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The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette

Oct 20, 1997, Issue #9-97

Roby Ridge


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Editor Martin Lindstedt

Fable of Contents

1. This Issue's Editorial Commentary
5. McLamb: Police OK
6. Another Siege -- In Northern Idaho
7. Return Fire: Letters to the Editor



Business at Roby Ridge

Militia lore believes it time again for Patriots to embrace the call and respond at the gubbnmint siege of a 51- year-old widow at Roby, Illinois, now dubbed rightly, Roby Ridge.

Make no mistake about it, it is a moral issue which should be exploited, as it has none of the moral drawbacks of previous militia martyrs. Mrs. Allen is not accused (yet) of practicing a wacky religion, sleeping with all the women in a "compound," sawing off a quarter-inch below the legal limit on a shotgun, sending out child pornography via the Internet, or cooking up half a ton of methamphetamine in her kitchen. In fact, she is not a militia hero at all. She is solely an archetype that we in the militia are using to bring up the point that any average citizen who has something for the gubbnmint (more precisely, for the criminals who run gubbnmint as a 'legalized' cover) to steal, will, as a matter of course, get it stolen from them by government criminals.

Mrs. Allen is not the first rich widow to get declared incompetent by thieving relatives acting in collusion with corrupt officers of corrupt courts. However, at age 51, perhaps she was just not ready to be packed off to a nursing home, have her veins filled and her mind numbed with tranquilizers, while her relatives and members of the bar association set up a 'guardianship' and loot her estate while she is packed away as one of the living dead. So she warned a few gubbnmintgungoons off with a shotgun, taking care not to kill any. Her mistake. When she is starved out or the gungoons lose patience and set fire to her house, she will of course be ruled crazy by the gubbnmint korts looking to gloss over the matter. Whereas if she had killed a few of the gubbnmintgungoons who, in their cowardice shot 'non- lethal' projectiles at her, then she could have had the satisfaction of at least taking a few of such vermin with her. If taken alive, she could have fruitlessly raised defenses of both/either self-defense or of diminished capacity, as the gubbnmint korts will ensure the heightened sanctity of life of gubbnmintgungoons terrorizing the populace to ensure the care and feeding of parasitic gubbnmint.

In earlier eras, a rich widow like Mrs. Allen would have been declared a witch, tortured until she 'confessed,' and then burned at the stake, with her relatives getting something, but with the mass of it converted to the use of the church or state, to do with as the authorities could justify their enrichment. Today's era is no different, all that has changed is the justification of the means used. Today, the corrupt gubbnmint no longer calls their victims "witches," but rather child pornographers, drug smugglers, meth cookers, racist militiamen, or child pornographers.

Mrs. Allen is not a member of a militia at all. We people in the militia movement are using her terrorization under color of 'law' by the gubbnmint to achieve our own ends. Let us not lie to ourselves before we lie to others concerning our motivation. If we lie to ourselves, then we cannot figure out reality ourselves. An active concern for the human rights of the oppressed is not diminished by a resolve to bring the oppressing criminals, someday and somehow, to justice. Let us understand that and be honest to ourselves as to the moral ends of our moral means.


We are at the end of the beginning of our Revolt for Civilization. Right now the sides are being chosen for a civil war between good and evil. What we must do to ensure our victory in re-establishing our social order is to collect as many quality people on our side as sympathizers as is possible.

The best way to do that is to expose them to the reality of what atrocities the other side has for them. It is a known fact that evil doesn't pay its minions well -- it muzzles the kine who tread its grain -- as witness what it did with the Gulf War veterans who have returned home from the war to keep the oil companies prosperous. They are genetically poisoned and now giving the disease to their wives and children. The gubbnmint retried again for the same offense the LAPD officers, whose real crime was to be caught doing their jobs of being brutal to minorities. Eventually, it will throw Lon Hourichi to us to buy some more time. Evil is irrationally selfish, it has no core of principles to restrain it from sacrificing its weak and expendable. Entire civilizations have perished before because Good was too weak to defend its own interests and Evil too short-sighted to recognize that the weakness of every parasite is that its survival depends on that of its host. Once Evil has devoured the Good, Evil perishes.

The working poor already recognize the injustice of the gubbnmint. These limited ones long ago have lost all right to what little they had -- their lives and liberties, devoured by the current gubbnmint on a thousand battlefields and in ten thousand jails. But is it not past time for the working rich to start recognizing the injustice of gubbnmint by not being secure in the use and enjoyment of their property? Is it not past time for them to recognize that their wealth rests on insecure foundations? That injustice shall visit them when the injustice machinery of gubbnmint comes to their homes, to seize their riches, and then, no longer rich, to then take their liberty and their lives. Until the working rich are willing to give up their fortune in order to aid for the common defense those who would give up their lives and liberty, it is a waste of time to save these people who expect something for nothing. A fortune can be rebuilt. Death is final.

The open militiamen attending at Roby Ridge are doing exactly that. They are pointing out to the working rich that it is now a crime to be more rich than what you can defend against the gubbnmint criminal. They are doing this job at their own expense. Good people not making minimum wage are trying to ensure justice where the bone of contention is a several million dollar estate. But that is the good work which must be done, even though it is much too late for Shirley Allen. Yet these open militiamen must see for themselves, (as it is a waste of breath explaining to them reality) that it is far too late for any "peaceful" solutions to the evils of evil gubbnmint. Peace had its chance.

Should Resistance members attend? No. What is there to be gained by it? We do not need to take pictures of police faces and police vehicles as we recognize that for the good of future society that all the former 'enforcers' of evil and their families must be exterminated. Ditto for the lawyers, judges, and politicians who set this evil in motion and had a rational for continuing with it even when caught. We can always later burn lying journalists in a pyre of their lying newspapers and lynch them with spools of their lying videotape. In any case, let the militia generals take some snapshots from several miles away if they want to be in on the end. But the Resistance need not be present to lose at the scene of yet another gubbnmint-sponsored murder.

In the past year, the open militia movement has pretty well gone underground. For every open militiaman, there is 8.5 to 9 former open militia members who have gone to ground, regrettably taking with them 1-2 informants and infiltraitors with them. But there are the survivalists, and Christian Identity, and Racial Nationalists who never went aboveground to consider. They do not much care that this country is headed for a roundevouix with justice, nor should they. The fact that people who never liked them much anyway and have always looked down on them, are now having their turn at being robbed, raped, murdered and jailed by a gubbnmint regime foreign to them is really of not much concern to themselves. They have always had to look out for themselves, and the fate of a bunch of white chickens born-&-bred for slaughter in gubbnmint abattoirs is neither a cause of pity nor of action for them.

The concept of "Leaderless Resistance" centers around family groups and fellow believers forming small cells dedicated only to their survival and self-interests. As such, it is a political unit totally at odds with the current worship of the state, which holds that the private individual is to be a sacrifice to the selfish interests of those who run the state. Such a political philosophy, that of individual freedom and responsibility, the resulting rewards of which are the sole property of the creating individual clashes with the current gubbnmint regime's conceit that human beings are a renewable resource to be exploited at will by the people in power. The principles of Liberty -- and slavery -- locked again in mortal combat, from which only one philosophy can emerge the victor.

Such irreconcilable philosophies in turn lead to an inevitable doctrine and strategy of the Leaderless Resistance cell -- that of total civil warfare. We have not the resources to take prisoner those who would enslave us. Outnumbered and out-gunned, we must use the only weapon we have at our disposal -- our ability to create against their need to plunder. Thus we must finish off the remains of the civilization that our forefathers built for their and our benefit, so that the predators and parasites and their human herd animals must die. Only then can we rebuild a civilization free of the worm which infested that particular apple. Under such a doctrine, the preemptive extermination of entire populations of murderers, slavers, and their collaborators is justified. Such a course of preventative retaliation favors human *quality* over parasitic *quantity.* And lest there be those who would self- righteously whine about such a doxology being immoral and "unChristian," let me remind people that morality and Christianity are the hallmarks of the superior minority. For is it not Christianity's central tennant that the life of one superlative moral man is worth far more than that of the billions of lesser lives lived less righteously?


The difference between the Militia and the Resistance is that militiamen still think there is something left to negotiate with evil men over. The Resistance knows better. The differences between liberty and slavery, life and death, good and evil are no longer something subject to cowardly negotiation. Let the stronger side prevail and survive the present war.

By all means, go, militiamen, to Roby Ridge, and see reality. The Resistance will impassively view the activities. Do not come back, like fools, proclaiming peace in our time from the burning plains of Roby Ridge.

--Editor Martin Lindstedt .










McLamb: Police OK

Anti-government activist defends police at rally


TAYLORVILLE - A national anti-government activist sided with Illinois State Police Tuesday in the Roby standoff - which was unwelcome news at a rally planned to show support for Shirley Allen.

Also Tuesday, state police for the first time released a brief excerpt of a 23-page letter Allen reportedly wrote to relatives in the months before the standoff began. Allen, 51, has been holed up inside her rural home near Roby, in western Christian County, since Sept. 22, resisting a court order that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Arizona activist Jack McLamb - who previously helped negotiate conclusions to standoffs in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and at the Freemen compound near Jordan, Mont., in 1996 - cited the letter in part to tell a disbelieving crowd in Taylorville that he agrees with state police: Allen is mentally ill.

"I read the words. Shirley is having some very difficult mental problems right now," said McLamb, who spoke Tuesday both at the noon rally in Taylorville and at a later rally at the Statehouse in Springfield. The Taylorville event was attended by about 200 people - including curious bystanders as well as Allen supporters - while about 50 people participated in the Springfield rally.

The gatherings were the culmination of mounting publicity about the Roby standoff. The case was the subject of stories in the Washington Post and on the NBC Nightly News Tuesday, and talk-radio hosts across the United States have seized on the confrontation as a hot new topic. A State Journal-Register editor even received a phone call about the case from a talk show producer in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday.

Allen supporters portray her as a constitutional heroine, someone who is simply standing up for her right to be left alone. But that portrayal suffered a setback Tuesday from McLamb, a former police officer turned anti-government activist whom many Allen supporters probably expected to object to police tactics during the siege.

Instead, to jeers and heckles, McLamb told the Taylorville crowd he might have shot Allen himself at two points during the standoff.

The first time, two days into the siege, a negotiator checking on Allen's safety was about to peer inside her house when Allen fired her shotgun out the window, according to police. The second time, on the fifth day of the siege, Allen raised her shotgun toward a negotiator, prompting two troopers to fire nonlethal "beanbag" bullets at her. She then allegedly shot at the troopers.

"I probably would have given the order to shoot Shirley if I was in command," McLamb said, citing standard police rules of engagement. "I'm telling you, they have an exceptional group of guys that would use beanbags on a lady with a gun."

But Allen supporters in the crowd were not convinced.

"I think he's trying to schmooze the crowd," said Bill Babich, a Taylorville resident who has organized a petition against police tactics.

Added a frustrated Scott Slinkard of the Southern Illinois Patriots League: "She is being denied her due-process rights, and he (McLamb) knows that. And that doesn't seem to bother him."

State Police Director Terrance Gainer took the news differently.

"It always feel good to be somewhat vindicated in our approach," Gainer said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference in Springfield.

Gainer's statement followed a second meeting between Gainer's top lieutenants, McLamb and another right-wing activist, J.J. Johnson of Las Vegas.

During those meetings, police laid out their plans and fears, according to McLamb and Johnson. The pair said they agreed not to disclose some information.

Gainer earlier denied that he had told the activists more than he had disclosed to reporters previously. But McLamb Tuesday evening offered never-released details about the standoff and about Allen that he learned from state police. Among them were:

  • That police have contacted past co-workers of Allen to inquire into previous mental ailments. According to McLamb, detectives discovered that, when Allen left a job as a registered nurse, co-workers "knew she was having problems then."

  • That police have combed through six months of Allen's phone records in the hope of finding somebody who could help them with negotiations.

  • That police have been using mirrors to monitor Allen. "They can sneak up to a room and see if she moves," McLamb said.

  • And that police have seen Allen's bedroom windows fog up at night, leading them to believe she has some kind of heating device.

    State police spokesman Mark McDonald said he didn't know if the first two items were true. He said he couldn't comment on the last two.

    McLamb was apparently the first outsider to be shown the 23-page letter by state police. After McLamb talked about it Tuesday morning, an excerpt was released to the media Tuesday afternoon.

    Gainer previously said the letter contained confidential information about Allen's mental state. He said he showed only a page to McLamb to buttress police statements. McLamb said he'd read "a few of the pages."

    At the Statehouse rally, McLamb and Johnson repeated their belief that state police are doing everything they can.

    At most, they said, Christian County sheriff's deputies erred by hurling tear gas into Allen's home the first day of the crisis. That, they said, might have confirmed the fears of an already paranoid woman. (Christian County Sheriff Dick Mahan has defended the gassing as a split-second decision made when a deputy feared Allen would shoot.)

    McLamb said he has independently verified many of the things state police told him. Johnson, a former member of the Ohio militia, said he too believes police are being up-front.

    "We will use the the famous prose of our ex-president (Ronald Reagan): Trust but verify," Johnson said.

    The real problem, according to McLamb and Johnson, is that Illinois law makes it too easy to force someone to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

    Allen's family, in part citing the letter, convinced Christian County Judge David Slater to issue a court order for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.

    Critics of the law argue that, in effect, it requires someone suspected of mental illness to prove themselves sane. They say the burden of proof should be reversed. Also, they say, the law should provide that a person suspected of mental illness be given notice of any hearings before being ordered to undergo an evaluation.

    McLamb told the Taylorville crowd that about 750 people in Illinois underwent court-ordered evaluations last year.

    "Some of them might have benefited," McLamb said. "But, probably, out of the 750, there were some people that suffered what can be seen as Draconion."

    Protesters applauded McLamb for that remark, but most of the time he was met with blank stares and a sprinkling of boos.

    "There's so much distrust today, and I must say it's earned distrust, of the police," he told reporters after being heckled off the curb where he'd been speaking.

    At Mahan's request, deputies from the Sangamon County sheriff's office's tactical team helped with crowd control at the Taylorville rally. Of the 15 deputies, one was posted on top of a building and another was posted inside a tower, according to Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson.

    "They had binoculars, but there were no snipers," Williamson said.

    © Copyright 1997, The State Journal-Register
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    The Predictable Response

    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:22:59 -0700
    From: Don Rudolph (
    Subject: Shirley Allen
       Militiamen, Patriots, and friends,
       Today I have gotten a very little news from the stand off in
    Illinois. This is the slowest news day on the net since this standoff 
    has started.
       With what I have gotten this morning, I can now understand why.
       It seems that the protest in Illinois did not go well. Not due to
    anything that all those wonderful patriots and volunteers did, but 
    due to two men.
       It seems the Jack McLamb and JJ both have let us all down. Are you
    surprised? I am not. As printed earlier this week, Jack McLamb is
    buddy-buddy with the police. With this said, is it any wonder that 
    McLamb took sides with the state police in Illinois? Does a tiger 
    change his strips?  Nope....
            Well McLamb, it is reported, stated that "if Shirley have 
    leveled a gun at me, I would have dropped her in her tracks". Hmmm, 
    just who we need speaking for the patriots and militia? I think not. 
    And JJ is reported to have not spoken up against Jack at all. Does 
    any tiger change it strips?  Nope......
         As far as Jack goes, if I were any of you. I would not 
    confied in Mr. McLamb for anything to do with the militia or patriots 
    or survivialists.  Cut him off, NOW. Do not trust this man. Do not 
    talk to this man. Do not have anything to do with this man. He will 
    and has betrayed us all.  And mostly Shirley Allen!!! His statement 
    of dropping her in her tracks, shows you where he is comming from. 
    And just who's side he is really on.
        JJ on the other hand, I would give large birth too also. He has 
    also betrayed us all. He had the perfect setup to speak out aginst 
    McLambs statement, and DID NOTHING!!  Well I am sorry for JJ.  Those 
    who did hold to him and trust him and thought that he was a patriot 
    have just had an awakening.  You must not confied, talk, dicuss, and 
    communicate with JJ any longer. It is obvious that JJ has not guts. 
    He was there, standing before all, and had the means to rebuke 
    statements made by McLamb, but did nothing. All because JJ states 
    that McLamb is a friend. Well if McLamb is your friend, well the you 
    may betray us all to McLamb, and therefore I must issue this, leave 
    JJ out of all militia/patriot dicussions, plans, and anything else.
     JJ, just like MrLamb, can no longer be trusted.
       If is with great displeasure that I put this out. I hate to point
    fingers and make statements about persons, and especially persons who 
    are patriots.  Well with the public statements made in Illinois 
    yesterday, I must put this out. 
       If you can not defend us militiamen/patriots, and the innocent
    persons whom we swear to protect, then how will you defend us with 
    arms.  Words are much easier to make than to drop a enemy soldier 
    with weapons.  I question Jack McLambs loyalty, and also that of JJ. 
        Shirly Allen has been left to the wolves according to both Jack
    MrLamb and JJ. And with the statement that MrLamb made, not only is 
    Shirley Allen left to the wolves, but if he (Jack McLamb), had his 
    way, he would fed Shirley to the wolves. And JJ can still call Jack 
    his friend. 
         Not me. No way, no time and no how. If you won't defend Shirley 
    now in peace, then how can we expect you to defend her in times of 
    great trouble?
    Donald K. Rudolph, Cmdr.
    San Joaquin County Militia
    "Liberty or Death"


    Return-Path: (
    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:28:42 -0700
    From: Don Rudolph (
    Subject: [mom-l] [Fwd: Re: News from Roby]
    From: "Randy L. Trochmann" (
    Organization: A.P.I.C. Service
    Subject: [mom-l] [Fwd: Re: News from Roby]
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    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 00:13:03 -0500
    From: Texas Net (
    Organization: Texas Net
    To: AA Zebra Unlisted (
    CC: pimlmars (
    Subject: Re: News from Roby
    You recieved the same story we have here.
    Excellent critique!
    The one issue, in speaking with J.J., that should have been heavily
    communicated with Gainer was the main point of Gainers "People" 
    keeping the media deaf and dumb on the entire operation.  Gainer was 
    very concerned that if the media or others were allowed in it would 
    give away their TACTICAL POSITION!!!
    When speaking with J.J., I asked him if he had the opportunity to ask 
    Gainer "when did this situtation turn TACTICAL?"
    Well Folks, as J.J. has reported and echoed by Oral, when the Rally 
    began the Illinois State Police appeared to be expecting TERRORISTS 
    to be exercising their First Amendment Rights at the Courthouse in 
    Taylorville and was fully prepared with their Snipers on the Roofs 
    and Swat Teams on standby in their TACTICAL mindsets.
    More as it becomes available.
    Johnny Johnson
    Houston, Texas
    (281) 530-5511
    Oral Deckard wrote:
    Well, I think I have found out why there was talk about
    changing the time or location of the rally in Taylorsville
    After visiting Roby on 10/7/97 I was unable to get off work
    to go back today, so I have been impatient for word on how it
    went.  So finally I called someone and got word that a lot of
    people who were there became very disenchanted with Jack
    McLamb and JJ Johnson.
    So I called JJ to find out why.  JJ was very upset.  He said
    he new people weren't too thrilled, but that he understood
    why they would be.
    It seems that yesterday Jack McLamb had a private meeting
    with the Police State, er, I mean the State Police, and they
    had "explained to" Jack just what the situation was, and that
    he bought into it.
    JJ said that when he found out what Jack was going to say at
    the rally he moved that the rally be cancelled, or at least
    rescheduled, because that kind of statement to the press
    wasn't going to do Shirley or anyone any good.
    But the rally went off as scheduled, and Jack basically
    repeated the Police State line, and went on to say that if
    Shirley had pointed the shotgun at him, he "would have
    dropped her right there."  (Earlier Police State said that
    she did not point it at them, but fired it into the air.
    They changed the story later.)
    Of course, this didn't set well with the crowd, because it
    contained a bunch of patriots.  JJ said they were in the mood
    to rip Jack's throat out, so he spoke up for him and told
    them "Jack is my friend.  You don't shoot the messenger."
    And of course, sticking up for someone like that didn't set
    too well with anyone.
    JJ says Jack just "just still has the police mindset."  Well,
    if that is the explanation, then we have just gotten a much
    better understanding of our "men in blue, who lay their lives
    on the line every day to protect us."  A mindset like that in
    anyone else might be recognizable as insanity, and an danger
    to society.  Perhaps they should be committed, for their own
    good, of course.
    I don't think I would have spoken up for Jack, but then, he's
    not a close friend.  It might have been different if it were
    my brother or something.  Also, JJ said that with the amount
    of media there, it wasn't good for our image to have them
    showing the world too ugly a crowd.  Whatever.
    Meanwhile, my view of Jack McLamb has just taken a turn
    downward.  JJ wouldn't comment on him one way or the other,
    but I suspected he wasn't too happy with him at that moment.
    Personally, I'd be finding friends I could more comfortably
    stick up for.
    JJ discussed his meeting with Gainer.  He said Gainer wasn't
    too happy with him for calling him a terrorist over the air.
    He detailed his efforts to talk some sense into him, only to
    be "assured", over and over, that they wouldn't kill her.
    JJ asked for proof of her insanity, and they could produce
    none.  He said they kept referring to a 27 page letter from
    Shirley, that they wouldn't show him.  He asked for proof of
    their claims of her condition, and photos of the area.  They
    of course would produce none of it, but promised to provide
    it to the media "soon."
    JJ says he regrets not pressing harder with absolute demands
    that an attorney and doctor and journalists be allowed in to
    see for themselves, but can only kick himself and chalk it up
    to this being his first experience with such a person.  He
    says he absolutely does not trust them for anything.
    He says he made a statement at the 5:00 press conference that
    we have gotten the police' explanation of how things are,
    and will have to take them at their word, or something like
    that.  But still he says he doesn't trust them.
    JJ says that at the Taylorsville rally there were police
    snipers on the rooftops.  He said he challenged them on it
    and they denied it, but then admitted it.  So they just had
    to hold their rally anyway.  I guess it is freedom of
    assembly at gunpoint.  I wonder if they had Lon Horiuchi up
    there, maybe scoping out women and children.
    Anyway, I'm sure someone who was there and saw it in person
    will be home to post something soon.
    I am very disappointed.
    Oral Deckard



    From: Katja Lane (
    To: Martin Lindstedt (
    An Eyewitness Account
    by Ron McVan
       Imagine two strangers driving up to your house on a remote mountain 
    in North Idaho.  You look out your window to observe them getting 
    out of their car with assault weapons. They bang on the door.  They 
    talk of cutting the bolts on the door hinges.  Unarmed, defenseless, 
    you are petrified.  Who are they?  Why have they come?  After an 
    anxious interval, they decide that nobody is home and they enter 
    the house through a closed window.  Soon there is a helicopter 
    overhead and it is discovered that the house is surrounded with 
    swarms of men dressed in black fatigues and full assault gear,  a 
    swat team, armed with M-16šs.
        It sounds like a movie script?  It isnšt.  On Tuesday,  August 5, 
    1997 this was the scenario at the home of 46 year old Benewah County, 
    Idaho resident Katja Lane, mother of five. 
        Letšs go back a couple of years to understand the events which 
    culminated in this traumatic incident.   In May of 1995 Mrs. Lane, 
    unarmed, was arrested on her own property when two neighbors claimed 
    to have been ordered off Mrs. Lanešs property at gunpoint.  After 
    three days in jail, Mrs. Lane faced two charges, "felony aggravated 
    assault" and the "use of a firearm during the commission of a felony."
    She was released on $20,000 bail.
        Three weeks later at the preliminary hearing in front of 
    Magistrate Walter, the alleged victims stated under oath that they 
    had cut Mrs. Lanešs wire gate repeatedly and further, that nobody 
    was going to tell them where they could and could not go.  "Mrs. Lane 
    could not be charged with misdemeanor assault, because she was 
    legally defending her property," the local paper quoted the 
    magistrate, "a person has the right to use whatever force is necessary 
    to keep people off his property, including lethal force.   Idaho Code 
    18-4009 says homicide is justifiable when a personšs life is 
    threatened, they face great bodily injury, in the act of stopping a 
    felony, or when defending one's home or property..."
       So, that's the end of the story?  It isn't. Several months later, 
    when the judge went on vacation, with no additional evidence, the 
    prosecutor refiled the same charges.   In front of another judge 
    Mrs. Lane was then ordered to stand trial.  Facing twenty years in 
    the penitentiary, she refused to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and 
    in June 1996 she was convicted by a jury of both felony counts.  
       The victims pleaded with the court for the maximum sentence, 
    adding the allegation that Mrs. Lane was a member of Aryan Nations, 
    that her home was a nazi compound and persisted to the degree of 
    pillaging through her garbage for evidence.  
       However, after considering the pre-sentence investigation, the 
    testimony and Mrs. Lane's adamant denial of membership or religious 
    affiliation with Aryan Nations,  these allegations, the judge 
    concluded, were irrelevant and baseless.  Having no prior criminal 
    record,  "not even a traffic violation!" said the judge, he 
    sentenced Mrs. Lane to one year suspended, one year probation, 
    compensation to the "victim" for lost wages and 160 hours of 
    community service.
        Now, one year later, Mrs. Lane has successfully completed her 
    year of probation, 200 hours of community service and paid the 
    restitution.  Realizing that her only recourse against her accusers 
    was civil litigation, Mrs. Lane attempted to secure a current 
    address, as they had since moved away.  Postal employees instructed 
    her to send an envelope to the old address and mark it "Please do 
    NOT forward!  Address Correction Requested," which is what Mrs. 
    Lane apparently did, having enclosed a blank sheet of paper in the 
       Meanwhile, Mrs. Lanešs probation officer recommended to the court 
    that Mrs. Lane be released from supervised probation.   One problem.  
    The post office forwarded the address correction request.  On August 
    5, 1997, the prosecutor immediately denied the probation release on 
    the grounds that Mrs. Lane "tormented" her victims by legally 
    requesting an address correction.  Mrs. Lane was then subjected to 
    a full force, armed siege and search.   
       Nobody was shot, nobody was arrested.  Mrs. Lanešs attorney, 
    Craig Mosman of Moscow, Idaho, will pursue her case in court.  The 
    court will determine whether Mrs. Lane will be sent to prison to 
    serve her term, continue on probation or be released from probation. 
       Mrs. Lane maintains her innocence, asserting that she never 
    pointed a gun at anybody, but that she was assaulted at gun point 
    and disarmed on her own property by the perpetual trespassers.  
    No charges were ever brought against the alleged assailants.  
    After two years the court is still in possession of her firearm. 
       If the prisons are going to be filled up with folks like Mrs. 
    Lane, who still have the courage to protect their property, stand 
    up for their rights and be jailed for doing so, then maybe we ought 
    to be building more prisons a whole lot faster, because there are 
    many more of us out here who would qualify for incarceration.
    UPDATE:  On 1 October 1997 the District Judge in Mrs. Lane's case 
    discharged her from probation, set aside the conviction and 
    dismissed the case.
    (Editor's [McVan's] Note:  Mrs. Lane is the daughter of USAF colonel, 
    MIA in Vietnam since 1967 and the wife of David Lane, author of 
    the "14 Words" [We must secure the existence of our people and a 
    future for White children.] who was convicted in federal court 
    three times for the same offense and sentenced to 190 years for 
    civil rights violations.  Mrs. Lane helps publish the political 
    writings of Mr. Lane available from: 
    14 WORD PRESS, 
    HC01 Box 268K, 
    St. Maries, Idaho 83861.)
    The Fourteen Word Press Official Home Page


    Return Fire! -- Letters to the Editor

    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 13:51:35 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Norman Olson (
    Subject: Re: Business at Roby Ridge
    OutPost of Freedom
    On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Martin Lindstedt wrote:
    > For is it not Christianity's central tennant that the life
    > of one superlative moral man is worth far more than that of
    > the billions of lesser lives lived less righteously?
    Ah, excuse me, Martin...  As a minister of the Gospel, I'd
    like to take issue with this statement and seek to know from
    what context of reference it is taken.
    Obviously the allusion is to Christ who died and is revered as
    the Savior of men.  But from that point on the reference seems
    confused.   The central tennent of Christianiity is that Jesus
    of Nazereth IS the Christ of God and IS God incarnate.  He is
    not to be compared with "billions of lesser lives" since He alone
    is the Savior of those whom God has redeemed.
    Christ died to provide the propitiation necessary to satisfy the
    just demands of the Righteous God.  Christ is unique.  He alone 
    could do this.  His sinless perfection provided the lamb for 
    sacrifice.   In reality then, it was Christ who died FOR fallen
    mankind and by that act of grace the penalty for sin has been
    Who then is among the "billions of lesser lives" in need of 
    redemption?  YOU and ME, Martin.  We are the depraved, wicked and
    hell-deserving souls for whom the Savior died.  
    Although you did not indicate it, it might be thought that 
    Christians are something special because of their place as the
    redeemed of God, but I would warn those who consider themselves 
    special and deserving of salvation to rather consider themselves
    as hell-deserving degenerates saved by the marvelous grace of God.
    To think that we are deserving of grace and are placed in some kind
    of position to look down on others among the "billions of lesser lives"
    would seem to make fertile the ground of Imperialism where those
    who are not of our Christian persuasion are not deserving of justice or
    As an aside, allow me to note that such a view is repugnant to 
    Christians who see themselves as sinners saved by grace rather as
    those deserving of God's grace and mercy because of their race or
    creed or culture.
    Kind Regards,
    Norm Olson 
       Making a religious allusion should be only for the daring, 
    as it is inevitable that most anything said shall be interpreted 
    to suit the reciepient's prejudices or inherent belief structure.
       If I were to further expound on my musings as to the divinity 
    of Christ's stay on earth and that which was accomplished, doubtless 
    I would raise myself to fresh charges of blasphemy by the devout 
    who have their own private heresies.  While I do not lack ability 
    to provoke, still, such a discussion gains me nothing.  Therefore, 
    I shall let the offending statement stand by itself:
    > For is it not Christianity's central tennant that the life
    > of one superlative moral man is worth far more than that of
    > the billions of lesser lives lived less righteously?
       Is not the above, regardless of how it is phrased or who says it, 
    the central tennant of Christianity?  
       Else the rational, as opposed to mystic, response to the passage 
    in St. John about "For God so loved the world that he gave his only 
    begotten Son" should be "So what!?"
       I wished to make the moral point that a human life of quality is 
    of far greater worth than the lives of people of lesser quality. 
    Moral worth is not a mere matter of exercising the will of a mob in 
    a democracy.  The life of one exceptionally moral person is worth 
    far more than that of a million criminals.  Or so is my moral 
    reasoning, in comparing, admittedly, the worth of apples and lemons.
       As a working Resistance philosophy as enunciated in the whole of 
    my article, I wished to make the point that ONE harmless not-so-old 
    woman who only wanted to be left to live her remaining years on her 
    own, is worth a MILLION do-gooders or gubbnmintgungoons.  She might 
    be as crazy as a psychiatrist, still, she has not harmed anyone who left 
    her alone.  But she has not been left alone, has she?  Thus according to 
    my lights, she has a right, maybe even a duty, to absolutely destroy 
    anyone who disturbed her peace, regardless of the professed rational 
    for such a disturbance.
       Turning the other cheek may work out all very well and good in the 
    next world.  I leave such asservations to those concerned with such 
    matters.  However, for the good of those who wish to take back that 
    which is theirs, nothing less than a determination that two eyes for 
    an eye, all teeth for a tooth will do for a Resistance fighter. 
    Anything less than that gives evil a blank check to do that which it 
    will.  Evil should be blinded and toothless, the better for to hamper 
    its work.
       We live in a world where evil and stupidity have been allowed to 
    have a free hand.  Soon it shall destroy itself.  The problem is 
    that it would bring down, in a fit of suicidal depravity, the good 
    and the intelligent down with it. I choose not to indulge in moral 
    relativism in proclaiming the relative moral equivalence of all in 
    the face of God, as it avails nothing in the task of encouraging our 
    side to take steps to save themselves by careful preparation today and 
    then the necessity of protecting themselves and their own later by 
    whatever means are necessary.  As one who would be a Resistance 
    philosopher and leader, I simply cannot afford to indulge in the 
    make-believe world of "what ought to be" in a future world governed 
    by Christ.  Rather, I must realistically assess "what is" and both 
    implement and encourage an appropriate response based upon such 
    realities.  Revolutionary activity is based upon the art of the 
       Theology, philosophy, and politics all are based upon some form 
    of doxology and dogma proclaiming that which is good and that which 
    is evil. If, by definition we cannot or will not proclaim that which 
    we do as the Resistance is "good," and that which the gubbnmint regime 
    of amoral lawless criminals does as "evil," then we might as well 
    quit playing at Revolution and pack our ditty bags for the extermination 
    camps of the New World Order right now.  The willingness to assume such 
    an implacable dialectic is that which is now separating the Resistance 
    fighter from an open public militiaman.  Such a gulf in motivation is 
    what I intended to explore in my article, "Business at Roby Ridge." 
    Such title was meant to establish who indeed has business at Roby Ridge.
       A Resistance fighter or propagandist has absolutely no business 
    at Roby, Illinois.  As such, he seldom criticises nor praises the 
    open militia personnel or their actions at Roby Ridge, as the mistakes 
    or gains of the militia generals are largely irrelevant to the Resistance 
    fighter, cell leader, or even propagandist.  A Resistance course of 
    action, its tactical and strategic doctrine, has been already set by 
    our ruthlessly just and morally imperialistic dialectic.
    --Martin Lindstedt

    Copyright 1997. The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette



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