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July 20, 1997, Issue #7-97

Biological Warfare In Our Time?


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Fable of Contents

1. This Issue's Editorial Commentary
2. Assorted Biological Warfare Conspiracy Theories
3. More Biological Warfare Conspiracy Theories
4. How to Protect Yourself Against Biological Warfare
5. Even More Conspiracy Theories
6. Reviews of Some Popular Novels Concerning Biological Warfare
7. Liberty In The Balance
8. Assorted Newspaper Columns Concerning Biological Warfare
9. Anthrax Outbreak in South Dakota


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The Biological War Inevitable

It is only a matter of time before biological warfare is used against the American people. Such was what ex-Senator Sam Nunn said on a television show several weeks ago. And Senator Nunn is right. It is only a matter of time before such weapons are unleashed on a largely defenseless population. Are you mentally, morally, physically prepared to survive such an occurrence?

You and your family can survive biological warfare if you are prepared. Being prepared means cultivating a survivor's mentality. You will defend that which is your own against all comers who would take that which is yours, which you saved up, leaving you and your family destitute and undefended. If you refuse to think realistically, you are dooming your family and yourself to death or slavery. So with calm resolve to think and live, please consider rationally the points raised by this article and this entire issue.

Why Biological Warfare Is Inevitable:

Because it is cheap and easy. Unlike nuclear weapons, which required the thinking of great scientists such as Fermi, Oppenheimer, Einstein, Bohr and Teller to define the theoretical parameters and the work of gifted engineers to harness that technology, bacteria and viruses have been with us always. Dig up a shovel of soil, especially in areas which have had past outbreaks of a given disease, and one can easily with a little knowledge dig up and isolate for future use a few nasty little microbes. E. coli and salmonella can be found quite easily by leaving a meat sandwich outside refrigeration for a few days. While these bacteria are not usually fatal, they can be used for their resistance to antibiotics and cross-bred with other strains of related bacteria and used as a biological base element for the development of new strains of bacteria able to affect humans.

Once isolated outside the environment where the bacillus or virus has no natural enemies to keep its numbers down, it can be a very easy thing to cross breed or to perfect a pathogenic culture for further use. The tools for kitchen sink biological warfare can involve a simple microscope, a stove, a refrigerator, a protective suit, disinfectants. Or simply an infected madman suitably persuaded to go to areas of activity, like sports stadiums and political gatherings.

Biological warfare is the poor-man's or poor nation's atomic bomb. And with the spread of knowledge concerning genetic engineering, it is becoming easier and easier to create a tailor-made microbe suitable for any task at hand. As in Tom Clancy's Executive Orders, it would be easy to culture the pathogen in what is deemed the surplus elements of the population such as criminals, and then from their dead bodies separate the pathogen and any possible antibodies. If one of the criminals survive the pathogen, so much more the better. His blood and tissues can be used as the basis for a vaccine to inoculate those who would start a biological war.

Once the naturally occurring antigen or basis for vaccination is in place so as to negate the deadliness of the pathogen for its designers and breeders, it is a simple matter and relatively safe to increase the deadliness of the pathogen by culturing samples of it in an antibiotic solution. The weaker bacteria which die in the solution can be used as antigens for defensive purposes. But it is the stronger bacteria, which survive the antibiotic solution which are valuable for offensive biological warfare. By interbreeding the antibiotic resistant strains together, it is possible to develop a super-bug altogether resistant to readily available antibiotics.

Viruses and bacteria are literally breeding machines, kept in their place only by their natural enemies in the soil. Under beneficent conditions and with an absence of their natural enemies, these biological agents will expand in multiple generations until the limits of their growth are reached. Today's antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc., were the result of long and careful screening of natural anti-biological elements in the soil and air. But their overuse by doctors and in corporate-farm animal feeds have pretty well destroyed the effectiveness of these hard-found and developed antibiotics. And due to bureaucratic bumbling and obstructionism from the Food and Drug Administration, no new antibiotics are being developed and put on the market. We are still using the antibiotics of the 1940's and 1950's on the billionths' generation of bacteria resistant to such antibiotics. Some of these bacteria actually prefer to 'eat' the antibiotic first before destroying human tissue!

Almost every single nation, including some of the Third-World nations, can easily afford to develop biological weapons to use against the population of its enemies. In fact, individuals, if they so desire, can on a small scale create biological warfare agents if they are discreet and dedicated. Somewhere, somehow, there is doubtless another Luther Burbank, selectively breeding germs like they were just another crop like corn and tomatoes. No telling what new strain he will develop for profit or revenge, much like the fictional John O'Neill in Frank Herbert's 1982 novel, "The White Plague."

Easy Communicability.

We live in the age of easy travel and world communication. There are not many isolated areas of the globe anymore. The functions of government, trade, and industry have created centralized systems which are open and easily available to attack.

Pathogens can be placed into open water systems and destroy anyone not drinking bottled water or on a well. There are more and more public functions where a disease can be spread among the attendees, like at trade conventions, sports stadiums, concerts, public meetings. A film of the biological agent could be spread on small denomination paper currency and sent as 'payment,' circulating as a bearer of death upon demand. Such a method of spreading biological warfare would also de-establish a nation's currency once people got wise to what else was circulating with the money supply.

These methods of spreading a biological agent are just some of many. But once a large enough base of infection exists the disease will spread itself by contagion between human beings. Also, a plague has the tendency to mutate itself into differing strains, some of them caused merely by a cough or pneumatically. Such is the effectiveness of biological warfare -- once it reaches a certain level of contagion, it easily spreads and becomes an epidemic.

Once a plague becomes epidemic, then the social order of the given society dissolves by panic-stricken people trying to survive. No social order can survive when everyone must treated as a possible sources of deadly infection. It is altogether possible that some people will be exterminated as pools of infection by gubbnmint agents while at the same time these gubbnmint agents are insisting on the best of medical attention for their own.

Biological Warfare is Anonymous.

Not a single germ has a little union label describing its origin. Some biological agents, such as bacteria and viruses have been with us since the start of life on Earth. Some biological agents are caused by nature, although ready to take advantage of the man-made environments caused by overpopulation, unhygenic conditions, corporate farming techniques, the strain of modern living, decreasing disease resistance, etc. So with the collaboration of nature and the stupidity of mankind creating unhealthy conditions ripe for disaster, any nation state which does launch a biological warfare attack can easily disclaim any responsibility for said attack.

In the United States, headquarters for biological research, there are test tubes galore with biological agents in both government and corporate laboratories. For all the talk about safety procedures, it just requires a moment's inattention or duplicity for those over-hyped safeguards to turn out worthless. Was not the news filled last month about how freeze-dried vials of disease were sold to some alleged Neo-Nazi for research? The media and other fools concerned themselves with the motivation of the researcher, not on how he was able to get the pathogens in the first place. So in addition to design, a major epidemic could be launched by accident. Really, what difference does it make as to criminality or negligence when the results are the same?

Today biological warfare is an offensive form of warfare without very many, if any, defenses. It can be waged by any country with devastating results against any other country. It can even be waged by individuals against their own society which they thought victimized them. Look down below in this issue and one can find the tale of a person who used biological warfare against his own community, and was only caught because he confessed to the deed. Someone smart enough to use biological warfare is usually smart enough not to confess.

With ample access to biological weapons, the massive amounts of hatred generated due to injustice generated under color of social approval, the feeling that there are no innocents in a world full of injustice, and the complete anonymity and deadly effectiveness of biological weapons, it is almost inevitable that small terrorist groups or aggrieved individuals will eventually destroy large segments of a society that they feel is oppressing them. Never before has it ever been easier for a determined individual to so absolutely destroy the collective which victimized him.

It is a staple of urban legend that the National Institute of Health (NIH) or Center for Disease Control (CDC) or some other alphabet-soup gubbnmint gangs created AIDS as a genocidal attempt to kill off blacks. There are no shortage of conspiracy theories, some of them displayed in this issue, as to how the federal government and the New World Order, Council of Foreign Affairs, Illuminati, etc. are planning to use biological weapons on the peoples of the earth in order to diminish 'overpopulation' of sovereign peoples and to impose a feudalistic society with themselves as the rulers.

Yet to establish such results, anonymously, biological weapons could be made to order, with the appropriate antigens and new, commercially unreleased antibiotics that the elites ordered reserved for themselves as a counter for the defense. With such offensive biological weapons in stock, and with the notion that they and theirs can be rendered immune from consequence, truly, a series of biological wars are inevitable, a darker reality than any conspiracy theory ever yet floated.

How Coming Biological Weapons Will Be Countered

A Glimpse of the Future

So what should the average ordinary person do to counter this dark reality?

The answer is to choose to survive and take steps for just that eventuality. In previous issues of The Modern Militiaman or The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette, I have pointed out the necessity to stockpile sufficient food, water, ammunition and medicine for the use of your own family with a little bit left over. For biological warfare, it would be good if you had some penicillin tablets or cow antibiotics for your own use stored in a cool, dry place.

However, with the new biological weapons which shall be deployed by whomever, conventional antibiotics are worthless. Your only hope of survival will be to set up, and enforce a quarantine where you and your family will not be infected in the first place. In order for that self-imposed quarantine to work, it will be necessary to be self-sufficient for a harvest season or two while the plague is destroying the unprepared. That means sufficient stores of food along with the possibility of growing more. And in order to defend yourself and yours, and to enforce your quarantine, that will mean that you must be prepared to kill anyone outside your family or group that could infect you and yours.

Whether or not you choose to do this or not is irrelevant. If you choose to ignore this reality then you can die with the rest. There is no place of safety provided other than the one you create.

When and while biological warfare strikes and after the masses in the big city and towns are dead, an unwritten law vigorously enforced shall be applied. If you are traveling, stay on the road. Do not stray off the road towards the dwellings of others. Any violation of another person's space will be deemed as a threat and an intention to infect or to rob the surviving freeholder whose property you are trespassing upon. While a sufficient space upwind of the stranger you address might be deemed efficient, most people will demand a greater margin of safety from infection -- and they will kill for that greater safety margin.

Such a policy vigorously enforced by the survivors to make sure they are clear of infection will spell the end of government as we know it. Policeman, lawyers, judges, politicians, etc., will be viewed as the agents of death and treated as such. Big Gubbnmint will be unable to make any promises -- or threats.

In the end it will be survivalists and Resistance agents who survive in the greatest numbers. Gubbnmint workers will be regarded as the ones who started this war, or, at best, as creators of the causes behind the biological terror. The welfare underclass, stupid white-chicken suburbanites, corrupt big gubbnmint workers, spoiled yuppies -- all of them dead -- piled up in four-lane abattoirs on the major roads a few hours drive from the big cities. Nor will the mid-sized towns escape as well. The only survivors shall be those who have something to offer others in themselves. It will be the deep country survivalists who have the best chances for survival, followed by their rural Resistance allies.


The coming biological war inevitable will destroy the unraveling social order and the ruling parasites and criminals who rule their cowardly human herd animals. This is not altogether a bad thing.

The Black Plague of 1348-1350 killed between one-third and two-thirds of Europe. However, the clearing away of the less civilized, less clean, and less able members of that society ensured survivors with enough mental and physical vigor to be able to found the Renaissance. Yes, some good elements perished in the Black Plague. However, the Black Plague efficiently cleared away societies and social orders which were not able or fit enough to survive that catastrophe.

And so it shall be in the future. Great multi-ethnic states ruled over by criminals and parasites will be replaced with small bodies of responsible government well aware that it was injustice, apathy, ignorance and sloth which created the conditions which destroyed the old order. The rats, four-legged and two-legged, will not be allowed to prosper at the expense of the good. Justice will be done because justice is an efficient and intelligent policy to follow.

I will posit the position that the coming biological war inevitable will be a good thing for our side, for our Resistance, if we are prepared for the consequences of biological warfare. Have a stock of food and supplies, make sure no outsider breaks your quarantine, and enforce your decisions calmly and quietly, and you too, with your family and loved ones can survive the times ahead.

--Editor Martin Lindstedt .


Assorted Biological Warfare Conspiracy Theories Making the Rounds

SAFAN NO. 523. Expert Warns of Germ Warfare Attack

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 08:51:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN NO. 523.  Expert Warns of Germ Warfare Attack

     SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 523, July 8, 1997

Forwarded by Jim Wickstrom (

* Two million Moslems call for the destruction of America.
* U.S. military positions Germ Warfare trucks 50 miles outside N.Y. 
* Military prepares C-130's to drop huge fire bombs to destroy 
  infected areas.
* Pentagon is printing new money in underground installations for 
  martial law.

   Microbiologist Larry Harris has released new information about the 
germ warfare threat against America.  Mr. Harris is a leading scientist 
in his field and has worked in the Pentagon to define biological 
warfare threats.
   In the past few months he has been interviewed on 'short-wave' 
radio broadcasts to warn Americans about the information that raises 
this threat to a higher level.

   Mr. Harris was contacted by a mother of a U.S. soldier who has 
been assigned to a germ warfare clean-up site in New York State. The 
soldier said that on a 50 mile radius at various locations outside New 
York City, that the military has positioned trucks.  He also stated 
that on some military bases the troops are being trained to shoot at 
civilians who will be infected with germ warfare agents.  The targets 
that pop-up include women and children.

The commanders tell the soldiers that "the people who are coming at 
you are dead already," and, "you must stop them from getting out of 
the containment area.  He (Mr. Harris) was also contacted by by high 
level sources in the Pentagon and told that in underground installations 
in Virginia, the government is printing Military Pay Currency (MPC's). 
This new money is to be used during martial law or in a war time mode.  
The last time MPC's were used was in the war theater in Vietnam.

Mr. Harris was also informed of a secret air force base in Upstate New 
York that has 6 C-130's stationed and ready to be used to fire bomb 
any area that is infected with biological agents such as Anthrax or 
Bubonic Plague (Black Plague).  The military aircraft have been 
outfitted with special rails to handle the huge hyper-barometric fuel 
air bombs.  This is the same type of fuel bomb depicted in the movie, 
"Outbreak'.  The government plans to completely destroy and "cauterize" 
the infected area.  He was told that when a city is hit that the 
government would cut off all phone lines, electricity, and seal off 
all roads. They would also activate a secret satellite system that 
would de-activate the micro-chip ignition system in the late model 
cars.  The military would then call in the C-130's to drop the fuel 
air bomb over the infected zone, destroying a one mile square area.

    The F.B.I. and other government officials are very concerned about 
the germ warfare threat, and they have said that; "It is not a question 
of 'if' it will happen, it is only a question of 'when'."  The officials 
are also concerned about the ripple effect of the attack on one city.  
It is known that there are hundreds of Moslem terrorists in cities 
across America that will go into action as soon as the first city is 
hit.  This could immediately cause panic in every major city, not to 
mention a Stock Market collapse and an instant run on every grocery 
store in the United States.

   More information is continuing to come, as well as a suspected date 
of JULY 27, 1997, as a very highly likely date for the first city to 
attacked by germ warfare.  More will be forth-coming in the very near 
future. I wrote of this situation in my May issue of 

   The great deterent against a germ warfare agents are "Zappers," as 
well as the Collodial silver electronic units.  If you are interesting 
in obtaining these units, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail as 
soon as possible for the address and/or telephone number to secure 
such.  These units will protect a person. I would recommend immediate 
action for your own safety and for those of your loved ones.  More 
vital information will follow soon.

James P. Wickstrom

                              ( o   o )
   "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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SAFAN NO. 538. Who is Larry Wayne Harris?

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 00:53:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN NO. 538.  Who is Larry Wayne Harris?

    SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 538, July 11, 1997

(Forwarded Message from
Date:	97-07-09 02:30:03 EDT

 [ED. NOTE:  Please see SAFAN NO. 523.  "Expert Warns of Germ Warfare 
 Attack",  by Larry Harris.  This message has been forwarded to me - and 
 may answer some of the questions that I have received - as to "who" 
 Larry Harris really is.  Any information concerning this situation 
 would be welcomed.   Dot Bibee, ed.]

04/22/97 17:26 EST

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A man accused of illegally obtaining bubonic 
plague germs by mail pleaded guilty to wire fraud Tuesday and was 
ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and serve 18 
months of probation. 

Larry Wayne Harris, 46, was arrested in May 1995 after a Rockville, Md.,
laboratory sent three vials of the freeze-dried, inactive bacteria to 
his home about 25 miles southeast of Columbus. 

Harris claimed he operated a laboratory that had approval to handle 
the material, but no such lab existed, prosecutors said. They were 
also concerned he wasn't equipped to handle the bacteria -- at one 
point, investigators said, he carried the vials in the glove compartment 
of his car. 

Harris said on Tuesday he was relieved the case was over, but 
maintained he did nothing wrong. He said he wanted the bacteria for 
research for his book, ``Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat to 
North America.'' 

``I am a scientist. I am absolutely of no harm to anyone. I never, 
never intended to hurt anyone,'' he said. 

Under a plea agreement, two counts of wire fraud and one count 
mail fraud were dropped. He faced six months in jail as part of the 

The bubonic plague killed one-fourth of the European population in 
the 1300s. Now, it can be treated with antibiotics. 
                          ( o   o )
 "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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The Coming Holocaust

From: Martin Lindstedt (
Subject: SAFAN NO. 538.  Who is Larry Wayne Harris? 
         -OR- The Coming Holocaust.
Time: 7/12/97

   Probably Mr. Harris is a mere useful idiot used by the government 
to blame the Resistance for the coming bacteriological warfare they 
will use against the Amerikan public.  Louis Freeh, in Senate 
hearings, has already "predicted" the use of biological agents within 
two years, thus opening up a strategic window of opportunity for 
Freeh's Biologicals Inc. to use such weapons and then blame it on 
the militia movement.

   There is something suspicious about the notion that a scientific 
laboratory will FedEx a packet of biological warfare agents to 
some unknown individual, residence, or Post Office box.  So this 
was undoubtedly a setup, probably involving nothing more than a 
packet of bread yeast and with the media being given notice all the 
way.  The suspiciously low sentence was probably imposed to curtail 
the possibility of an appeal and/or further investigation into this 
matter.  Mr. Harris might well be relieved and not fight it, performing 
his community service picking up trash. Or Mr. Harris might be in 
on the entire setup and should claim the help of his government 
handlers in picking up litter by the side of the road.

   Let us face reality.  Biological weapons are the wave of future 
warfare.  They can be easily and cheaply brewed right now to 
indicriminantly kill anyone.  In the future, they will be triggered 
to eventually kill specific races of people, then tailored to 
kill specific individuals leaving not a trace of anything other 
than death by natural causes.  As such, these weapons will 
revolutionize warfare and politics far more than anything since the 
introduction of gunpowder, as no nation or community will be able to 
grow beyond the norms of justice and supervision of all its 
disaffected elements who will be able to use these weapons.

   But back to the present.  Let us look at the current pattern of 
government behavior and extrapolate a future scenario.  The FBI 
infiltrates the Islamic Jihad movement and their informant/agent 
provacateur builds the bomb. Result: The World Trade Center bombing.
The FBI/BATF infiltrate Timothy McVeigh's cell and gathering place at 
Elohim City and know that a bombing will take place at OKC on April 
19, 1997.  So they wire the building columns with demolition charges 
and set them off after the Ryder truck bomb gives them the signal 
for Klinton's re-election and an Amerikan Reichstag.  
   What has been the reaction to these events? Government courts have 
been used to selectively prosecute and imprison the Oswalds. The 
masterminds of these criminal activities go free.  While there are 
rumblings from the Resistance concerning the true authorship of these 
crimes, in the main the underbred and cowardly Amerikan masses deduce 
that they don't want to get involved in any course of action, so 
they refuse to face a truth they would have to act upon. The government 
conspirators know this and thus will act upon their true understanding 
and resulting contempt of the masses.

   Governments in Amerika, Russia, China, Iraq, etc. have been 
experimenting with the usages of biological warfare, both offensive and 
retalitory, for over 50 years.  Consider the news headlines of a few 
years ago when it was admitted that the Amerikan gubbnmint held their 
people in such contempt that the Ft. Worth area was used as an open 
testing ground for dispersal of aerosol low-level agents to determine 
how to go about poisoning civilian populations.  The only reason it was 
floated was to gauge the general public's reaction to their proposed 
genocide, and when there was no hue-and-cry raised for the conviction 
and extermination of past government criminals, the Clinton regime knew 
that its crimes would be similarly treated with confused indulgence.

   So with a well-founded contempt for the survival instincts and 
courage of the lumpenproletariate, a massive stockpile of biological 
weapons, the finest in medical attention and inoculations for themselves, 
what exactly prevents our nation's leaders from acting on their notions 
that there are too many of us rebellious types running around undoing 
their good socialistic works and deeds?  That the world is overpopulated 
with everyone but these 'chosen people'?  . . .  Absolutely nothing. 
   Acting upon the same foolish impulse which spurred the World Trade 
Center and the OKC federal builing, they will undoubtedly launch 
biological warfare in earnest, sometime within their (Freeh's) timetable 
of two years.  The abovementioned farce with this Larry Wayne Harris 
deal is doubtless a means used by the New World Order mattoid conspirator 
crowd to cover their tracks -- sloppily.

   Take time to read Stephen King's "The Stand."  The uncut version. 
The first third of the book, in my opinion, was by far the most 
frightening, because what a minor demon like Randall Flagg was doing 
with gusto in the back two thirds of the book did not begin to 
compare with the plague unleashed by foolish wicked men the likes of 
which we have more of today, twenty years later. In the first part of 
the book, 98% of the world's population dies of a mutating influenza 
virus, with two percent saved only by genetic immunity.  This virus 
gets out by a combination of bad luck and stupidity.  The savagery 
displayed by the "human" bad guys make a devil like Randall Flagg 
appear a mere piker.
   The true story just waiting to be happen will be even more 
horrifying than anything even Stephen King could dream up.

--Martin Lindstedt

Of course, if sometimes you make an opinion, you will hear about it. I had not read the first SafanNews #523, or I would have been aware that the same James Wickstrom is the noteworthy Posse Commitatus leader. Also, I got e-mail from some leaders of the Christian Identity/White Nationalist movement asking if I had edited out the part about Harris being an Aryan Nations leader in Ohio. I informed them that no, I do not edit anything out that might tend to show my lack of knowledge -- the down side of making predictions is sometimes being wrong. I had answered on the basis of the Safan #538 article I had read.

The above prognosis that I wrote still stands. Both government and the Resistance movement have an interest in developing and using biological weapons on the middle. Such an outcome is inevitible in a world governed not by justice, but by considerations of power. The current odds are the first or second biological attack launched will be by government agencies using the more incompetent and idiotic open militia movements as Oswalds, an Amerikan trait going back before the blowing up of the battleship Maine to justify the Spanish-American War.

Also, the above message, written in ignorance of the political views of Larry Wayne Harris aroused the wrath of Red Mike Vanderboegh, militia general, Editor and X-Communist-in-Chief of the conspiracy e-zine The John Doe II Times. The below exchange started a minor-skirmish which I used to unmask a liar and/or gubbnmint infilltraitor:



Return-Path: Mike Vanderboegh (
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 10:33:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: SAFAN NO. 538. Who is Larry Wayne Harris? -OR- The 
         Coming Holocaust.

In a message dated 97-07-12 09:00:11 EDT, you write:

"Who is Larry Wayne Harris?"

Well, in point of fact, he's one of those "hardcorps" neo-Nazis 
you're so fond of singing the praises of.  Federal rent-a-Nazi, 
more like.  -- Mike Vanderboegh


Editor's Note: You see, to militia generals like Vanderboegh, what is said is irrelevant. All that matters is who said it. Such terminal ravings upholding Politically Correct ideology goes far to explain why the militia movement and the society at large are in a state of mental and moral decay. For them reality always takes second place to self-advancement and moral posturing.



More Biological Warfare Conspiracy Theories


-- Or --

It's All Over For Us

Return-Path: (
X-Sender: (Unverified)
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 11:26:06 -0400
To: "70277.2502"<>
Subject: BOOM!  ANTHRAX!

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 10:45:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: BOOM!  ANTHRAX!

Holy cow!  Sure you guys have all recd the horrible news -- Big Govt 
about to lower the boom (anthrax and bombs, etc.) on USA!?  Is this 
more disinformation (I hope and pray)?  What the hell good will 
colloidal silver do us; what good will it do my children, 
grandchildren and all, people I love of course more than my own 
worthless life?  And like so many others, these children/relatives/
friends think we're pissin' in the ocean with our concerns

Tell me it ain't so, guys, even I doubt that our USAF would bomb the 
hell out of us! Uh, then again, are these UN planes??!!! Germans???!!! 

BTW, if you don't have the anthrax/bomb posts, let me know; I'll 
Forward. Accdg to them, we have til July 17th or 20th, then it's all 



The CONTACT Solution

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 22:16:11 -0400
Subject: Part 1 of 2  Plague/Anthrax Threat

From: (Ohm,  John L)
Subject: Part 1 of 2  Plague/Anthrax Threat
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 10:28:20 -0700


P.O. Box 27800, 
Las Vegas, NV 89126,
1-800 800-5565  News Desk -- Reprinted by Permission  --  Permission is
granted to disseminate widely if used verbatim.

6/17/97  DR. AL OVERHOLT
   Information on this subject was forced off the Web site
[] of dedicated independent 
scientist Stan Deyo, down in Perth,  Australia as apparently the 
powers that be do not want to get the U.S. masses either agitated 
or prepared for the eventualities if this happens, even on a 
limited scale.  Stan Deyo has much interesting information on his 
web site and he has become a sort of clearinghouse location, like 
that of Art Bell [] for much "inconvenient" 
   The powers that be can also use this possible biological warfare 
event to cover for the spreading Gulf War Syndrome, which is due to 
the resulting infection or inoculation when some of these same 
engineered biological agents were purposely caused to be released 
on Gulf War troops, along with chemical agents (called cocktails).

   There has been the recent admission recently by the CIA that 
chemical agents were in the WalMart-sized bunker at Kamisiyah, which 
possibly also rained down on Gulf War troops. (Biological agents were 
in the bunker also-U.S. troops privately took videos and photos of 
the canisters before they blew them up.)

                   (Book  by Larry W. Harris
       What You And Your Family Can Do Before And After

   [Editor's note: Phone authorization for this excerpt which is the
Preface to his book, was given by author Larry W. Harris. Registered
Microbiologist, who also generously sent a copy of his book.]

   In September 1991 I re-entered the Ohio State University and 
started taking courses in advanced microbiology in preparation for 
taking my National Registry of Microbiologist Certification Exam.  
I soon joined a clique of nontraditional students whose average age 
was around 40.  In that clique was Mariam Arif, a delightful lady 
that soon became a close friend.  Mariam was from Iraq and was here 
studying microbiology.  She had an unusual background.  One of her 
very close relatives, General Arif, had been a former President of 
Iraq.  In April 1966 he was killed in a helicopter accident.  A 
long succession of military of coups ended in Saddam Hussein and 
the Republican guard coming to power.  During the coups Mariam's 
family had suffered much. She said that several members of her
family had been hung.  She felt it safer to be in America until 
she could do something that would make her famous back in her 
home country of Iraq.

   One morning in February 1993 I had arrived early to get a parking 
spot in the rapidly filling student parking lot and was having coffee 
in the small vending I area of the Med-Tech building where our 
courses were taught.  The vending area was deserted except for Mariam 
Arif and myself.  I will never forget the way her face and eyes looked 
that morning -- very tired and glossy.  I have no doubt that she had 
gotten little sleep since the World Trade Center bombing.  This was 
the Monday after.

   She must have thought that her arrest was imminent.  She was 
rambling on as if she were in a daze.  She was silent for a few 
minutes then she said, "Larry, you are a dear and trusted friend and 
what I am going to tell you in the next few minutes you can use to 
protect yourself and a few friends.  When it is my time to act, I 
do not want your death to be on my conscience. 
   You obviously do not know the danger you face concerning the 
emergence of Biological Warfare (BW) as a major threat to the United 

   She went on to state that nearly all the emerging countries:  Libya, 
Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, etc., were actively pursuing a Germ 
Warfare program and scrapping their nuclear program.  There are two 
primary reasons for this shift.  The first is the acquisition cost 
of a sufficiently large nuclear stockpile to be effective.  The second 
reason is BW is antipersonnel warfare, not antimaterial warfare.  
Housing, buildings, factories, and machinery remain intact and can be 
made useful in a short time.

   I asked her if she had seen any of Iraq's germ warfare facilities.  
She gave a resounding "Yes!"  She stated that Iraq used the plain 
Jane approach in that Iraq has a very large stockpile of biological 
agents on hand in the form of special bombs.  They are also developing 
rockets to spread the infection over a very large area.  Iraq has two 
separate areas of biological operations, one foreign and one regional.  
The ones that are regional have all the facilities located at small 
airstrips around the country.  They are deliberately designed not to 
draw much attention.  These airstrips will not handle large or even 
medium class aircraft.  They only handle a single class of aircraft 
-- single engine, high wing, turbo props that can be used for crop 
dusting.  The regional biological operations would take only a couple 
of days if you are using Anthrax, or a couple of weeks if you are 
using Plague to get in operation.  If they were ever questioned 
from abroad as to the purpose of the chemostats located at these
facilities they can be explained away as holding tanks for 
agriculture spray products if they are kept empty.

   To get them into operation they are first cycled through a 
sterilization phase.  Then a special nutrient broth is introduced and 
the desired biological agent (usually Anthrax or Plague) is added.  
Devices for rapidly mixing the culture vessel are started and ultra 
filtered air is bubbled through the nutrient.  Fresh nutrient broth 
(growth medium) from a reservoir is fed at a constant rate to the 
culture vessel through a metering pump.  A constant volume of 
culture is maintained by means of an overflow that removes culture 
fluid and the desired bacteria at the same rate as fresh medium is 
added.  The culture fluid flows into a refrigerated tank for holding.  
It is transferred to the aircraft just before the mission.  She further 
stated that these aircraft have exceptionally long range and that 
only one aircraft is located at each facility.  If that aircraft 
were lost, a replacement aircraft would be flown in from another
facility.  This kept every thing small and very difficult to detect.  
   I asked her why we didn't see any Germ Warfare being waged during 
the Gulf War.  To this she responded "We did!  The Iraqi military 
adhered, at least in part, to Soviet military doctrine.  Soviet 
methodology is that chemical warfare would be conducted with mixed 
agents.  Mixed agents, often referred to as 'cocktails', are intended 
to enhance the capabilities of nerve agents and defeat the precautions 
taken by the enemy.  Cocktails can be made by combining a wide variety 
of biological toxins, nerve agents, vesicants, and some biological 
agent -- such as bacteria and fungi."

   Mariam stated that she had personally worked in a germ warfare
laboratory in which they had taken Myco-plasma fermentans (incognitus) 
and had inserted most of the envelope gene from HIV.  This genetic 
manipulation rendered a relative benign mycoplasma much more invasive 
and pathogenic and capable of attacking many organs and tissue systems 
in the body.  (This can be treated effectively with tetracycline as 
mentioned later in the book.)  Mariam also stated that they also had 
isolated and used a form of Bola Zaire virus that took over 3 to 7 
years to kill you.  Within the next few years hundreds of thousands 
of Desert Storm veterans along with their families will start dying.  
She said, "Iraq thought that the multinational force would respond 
with Nuclear Weapons if they had used fast-acting biologicals.

   Mariam stated that she had personally worked in a germ warfare
laboratory in which they had taken Myco-plasma fermentans (incognitus) 
and had inserted most of the envelope gene from HIV.  This genetic 
manipulation rendered a relative benign mycoplasma much more invasive 
and pathogenic and capable of attacking many organs and tissue systems 
in the body.  (This can be treated effectively with tetracycline as 
mentioned later in the book.)  Mariam also stated that they also had 
isolated and used a form of Bola Zaire virus that took over 3 to 7 
years to kill you.  Within the next few years hundreds of thousands 
of Desert Storm veterans along with their families will start dying.  
She said, "Iraq thought that the multinational force would respond 
with Nuclear Weapons if they had used fast-acting biologicals."

   "You stated that the people of North America Are in grave danger 
of biological agents being used against us.  Would you care to 
elaborate on that?"  To this she replied, "A few hours ago a band 
of fanatics blew up the World Trade Center.  I am sure that my beloved 
Iraq did not do this.  For when payback comes.  I am sure we will 
demand at least one American life for every one of my countrymen that 
you butchered.  We would not settle for some silly old building." 
    I asked her if she knew how such an attack would be carried out.  
To this she responded, "Don't be silly.  Of course, I know!  All 
operations will be batch operations.  Unlike the very complex 
chemostat, where you have a continuous output once you are up and
running, with a batch all you require is a sterile vessel.  This can 
be a test tube or a larger container depending on your batch size.  
In this vessel you place the appropriate amount of dehydrated media.  
This is a very easily obtainable in this country without any questions.  
Then you add the proper amount of distilled water, bring to a boil, 
and simmer at least 15 minutes.  Then let it cool to room temperature.  
This way you do not have to have an autoclave.  The top of the 
container is covered with sterile cloth that you sterilized inside 
of a pressure cooker much like the one you cook in.  The batch vessel 
of choice would be a metal spray can (stainless steel) much like the 
one used to spray your garden or one exterminators use to dispense 
bug spray.  The preferable model is the one that has the little air 
pump in the middle which you pump up when you are ready to spray.  
To this you would add your culture.  A small heating pad is placed 
around the tank.  Next, a small air stone and tubing (similar to 
the one used in an aquarium) are boiled for at least an hour and 
then very aseptically placed in the metal spray can and hooked up to 
an aquarium air pump.  Introduce your plague or anthrax starter 
culture and after an appropriate amount of time the batch is ready.  
You then insert the spray tank's air pump, pump up the sprayer and 
you are ready."  
   I then asked her, what the most likely targets would be.  She 
replied, "For one thing it will not be a target but rather many 
(hundreds of) targets simultaneously across the country.  A prime one 
of these would be the subway, systems.  Who would notice another
maintenance man down there spraying for bugs?  Other inviting targets 
are the air ducts of large office buildings.  Or, say a large 
gathering of people at a stadium, or simpler yet just sticking it 
outside of a building over those crowded streets in many cities.  Who 
is going to notice a little mist coming from some building?  Several 
cells (each cell has ten men and one woman to act as a carrier) will 
be using aircraft venturies like the ones that are used to drive the 
vacuum instruments on airplanes.  They are easily obtained by mail 
order or from an aircraft supply in this country.  These will be 
mounted underneath vehicles. The spray tank will be inside the tubing 
going to the venturi (which acts like a carburetor).  When the
vehicle is going 60 miles per hour one simply opens the valve and 
a fog of death will be coming out be behind the car.  Other cells 
will be using these same venturies mounted on light aircraft to 
attack whole cities at a time."

   I asked her how she would get her bacteria culture.  Mariam replied 
that it is easy for a woman to hide a small sealed vial of dehydrated 
culture inside her body cavity.  She said, "What are they gong to do?  
Take every woman entering the country to a little room in the airport, 
make them lay on a table with their feet up in straps and have some 
one look up their private of privates?  I think not!"

   I then asked her, "Why not use something that you could obtain in 
this country without going to the effort of smuggling?  To this she 
replied,  "Iraq purchased all the dehydrated cultures from companies 
right here in the United States.  They shipped them to Iraq and those 
same vials are the ones Iraqi women have been bringing back to use 
against this country.  Ironic, isn't it?"  
   Mariam said she had made several trips back and forth between 
Iraq and the United States, and every time she came to America she
was carrying a vial secreted in her body cavity.

   "What are the microbes of choice?"  I asked her.  She responded, 
"Plague and anthrax are the bacteria of choice. You see, plague is 
easy to work with.  We take the proper amount and kind of antibiotic 
and we are reasonably safe.  When you are finished you can easily 
clean up any spills with disinfectant, and any you miss will be dead 
in a couple of days regardless.  Anthrax, on the other hand, will be 
used by specially trained groups for attacks on big cities. These 
cells (groups) have to be extremely careful, thus the detailed 
training.  If you got some on your clothes and happened to inhale 
it several years later, it could kill you.  So they will strip and 
thoroughly shower.  All articles of clothing worn during the
attack and preparation will be left behind."  She further commented: 
"Cholera and typhoid fever were also considered, but these usually do 
not kill and only inconvenience people for a few days."

   When asked when she thought these attacks would begin she 
responded "Some time in the next few years.  The attacks are centered 
on three Muslim holy days that occur in the next few years.  The first 
one comes up in July 1997, the next in 1999, the next 2001. One thing 
is certain, before the year 2002 the Population of the United States 
will be reduced to less than 50 million." 
   Mariam seemed a lot calmer now and her composure was returning.  
She said, "Larry why don't you meet me on the third story of the main 
library this afternoon?  We can go up into the towers and find a
place where we can have some privacy.  I need to slip back to my 
apartment and get some things I want to show you."

          [End quoting]

       NOTE:   There is more -- a lot more in Larry's book about the
various diseases and methods of treatment, etc.
Larry Wayne Harris, Registered Microbiologist  614-654-1447,   
Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Thank you, Larry, and keep up the good work of warning us.


NOTE:   [Editor 's note: Possibly the best combination could be the 
silver & gold mixture combination in GaiaCol offered by New Gala 
Products:800-639-4242.]  Collodial Silver, Gold, Copper, Titanium, 
Minerals and a Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Combination are available 
through them also.

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Editor's Commentary: The above story should be taken seriously, as the scenario depicted is quite possible. I have heard it making the rounds for the past year or so, and until I read from where it had come, I thought that it might well be a matter of concern.

This story has been reproduced from CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT. CONTACT is a large tabloid newspaper, much like Spotlight, which has several conspiracies running in every issue. CONTACT takes its name from its "Contact" with the little grey men who are being held prisoner by the gubbnmint in Area 51. The editor and publisher of the Phoenix Project is Commander Haton, as Haton is the name for God according to what the little grey men told the Commander. CONTACT is a New Age Conspiracy Theory scandal sheet and racket, usually aimed at very silliest of the female of the species. There is one such woman around here, a total psycho, and I have read a number of her CONTACTS. The writing style matches a number of "true stories" previously appearing in other CONTACTS, such as "I Was a CIA Hit-Man" and "The Jew and Other Natural Parasites." In short, the above story is bullshit.

However, just because the above story is fifth-rate Tom Clancy does not make the facts presented above any less real. Biological weapons have been researched by the governments of the world for the past 40-50 years, and their cheapness and ease of deployment should be matters of concern to every Patriot.

-- Editor Martin Lindstedt



How To Protect Yourself From Biological Warfare

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 23:47:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SAFAN NO. 547.  Bio Attack, Assessment and Anti-Dotes

SAFAN Internet Newsletter, No. 547, July 16, 1997

by Jeff Head ( (7/14/97)

To: Liberty loving and God fearing Americans everywhere

This is an update to my posting of July 10th regarding the potential of 
an imminent biological terrorist attack.  I have included some points 
to consider, my assesment and a section on anti-dotes.  I have included 
two reports, one on the use of antiboitics and another on making a 
colloidial silver generator.  I intend to use both.

Here are items I have received from credible sources that should be
Last year, in congresional hearings, the congress was told that it was 
not a question of "if", but "when" this country would suffer a 
biological terrorist attack.

The head of the FBI was on a news talk show within the last two weeks 
stating that the maor internal concern had shifted away from the 
militias and towards Islamic fundamentalists and their biological 
capabilities.  I believe this was on CNN.

Within the last two weeks, a large gathering of Islamics prayed at 
Mecca for the destruction of the "Great Satan", the United States.

Many of our military have indicated that they have received anti-anthrax
inoculations recently.

There are biological units of the armed forces "training" in the New 
York City vicinity now.

Islamic holy days, commemorating the birth of Mohammed will be 
observed in the Muslim world this month.

As I stated in my initial posting regarding this, patriotic Americans
everywhere must take this threat seriously, even if it does not 
materialize.  I believe the American public in general, and the 
patriot/militia movement specifically, has been woefully unprepared 
for the type of biological attack contemplated here.

Let us take this opportunity to exercise our capabilities to prepare 
quickly and to communicate.  Also, let us be sure to add to our personal 
storage and preparedness plans, the necessary ingredients for such 
conditions, such that we may, with the help of God in Heaven, rise up 
after any such event and resist and overcome the tyranny that is sure 
to be implemented in conjunction with such an event.

Counter Measures - Antidotes : 
I have talked at great length to a number of people regarding this.  
They include personal friends and relatives, several individuals in the 
patriot movement, a micro-biologist and a couple of individuals who 
sell colloidial silver generators and have developed so called 
"zappers".  The following represents what I have learned :

1) Certain anti-biotics have been tested and shown to be effective 
against anthrax and bubonic and/or pneumonic plague (which are the 
agents expected to be used in this event).  Some of these are available 
in animal grade without a prescription from vets, or vet supply 
wharehouses.  The ones which supposedly are most effective include 
Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Teramycine, Penicillin.

2) Collodial Silver will work according to the people I have talked to, 
but requires fairly large doses (an adult should drink between 3 and 4 
ounces per day of a concentration of 100 ppm) which means you would 
need a generator to afford it.

I am including two documents, the first speaks to the anti-bodies and 
their dosages, the second speaks to making your own collodial silver 
generator (WARNING: Be careful with the collodial silver generator.  
Pure silver and distilled water MUST be used.  Sterling silver or 
chlorinated water could be harmful.

Good luck, keep the faith, and God grant that we may avoid such a 
horriffic event by repenting as a nation and as a people and turning 
to God with all the energies of our hearts.  If we can not avoid it, 
God grant that we my be strong, brave and true to Him and the principles 
of God granted liberty in getting through the crisis.  We will have 
His help.


Jeff Head


Here are the articles :
TO: All Hands  ---  A Preliminary Report from Medical Corps 

In medical language, a prophylaxis is a preventative; or a prevention 
against a disease. As reported in an earlier article by Medical Corps we
stated that there was no known prophylaxis against Anthrax. We now 
know of one. In point of fact, experimental treatment data indicates that
daily doses of simple antibiotics -- even taken 24 hours AFTER exposure --
will shield a human from contracting Anthrax. Not only do the antibiotics
protect against Anthrax, but existing studies strongly suggest that the 
same prophylaxis will work against Cholera and Plague.

Not long after the first Anthrax article was printed, Medical Corps 
received a call from a lady who said that the U.S. Army had done studies 
using antibiotics as a prophylaxis against Antrax. The Corps agreed that 
this might work, but without verification, could not print it. About a 
month later a copy of a report from the Journal of Infectious Diseases 
arrived.  Unfortunately, two pages were missing-- still not verified. 

Next stop was a VA Medical Research Center where this writer sifted 
through several volumes of the 50 or so Infectious Disease Journals in 
the VA Medical Library. We now have that document intact.
The report is called: Postexposure Prophylaxis against Experimental
Inhalation Anthrax (Journal of Infect. Dis. 1993; 167:1239-42) 

The experiment was conducted by Dr. Arthur M. Friedlander, US Army 
Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Bacteriology 
Division, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD 

Rhesus monkeys (6 groups of 10 each, total: 60) were exposed to a 
heads-only challenge of air delivered Anthrax spores. Beginning one day 
after exposure, each of the six groups being tested were given the 
below treatment, with results as follows: 

TREATMENT                                        ANTHRAX DEATHS
Control (untreated)                           9 out of 10 died
Vaccine Alone                                 8 out of 10 died
Penicillin                                    3 out of 10 died
Ciprofloxacin                                 1 out of 10 died
Doxycycline                                   1 out of 10 died
Doxycycline + Vaccine                         0 out of 10 died

Several things about this study are readily apparent.

The antibiotics worked surprisingly well even when treatment was started 
a day after exposure.

Given a day after exposure, the vaccine was a dismal failure.

Without the prophylaxis, the chances of contracting the disease after 
being exposed to Inhalation Anthrax is almost a certainty.

The study was done on monkeys. While the Rhesus monkey responds to 
diseases and medications quite like a human, they are still animals. 
Human dosages will be different and the outcome may be better or not 
as successful.

Before we discuss human dosages, consider these options: 

a. If you contract Pulmonary Anthrax and you do not treat it, YOU WILL 

b. Even with the most heroic treatment measures available in a hospital
setting, your chances of surviving Pulmonary Anthrax are extremely 

c. Human doses are determined by conversion calculations between 
animals and humans. This is accomplished through blood level 
comparisons of MICs (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations), dosage 
weight tables, peak and trough levels as well as various case studies.

d. Additionally, human dosages were discussed with Pharmacists, 
Physicians, Clinicians and a former Chief of Medical Research of 

What all of the above means is that the dosages will work and are as
accurate as possible without human studies. 

Adult Dosages: Doxycycline  (Vibramycin) pills or capsules. **Prophylaxis
Only**    Note: Adult weight is anyone weighing over 100 pounds. (PDR) 

1) Minimum adult dosage for Doxycycline - 200 mg every twelve hours
(BID/q12h) x 45 days.

2) Maximum adult dosage for Doxycycline - 150  mg to 200 mg every 
eight hours (TID/q8h) x 60 days.

Note:  When our survival depends upon antibiotics we tend to think that 
if this much is supposed to work then two or three times as much will be even
better. Antibiotics are alien to the human body and in prescribed 
dosages are only mildly poisonous.   Taken in extreme doses they will 
damage your body or quite likely kill  you. 

Children Dosages: Doxycycline (Vibramycin)**Prophylaxis Only** 

Dosages for children vary according to body weight and the drug being 
used. The Physicians Desk Reference (the PDR is a drug data book) states that
for children above 100 pounds, the adult dose of Doxycycline should 
be used. 

For children below 100 pounds, a daily recommended dose equaling 
1mg per 1 pound of body weight should be divided into two equal doses 
and given 12 hours apart. (PDR) 

For instance, a 60 lb. child would receive 60mg in two 30mg doses. 
However, Doxycycline tablets or capsules only come in 50 and 100mg 
sizes. Considering the insidious nature of Anthrax, it woud probably be 
better to give the 60 lb. child a 25mg (1/2 of a 50mg tablet) dose every 
8 hours (TID) for a daily total of 75mg of Doxycycline.
Note: A dose rate of q8h (every 8 hours) keeps the blood level of
Doxycycline more constant within an adult or childs system. 

A 40, 30, or 70 etc. pound child will require SEPARATE Doxycycline 
dosage computations using the formula 1mg per pound body weight. Then 
you will have to divide the dose into at least two or three equal parts 
and space evenly over one 24 hour day. 

1) Doxycycline is of the Tetracycline class of antibiotics and as with 
all Tetracyclines will cause yellowing and possibly destruction of the 
teeth in unborn babies, infants and children to the age of 8 years 
(source -- PDR). This condition has also been observed into the young 
adult years  (Source -- empirical data).

2) Tetracyclines kill the normal/essential bacteria responsible for a
healthy body. Among other things, this can cause ulcers of the mouth 
and diarrhea.

3) If an allergy to any of the Tetracyclines develops or exists, 
discontinue and switch to a Penicillin class antibiotics

4) Never use Penicillin and Tetracycline together. They tend to cancel 
each other out.

5) Sunburn -- All Tetracyclines will make human skin extremely 
susceptible to sunburn. As with all medication warnings, they must be 
weighed against the nature of the disease. Pulmonary Anthrax will kill 
you. Yellow teeth won't, and diarrhea can be dealt with.

Tetracycline or Achromycin V were not used in the Prophylaxis study 
done by the U.S. Army! Conclusions that Tetracycline can be used as a
prophylaxis were drawn from PDR dosages and the fact that Tetracycline 
is used to treat Cutaneous Anthrax (on the skin) before it enters the 
body's system. 

The drug of choice is DOXYCYCLINE! However . .. if you do not have
Doxycycline and have access to Tetracycline, they are of the same class 
of antibiotics. They just have different dosages.

TETRACYCLINE:   Adult Dosages: Tetracycline or Achromycin V. 
**Prophylaxis Only**

Note: Adult dosages of Tetracycline are given to anyone over eight (8) 
years of age. 

1) Minimum adult dosage for the Tetracyclines - 500mg every six hours
(QID/q6h) x 45 days

2) Maximum adult dosage for the Tetracyclines - 500mg every four hours 
(q4h) x 60 to 90 days

Children Dosages: Tetracyclines or Achromycin V **Prophylaxis Only** 

Dosages for children vary according to body weight and the drug being 
used. The Physicians Desk Reference (drug data book) states that for 
children 8 years and older, the adult dose of Tetracycline should be 

For children 8 years and younger, a daily dose of Tetracycline equaling 
10 to 20mg per 1 pound of body weight should be divided into four equal 
doses and given 6 hours apart for 45 to 60 days.

Note: There is no existing data on a prophylaxis dose of Tetracycline 
for either children or adults. A daily dose of 15mg per pound body 
weight divided into four equal doses might be more in order.

For instance, a 60 lb. child taking 15mg per pound would compute to 
900mg in four equal doses. This would round to 1000mg and stay within 
the 10 to 20mg dose range. 

Since Tetracycline capsules only come in 250mg and 500mg sizes, the 
60 lb. child could receive a 250mg dose every 4 hours.

A dose rate may be varied an hour or so either way so as to make the 
total daily dose fit within a 24 hour period.
Too, the total daily dose of Tetracycline may be rounded up 10% or so, 
as to accommodate a workable dosage. 

Note: A 40, 30, or 70 etc. pound child will require SEPARATE 
Tetracycline dosage computations using the formula 10 to 20mg per pound 
body weight. Then you will have to divide the dose into at least four 
(4) equal parts and space evenly over one 24 hour day. 

1) Tetracycline class antibiotics will cause yellowing of the teeth in
unborn babies, infants and children to the age of 8 years 
(source -- PDR).

2) All Tetracyclines kill the normal/essential bacteria responsible for 
a healthy body.

3) If an allergy to any of the Tetracyclines develops or exists, 
discontinue and switch to a Penicillin class antibiotic.

4) Never use Penicillin and Tetracycline together. They tend to cancel 
each other out.

5) Sunburn-- All Tetracyclines will make human skin extremely 
susceptible to sunlight.

6) Tetracycline and milk should not be taken together or within one (1) 
hour of each other. Milk and Tetracycline combine in the stomach and 
pass out of the body without the Tetracycline being used.

Remember, Pulmonary Anthrax will kill you.
Tetracycline Class -- Terramycin, Oxytetracycline, Tetracycline (Bolus 
or Powder)

These drugs are not the same as those used in hospitals!!! While animal
grade Tetracycline is the same as Human grade Tetracycline -- the animal 
has a different volume due to the filler. However, you do not need 
grinders and bullet scales to arrive at a safe oral dosage.

Look at the package. If it says 200mg of Tetracycline per teaspoon, and 
you need to take 500mg, then 2 1/2 teaspoons computes to 500mg. If the 
bag says 1000mg per tsp, then you take 1/2 tsp. for the same 500mg.  
Read the bag! If you cannot figure out the dosage from the information 
on the bag, check a different brand.   If the dosage is in grams, 
remember that it takes 1000mg to make one gram. 

If the instructions are in milligrams per gram of powder find another
bag--unless you just like to weigh things.
DO NOT USE injectable animal antibiotics! They do not usually contain
Lidocaine (a local pain killer), which means you will suffer greatly 
from just one shot. Add to that pain the increased volume of the animal 
shot and you might prefer death. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS HUMAN 

[Emerging Infectious Diseases * Volume 3 * Number 2 * April-June 1997]

The Economic Impact of a Bioterrorist Attack:   Are Prevention and 
Postattack Intervention Programs Justifiable?

Arnold F. Kaufmann, Martin I. Meltzer, and George P. Schmid
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The epidemic curve for anthrax by days after exposure was assumed to 
be <1 day, 0% of cases; 1 day, 5%; 2 days, 20%; 3 days, 35%; 4 days, 20%; 
5 days, 10%; 6 days, 5%; and 7 or more days, 5% (3-5). Case-fatality 
rates were also assumed to vary by the day symptoms were first noted. 
The case-fatality rate was estimated as 85% for patients with symptoms 
on day 1; 80% for patients with symptoms on day 2; 70% for those with 
symptoms on day 3; 50% for those with symptoms on days 4, 5, and 6; 
and 70% for those with symptoms on and after day 7. The increased 
death rate in persons with an incubation period of 7 or more days is
calculated on an assumption of delayed diagnosis, with resultant 
delayed therapy.

When estimating days in hospital and outpatient visits due to infection, 
we assumed that 95% of anthrax patients were hospitalized, with a mean 
stay of 7 days. Patients not admitted to a hospital had an average of 
seven outpatient visits, and surviving hospitalized patients had two
outpatient visits after discharge from the hospital. Persons who 
received only outpatient care were treated for 28 days with either oral 
ciprofloxacin or doxycycline.

-------------------- Collodial Silver Generator

I read the Bio attack info.  I was already familiar with the jist of it.  
You might like to let people know how they can make their own Colloidal 
Silver for the price of water....  Full instructions can be found in the 
Nov/Dec & May/June 95 issues of Perceptions Magazine (310) 313-5185.

Here it is in a nutshell: Take 3 9v transistor radio batteries and wire 
them together (Radio Shack has the connectors for those batteries) in 
series so that they supply 27v (30 is ideal but 27 works fine). At both 
ends attach (solder) 'long' leads with alligator clips (Radio Shack 
again) attached to the ends of the leads. Purchase PURE (.9999 fine) 14 
gauge silver wire - sterling WILL NOT work (1-800-759-9997 is a source 
by the ounce). Oh, sterling silver will make colloidal silver, but 
it'll poison the drinker due to the alloy metal that's added, so don't. 
You need 10 inches per generator. An ounce is approx. 55".  OK, that's 
the generator. Cut the wire to 2 5"lengths. Shape them into the classic 
biblical shepherds hook. The hook end itself needs to be just large 
enough to catch the edge of the container you use to actually make the 
colloidal silver.  Be sure to add a small tail to the hooks to connect 
the alligator clips. Shape isn't absolutely critical; it just needs to 
catch the lip of the container and allow some extra for the clips. 
Leave the rest of the wire straight.

Purchase some distilled water. You want real distilled water, that is, 
from the distillation process, not merely filtered or something else.

To make electrolyte: Take 6 ounces distilled water, and add 1 tsp NaCl 
(table salt, the purer the better). Agitate to dissolve. Store in a 
bottle with an eyedropper cap or use a seperate eyedropper.  This 
electrolyte will be used sparingly if at all.

To make Colloidal Silver: Take a 8-10 oz non-conductive tumbler (any 
shape non-conductive container will work) glass is best. Add distilled 
water to tumbler until it's suitably filled. Place silver electrodes 
into the tumbler of distilled water.  Connect the aligator clips that 
are connected to the 27v dc source.  DO NOT allow the wire electrodes 
to touch!  Shortly (within seconds) you should see a bubbling from one 
electrode and a 'smoke' coming from the other. If not, add 1 drop of 
electrolyte at a time to the tumbler and stir, all the while looking 
for 'activity'. Keep adding electrolyte until activity is noticed.  
Don't exceed 3 drops electrolyte per 6-8 ounces of water. In a minute 
or two it will be 'cloudy' enough.  Disconnect your clips, remove the 
electrodes and wipe with scotch-brite (I use paper towel) and store 
them away. Now, the first glass is the hardest, drink it all or only 
partly down. Normally, I drink a minimum of one 10 ounce glass a week. 
Now, with the added threat, I drink 2-3 or more (when I remember) 
glasses a week. This is totally non-toxic to multi-cellular organisms 
(that's us) and totally toxic (Interferes with their Oxygen processing) 
to 1 celled animals (viruses, bateria, rickettasea (sp?), fungus) GOD 
knows what else. I figure between the wife, the dog, and myself we 
consume a few hundred dollars worth of (if purchased) colloidal silver 
a week. 

Colloidal silver can be used anyplace you can use water, topically, 
internally (anywhere), injected (if suitably prepared- I don't- there's 
no need), in the eyes, ears, body orifices, well you get the idea.

It can be stored in the DARK, in glass for approx a month so I'm told. 
I always make and drink fresh. Why screw around?

The electrodes last for years. The batteries appear to be good for about 
a year.

I have a wonderful pure water source and don't use any electrolyte at 
all.  I recommend people use distilled water. Excess Chlorine in the 
water should be shunned. It will produce Silver Chloride (I assume it's 
poisonous-I was warned and I warn others). That's why we use minimal

Locally we've had great results against (you'll find some of this hard 
to believe, but I swear it's true!) allergies (hay fever), ulcers 
(h. palori (sp?)), flu, yeast infections, Gulf War Syndrome, Hot Spots 
(canine), Pink Eye (human and cat), and I can't remember all the 
successes. People that take the stuff just stop getting sick. So we 
don't know what all it is effective against. Supposedly works fine 
against Anthrax.

The Perceptions directions add a battery to the series circuit, but that 
just lowers the voltage to the electrode and you need all you can get, 
so I leave it out. 

Oh, the guys that market the 'yellow' colloidal silver will tell you 
their's is superior. It is to them, they sell it. You can make yellow 
CS by not adding any electrolyte and waiting an hour (so I'm told). 
Ours works fine.
                           ( o   o )
  "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."  Thomas Jefferson
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Larry Harris, Biological Attack, and Psychological Warfare on America

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:24:17 -0500
To: All Health, Vaccine, GWS, Patriot, Biowarfare, CIA
     and Goverment Observers

From: Dr. Len Horowitz
        President, Tetrahedron Incorporated

Topic: Larry Harris, Biological Attack, and Psychological
Warfare on America

Numerous questions have arisen regarding
Larry Harris's credibility and his predictions and
prescriptions for biological warfare aimed against
the United States and our people. I am extremely
suspicious of Larry Harris for at least six reasons:

1) Mr. Harris is virtually practicing medicine without a
license on a public health scale as he has recommended that
people go out and buy antibiotics to be taken at the first sign of 
I am not opposed to stockpiling and refrigerating antibiotics as
a preventive measure, but before treatment is initiated, diagnosis
is critical. Many antibiotic resistant strains of bioweapons have
been produced making one's choice of antibiotic moot in the
absence of laboratory analysis.

Moreover, on occasion, Mr. Harris has prescribed
antibiotic dosages that may leave many people
suffering from nerve damage or other illnesses.
The correct human dose of tetracycline is 250 to at most
500 milligrams per day for ten to fourteen days. One gentleman
personally informed me he was instructed by Mr. Harris to take
three times that dose for a month--clearly a toxic prescription.

2) Mr. Harris has been called by some "a fraud" and others
an "expert scientist." Wherein lies the truth?

Months ago I was sent Mr. Harris's resume' along with
portions of his book. I was unimpressed. The many
spelling and grammatical errors found clearly reflected an
educational and professional deficit. I'm reminded of the
phrase "real men don't eat quiche." Real scientists know
their publications, particularly their curriculum vitaes,
are a measure of their professional integrity.
Legitimate scientists would be aghast to have such a
mistake-laden reflection of their work circulating.

Likewise, the poor content in Mr. Harris's audio
and video presentations, as discussed below, reflects
a possibly sincere laboratory technician, and superficially
credited microbiologist, but not a highly or even well-credentialed
man of science, health, or bioweapons research.

3) Mr. Harris alleges to have been a CIA agent with CDC
bioweapons laboratory experience. CIA agents have been
known to be notoriously unreliable and sources of
counterintelligence propaganda. If Mr. Harris's connections
to the CIA are true, and I don't doubt Mr. Harris's sincerity
in believing his reports and CIA connections are, then given
the nature of his information, and the social/political context
in which it is being disseminated, I must conclude Mr. Harris
is being used by elements within the CIA as a counterintelligence 

Case in point, weeks ago when Associated Press announced
Mr. Harris's guilty plea to fraud charges, it was predictable
this would further endear Mr. Harris in the hearts and minds
of many people on the political right and well as
anti-government groups. It was likewise predictable
Mr. Harris would then be additionally useful in discrediting
certain "fringe" elements who favored him or his arbitrary
health and safety prescriptions. As the attachments show,
this has all come to pass.

Regardless of Mr. Harris's personal intent, he is now
functioning as a tool for propagandists, and the public should
be forewarned.

4) Mr. Harris recently pleaded guilty of fraud in a plea bargain
regarding the illegal storage and transportation of pathogenic
microorganisms. Had Mr. Harris been a legitimate scientist,
he might have arranged to have his experimental material
shipped more safely and legally.

5) The story of Mr. Harris's friend "Miriam," a Muslim woman
who, along with alleged allied terrorists, are preparing to release
bioweapons on American populations, entirely self-incriminates
Mr. Harris.

First, this story is consistent with another CIA affiliate
and government propagandist, best selling author Tom Clancy
who, in his recent book, presented the same thesis as Harris.

Next, Mr. Harris's expressed personal knowledge of "Miriam"
includes granting her a three-day head start to "get away"
from federal authorities. If this were true, then Mr. Harris
would be guilty of treason, and aiding and abetting in a
conspiracy that, according to Harris, may kill well over
150 million Americans. Is it reasonable to give trust to
a man who gives such a terrorist three days to escape
thus jeopardizing the continent of North America and

Furthermore, as advanced by pharmacist, attorney and
biowarfare researcher Lawrence Joyce in
"Lessons From Dugway" [(773) 286-7986], it would be
counter intelligent for Muslim terrorists to perform as
Mr. Harris alleged. In Joyce's well considered words,
"you can get more bang for the buck by getting the world's
largest economic and military power to concede to your
demands than you can by destroying it. After all, you
can't control and manipulate dead people, and you gain
no power by gaining control over a wrecked economy;
you gain power by dictating the course of the lives of
people who are part of a strong economy. The tail will
always jump at the chance to wag the dog."

Joyce details additional reasons why a Harris scenario
is counterproductive and unlikely for terrorist organizations.
Moreover, common sense would tell you that even Muslim
hate/extremist groups would not be inclined to attack urban
areas of the U.S. wherein the vast majority of their
support emanates.

My research indicates Americans, and others worldwide,
are at far greater risk of bioweapons attack by a rogue
element within our own CIA than from anyone else.
This must be understood in light of America's principle
national security interest (and clearly articulated motive)--
population control, the purveyors of which now focus on 
reducing the U.S. population by approximately 125 million, and 
they have the means to do it.

The world's leading biotechnology laboratories and
chemical and biological weapons (CBW) contracting
firms are ours, including institutions such as Merck, Sharp &
Dohme, Litton Industries, Dow Chemical, and others.
As documented in "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature,
Accident or Intentional?"[Toll free (888)-508-4787],
the insidious nature and international extent of the
military-medical-industrial bioweapons complex is
shocking to say the least.

It should be recalled that the Bush administration supplied
Sadam Hussein with military and biological armaments up
until two weeks before our vets, now many ailing from Gulf
War Syndrome (GWS), invaded Kuwait. U.S. Government
celebrated and promulgated vaccines, some produced by
Tannox Biomedical Systems, co-owned by Bush's Secretary
of State James Baker III, continue to plague our vets
and jeopardize the public's health while federal authorities
turn a blind eye to the true hazards of deadly vaccine
contaminations being given even today to America's children.

Thus, Mr. Harris's and other propagandists' blaming
political enemies, and the victims of biological attacks
(as was recently the case when parents were blamed for
not getting their children vaccinated in lieu of a
hepatitis A outbreak associated with U.S. Government produced
and distributed contaminated desserts, or decades ago
gay men and Black Africans were blamed for initiating
the AIDS epidemic, when contaminated vaccines were
more plausibly the cause) is convenient chicanery, insulting
to all who see through the ruse. Unfortunately, too
few do.

And with more and more conflicting messages
being passed by people like Mr. Harris, or his handlers,
it becomes harder and harder to see the forest of
legitimate threat through the trees of disinformation
and counterintelligence propaganda.

6) Mr. Harris has also endorsed certain antibiotics, including
colloidal silver, and certain manufacturers and distributors
of these products. I believe that this is a questionable and
perhaps unethical practice. Though I too favor proven safe and
effective doses of alternative therapies for specific illnesses,
I have yet to read one convincing scientific report to substantiate
Mr. Harris's claims regarding colloidal silver as a universal
antibiotic and antiviral. Clearly more research needs to be done
in this area.

In one advertisement on short wave, Mr. Harris was said to
have found colloidal silver effective against 600 different
types of microorganisms. By 1970, the World Health Organization
and domestic biological weapons establishment had "isolated"
more than 70,000 different strains of viruses alone.
Moreover, Mr. Harris's promoters have recommended daily use
of this antibiotic without citing its undesirable effects on the
normal intestinal flora. All of this at the time the FDA--
America's medical mafia--is threatening to regulate colloidal
silver and other potentially useful, low risk and cost alternatives
to expensive and toxic, but patentable pharmaceuticals.
Here again, Mr. Harris is playing right into the hands of our
shadow governors, pharmaceutical industry barons,
 and their propagandists.

In concluding my remarks re: Larry Harris, I would urge caution
in matters concerning public health and biological warfare
as articulated by him. He may well be, as he claims to have
been, an agent for the CIA, though much of his information
appears to be counter intelligent in nature.

I have no doubt that we will have increasing numbers of
small to medium size outbreaks of infectious microorganisms
like E. coli 157, flesh eating bacteria, meningococci,
new viruses like AIDS, Ebola, Hanta, hepatitis C, and others that CIA
bioweapons contractors investigated (if not developed), and further
dispersed, during and after "Project: MKNAOMI," that are now associated
with widespread illness. These outbreaks will parallel
rising mortality rates from virus-linked soft tissue cancers,
including prostate, breast, and lymphomas, and from increasingly
common exposures to various chemical and environmental
pollutants and manmade toxins. Some, if not most of these
exposures will be intentionally and covertly administered
such as the recent CBS News televised spraying of the human carcinogen
malathion (and possibly additional toxins) from black helicopters
over South Florida and Miami beach (allegedly to counter a
fruit fly infestation). Such activities and exposures may well
serve a clearly articulated and well documented population control
agenda now targeting the United States population as others have
been targeted in years past.

Moreover, the mainstream news media will continue to ignore,
and in many cases, obscure the facts.

This information is relayed in the interest of public health and
safety by:

Tetrahedron Incorporated--
a nonprofit educational corporation
serving the public's health since 1978.
No tax deductable contributions or government
grants are accepted by the company.

For more information, link to
or E-mail:

Attachments: 2

Attachment 1

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date:          Sun, 13 Jul 1997 06:16:51
From:          Angie Carlson (


The new terror fear: biological weapons
Detecting an attack is just the first problem


   America is stepping up preparations to cope with biological 
warfare.  This month, at undisclosed locations in Denver, medical 
and weapons experts will begin to assess the city's ability to contend 
with terrorists using biological, radiological, or chemical weapons of 
mass destruction.  Denver is the first of 120 cities where federal 
authorities will evaluate emergency capabilities under a $42.6 million 
Domestic Preparedness Program that is the largest civil defense 
initiative since the Cold War.  This program begins two weeks after 
the Pentagon granted the first contract in a possible $400 million 
program to develop a detection system to sniff out deadly airborne 
microbes spread by an enemy.

   Three events have created the new urgency: Iraq deployed missiles 
bearing anthrax germs, botulinum (a toxin that spreads the deadly 
disease botulism), and aflatoxin (a poison derived from mold) during 
the 1991 Persian Gulf war, and its biological weapons program continues, 
according to intelligence experts; a 1995 Tokyo attack in which the 
cultlike terrorist group Aum spread nerve gas in the subway system 
killing 12 people; and a little publicized conviction in Ohio last 
month of a microbiologist named Larry Wayne Harris, who pleaded guilty 
to fraudulently obtaining bubonic plague cultures. Harris, who has ties 
to right-wing groups, was sentenced to 18 months probation and community 
service.  The plague cultures were obtained by Harris with such ease 
that in 1996 Congress tightened laws on commerce in deadly biological 
materials to make sure they were ordered for legitimate medical and 
scientific purposes.

   Poor man's nukes. The CIA now says Iraq has been joined by North 
Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, and even China in the quest to make 
biological weapons.  
   Their motive is simple: Biologicals are cheaper and easier to make 
than nuclear or chemical weapons, and they can be equally as 
devastating.  The U.S. Office of Technology Assessment once estimated 
that a small private plane, with 220 pounds of anthrax spores, flying 
over Washington on a clear, windless night, could trail an invisible, 
odorless mist that would kill between 1 million and 3 million people.

   However, retired Army Col. Karl Lowe, an arms-control expert, argued 
in a recent essay that it would be very hard for terrorists to carry 
off a biological attack.  Many biologicals can be dissipated by wind or 
rain, or must be ingested in such enormous amounts as to make their 
use as a weapon of mass destruction impossible.

  Though difficult to execute, a biological attack would be virtually
impossible to detect in its early stages. "Ideally we would like to 
develop a detection system using something remote, like a laser beam 
that could detect and identify a biological agent at standoff 
distances," says Assistant Defense Secretary Harold Smith.  But that 
prospect is years away, so the Pentagon is trying to develop a "point 
detector" that could be mounted on a remote-controlled vehicle.  It 
should be able to sniff air samples and determine within 15 minutes 
whether any of 26 dangerous agents are present, according to Brig. 
Gen. John Doesburg, whose command awarded the first contract for such 
a vehicle last month.

   The best detector now is a Humvee mounted with what appears to be 
a small Hansel and Gretel house with three chimneys, named in the Army's 
cumbersome fashion the Biological Integrated Detection System, or BIDS. 
The problem with BIDS is that it takes two persons to operate, requires 
30 to 45 minutes to identify biological agents (an eternity in combat), 
and can simultaneously identify only four. Next year, DOD will field a 
temporary improvement, the Air Base/Port Biological Detection system, 
at bases in two areas of high tension, like South Korea and Saudi 

   On the civilian side, a law passed last year requires DOD to go 
beyond troop protection and assist in civil defense. An incident in 
Washington, D.C., last month added urgency to the effort. The 
headquarters of the B'nai B'rith, the national Jewish service 
organization, received a package with a threatening note and the 
laboratory words for anthrax on it. It turned out to be harmless, but 
had anthrax been loose in Washington's downtown, U.S. readiness would 
have faced the supreme  test.

Send comments to (
Copyright U.S. News & World Report, Inc. All rights reserved.

Attachment 2:

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 11:20:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Update On Larry Wayne Harris - Direct From The "Horse's Mouth"

I logged off the internet at 2:30 am and logged back on at 6:30.  I had 
about 20 messages, most of whom had to do with Mr. Harris.  I read them 
all quickly and then had to take my wife to the airport.

On the way back, I called Mr. Harris and confronted him with the 
allegations raised by the Medical Corps and the Montana Militia.

Here is what he told me:

1.  The Medical Corps consists of a single former medical corpman with
absolutely no credentials other than his military training.  He makes 
his living selling used Army manuals to the militias.

2.  The Montana Militia issued their statement based solely on the basis 
of information they received from the "Medical Corps".   They knew him
apparently from manual deals in the past.  BTW, did you notice the 
thinly veiled threats in the MM information?

3.  Mr. Harris is forwarding me the phone numbers of a group of 
scientists, doctors, etc.  which can back up his dosage recommendations.  
I will check these out and get back to you with further information.

4.  The dosage recommendations of the "Medical Corps" will be 
insufficient to fight off the disease and people could die from 
undermedication as opposed to statements of the "Medical Corps" that 
people would die from overmedication if they followed Mr. Harris' 

I think at this point, it is well established that Mr. Harris is an 
expert in this area  (Remember that the original disinformation was 
that he was a septic tank inspector and that he had no lab).

I think if the above information is correct, there can be no reliance 
placed on the statements of the Medical Group and Montana Militia 
statements based on information received from the Medical group.

I think it is also clear that something is wrong with the statements 
about the charges against him which have appeared in various e-mails.   
If he really had gotten these biological agents and had no legitimate 
use for them, do you think he would be walking around now?  (Yes, I 
used the wrong term (Blue Law) but I think it was clear what I was 
talking about.)

It is clear from former Senator Nunn's statements that it was not a 
matter of "if" an attack would occur, it was only a matter of when.  
Therefore, this is not a matter of whether or not the threat is real.  
IT IS.  The only question is WHEN the attack will occur.  My point has 
been from the beginning that we should get ready NOW.  Then if the 
attack is later, we will still be prepared.

I am not sure I mentioned this earlier, but among items faxed by Mr. 
Harris is a copy of a fax to the Governor of Arizona regarding Marshall 
Law exercises about to be conducted in Phoenix.  It also indicates that 
these exercises are about to be declared in several other states.  There 
also was a press release indicating that on May 28th a convoy of 100 
trucks, etc. were deployed to Phoenix.

He also sent a copy of a document entitled "The Economic Impact Of A
Bioterrorist Attack:  Are Prevention and Postattack Intervention 
Programs Justifiable.  This report was issued in the Spring Quarter 1997 
issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases and were written by three people 
from the CDC.

I also received an e-mail stating that this possible attack could not 
be real because we would have no warning if it was real.   I totally 
disagree.  The information was not released by the parties involved but 
was discovered through various incidents.  There is no absolutely no 
guarantee that this will happen.  However, the probability  IMHO is 
high.  I would rather have egg on my face than anthrax up my nose.  
Note that there has been massive and instantaneous disinformation.  If 
this was purposefully planted or sent, you can only conclude that 
someone is trying to confuse us and get us to stop paying attention to 
this issue.

I also want to make it perfectly clear that I do not think that the 
Iranians / Iraqis / Etc.  are in this alone.  They were either 
intentionally provoked by the Conspiracy or they have recruited these 
people to do their dirty work.
 One thing is clear.  There HAS to be a reason why those people hate 
us so much.  That reason has NEVER been fully covered in the media.

I hope this helps you sort out fact from fiction.



Even More Conspiracy Theories

Editor's Notes: The following exchange of letters was sent to me via PGP encryption. The names of the senders have been deleted.

These letters indicate not only the thinking of large segments of the Patriot community, but the thinking of large elements of the left-wing element. The below exchange illustrates the thinking of both the right-wing and left-wing in this country.


>This from my contact at the college in XXXX, MO.
This is for your eyes only and don't send it anywhere else, thank you.
Thought you should see this and let me know what you think on his 
writings.  Give me a note back.  Could he be close to correct on this?
>I haven't sent this to anyone else.  This for your eyes only.

I know X.  He is a LibberToonian who doesn't have the balls 
to call me no more, but I suppose he has an insight now and 
then and lets it all hang out.  He seems to have written a good 
one here, even if despondent. It could be used as a propaganda 
tool.  Send it out so I can republish.

--Martin Lindstedt


From: Despondent Libertarian [his answer back to me] 
Subject: Re: 30 military families suddenly leave US

This is just thinning the herd.  For the deer population to continue to
thrive with enough food to go around the Conservation Dept. has open
seasons to thin the herd.  This information is not really new.  The U.S.
has been doing this in Central and South America for many years. We send in
the CIA to set up a coup of the incumbent leader.  A new faction takes
power and starts thinning the herd.  When the herd is down to the right
size then the CIA goes in and overthrows the government they've installed
under the name of human rights.  Those poor helpless citizens need our
protection. U.S.A. to the rescue.  Then we move on to another bastion of
overpopulation (by the wrong type of citizens).  In time we perfect the
trade and start plying it in our own country.  I wonder who really pulls
the strings of the puppets that we will lay the blame on.  I wonder who
will be the new faction to take us over and start the mass herd thinning
and how deep will the cut go.  50% seems like such a shallow cut.  I guess
we need to examine our position and our assets to see if we have any value
to the new world that is coming.  If you have little value to this new
order then you either need to lay your head on the chopping block or you
need to be prepared to go down fighting.  It will not be pretty but the
Terminator is among us, and he is not easy to defeat because he doesn't
feel pain or regret or remorse, he is the perfect killing machine, and we
have created him with our greed. He is not a movie character, he is nearly
invisible to our apathetic vision.  Will we really recognize him as he
breaks down the door to get in?
> From: 
> To: 
> Subject: 30 military families suddenly leave US
> Date: Monday, July 14, 1997 6:21 PM    [this is my note to him]
> Do you suppose that the situation is actually gone to this supposed
> Have we reached the point where some citizens are leaving this nation?
> Please send a note and give me some insight on this one.  I have heard 
> some mention of some people wanting to move to other places but, the 
> NWO is so all-purvasive--I wonder where, in this world, there would 
> be a safer haven.  The G-7 appear to be getting closer and closer to 
> governing and doing economics in a similar method.
> From: 
> Date: 
> To: 
> Subject: Re: 30 military families suddenly leave US
> In a message dated                you write:
>  Subj:	Re: 30 military families suddenly leave US
>  Date:	
>  From:	
>  To:	
>  At              , you wrote:
>  Folks,
>  This was also in George's July News letter:  (George Eaton, 
>PO Box 1148,  Sallisaw OK, 74955)
>  Col. Jim Ammerman is the military chaplin that has been exposing what 
>is going on in the military concerning the plans of the one world
>   In a recent interview on short wave radio with Chris Gerner, Col.
>Ammerman reveals that some of his air force freinds have sold their 
>homes and their cars and have suddenly moved their families out of 
>the 48 states.  They could not reveal exactly out what they were told, 
>but they did say that they saw orders or plans that something was 
>going to happen in America, and when it did there could be a 50% death 
>rate nationwide.  They decided to leave the country and would[n't] say 
>where they were going.  This riveting interview from a very Credible 
Crhistian Military man.
>  For the 90 minute tape: CHAPLAIN WARNS AMERICA...George is letting 
>folks have it for $5.  I know which folks on my list will say...this 
>can't be true...CHECK IT OUT  before you try to argue with me.



Reviewing Three Popular Novels Concerning Biological Warfare

The specter of biological warfare or its being accidentally unleashed by irresponsible elements of the military-industrial complex has been explored within the past year by scientific novelists such as Michael Crichton, the bloated prose of CIA shill Tom Clancy, and relatively unknown New Age writer Ann Benson. The quality of these novels varies widely, but each shares a common theme: the workings of the lowly germ is the engine of the main plot-line.

The Lost World by Michael Crichton.

Michael Crichton is the best scientific novelist in the world today. As a doctor, he is well versed in biology. Most people know him for Jurassic Park, Congo, and his first novel The Andromeda Strain. Many of his books have been translated into motion pictures, some of them dreadful, like Congo. Crichton's moralizing satire and scientific expertise usually does not translate well to a motion picture format designed so society's lowest common denominator can comprehend the plot.

I read The Lost World over 7-8 standings in the paperback section of the local Wal-mart. I have not yet seen the movie because it hasn't come to a $1.25 per ticket movie theater near me. Judging from previews the movie is nothing more than a dinosaur hunt by cretinous thugs armed with modern weaponry, sort of like a SWAT team transplanted to a different locality other than South Central Los Angeles.

The Lost World concerns an isolated population of dinosaurs created by a biological research corporation and then abandoned on a small island. The main question is why are there such large numbers of young, immature dinosaurs, not acting 'normal' in their state of the wild, no old dinosaurs, and such a large proportion of predator animals in this 'lost world' of the dinosaurs. Crichton explores a number of themes throughout his book, such as the difference between instinct and learned behavior, and why even animals have a 'culture' and traditions of sorts. Crichton subtly compares the chaos in this lost world of dinosaurs and present-day Amerika, with subtle reproof as to why a so-called thinking animal cannot behave better than stupid reptiles.

It is not until the last pages that the mystery is cleared up. The reason the old dinosaurs are dying, leaving a population of young, uncivilized dinosaurs and a large proportion of scavengers and predatory dinosaurs exist is because these older dinosaurs' brains have succumbed due to spongiform encephalitis caused by prions. Prions are destructive protein fragments which somehow leave holes like Swiss cheese in the brains of the dinosaurs over 4-5 years old. These older dinosaurs do not live long enough to teach a 'culture' to their offspring. Their dead bodies provide food to more scavengers and predators than would normally exist because they die in their prime, not when they are older and thus unable to resist those scavengers and predators as happens in a normal ecosystem.

Spongiform encephalitis is known as scrapie in sheep, kuru in human beings, and most popularly known as mad cow disease in cattle. In The Lost World it was caused by the stupidity, greed and short-sightedness of the biological research company feeding their intermediate-age dinosaurs animal protein from the rendered carcasses of sheep. The protein fragments called prions get loose and infect all the dinosaurs before the industry abandons the island. Now all the dinosaur population has mad dinosaur disease and will die soon after fathering a new generation or two, but before teaching dinosaur 'culture' to their offspring.

Michael Crichton certainly has a way with satire as well as science. After reading this book, I will think twice before eating a mad dinosaur or mad cow cheeseburger at McDonald's.

Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

After the delightful Lost World by the incomparable Crichton, it comes time to wade through the verbally flatulent Executive Orders by CIA suck-up Tom Clancy. Executive Orders is the seventh or eighth dreadful verbosity in a series starting with the Hunt for Red October concerning a the rise to power of a CIA mole masquerading as a rear-echelon gyrene named Dr. Jack Ryan. Reading a work of fiction requires what is called "suspension of disbelief" in the writing trade. This monstrosity really stretches it: A CIA plant (sort of like George Bush) becomes President of the United States and he is both honest and decisive. If you can believe this, you can believe anything else this tome-main dishes out.

Like all of Clancy's books, this book has the same old tired one-dimensional shop-worn characters acting out their action adventures, saving the world as we know it (why?) with a plot line like a five-ring circus. Clancy doesn't work as smoothly with his characters and plot lines as Dune's Frank Herbert, but I suppose there might not be any truth to the rumor that Clancy, a former insurance salesman, is paid by the CIA propaganda mill by the word. At least not much truth to that rumor anyway.

The novel starts out, like a Dallas soap-opera episode (but without a preview of what happened last episode), with what happened in the previous novel, Debt of Honor. A Japanese 747 pilot drives his plane into the Capitol Building, killing off the President, Cabinet, the Supremes, and better than 90 percent of the KongressKritters gathered to officially make Dr. Jack the Quack the President of Vice. By killing off the KongressKritters, the Jap has avenged the war in which we kicked Jap butt (no, not WWII), so no Congressional Medal of Honor for him. Now while some of us might have stopped reading and bought the book for its happy beginning, Clancy and the CIA got more books to sell so it doesn't end there. Nope, the more dutiful of us plowed on through to read how President Dr. Jack attacks terrorism -- foreign state and domestic -- albeit not domestic state terrorism, which is good terrorism.

The bad guys are fundamentalist Ayatollah-loving Iranians (mountain sand-niggers) although the Indians (the turbaned kind) and the Chinese are scheming as well, and two mentally deficient militiamen known as The Mountain Men are thrown in for comic relief. But the center ring of the five-ring circus is the Iranian plot to destroy Amerika with biological warfare. The microbe of choice is a mutated form of Ebola, caught by a nun in Zaire. A smart Iranian doctor gets her to Iran, home of fanatic hankie-heads and counterfeit hundred-dollar bills, and brews up a nasty pneumatic variety of Ebola from her creme-of-human soup internal organs. This strain of the disease can be spread by a cough of an infected person and is communicably good to the last drop, at least nine generations worth. So why isn't the Great Satan destroyed when ten Iranian agents spread it all over trade shows in Amerika?

Bad authors used to use what was called deus ex machina, a literary device like a stage prop representing the gods, to rescue them from absurd situations that their illogical plot lines got them into. But Clancy, the CIA shill paid by the word, never, ever explains why a pneumatic Ebola virus good to nine generations in the middle of this six-dollar dreadful pans out to only last two-three generations and only kill two, three thousand Amerikans, tops, toward the end of the book. The wretched Clancy relies on the stupidity and forgetfulness of his idiotic white-chicken suburban audience to forget this point. Perhaps after Harrison Ford gets done with his Rambo characterization as a fighting President kicking Khazistani terrorist butt in Air Force One, he can go for an encore in the film version of Executive Orders.

This book would have been a disappointment if it wasn't for my abysmally low expectations before I read it. I'd tell the reader of this review what the ending was if I thought I could dissuade him from buying the book. I'll do so anyway: Somehow the world is made safer and more profitable for CIA intelligence wonks and Dr. Jack is going to run for a second term. I'll bet the next book in this dreadful series has Dr. Jack winning a landslide second term, unlike his simulacrum George Herbert Walker Hoover Bush.

The Plague Tales by Ann Benson

This first novel by Ann Benson isn't as good as Crichton or as bad as Clancy. The microbe protagonist is the bubonic plague.

It is really two stories, interrelated and tied together in alternating chapters. One story is of a 1350 A.D. Jewish doctor hiding his ancestry conscripted by the Pope to be a plague doctor to Edward III of England. The other story is in the year 2005 in an England ravaged by biological warfare and now policed by "Biological Police" or 'biocops' and their police bureaucracy.

The wandering Jew enforces isolation upon Edward III and his court and saves their lives. He figures out that rats cause the plague and gets the cure (sulfur water and ground-up plague cadaver providing antibodies) from a witch. This New Age book has a little of everything for the Politically Correct. The only ones trashed out thoroughly are Papists, with their Inquisition playing the part of 14th Century Nazis. In this novel the Doctor skewers the Roman Catholic church pretty thoroughly with his Talmundic wit. Protestant White Nationalists might enjoy this book thoroughly. While it has this Khazar lusting, as Khazars are wont to do, after a blond noblewoman and some race-mixing occurs, by the end of the book she and her fetus dies of the plague and he is run out of England for his deception, leaving the cure for the plague in a journal and a suit of clothes in the witch's lair which will be dug up 655 years later. Like a Robert Mapplethorpe National Endowment for the Arts photographic display, this book has little something for everyone except perhaps for Roman Catholics.

The second story of the book has two New Age Amerikan women taking soil samples from all around England. They dig up the Jewish doctor's pestiferous shirt with the plague dormant in spore form. England is filled with 'biocops' and their bureaucracy, but due to bureaucratic bungling and violation of their own procedures the plague is mutated in all its virulence into an antibiotic-resistant strain. Bureaucrats are of course above the law and obeying their own procedures and by trying to cover up their mistakes and misdeeds they spread the disease into a defenseless population. The head bureaucrat ends up dying of a drug overdose trying to cover his tracks, although he also contracts the plague. The younger of the two women has the help of the homeless and with their aid elude the biocops and is cured in the lair of the witches, still extant after 655 years. She eludes the biocops and has a daughter which will establish a new line of witches, the previous line having died out in the form of an elderly childless male. The older woman and the Number 2 bureaucrat go home to Amerika where they have a good time and good sex. And for all its posturing of the dangers of the mutated plague strain, like in Clancy's opus, in this novel the plague somehow only kills 5 homeless people, a rich man, and a biocop bureaucrat. Another deus ex machina somehow invoked that does its work by omission.

In this story the biocops and their bureaucrat masters are portrayed as bumbling goons who cannot obey their own procedures and rules. The public is not well served although it lives in fear of summary execution if infected. So as mentioned before, this book has a little in it for everyone, except for bureaucrats, the holders of absolute power and minimal responsibility in this era.

And that is my review of the biological novels of the past year. Every single one of them posits a menace which does exist and every single one of them, except perhaps for Crichton's, ends up with an unrealistic happy ending which might well not exist in the real world. Potential terrorists take note: The truth is scarier than fiction.



Liberty In The Balance

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 01:39:15, -0500
Subject: Liberty In The Balance
The following is an essay by William Michael Kemp, a graduate of Tulane University, and the founder of the Gadsden Minutemen. Mr. Kemp is currently a prisoner of conscience, incarcerated in the Etowah County Detention Center, at Gadsden, Alabama.


In one sense, our ancestors had a simple task - they had an arrogant, fatuous king; a detached legislature; and independent news outlets, which required their observers to read and think. Taxes were on the order of single percentages, and fractions thereof - any increase, deeply and quickly applied, fast roused the ire of the people. WE are dying the death of a thousand cuts, each with it's own anesthetic.

We are living under a government operating by rules and regulations, not law. `Law', as the term was defined and used in `Constitutional times', meant the Common Law. Under `common law' it is not possible for government to declare a man a criminal, or accuse him as such, without a sworn complaint by another man - or by the government itself, if the person is thought to have violated import or export laws, or failed to pay an excise tax, or allowed livestock to run loose, or dangerously operated a motor vehicle, or created some other public disturbance.

Rules and regulations are imposed by a monarch, or sovereign, upon his subjects. However, as confirmed by the first words of the Preamble to the US Constitution - "We, the people...", WE are intended to be the sovereign, here. WE are to instruct government, not vice-versa.

As it so happens, I have been re-reading THE FEDERALIST, and I see a repeated pattern: Alexander Hamilton, known as an advocate of `National' rather than `Federal' government, constantly stated the impossibility of `limited' national government taking precedence over otherwise unlimited State governments, which would be jealous of their own authority.

Hamilton delineates `national governance' in Federalist Paper #17, as: commerce, finance, negotiation, and war. Likewise, he sets out the `residuary authorities' which are "proper to leave with the States for local purposes", as being "...the administration of private justice between the citizens of the same State, the supervision of agriculture, and of other concerns...proper to be local legislation." This was government according to `law'.

However, in Federalist Paper #27, Hamilton `tips his hand' by stating, "[T]hus the legislatures, courts, and magistrates of the respective members {the States}, will be incorporated into the operation of the National Government, as far as its just and constitutional authority extends, and will be rendered auxiliary to the enforcment of its laws."

In short, given a little time, federal authority will become "national" authority, enforced by `feudal' state governments. And since federal authority is to be "supreme authority", and federal judges (appointed for life) are to be the ultimate arbiters of what constitutes "just and constitutional authority", over time it is only to be expected that the federal worm will eat out the whole apple of State authority.

Likewise, Hamilton notes that "...the more the citizens are accustomed to meet with it {national government} in the common occurrences of their political life, the more it is familiarized in their sight...the further it enters into those objects..." And further, that "by extending the authority of the federal head to the individual citizens of the several States, will enable the government to employ the ordinary magistracy of each, in the execution of it's laws." So, too, does `local' now become `federal'.

And though Hamilton assures us, over and over, that State authority would be jealous of federal intrusion, it did not happen that way. We may dispute exactly when the federal `camel' got it's nose under the State `tents', but I will point to certain events, abrupt `lunges', which carried the `camel' in over it's hump.

The pivotal year was 1913, wherein we had instituted upon us: the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve, and direct election of United States Senators. Less than twenty years later, the country was in the throes of the Great Depression, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted `big guviment' to `save' us. Much of what he wanted was rejected by the Supreme Court, so he attempted to `pack the court' with his political appointees.

That attempt failed, but in 1934 he managed to extort all gold from the American people. Prohibition had already corrupted much of government and law enforcement, and with the end of Prohibition, those agents were transferred to the enforcement of the newly-created `National Machine Gun Act'. Prohibition's corruptive influence continued on in local governments, where alcohol flowed to the profit of bootleggers, law enforcement officials, and politicians.

And the people witnessed federal government as `savior', in the form of Social Security, "familiarized in their sight."

In 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson removed the last of our `honest' money, taking all silver coinage out of circulation. In due course, he declared his `War on Poverty' to go along with his Vietnamese War, and both were lost. But the people became ever-more accustomed to viewing the federal government as `savior'. How did we ever get by without Medicare?

However, a legacy had been left. The States were made welfare clients of the federal government. As taxes increased, more and more money flowed to Washington, D.C., inflation rolled on, and the State's ablity to maintain their revenues became ever more dependent on the federal government. The States had to dance to Washington's tune to get funding. This meant taking federal laws at face-value, and enforcing them as their own.

Due in large part to the rationales set forth by Hamilton, in Federalist Paper #26, standing armies have become an accomplished fact. However, they have rarely, if ever, been employed directly and observably against Americans. Kent State and Waco come to mind, but those, generally, are aberrations. Our `standing army' is used primarily in an adventurous fashion, from Suez to Vietnam to Grenada to Panama to Somalia to Bosnia to... Most States have military bases and facilities which pour `federal' money into `state' economies, thus keeping the States dependent upon Washington.


But it has also been used to train the one real, clear, and present danger to our Liberty - our domestic police forces.

As George Washington commented, government is nothing except force. Mao Zse Zung said it succintly: "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun." And, as Ayn Rand stated, the only way to apply governmental power to an honest man, is to make a criminal of him.

As the `laws' (which were and are merely rules and regulations) multiply, a much larger domestic police force has been required. Alcohol, guns, marijuana, confiscatory taxation, and plain, unadorned confiscation have grown into issues requiring ENFORCEMENT. And as Americans chafe at the expanding `rules and regulations', the `domestic military' increases, and are trained in military tactics and weapons.

For government does not pass `laws' to have them obeyed; they are passed to be broken, so that they may then be enforced; and thereby demonstrate the necessity for even more `laws', and the need for ever more enforcement.

I am a manufactured criminal. I have not harmed, interfered with, endangered, or damaged any man on earth. A jury has convicted me - and that shows just how far down the road we have gone. I should be thankful that they rejected the unvarnished lie of the felony charge for which I was prosecuted.

But it leaves me in the position to know that my life will never be sane, or normal, nor my own ever again. Our situation is beyond Churchill's point of an easy "win without bloodshed", beyond the point when our victory might be "sure and not so costly".

I have risked my life, and had my health permanently damaged. I have committed my fortune, and have seen it consumed. My reputation has been made a public mockery by the `powers that be', and this mockery is accepted as truth by those whose Liberty lies in the the balance. But my sacred honor remains.

Eventually, I will be released from jail, but I am one of those who will be watched and monitored and hounded for the remainder of my days.

This is the price of resistance to Tyranny, this is the water required by the Tree of Liberty. We can be slaves at the price of our sovereign selves - or, we can pay the price required, in lesser coin, to retain the hope of Liberty.

In Liberty,


William Michael Kemp

If you want to write is the address:

William Michael Kemp 
c/o Etowah Co. Det. Center 
827 Forrest Avenue 
Gadsden, Alabama  35901

Perhaps he might even be allowed to receive his mail.  
It might well be a good idea to enclose a stamped, self-addressed 
envelope if you wish for a reply.  Prisoners are not usually 
allowed much in the way of pocket money while they are in jail. 
Mike Kemp probably doesn't have very much money in his commissary 
account to spend on postage.  If you have $5 or $10 to send to 
Mike for his stay, then about that amount will keep him up 
comfortably, as he is a diabetic and unlikely to spend the money 
on candy bars, although such make a useful item of trade among 
the inmates.

Those closer to Alabama might well wish to buy Mr. Kemp a 
subscription to the local paper or send paperback books. Even 
better would be a local copy of the local rules of court or 
paperback lawbooks so that Mike could use the time working on 
his Title 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 or 1985 civil rights lawsuit.
Such are the more interesting ways to fight off boredom when one 
is in jail.



Boston Globe: "Biological Terror: Prepare For It ..."

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Subject: Boston Globe: "Biological Terror: Prepare For It .."

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 13:35:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Boston Globe: "Biological Terror: Prepare For It .."

The Boston Globe, August 6, 1997 
Biological Terror: Prepare For It, US Cities Are Urged

By Richard A. Knox, Globe Staff, 08/06/97

Hypothetical: the terrorists released an odorless aerosol in a Logan 
Airport terminal, but no one knew the attack had occurred until 
several days later, when passengers from all over the world began 
dying from anthrax, a deadly bacterial infection. 

That was one of the scenarios that public safety officials from 
Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles grappled with last 
year as part of a quiet national effort to prepare America's 120 
largest cities for a biological or chemical terrorist attack. 

It's just a matter of time, in the opinion of some specialists. The 
nation must prepare for a ''new age of terrorism'' involving cheap 
and hard-to-detect biological weapons, Jeffrey D. Simon of Political 
Risk Assessment Company, a California security consulting firm, warns 
in an article being published today. 

''The first step is to accept the reality that we will not be able 
to prevent every act of biological warfare terrorism,'' Simon writes 
in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which is entirely 
devoted this week to the threat of biological weapons. 

The greatest payoff in fighting biological terrorism, Simon contends, 
lies not in trying to prevent incidents, although preventive 
strategies are important, but in improving emergency preparedness 
for such an unprecedented attack. 

Preparedness encompasses a long list of unaccustomed precautions, 
starting with constant surveillance for unusual clusters of illness 
- something Boston emergency officials say they recently instituted 
among the city's hospitals. Other elements range from stockpiling 
antibiotics and scarce antitoxins to planning how to allay public 

''It's real scary stuff,'' Captain Robert Haley, a supervisor at 
Boston Emergency Medical Services, said in an interview. ''With 
bombs or chemicals, there's an immediate effect. With biologic 
weapons, someone could perpetrate an event and you wouldn't notice 
for three to five days.''

Once such an attack became known, Haley added, thousands of people 
could show up at hospitals complaining of symptoms. ''It would 
devastate the health care system if you weren't prepared for it,'' 
he said. 

Earlier this summer, regional public safety officials and nine Boston
hospitals responded to a simulated chemical terrorist attack on an 
Amtrak train at South Station that involved hypothetical release of 
an odorless, colorless gas called VX. It was a so-called tabletop 
exercise, in which 120 officials gathered in a large room and 
pretended to manage the crisis as it might have unfolded. 

But biological terrorism poses new and very different challenges 
compared with bombs or chemical attacks. In addition to dealing 
with the delayed effect of a biological attack, officials and 
medical personnel must be able to recognize the agent, obtain 
critical drugs or antitoxins, and guard against infectious spread. 

''Accurate diagnosis and speedy treatment could save many lives,'' 
Simon notes. 

Jonathan B. Tucker of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies in 
Monterey, Calif., asserts in the AMA Journal that an incident last 
April 17 in Washington revealed ''serious weaknesses'' in that 
city's preparedness for biological terrorism - and, presumably, the 
nation's capital has greater reason to fear such an attack than 
anywhere else. 

The episode, found to be a hoax, involved a leaking manila envelope 
sent to the headquarters of B'nai B'rith, a national Jewish service 
organization; a threatening letter inside said the envelope contained 
deadly anthrax bacillus. 

Biological terrorism could take many forms, and its effects could 
range from small-scale to catastrophic, specialists say. 

At one extreme, analyses have shown that a biological attack could 
outstrip chemical weaponry and be at least as devastating as a nuclear 
bomb, notes Graham S. Pearson, a professor at the University of 
Bradford in England who was formerly with the Chemical and Biological 
Defence Establishment in Britain. 

''It is for that reason that biological weapons are sometimes referred 
to as the poor man's atomic bomb,'' Pearson writes. ''The costs... 
are much less - and are being reduced further by the advances in 
microbiology and biotechnology.''

According to the World Health Organization, the casualties produced by 
a full-scale biological weapon using anthrax or some such pathogen 
could range up to 95,000 deaths and 125,000 incapacitated people. The 
25-year-old Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, a treaty so far 
ratified by 140 nations, has no monitoring or enforcement provisions; 
the number of countries known or suspected to have biological weapons 
capability has doubled since the treaty went into force. 

At the other end of the spectrum is biological terrorism that affects
relatively few people, but can be devilishly difficult to detect. 

The AMA journal documents two such cases. One, which occurred 13 years 
ago in Oregon, caused illness in 751 people after deliberate 
contamination of several restaurants' salad bars by salmonella 
bacteria. The mystery was solved two years later when one member of 
a religious cult confessed to a plot designed to sicken enough local 
voters to influence an election in which land-use disputes involving 
the sect were at issue. 

An unsolved episode occurred last fall in a Dallas hospital. Muffins 
and doughnuts were inoculated with shigella, which causes dysentery, 
then e-mail messages invited staffers to a free breakfast. A dozen of 
the 45 laboratory staff fell ill with severe intestinal symptoms. 

This story ran on page A01 of the Boston Globe on 08/06/97. 
 Copyright 1997 Globe Newspaper Company. 

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Anthrax outbreak hits area

The Souix Falls, South Dakota  Argus Leader  Thursday July 31, 1997

                 Anthrax outbreak hits area

          17 cattle reported dead in Hutchinson County; 
                spring flooding may be factor

                    By Kevin Woster
                  Argus Leader Staff

   Seventeen beef cows that died of anthrax this month in Hutchinson 
County might be indirect victims of spring flooding.

   State Veterinarian Sam Holland on Wednesday urged livestock owners 
across South Dakota to watch for animals that could be infected with 
the rare disease, which can spread to humans.  Spring flooding might 
have exposed anthrax spores that can live indefinitely in contaminated 

   "It just survives in the soil, possibly forever," Holland said. 
"Then when you have topsoil washed away in a wet year or blown away in 
a dry year, or with real close livestock grazing, you can have a 

   Veternarians suspected a problem last week after cows in two small 
herds near Dimock, about 15 miles south of Mitchell, died suddenly. 
That's a characteristic of the quick-killing anthrax.

   Twelve of 18 animals died in one herd and five of 20 in another. 
Both herds were near a small waterway that flooded last spring.

   Officials identified anthrax as the killer this week and quarantined 
the remaining animals in the herds.  Other animals in the area are 
being vaccinated.

   The owners of the dead cows were ordered to burn and bury them. 
Holland would not release their names.  "They've got enough trouble 
already," he said.

   Anthrax is a bacterial infection that spreads quickly through the 
bloodstream and organs, often killing within a few hours.  Grazing 
animals, particularly cattle and sheep, are especially susceptible. 
They generally ingest the potentially deadly spores while grazing.

   Humans can be infected if they inhale or ingest the spores.  That 
can lead to serious illness and possibly death, Holland said.

   But that would be rare, he said.  Antibiotics can stop the disease. 
The most common type of infection in humans is skin sores from 
handling infected animals.

   Holland warned veternarians in April that the widespread flooding 
could lead to anthrax outbreaks by late summer.  He said Wednesday 
they could still occur virtually anywhere in the state.

   "I don't want people to think it's isolated to just the Dimock 
area,"  Holland said.  "If they have suspicious sick animals or death 
losses, they need to get a diagnosis right away.  And any animals 
that died from anthrax need to be burned and buried."

   "Livestock owners should contact their veternarians to discuss 
possible vaccinations against the disease, Holland said.

   Cattle producer John Stiefvater of Salem was surprised to hear of 
the outbreak.  Although it's something to watch, livestock producers 
shouldn't overreact, he said.

   Stiefvater said some problems in the past have started when carcass 
burial sites from anthrax outbreaks decades ago were disturbed, 
spreading the spores.  But recent outbreaks have been contained before 
they could get out of control, he said.

   "I wouldn't push the panic button.  I'll just watch and see what 
the veternarians say," he said.  "They've got so many ways to control 
it these days.  In my memory, none of these have amounted to that 

   Anthrax last struck in South Dakota in 1993 and 1994.  Turner County 
had losses both years, Holland said, but it also was diagnosed in 
Perkins County in northwest South Dakota and Roberts County in the far 

   Before antibiotics and vaccines, anthrax was a potentially 
devastating threat to livestock producers that wiped out entire herds.

   "There were just disasterous losses," Holland said.  "Some of the 
old-time livestock producers will talk about seeing fires across the 
countryside at night when farmers and ranchers were burning the 

   There followed a period of intense vaccinations when the disease 
became rare.  Then people tended not to vaccinate for anthrax, leaving 
livestock open to sporadic outbreaks, Holland said.

Editorial Commentary Anyone reading the above should ponder as to the relative ease in acquiring the basic building blocks for biological terrorism.

The anthrax spores, like tuberculosis bacilli, can stay in soil for years. Those cows got it perhaps merely by drinking run-off water in which the spores, long dormant, had began to grow. Them cows didn't go looking for anthrax, but it found them, and in an area which had long been contained and free of an outbreak.

The soil contains large enough quantities of anthrax spores so that if a program of vaccination is not held to and if conditions get wet enough to allow the spores to travel and grow, a disaster could spread. And this is in the natural world. Before the white man came with his cattle penned in one spot, anthrax probably spread unchecked by anything other than a state of nature among the buffalo herds which roamed the plains. On the other hand, the spores would have been spread out, without major concentration of the disease. Hence the widespread nature of the spores. Anthrax would be unknown among the Indian inhabitants because of a reluctance to eat carrion. The scavengers like the coyote or buzzard would have a natural immunity to anthrax, and thus could eat the carcasses without harm, thus disposing of them naturally. After all, even in the idiotic movie "Dances With Wolves" I never saw a segment with the Indians burying carrion in quicklime or rousting out arms of cottonwood logs to burn the carcasses.

Also, notice the casual manner in which livestock growers treat this pathogen. It is much the same as said growers have treated the possible spread of mad cow disease or bovine spongiform encephalitis. Their profits on a slim margin are more important than the necessity of public health. Sell the cow quick, before it drops. Such a mentality, akin to that of corporate hog-farmers, shows how quickly a natural ecological and biological disaster is possible by 'accident', sheer shortsightedness, as opposed to design.

Doubtless there are a number of farmers and ranchers who will not thoroughly dispose of the carcasses, preferring to just bury what is left and grow a crop the next year or so rather than raise cattle on the contaminated land. With such carelessness, it would be an easy thing for some determined soul to dig out a hunk of diseased cow or to take a soil sample and get the basic building blocks of biological terrorism.

--Martin Lindstedt .

Copyright 1997. The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette, #7-97



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