go down and visit Pastor Millar some day, if I get the time, money or inclination. However, I will not go down there oblivious to the realities that Elohim City is under both external and internal observation by state-god agents. Any other visitor had better be similarly grounded in such reality.

Editor Martin Lindstedt



Richard Keyes Alive?

      Report: Republic of Texas fugitive alive,
      threatening revenge

      June 26, 1997
      Web posted at: 2:21 p.m. EDT (1821 GMT)

      In this story:

     (CNN) -- Republic of Texas militant Richard Keyes
     III, who evaded capture nearly two months ago and
     was thought by some law enforcement personnel to
     be dead, is alive and predicts more
     anti-government violence by supporters of the
     separatist group, Mother Jones magazine reported
     on its Web site.

     In an article titled "On The Run," Keyes
     reportedly told a freelance writer that militia
     members in New Mexico helped in his escape to a
     place outside the United States "that's armed to
     the teeth."

     The article is said to be based on a series of
     telephone interviews with Keyes, who bolted from
     the separatist group's West Texas mountain hideout
     on May 3, the day Richard McLaren and five
     followers surrendered to state troopers after a
     weeklong standoff.

     Another separatist, Mike Matson,
     fled with Keyes and was killed
     in a gunbattle with troopers two days later.

     Officials hunted for Keyes until May 7, then
     called off the search. They speculated he was
     probably dead in the remote, sparsely populated
     mountains near Fort Davis, Texas.

     Keyes is wanted on charges stemming from the brief
     hostage-taking of a neighborhood couple that began
     the stalemate on April 27.

     'Random acts of revenge'

     "I'm past the point of no return," the Mother
     Jones article quotes him as saying, adding that
     Keyes "promises random acts of violence" in
     revenge for the standoff.

     "If the United States is comfortable with going to
     war with people who have nothing to lose, then so
     be it," Keyes reportedly said.

     In the article, the 22-year-old Keyes describes
     how he evaded Texas Rangers, bloodhounds, and
     search aircraft after the others surrendered.
     "Sometimes the helicopter blades were just over my
     head," he said. "I had to stay right there in the

     Author had met Keyes before

     The writer, Joel Dyer, who is editor of the
     "Boulder Weekly" in Boulder, Colorado, said he met
     Keyes last fall while studying the growth of
     militia movements. Dyer said Keyes contacted him
     on June 17.

     Keyes said militia members from New Mexico helped
     him escape. "They sent in a special operations
     team and extracted me from the area," he said.

     "They moved me from safehouse to safehouse. I was
     in a total of six. Eventually they were able to
     get me out of the country."

     Last week, U.S. News and World Report magazine
     quoted an unidentified law enforcement source as
     saying he has spoken on the telephone with Keyes.

     Various Republic of Texas groups seek independence
     from the United States, contending that the
     annexation of Texas in 1845 was illegal.

                 1997 Cable News Network, Inc.
                      All Rights Reserved.



A Black-Suited Army of GubbnmintGunGoon Occupation

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 17:15:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN NO. 503.  
         Exploding Number of SWAT Teams Sets Off Alarms

     S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, No. 503, June 19, 1997

by William Booth, Washington Post Staff Writer, June 17, 1997 p A01
Forwarded by

FRESNO, Calif. -- Sgt. Wade Engelson is preparing his new recruits for 
war. Dressed in fatigues, sporting buzz hair cuts, the new men are 
being trained in the use of submachine guns, explosives and chemical 
weapons. They have at their disposal a helicopter and, soon, an 
armored personnel carrier.

Engelson's men are not Navy Seals or Army Rangers. They are members of 
the Fresno Police Department, whose enemy will not be found in faraway 
lands but in the neighborhoods where the police routinely patrol -- fully 
armed and in urban camouflage.

In their expanding strength and mission, the SWAT team in Fresno 
mirrors a growing trend in U.S. law enforcement -- the rise in the 
number of police para-military units across the country and a rapid 
expansion of their activities, a controversial trend that police 
scholars refer to as "the militarization" of civilian police.

The explosive growth and expanding mission of SWAT teams has, in turn, 
led to complaints that an occupying army is marching through America's 
streets -- that they are too aggressive, too heavily armed, too 
scary -- and that they erode the public's perception of police as 
public servants.

"It's a very dangerous thing, when you're telling cops they're soldiers 
and there's an enemy out there," said Joseph McNamara, former chief of 
police in San Jose and Kansas City who is now at the Hoover Institution 
at Stanford University. "I don't like it all."

In a new study, police researcher Peter Kraska and his colleagues have 
documented the explosive growth of SWAT, which stands for Special 
Weapons and Tactics.  In a nationwide survey of 690 law enforcement 
agencies serving cities with populations with 50,000 or more, the 
researchers found that 90 percent now have active SWAT teams, compared 
to 60 percent in the early 1980s.

Even in rural communities and smaller cities, the researchers have 
found that two of every three departments now boast a SWAT team -- a 
phenomenon Kraska compares to "militarizing Mayberry," he said 
referring to the fictional small town in the Andy Griffith television 

Yet more important than the raw numbers, Kraska says, the SWAT mission 
has expanded. Once limited to highly specialized actions, such as 
dealing with barricaded gunmen or hostage-takers, the SWAT teams are 
now increasingly engaged in more standard police work. There is a boom 
in "high risk warrant work," including "no-knock entries." The work 
is mostly related to the war on drugs, and by extension, "gang 

"Where the SWAT teams were once deployed a few times a year, they are 
now used for all kinds of police work -- dozens of calls, hundreds of 
calls a year," said Kraska, a professor of police studies at Western 
Kentucky University.  "In SWAT units formed since 1980, their use has 
increased by 538 percent."  And some units, like those in Fresno, are 
being deployed full-time as roaming patrols.

The 30 members of Fresno's Violent Crime Suppression Unit now patrol 
crime-ridden neighborhoods day and night, serving warrants at homes 
of suspected drug dealers and criminals, stopping vehicles, 
interrogating gang members, showing a presence.

As they move through the city, they wear subdued gray-and-black urban 
camouflage and body armor, and have at the ready, ballistic shields and 
helmets, M17 gas masks and rappelling gear. More equipment is carried 
in a mobile command SWAT bus that roves the city. The deparment is 
purchasing an armored personnel carrier.

The tactical police here also carry an assortment of weaponry denied 
the normal beat cop -- battering rams, diversionary devices known as 
flashbangs," chemical agents, such as pepper spray and tear gas, and 
specialized guns, including assault rifles and most famously, the 
Heckler and Koch MP5, the short, highly accurate 9mm, fully automatic 
submachine gun used by the Navy Seals.

While the phenomenal rise in SWAT work has drawn some fire, police 
officials say the change has been a necessary one that has made an 
impact on crime.

Fresno Police Chief Ed Winchester says that a highly armed and more 
violent criminal class requires an extreme response.  Fresno formed 
its SWAT team in 1973, about a decade after the first such unit 
appeared in Los Angeles.  Its creation occurred after an officer was 
shot and killed by a robbery suspect following a chaotic police 
response in which patrol officers fired hundreds of rounds at the 
suspect, borrowed an armored car and let fly canisters of tear gas, 
which then floated across the neighborhood.

"It was what we would call a fiasco," Winchester said, convincing 
everyone that a more highly trained, specialized  and disciplined unit 
was required.

From 1973 until 1994, Fresno's SWAT team operated only in response to 
very specific call-outs, such as barricaded suspects. But by late 1994, 
Fresno was experiencing a crime wave. There were 55 shootings in five 
months, with 13 people killed, including three children.  And so 
Fresno's traditional SWAT unit transformed itself into the Violent 
Crime Suppression Unit and took to the streets in constant patrols.

"The criminals aren't stupid," Winchester said. "They see eight guys
surrounding them, all carrying submachine guns and wearing black 
fatigues, they don't want to get killed." 

Fresno SWAT member C.D. Smith, writing in Police magazine in 1995, put 
it this way: "The streets of Fresno have become a war zone for cops, 
who find themselves in the heat of battle with the bad guys at least 
once a month."

Winchester credits the unit, in part, with reducing violent crime in 
Fresno by 8.7 percent in 1995 and 3.5 percent in 1996. Now, he is 
expanding the unit again -- for day patrols as well as night.

"Is there a downside? Sure there is," Winchester said. "It's a sad 
commentary -- sad when crime is so bad you got to put a SWAT unit on 
the street."

Yet critics warn the growing use of paramilitary-style police units 
threatens the very idea of a civilian police force -- just as many law 
enforcement authorities begin to apply a new technique known as 
"community policing," putting more beat cops on the street and letting 
them interact more with citizens  to solve problems and well as 

"Despite the conventional wisdom that community policing is sweeping 
the nation, the exact opposite is happening," said McNamara. "The 
police and their communities ought to think seriously about this. Is 
there a need for SWAT teams? Yes, for highly specialized functions. 
But the police love these units, and this is a disastrous image to 

McNamara and other police scholars say that the positive impact of the 
SWAT teams on reducing crime is most likely short-lived -- and that 
the pressure must be maintained. They also fear that heavily armed, 
commando-style police -- if they remain in a neighborhood for long -- 
will eventually be seen as an occupying army.

Kraska said his research shows that the rise in SWAT activities has 
closely followed the increased resources applied to fight illegal drug 
use.  "The drug war created the atmosphere for this kind of pro-active 
policing," Kraska said. "We have never seen this kind of policing, 
where SWAT teams routinely break through a door, subdue all the 
occupants and search the premises for drugs, cash and weapons."

Between 1980 and 1995, for example, Kraska found that SWAT units were 
employed in their traditional roles only for a minority of call-outs. 
Some 1.3 percent of their work was to quell civil disturbances; 3.6 
percent for hostage situations; 13.4 percent for barricaded individuals. 
But 75 percent of their mission is now devoted to serve high-risk 
warrants, mostly drug raids.

Police chiefs and SWAT officers defend the practice, saying they are 
more aggressively rooting out and arresting drug dealers. And because 
of the more powerful weapons used by gangs and dealers, the work 
should be done by highly trained SWAT teams.

Fresno Police Chief Winchester says that the SWAT teams, because of 
their training and style of assault, actually fire fewer shots. "They 
overwhelm suspects," the chief said. "They don't need to shoot."

Kraska's survey of police departments finds many SWAT teams are 
instructed by active and retired U.S. military experts in special 
operations. The SWAT teams also receive training not only from the FBI, 
the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and National Tactical 
Officers Association, but in classes organized by private companies.

One of the most popular courses is offered by Heckler and Koch, which 
trains hundreds of SWAT officers a year. The company also offers the 
units discounts on its popular weapons, such as the MP5. Kraska points 
to the private companies role in the encouragement of SWAT response 
as part of a new "crime control industry."

Larry Glick, executive director of the National Tactical Officers
Association, said that some of the private training seminars are taught 
by "retired military personnel who don't know what they're doing." The 
training offered by Heckler and Koch is "very successful and credible, 
among the best," he said.  "Their ultimate goal is to sell their guns."

Kraska and other police scholars said that even with the most 
community-sensitive training, the new weaponry and paramilitary-style 
tactics of the SWAT units attract a different kind of officer -- less 
the cop as social worker and more the cop as an elite special `ops' 
soldier. And most SWAT officers are paid a premium for the work.

"The SWAT teams love this stuff," Kraska said. "It's fun to fire these
weapons. It's exciting to train. They use `simmunition' -- like the 
paint balls and play warrior games. This stuff is a rush." 

İ Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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Beware of Militia Generals Who Are "Cozy" With Feds

>Subj:    SAFAN NO. 513.  FBI/Militia Leaders are "Cozy", says FBI
>Date:    97-06-25 18:54:48 EDT
>From:    SafanNews
>To:      SafanNews
>       SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 513, June 25, 1997
>by Carol A. Valentine (
>Supervising Special Agent Kenneth R. Piernick is a slick FBI PR 
>agent.  He works out of  FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, 
>representing the FBI at various functions.  He is a polished speaker, 
>a veritable stand-up comic, I'm told.
>Piernick talks about the militias during his speeches.  He has been 
>telling folks that the militias are nothing to worry about. According to 
>Piernick, militia leaders regularly inform the FBI whenever 
>"troublemakers" appear in their ranks.  
>It would be nice to know which militia leaders are among Agent 
>Piernick's regulars.  You can ask Agent Piernick for details yourself--
>his number is 202-324-4444,  or page him at 800-Skypage.  
>Carol A. Valentine
>President, Public Action, Inc.
>Have you seen the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum?
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   I would like to thank Carol and Dot for these questions of 
internal security which every Resistance organization must face.

   I remember in Nov. '95 John Parsons of Tri-State Militia saying 
that he talked to the FBI and turned in  Willy Lampley.  When I 
heard in May '96 that Parsons admitted that he had been getting 
1800 pieces of silver a month I laughed my head off and reminded 
my friends that I had told them so and that the FBI and Parsons 
deserved one another.

   Ken Adams of Michigan has been narking to the FBI as well, if you  
read the US News and World Report article in March '97. That and his 
showing up on Nightline on Friday June 13 after the McVeigh verdict 
and not giving an ass-chewing to the FBI thug who blamed (as thugs do) 
the Koresh bunch for "killing themselves."  A patriot never lets a 
goon even pretend to hold the moral high ground.

   So how do you detect a fed in your midst if he doesn't go out and 
admit it?  You can't!  Other than the tell-tale signs such as saying 
that the FBI is a 'constitutional' agency of the government and how 
they are not such bad guys (puke, puke), then you really have no 

   Simply put, I view everyone who in this day and age insists on 
forming open 'constitutional' militias comprised of complete 
strangers to each other as useful idiots unwittingly serving 
the government.  These 'militias' can be used for as stalking 
horses, propaganda anchors, disinformation conduits and random 
noise generators but as fighting organizations they are absolutely 
useless.  Their internal security is so absymal that they cannot 
even protect themselves. 
  Having no trust in their security (or lack of it) I wouldn't say 
anything to one of these militiamen that I wouldn't want the FBI 
to know.  
   Once you develop such an attitude, then does it really matter 
who might be the FBI informant among the 'militia generals' and who 
is an ordinary garden-variety fool?  Of course not. If one practices 
good sense in not speaking anything other than protected 'political' 
speech to people you do not know, then there is no need for paranoid 
hyperventilating as to who is the rat.
   In the 2 1/2 years I've been militia-ing, I have heard so many 
false accusations as to who is a government agent with very little 
regard as to whether that accused individual is rather a liability 
or asset to his militia organization.  Paradoxically, the more 
intelligent of our brotherhood are the ones first accused, as if 
being a patriot isn't an intelligent course of action -- when it 
is those very people who are the brains and natural leadership of 
any successful Resistance movement.
   While we should always examine ourselves as Resistance units 
for government cancers within our midst, it is far better to 
actively pursue a security-healthy lifestyle, such as forming 
cells as opposed to hierarchies, keeping secure information on a 
"need-to-know" basis, and not activating an idle curiousity or 
wagging tongue which disseminates tactical information.

--Martin Lindstedt



Nobody is Safe From Government Misconduct -- Especially Police

From: "taoss" (
To: "Martin Lindstedt" (
Subject: Re: Friends and family first.
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 18:03:00 -0400


I appreciate your response very much, and certainly understand the 
general feeling about a police officer for so many are corrupt. Neither 
I or my husband have ANYTHING for bad "cops".  When a good cop bucks 
the system and investigates and turns in his fellow officers or highly 
placed officials, as my husband did, they either get assassinated (like 
they tried to do to Patrick) or they get railroaded by the Kangaroo 
Kourts, as you put it (like they did do to Patrick).  
   At age 16 when he was abused by a bad cop, he vowed then to become 
a police officer for the purpose of fighting injustice and this is 
what he's done...still does from prison, so now he receives retaliation 
from prison officials who are the absolute scum of the earth. 

Any disclaimer you wish to make is fine with me, for you do not know 
us and you need to protect your publication.  I understand this.  I 
would do the same, were you our shoes reversed.  The people who are 
fighting for Patrick include Mr. Jack McLamb...perhaps you know him 
by name.  He's been fighting for many years on various media planes 
to get bad cops out of the system and he takes a LOT of flack from 
that...always has, but this does not stop him.  He says the officials 
think it is their duty to protect the system from the people, and 
that is the truth of how corruption thinks.  You can
catch Jack McLamb on shortwave 5.745 8-9PM eastern time M-Th.

Though we come from different avenues, your fight and ours is the 
same.  It is for justice for the people.

Thank you, Taoss


I ask because I would like to know if a letter from me, asking for 
help for my husband would do any good in your publication.  Here is 
what I'd like to write.  Please let me know if you would be willing 
to publish for me.
>       ------------------------------------------------------------------
>    Generally I am not too overfond of policemen and neither are my 
> readers becuse of past experiences. The moral qualities of the police 
> forces have declined as the police state has grown.  Most of the 
> decent officers have either left or been pressured to leave. In some 
> cases, like that of your husband(?) he might have run afoul of the 
> current regime.
>    I do not know Mr. Sweeney, but he might well be innocent.  I have 
> observed the current kangaroo kourt system and what is described 
> as the conduct of both defense and prosecution lawyers is familiar 
> to me.
>    So I will publish the below letter under a title such as: Nobody is 
> Safe From Evil -- Not Even Policemen.  Plus I will put in above 
> paragraphs as a disclaimer.
> --Martin Lindstedt

Fellow Activists,

  I am the wife of Patrick Swiney who was a police officer in high
standing for 13 years in the State of Alabama prior to getting 
convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without the 
possibility of parole.  After 8 years of fighting with all our 
might for Patrick to receive a fair trial, we now have the support 
of the NPDF (National Police Defense Foundation) because they have 
seen how unfair my husband's trial was from the beginning.  We seek 
any kind of support you can offer, be it your prayers or be it any 
small or large donation you can contribute to support his case.  
We have set up a Legal Defense Fund for Patrick's defense so that 
he can get a new trial and be exonerated of this farce he's endured 
these last 8 years.

  Patrick is a father, a son, a brother, and an uncle to very sweet 
and innocent ones who love him dearly and pray for his release.  Their 
funds were exhausted long ago when he was first brought to trial.  The
attorneys who said they would defend him did not defend but rather 
helped the prosecuting D.A. persecute him and put him away.  Why did 
this all happen?

  Because Patrick was the one who investigated a drug ring and brought
some local high officials to justice.  It has been a "political" 
nightmare. But, by the grace of God we have finally found trustworthy 
people who care and who will investigate and find the truth so that 
Patrick will get a fair trial, and then he will be released because 
the charges against him are unjust.  Finally my most beloved husband 
is coming home where he belongs. 

  No longer will he suffer the unspeakable abuses he has ensured at 
Holman Prison.  I am on my knees, so thankful for such a blessing as 

  If any of you want to help or know of anyone who wants to assist, 
please send your donations to the following address:

   P.O. BOX 241593

If anyone has any questions or would like additional information, 
please feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone: 334/490-9628.  
May the Creator be with you all.



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