Modern Militiaman

Issue #1, June, 1996

A Journal of the Modern Resistance Movement

Purpose and Dedication: This electronic and limited print newsletter is dedicated to the modern militiamen and women of the American Resistance Movement. The writers, editors, and contributors of this newsletter have by their talents became leading actors within the overall Patriot movement, be they militiamen, common-law jurists, tax-protesters, Freemen, shortwave talk-show hosts, Libertarians, Conspiracy Theorists or other assorted Rebels with a cause. We are an unruly bunch.

Most of the feeds and articles to this newsletter come off the Internet or electronic mail, which is the Gutenburg device of choice. Far-flung, quick, cheap, and secure, the Internet is a growing web of information which cannot be stopped or effectively censored. While at least one copy of each issue will be printed in order to take advantage of 1st Amendment press protections, thus blanketing the electronic edition, this and every issue is designed to be pulled apart and redesigned for every region, for every portion of the former Sweet Land of Liberty, to be used by Patriots everywhere. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are the opinions only of the authors, nobody else. The result should be freedom, not peace.

This is the first issue. I have the honor to be the first editor of it. Hopefully, there will be other issues, other editors, and new writers as the old ones are locked up, shot, run-off, Arkancided, or bored to death -- anything other than complacent. Now let's go out and raise some hell and have some fun.

Editor Martin Lindstedt

Copyright 1996. Anyone is at liberty to copy this newsletter in whole or in part for non-profit purposes provided they properly attribute copied portions to Modern Militiaman and the author(s). People who do make a buck from it are expected to pony up.

Table of Contents:

Forming Infiltrator-Resistant Militia Organizations -- by Martin Lindstedt

What If We Made A Revolution and Nobody Came? Jeff Randall, Jon Roland, Kevin McGeHee Discuss Militia Problems.

Apparent Suicide Syndrome: Will the US Survive? -- by Patricia Neill (c 1996)

The Knob Creek Declaration. Differing Voices Within the Movement -- Mike Johnson's e-mail

Forming In-fill-Traitor Resistant Patriot Organizations

by Martin Lindstedt

The oldest of the new-style Militia organizations is only a little bit over two years old. The Michigan Militia was formed in April 1994. Probably the most effective militia in the U.S., the Gadsden Minutemen, is two years old this month. The vast majority of militias have only been in existence a year a year or less. And whenever the independent personalities who form militias clash with one another, like they most certainly do, the tendency of the ousted members is not to stop activity, but to form new militias from their friends and family, thus sowing Resistance all over the body politic.

This is really a good thing, believe it or not. By sowing the wild oats of radical patriotism far and wide, collectivism becomes impossible. The government will not be able to govern when everyone is jealous of their freedom and interests. The goal of Patriot organizations should not be to erect new cults of personality, but to hasten freedom for everyone. The more the Patriot movement is splintered, fractured, scattered, the harder it is for it to be destroyed. A cancer concentrated in one spot is cut out by a surgeon. A cancer which has metastasized to all over the body politic cannot be destroyed cell by cell. So too should the Patriot movement be spread all over the fruited plain so that government can not and dare not rule without the consent of the people.

The Patriot movement has eaten up good patriots. Norman Olson, a founder of the Michigan Militia, was voted out of command of the Michigan Militia. Now he is merely the leader of a splinter faction of founding loyalists. Linda Thompson, who woke up discontented middle-Amerika with her "Waco, The Big Lie" tapes, was at least three years ahead of her time when she proposed in September 1994 for the Constitutional Militias to march on Washington. She has been dragged, kicking and screaming, from a position of credibility. "Mark from Michigan" Koernke, of the gifted voice, no longer commands a wide audience through speaking engagements and over short-wave radio broadcasts. In some cases, he appeared at functions generated by new leaders like an ambulance-chasing lawyer and his contributions to the movement were ignored and ridiculed.

Now if you are an effective leader in the Patriotic movement, especially militias, you can count on being accused of being an informant for the BATF, FBI, CIA, DEA, or any one of a number of alphabet-soup of national or local police goon squads. If you have not been accused, then you are probably not effective. This is the method by which little jackals within our midst bring down the lions. Strong lions fight back by concentrating on the foremost jackal, destroying it with a loud popping of bones, intimidating the rest. But woe unto a tired lion! He will be mobbed. If you would be a leadership lion, better have all your teeth and talons and a willingness to use them!

But there are infiltrators and agents provocateur among us. The FBI and BATF have had long practice in infiltration, generating bogus charges, and trying people in their corrupt courts.

The Patriot movement cannot forever rely upon the FBI only recruiting idiots like "Colonel" John Parsons of Tri-State Militia. Parsons confessed to being on an FBI payroll because he didn't like to work driving a truck for a living but he still wanted to "help" the Patriot movement. Anyone with any sense didn't tell Parsons anything after hearing Parsons whine about how he didn't get enough media air time after fingering that most confused "Prophet of God" Willie Ray Lampley for Lampley's grandiose ambitions to bomb four widely separated buildings in one day. Many people wanted to free poor Willie and hang Parsons instead. I myself thought the FBI and Parsons deserved one another.

Fear of government informants is not unfounded. We live in a police-state Amerika where criminals rule at both the top and bottom echelons of society, feeding on the middle and everyone is numbered and tagged and documented and regimented and observed and computerized and licensed and spied upon ostensibly for their own good. Most people don't care. We must care and be concerned.

Enough history. How does one form a Patriot organization which is resistant to government infiltration?

The answer is tautological: One either forms an organization which is totally open or totally closed.

A totally open Patriot organization is founded for educational or political objectives. A totally closed Militia organization is open only to blood relatives or life-long friends. These organizations should NEVER, EVER mix at all. There should not even be contact initiated between the two, so as to protect the integrity of both.

The open Patriot organization is formed primarily for political and/or educational objectives. Some Patriot organizations, such as the common-law court people, can't help but be in the open, as they are filing open public records such as liens upon the property of crooked government officials. How are they going file a lien in private? They can't. They are by default an open organization, needing to proselytize new members and true believers.

Same thing with the home-schoolers, anti-New-World-Order types, Buchananites, Christian Coalitioners and so forth. They see their world being eaten out and in defense must seek a political solution, which is slipping away from them.

The open militia organizations will become far more politicized by default. Those people who have gone above-ground won't be able to find new cover, not in police-state Amerika. The writers and editors of this newsletter already have dossiers on them at least one inch thick in government police files. We may run but we cannot hide.

An open militia must go ahead and work on political action. You compile dossiers on local politicians, judges, lawyers, and police and distribute those dossiers widely as possible. Tell the public about paving contracts, kickbacks, and never let an opposition politician have a private life. You run militia members for public office and infiltrate all the political parties at the local level. You tell the masses that they don't have to file income-tax forms and show them how to keep their paychecks secure from government thievery. Campaign loudly against every single tax increase. Tell everyone where policemen and judges and tax collectors live. File or help other people file lawsuits against government officials. You talk to the news media every chance you can and before they get tired of listening to you, form your own news service via e-mail, WWW pages, and fax trees. The government is the Great Satan, the Anti-Christ, the source of original sin, it wants to sodomize your kids and destroy their minds; it can do nothing right because it is evil. Quick, hang them crooked pro-government politicians, lawyers, judges and blue-coated police gun-thugs before it's too late!

There is a propaganda war going on out there and the government is trying to do unto us before we can do unto them. So do unto them first.

Of course there will be government informants inside such public Patriotic organizations. The agents provocateur will probably be the loudest in advocating terrorism. BUT DO NOT DISCUSS DOING ANY SUCH THING. If you ARE going to DO such a thing, why are you TALKING about it? If you ARE NOT going to DO such a thing, why are you TALKING about it?

No one can out-lie a FBI agent or government prosecuting attorney. They have license to lie. You are not going to get any justice from a government court. So don't show up there as a defendant. Count upon showing up as a defendant if you are stupid enough to talk about committing an act of terrorism to anyone in an open militia. Just being in the general vicinity of government informants who talk about committing acts of terrorism should be a cause for concern. Ask Mr. Starr or McCrannie about that!

So this is how an open political Patriot organization deals with the inevitable informants: Make sure that the information you give is open to all and that the public knows what your organization is all about. Then informants and in-fill-traitors are reduced to being a burden to the government payroll, and irrelevant to your organization.

Nor do you try to mix with the survivalist/fighting cells composed of five or less tightly organized people. You don't even try to steal the secret of their existence, as it is better that you do not know of them. What you do not know, you cannot tell. If you are doing something of value as an open militiaman, then the secret closed cells will help you in your hour of need. Or maybe not. The down side of being a highly effective open militia leader is the certainty that you will be pestered by the government. Deal with it. Don't bring down others with you.

So what do you do when someone wants to join your local Patriot group? The following letter was sent to someone who asked to join the militia in my region via telephone:

Didn't want to blow you off or nothing like that. When you called me up about forming a local militia, I was a little nonplused.

Nowadays, in order to forestall government informants, people form their own militias from groups of friends and kin. From people whom they trust. For me to introduce you to groups that are already formed would stretch my trust as a sort of spokesman for the scattered groups. So that leads you to either form your own group or to join the Missouri 51st, or join my political-action militia group.

I would prefer that you form your own group and either place it under the 51st, or my militia, or better yet, to form your own group and then let it split apart and form their own subgroupings. How about you proposing a time and place to form an open militia? I would be happy to help you form a sort of militia, provided it is an open, politically active militia, as a survivalist militia is formed up of friends of long standing or kinship. Or you can join my militia group, the 7th Missouri Militia, which is a communications, propaganda, and political agitation group . . . I myself am presently forming a new open, politically active militia, The 7th Missouri Militia, in the area between Joplin to Springfield, Missouri.

The purpose of this militia will be to pursue political activism and propaganda functions. Those interested in the tactical action aspects will be referred to existing militia groups upon intensive review or strongly encouraged to form new groups of their own. Forming new units of independent parentage hinders agent provocateurs and informants.

I would much prefer to have 1,000 cells of 5 men each under independent control rather than 5,000 men in one, easily destroyed, unit that I would have to lose sleep over.

If you have an open militia, you invite him in. You advise him on the benefits of forming his own closed militia. Or you send him on to another open militia. You NEVER introduce him into a closed cell group. Never. The members of that closed militia have a right to their security, which you never compromise.

If you are a member or leader of a closed militia and one of your relatives or close friends in your cell of from 2-5 is an informant, then you are too stupid to live. 'Nuff said.

Lastly, you show true faith and allegiance to your fellow patriots. If you recklessly call someone a government agent out of a sense of malice when you do know they are not, you are a traitor and fool to everything which you stand for. There is no excuse for such behavior.

So you wish to be a Patriot? Form and join the type Patriotic organization you will be comfortable with and stick with it until you are dead or victorious.

--Martin Lindstedt,
7th Missouri Militia
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri




Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 13:47:52 -0400
Subject: Re: Macon Georgia Update

In a message dated 96-06-16 00:58:58 EDT, you write:

>Thanks Jeff..but I'm beginning to wonder if anyone really gives a
>shit.  Donations are WAY down;  if we don't get more, we'll have to
>call off the whole damned thing.  Don't even have enough to cover
>the cost of the shotgun.

  The whole problem with this movement is that there is a lot of
support for what we do, but people are too damn lazy to get off their
dead asses and do something productive, besides bitch. No one ever
gives a shit until it's their own ass in a sling....then they expect
the whole world to give a damn.
  This deal in Macon, has really put me to thinking about this
movement...especially the militia movement. Don't get me wrong...there are
a lot of people who have helped and are continuing to help, but the
majority in this movement are all talk. They would rather bitch about
some personal conflict because they don't like someone, than to think
of the good of the whole movement. Then we have those who say, I
support what you do, but I can't be public about it. Well...Hell, they
could send a dollar or two anonymously to the cause of freedom. No,
they're waiting for everyone else to test the waters before they
commit to anything. Mark my word, Jon, if the government told everyone
tomorrow that they had to turn in all their guns...I can guarantee that
resistance would be small.

  One thing that did impress me about Alabama was the fact that we had
a candidate for US Senate who openly supported the militia movement,
he lost his ass in the primary after receiving 10,000 votes. That tells
me that even though he lost, we still have 10,000 quiet supporters for
what we do. Now, if we could get these people to open their mouths, we
could change this country. This man was not afraid to come to our
militia rally, be photographed, do interviews and say what was on his front of God and everyone else. Now...I have a hell of a lot
of respect for a man like that. People like this are the only incenetive
I have to continue working with this movement.

My attitude of this movement has changed drastically in the last couple
of months. At first, I was all for killing 'em all and let God sort 'em
out, but I have come to realize that many in the movement are worse
than those we are fighting.  Hell, I have met a few ATF agents that I
have more respect for than some militia members.

My plans for the future are to continue to fight corruption...on either
side. Everything that's going on is not necessarily government's
fault...most of the blame is with the folks who won't get off their
dead ass and do anything about what's happening. The people who support
people like Starr, but are too damn lazy to even send you a dollar for a raffle
ticket. Again, there has been tremendous support from many in this
movement, but 30 percent of that support is from non-militia folks.

It takes individual effort to ever right the wrongs...a small percentage
of this movement has been carrying all the weight of the battle on their
shoulders...this small percentage amounts to a lot of people, but what
the hell's wrong with all of these other folks...especially the radical
one's that raise hell everytime law enforcement or government does
something...but you never see the folks at a rally... you never see a
dollar from them to help out with the victims...all you ever hear from
them is "advice," over the telephone, fax or email. Too many armchair
warriors in this movement...too many wannabes....too much talk .....too
little action. I'm sorry, but I have lost all faith in this movement,
as a whole, but I have gained a lot of faith in those who have always
been there...ready and willing to help.

Yeah...I'm still in this movement, but not as a "typical" militiaman,
instead as someone who is going to continue to stand up for things that
are right, help those who are victimized, be it government agents,
patriots or common civilians. I've made a hell of a lot of friends doing
this, and met a lot of good folks...from all walks of life. I have also
met a lot of people I have no use for...people who use this movement for
personal gain or glory seeking. It's not hard to see the difference.
These glory seekers, then call everyone who has done something
producive a damn fed, or CIA agent. This is usually done out of
jealousy. It's done because someone did something productive for the
cause and the glory seekers were too damn scared to get behind it until
after it was over with. The only way they have of keeping their
reputation is to label someone.
  You mark my word, when Starr is aquitted, everyone in the country,
that did nothing, will claim responsiblity and it will be the greatest
thing that ever happened. If, however, he's convicted, then these glory
seekers will say the reason for it was because everyone working on the
case was a fed, or he had poor representation.
  I remember Coushatta, I remember a militiaman in Michigan taking 100
percent credit for the peaceful surrender. The only reason Lynn
Crawford surrendered is because he had no choice (it's hard to have a
choice with support from only a dozen militamen)....not because Mr.
Adams negotiated a peaceful solution. Have you ever noticed that all
these people that take credit for something have never showed up on the
ground while the battle was going on? You know why? It's because they
want to be on the winning side...if their man loses then they can point
fingers and say they had nothing to do with it, but if their man
wins...then they take full credit.
  Too many damn "officers" in this movement...where are the enlisted
men? Every militia meeting you go to has 90 percent of the people
wearing some kind of officer rank...everyone's a damned colonel,
captain or leutinant. I have yet for anyone to introduce themselves as
a militaman, or better yet, a Constitutionalist ...without some kind of
rank. This whole rank structure is bullshit...the only way you gain
leadership is thru integrity and trust. This is a voluntary movement,
no one controls anyone else.
  You want to know why the general public thinks the militia is a bunch
of wackos, then look at the fools running around with BDUs and ribbons
on their chest, totin' an AK... you want to change public perception,
and actually do something productive for the cause, then get you a
camera and some street clothes and start investigating and exposing
corruption. Start rallying around someone who has been wronged by
government, start preaching the Constitution everyday, talk to the
press and talk radio, not about toting guns, but about government
corruption. You don't have to have a damn rank or be in a militia to
do that. I've heard all the "bad-ass" talk coming from gun totin'
militia "special forces" personnel, hell, half of them wouldn't know
how to properly dress a wound or care for a snake bite.
  The real funny part is that most of them are legends in their own
mind, they're "waiting for the war to start," and they are too
illiterate to realize that we are already at war, and the only way to
properly win by beating the "enemy" in his own system of rules and to
educate people. And the only way to do that is by getting involved.
Once again, these "SF" wannabes are waiting for someone else to take
point. God have mercy on this whole movement.

  Jon, you may be mad, but I'm pissed. Not pissed because anyone has
let me down, but mad because people have selfishly let a lot of good
folks carry this movement. So, I wouldn't expect too much response on
the raffle. The "leaders" of the militia are always bragging about the
large numbers who are true militia members...I've heard numbers as high
as 10 million. They say they are just staying "underground," you and I
both know that most of that is bullshit. Hell, if that were true, then
you would be receiving anonymous third party dollar bills from all over
the country.

  Jon, let the rally go on, if you have problems raising enough money
to pay for the shotgun, let me know, I'll personally send you the

  I'm sending this out publicly, and hope to God everyone distributes
this. As far as myself, I'm going to continue to network with those who
have put their heart and soul in this movement...the Mike Kemps, Mike
Perrins, Bob Starrs, Martin Linstedts and many others too numerous to
mention... and let's not forget the press people, a few ATF and FBI
people and several others who are trying to do the right thing, but I
am finished helping these lazy ass armchair warriors.

A pissed off Libertarian,

Jeff Randall

PS: If anyone has a guilty conscience from reading this then it's
probably correct.
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 03:57:18 -0700
From: (Jon Roland)
Subject: Sunshine Patriots

>The whole problem with this movement is that there is a lot of support
>for what we do, but people are too damn lazy to get off their dead
>asses and do something productive

It is easy to become discouraged by expecting more of people, or
expecting it sooner, than is reasonable. Other patriots have faced this
problem in ages past. It is well to reflect on their example, and learn
what we can of it.

It is a mistake to condition one's own actions on the response or
support of others. In this life we each have a duty to do what is right,
even if we have to stand alone against all the forces of the Universe.
We are not responsible for the actions of others, or for outcomes, only
for our own best efforts. Life is a learning experience. Some will
learn, and for each that does, one more spark will lighten the darkness.
The night sky is not less beautiful for having no more than the stars
is has, and there could be no life on this earth if the sky were an
unbroken ceil of stellar fire.

The "long train of abuses" has not reached to the lives of most people.
At present it is mainly something dimly perceived and easy to deny or
dismiss. It has always been so. Good people are slow to act against
tyranny. Indeed, the greatest danger we now face is that we have
alerted the tyrants, and they are smart enough to back off and stop
provoking us in the way they have been doing. A lot of people will be
satisfied by that, thinking the militia movement has won, and go home.
We must now adapt our tactics, putting less emphasis on the more
spectacular examples of abuse, and engage in the more tedious process
of uprooting corruption, tracking the roots to their source.

Be aware that we are not alone in this. We have people in every place,
every walk of life. Most are not prepared to act boldly without some
promise of success, some hope of victory. Most will wait until they
are joined by others and there is a sea change. But some will stand
alone, and if cut down, will do so without complaint, knowing they
have done what must be done, until one by one, the blood of martyrs
will swell to a flood of inspiration that will wash away the evil of
the world.

     17-Jun-96 13:22 EDT
 Sb: FTW: The Movement Is *NOT* Stalled!!!
 Fm: Kevin McGehee [102117,2606]
 To: Mike Johnson [102052,3716]

***From the Top of the World***
by KEVIN McGEHEE (Editor of "The Armed Genius")
North Pole, Alaska

Permission granted to anyone wishing to forward, redistribute, or broadcast
this article, provided its source is properly acknowledged. Thank you.


Some of those who regularly receive FTW also have received the recent
posts from Mike Kemp and Jeff Randall (of the Gadsden Minutemen Militia),
discussing the apparent doldrums into which the patriot movement lately
seems to have fallen. Having devoted the last three and a half years to
publishing The Armed Genius and pursuing the fight to re-establish the
constitutional, and God-given, individual right to keep and bear arms, I
know how Messrs. Kemp and Randall are feeling.

It seems that no matter how good the fight, no matter how much progress
we make, no matter how broad or deep -- or both -- the support, periods
like this, when leaders begin to wonder just how effective their
efforts really are, and where the @#$!! all their support has suddenly
vanished to, are inevitable. In many ways the depth of the funk is
more a function of the great rate of progress to which we have
previously become accustomed, than a reaction to actual circumstances.
And in some cases the cause of a leader's doubts is not a lack of
support expressed by others' actions, but a result of a natural
tendency on most *non*-leaders' parts to assume that since things are
going so well, they themselves don't have to work as hard as they
used to.

At times like this, movement leaders need to focus on two things. First,
when the opposition redoubles its efforts to discredit or destroy you,
it is a sign that they fear you. The sudden recent increase in the
number of attacks against patriot leaders from persons *claiming* to
have the movement's best interests at heart is, in my opinion, at least
a corollary: when the small-minded hangers-on start attacking you, it
means that your effectiveness and the level of respect you have earned,
have also earned you the venomous envy and hatred of those hangers-on,
and they naturally react by seeking to destroy your formidable
reputation in a misguided attempt to boost their own.

The second thing that leaders like Kemp and Randall need to keep in
mind is that most times on issues like those we champion, the actual
effects of our work take time to be seen, even by the most astute. And
during that interval, while in reality the general public is becoming
intensely sensitive to the things we try to tell them about, it may
seem to us that either nothing at all is happening, or that we may even
be losing ground. I can tell you that in my experience it is almost
*never* so.

So, Mike, Jeff, and the rest of you, take a deep breath or three, step
back for just a second to reassess the situation, and realize that
things are nowhere near as bad as they may have seemed these last few
weeks. Then step back in, jaw firmly set, and press your advantage. We
*know* Bob and Jimmie are innocent, and that the "bomb plot" case is
entrapment, Ruby Ridge-style. Well, despite a media frenzy painting
Randy Weaver as a gun-toting, racist criminal bent on overthrowing the
U.S. Gummint, Weaver not only was acquitted of the original charge, but
was eventually awarded over $3 million in damages. So whatever a slick
U.S. Attorney may have been able to convince an addled judge, or
persuade a grand jury in the absence of contrary information, there is
no way that a jury will convict those men.

Victory may take years, but progress happens every day, even when it
seems all we can ever manage to do is lose.

June 17, 1996

Apparent Suicide Syndrome: Will the US Survive?

by Patricia Neill (c 1996)

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 10:12:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Patricia Neill 
Subject: Apparent Suicide Syndrome: Will the US Survive?

Apparent Suicide Syndrome: Will the US Survive?
by Patricia Neill (c 1996)

May 17, 2002

(Geneva) Apparent Suicide Syndrome killed another 851 people today
in Washington DC, reported Dr. LaFarge, director of the Center for
Disease Control. LaFarge held out little hope that the capitol of
the US can withstand this mysterious and dreaded contagion, or that
it can be cured.

Millions of Apparent Suicide Syndrome (ASS) deaths have swept the
US since 1992. Scattered examples of the disease arose in the early
1960s, a few more in the 70s, more still in the 80s in certain
regions of Arkansas, only to explode with horrendous results in the

Victims of the disease, said Dr. Lafarge, come from all walks of
life. Two early high echelon victims were White House Counsel
Vincent Foster and Admiral Boorda. Scores of others, from wellknown
to unknown, died from ASS during the early years of the Clinton

Campaign managers, former bodyguards of Mr. Clinton, Arkansas
police officers, anyone who noticed anything strange about Mena
Arkansas were also, oddly, major victims, reported Dr. LaFarge,
during a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

In early 1997, the CDC moved its headquarters to Geneva, said
LaFarge, to better study this mysterious disease from afar.

"The etiology of ASS at first seemed to involve personal
acquaintance with the present Administration," said LaFarge, who
has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for his many brilliant
autopsy reports on the suicide victims. "However the disease then
spread to the general population, afflicting people as far away as
Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

Hundreds of victims of ASS have died mysteriously in Apparent Plane
Accidents, which appears to be a major subsidiary of Apparent
Suicide Syndrome. Others have suicided themselves via bizarre gun
shot wounds they normally would not have been able to perform.
"Multiple examples exist of victims killing themselves by a shot to
the back of their heads, with their hands tied behind them,"
reported LaFarge.

Judy Rasputin, Assistant to the Secretary of Health, Education and
Welfare, also spoke at the press conference. "Others have shot
themselves in the back with shotguns, or shot themselves up to 12
times--both situations so abnormal that these cases merit the
special designation of Apparent Suicide Syndrome."

"This is a very contagious and very bizarre disease," said Ms.
Rasputin, during the press conference. "It's quite unreal to have
all these victims dropping like flies from these unusual ways of
committing suicide. I don't know what has come over people."

Whatever it is causing this disease--viral, bacterial, total
lunacy--it has spooked the American people. Some methods of suicide
were truly strange. "Some victims of ASS have run themselves over
with their cars, after shooting themselves. Cases have been
reported of people chopping themselves up into bits with an axe,
weighing the parts down with chains, and tossing themselves in the
river," said Ms. Rasputin. "Its a terrible disease and so many have

Dr. Lafarge spoke again to the large audience of journalists, most
of the American, most of them also having moved to Geneva to better
study this disease from afar.

"It is no doubt simply a coincidence that most of the victims have
publicly or privately spoken out about the current Administration,"
said Dr. LaFarge. "Diseases cannot and do not pick victims of one
particular political stripe or another, so this must be simple

"We MUST wipe out ASS in our lifetimes," said LaFarge, pounding the
podium. "The CDC is doing all it can to contain the contagion
within the boundaries of the United States. However, isolated
outbreaks have occurred in other parts of the world," he noted.

LaFarge cited virulent outbreaks of ASS in Qana, Lebanon, and in
Chechyna, Russia's breakaway republic. "We can only hope to get
these spontaneous outbreaks of ASS under control before the disease
spreads worldwide."

(Help wipe out ASS in our lifetimes by sending some money right now
to the Bob Starr Legal Fund, c/o Jeff Randall, Route 1, Box 182,
Gallant Alabama 35972. Thank you.)

The Knob Creek Declaration.

Differing Voices Within the Movement -- Mike Johnson's e-mail

Return-Path: 102052.3716@CompuServe.COM
Date: 28 May 96 10:19:51 EDT
From: Mike Johnson <102052.3716@CompuServe.COM>
To: BlindCopyReceiver:;
Subject: MJN:Declaration 1/4

   This message and the three that follow deal with the Declaration that
was signed on April 14, 1996, by Jeff Randall and other militia leaders
in support of the Constitutional rights of the Freemen and also of all
other people throughout the country. On May 18, 1996, I also signed the
Declaration when I had the chance to at the Gadsden Minute Men's rally.

   I have taken the liberty of making the Declaration itself the first
of this series of messages. That way it will be available for easy
reference when the next messages are read and digested. The next two
messages that follow this one will be taken from JJ Johnson's and Nancy
Lord's explanations of why they came to feel that this was a bad idea,
and why JJ then pulled his signature from this declaration. The final
message will consist of my commentary on this whole state of affairs.

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

  It is safe to assume that any traffic going to or from this address
is being recorded, stored and analyzed somewhere by government
employees. Any other assumption is *not* *safe*.


   16-Apr-96 13:52 EDT
To: Mike Johnson [102052,3716]

Below signed declaration was delivered to FBI and other agencies today
across the nation.  Please distribute to all press and law enforcement.
This is a serious, historical document.

Jeff Randall


     Our respect for the opinions of the Citizens of the several States
demands that we state the reasons for our actions.  Our governments have
deprived the Citizens of the several states of their God given rights by
ignoring the letter and spirit of our Constitutions, as written by our
forefathers and given to us in trust.

   We have warned the People, from time to time, of attempts by
legislators to take unlawful control of our lives.  Some have listened,
some have not.
   Our grievances have fallen on deaf ears of legislators, and the
voice of justice is silent in our courts.  Bureaucrats, representatives,
senators, judges, and our executive officers have no respect for the
Constitutions which define the role and limits of government.

   The Declaration of Independence of 1776 clearly states the terms
and reasons why we, the People, have the right, and duty, to restore
our lawful Constitutional Government.

    We, the People, acting in accordance with the Second Article of
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, hereby
declare and affirm the following:

    While endorsing no position concerning their beliefs, we DEMAND
that the sovereign Citizens of Justus Township, Montana stand before a
Constitutional Grand Jury, convened and conducted in strict accordance
with Articles of Amendment (commonly known as the Bill of Rights) V,
VI, and VII to the Constitution of the United States of America, to
answer the complaints against them.  We demand that all the facts of
their case be examined without prejudice, with due process, in an open
and public manner.  The Citizens of Justus Township have given their
pledge to abide by the decisions of this Grand Jury.

    During the current unlawful activity of federal officers in Justus
Township, and in numerous previous atrocities we have witnessed, we
have restrained our brethren who would halt this string of abuses by
force of arms.  With each abuse by unlawful authority, we have found
this more difficult.  This has also been more troubling to our own

     Should any citizen be injured, or suffer loss of life, now or in
the future, by unlawful authority, and/or without due process, or if
any action is taken against any signer, their families, or any
supporter of this Declaration, it will be considered an act of war
against all the Citizens of all the States.  We will then no longer
restrain our brethren from the use of whatever lawful force is
necessary to eliminate the threat of unlawful federal enforcement
authority.  These Rules of Engagement will continue until such
authority has returned to its Constitutional jurisdiction.

     Our efforts are for the restoration of Constitutional government.
We do not threaten violence to our fellow Americans, nor will we
tolerate indiscriminate destruction of lives and property.  If we are
to restore the Constitutional guarantees for our children, we must use
the lawful means available to us.  We will depend on our Creator for
judgement of our actions.



Lucky Kountz, Montana State Republic
Jeff Randall, Alabama
William Michael Kemp, Alabama
Kevin Terrell, Kentucky
Richard A Underwood Sr., Missouri
Thomas E Schnitz, Missouri
Franklin Plew, Indiana
Leonard M Grummell, Indiana
James N Wade, Indiana
James Johnson, Jr, Ohio
Shawn M Tharp, Indiana
Robert J Crowe, Colorado
David E Rydel, Michigan
Harry Bibee, Tennessee
Mike Perrin, Tennessee
John Mason, Tennessee
Drew Allen Rayner, Mississippi
Jeff Absher, Mississippi
Joseph Alan Hill, Michigan Republic
Arthur Bean, Michigan

The Year of our Lord 1996, April 14


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Date: 28 May 96 10:20:23 EDT
From: Mike Johnson <102052.3716@CompuServe.COM>
To: BlindCopyReceiver:;
Subject: MJN: Declaration 2/4

   This message and the one that follows contains the reasons set forth
by JJ Johnson as to why he withdrew his name from the Declaration that
he had signed earlier, and which was reporduced in the first message of
this series. This also contains some commentary by Nancy Lord.

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

    27-May-96 22:01 EDT
Sb: Fwd: JJ Johnson
To: Mike Johnson [102052,3716]

    JJ Johnson has pulled his name from the Freeman Declaration. To
find out why download the 2 text files and read his reasons. I
think most will agree with his logic.



                              by J.J. Johnson

After receiving numerous inquiries about the Declaration and the
Resolution, I believe Constitutionalists throughout America deserve
an explanation for my statement.

While investigating the Robert Starr and James McCrannie case
in Macon, Georgia, a government counter-intelligence program
was uncovered. Our investigation then went beyond the Macon area,
and later exceed the boundaries of Georgia. With all the
attention generated from this investigation, on May 21st, we were
asked to go to Oklahoma City, to meet with state representatives
and survivors of the Murrah Federal Building bombing who are
conducting a similar citizens' volunteer investigation.

On May 23rd, we spent the entire day talking to investigators
and taking notes. That night, Nancy Lord and I had a long, private
conversation at a Waffle House in Oklahoma City with State
Rep. Charles Key. At about 3:00 a.m. CST, While Ms. Lord slept, I
began writing.

I had no choice but to work at a table with a mirror. I had to
look at myself constantly, remembering what we learned, and
understanding the consequences for the statement I was writing
and the consequences of remaining silent.

The Resolution was contemplated and started 14 days prior.
Although I made no commitment to complete or distribute the
Resolution, it was completed immediately after a our discussion
with Rep. Key. No one else had any influence on my decision or the
context of my statement.

At 7:00 a.m. CST I slept in the car while Nancy Lord drove to
Dallas for an 11:30 EST broadcast of CNN & Company on CNN.

While driving back to Georgia with little sleep, we found a
fax machine in which to transmit the 2 page statement. Later, after
receiving many questions, both of us were too tired to drive.
We stopped at a motel, and decided to write this joint report.

>From Nancy Lord:

First, contrary to accusations, I did not write or even suggest
the resolution.  When I woke up at 6 am, I edited a single phrase,
changed a few commas, and prepared the document for faxing.
That's it.  I'm really not that good a writer.

CNN called me while I was in Macon to discuss the Freeman standoff.

I always enjoy doing CNN and Company, but would rather
have discussed the frightening escalation of raids on citizenry and
government sponsored crime than the Freemen.  Personally, I do
not the support Freeman and have stated so from the outset.  I do
not feel obliged to lay down my life for any individual just
because he calls himself a patriot.  And I always argue lack of
federal jurisdiction in cases involving vitamins, hemp, and
firearms, but I do not see a constitutional justification for this
argument in a case of mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, or
counterfeiting.  Nor do I find a basis for denying federal
jurisdiction where farm subsidies have been accepted for the
property at issue.

That does not mean that I would accept the slaughter of the
Freemen, or that I have presumed them guilty.  A money draft can be
legally written on a cocktail napkin if redeemable, but
no procedural steps can turn a non-redeemable draft into legal

If the Freeman's notes are redeemable, they may prove so in court.
If not, they wrote bad checks and nothing more.  It does not
justify this stand-off.  The over-reaction suggests that there may
be something there that the government does not want revealed.

On CNN I started by saying that I spoke only on my own behalf.
I explained my lack of support for the group, then offered a
solution to the standoff:  Have the local Sheriff serve a warrant
with a CNN news crew behind him.  Citizens will not tolerate the
murder of a local Sheriff on national television and the Freeman
know this.

If that does not work, just leave, pack it in, go home, send
the cameras home, then pick up the Freeman as you would others
who wrote bad checks -- at the mall, a traffic stop, etc.  Of
course this idea was ridiculed by my debaters.  When the debate
turned to "moving in" my last bite was that they had better make
sure the Freeman fired the first shot so that force was justified.
(I have been told that the Freeman have declared they will not.)

And in this, I wholeheartedly support them.  I am a Libertarian
and follow the non-aggression principle:  I will not initiate force
but will defend myself and others if aggression is used against us.

But my last remark brought horror to the faces of my debaters
and talk of "bloodshed" -- previously an acceptable risk when the
only blood shed was to be that of the Freeman and not the Feds. I
felt the need to be on the show because of the escalation
I mentioned earlier, and the early results of the investigation
by J.J. Johnson, Robert Starr, III, myself and others, identifying
a frightening pattern in the rash of high-profile crimes
purportedly linked to the Freedom movement.

It is the "sting gone bad."  Government operatives move into a
group and instigate illegal activity with the plan to somehow
prevent it at the last minute but at the last minute the crime
is not prevented, and the evidence is destroyed.  It happened
in Oklahoma, it happened at the World Trade Center, and it would
have happened in Atlanta this summer were it not for the courage
of Robert Starr.  At this point, we must do all we can to uncover
and expose any acts of aggression before they happen --
particularly where government paid actors are involved.

Agent provocateurs trap the unwary, like Mr. Starr, with
conspiracy charges.  The esteemed Justice, Learned Hand wrote back
in 1925, "conspiracy, that darling of the modern prosecutor's
nursery." Because conspiracy, to an unenlightened jury, is often
proven by innuendo and assumptions.  A federal conspiracy requires
that the accused did knowingly and intentionally combine,
conspire, confederate and agree to commit offenses against the
United States.

An agreement to do something lawful, whether to purchase ice
cream or defend one's fellow citizens from unlawful force, is not
a conspiracy.  But if a large number of persons -- say 20 or
so national militia leaders -- enter into a lawful agreement, and
a few bad apples among them enter into a conspiracy, sorting it
out at trial can be expensive, risky, and painful.  Ask Bob Starr.

If a person has entered into a lawful agreement, with a large
number of persons, then learns that a few of them may have entered
into an unlawful agreement, a conspiracy, that person must
clearly set out the scope of his agreement and the limits of that
agreement.  This also applies to even a mere conversation, as
we talked about in Gadsden last weekend.  That's exactly what Bob
Starr should have done rather than conduct his own
investigation into the wrongdoing of the Barker brothers.

That is exactly what J.J. Johnson said in his resolution,
without any help from me or even understanding the ramifications.
Read it carefully.  He will not support acts of treason.  Think
about it in context.

Now he is being trashed by "patriots" on all fronts because he is
a man who stands by his own convictions.  He did not require the
permission of some "militia politburo" to make his own
statement. Where are all the free speech advocates who so quickly
defend the rights of peddlers of anti-semitic literature at various
events? Doesn't this apply to J.J. too?

I am reminded of J.J.'s question on his show last week:  "Boys,
when you were doing those late night panty raids, who was wearing
a wire?"  Now, we must ask ourselves the same question:  "When
someone was talking about violating the non-aggression
principle, who was wearing the wire?"  Clue:  That's probably him
right there.

I thought freedom was what we are fighting for.  If I was wrong
about that, so sorry.  I'll stick with tyranny thank you very much.

Nancy Lord, May 25th, 1996


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Date: 28 May 96 10:20:57 EDT
From: Mike Johnson <102052.3716@CompuServe.COM>
To: BlindCopyReceiver:;
Subject: MJN: Declaration 3/4

   This message concludes the commentary by JJ Johnson as to why he
withdrew his signature from the Declaration, as well as a Resolution
that he has authored trying to put things into a concise form.

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

Back to J.J. Johnson

The Preservation of Evidence

After a government sting operation, it is too often necessary
to destroy evidence, testimony, and witnesses that could not only
implicate illegal government involvement, but could compromise
the integrity of the government as a whole.  This evidence is known
as exculpatory, i.e. helpful to the accused.

In Waco, the question of who fired first could have been answered
with a key piece of evidence... the front door. As many know,
this steel door was reportedly destroyed by the fire.

In Oklahoma City, the key piece of evidence needed to prove
several explosions (and possible government involvement) was the
Murrah Building itself; razed despite numerous protests by those
seeking the truth.

Also, the media propaganda in OKC has been so intense that
many survivors of the blast and local residents can't remember many
of the details that they had observed. How intense?  Some OKC
victims who suspect government misconduct, were reluctant to talk
to Nancy and myself because they were told we were
"anti-government, conspiratorial, militia types".  Go figure.  The
mental, emotional, and spiritual evidence in OKC has been all but
destroyed by a massive government "psyche-ops" program.

In Macon, exculpatory evidence needed to exonerate Bob Starr
and Jimmy McCrannie was reported to a local Sheriff by a defense
attorney attempting to establish a chain of custody. The next
night, an unlawful raid by government agents failed. Their obvious
objective was to confiscate and destroy the evidence. Bobby
and Jimmy have yet to be indicted. If this case goes to trial, the
government's illegal activities will be exposed.

Now, at Justus Township, Montana, large amounts of evidence
and possible testimony that can potentially exonerate the Freemen
now faces destruction by the hands of federal agents. By the way,
it was government operatives who lured Schwitzer and Peterson to
their capture.  Sound familiar?  Who was wearing the wire?

If the Justus Township siege escalates to a point of no return,
the witnesses (and their testimony) will be lost, as well as the
key evidence inside, and their won't be a need for ANY kind of
court to hear their case.  Who will be left to testify on Schwitzer
and Peterson's behalf?

If unnecessary death and destruction at the Clark Ranch is allowed
to take place by FEDs, and used as a Patriotic justification for
war against the U.S. government, then why wait?  Gentlemen, start
your engines.

...But before you saddle up your gear, their will be those who
will carry out their plans to violate the Rules of Engagement set
forth in the Declaration, and possibly commit Acts of Treason.
Government operatives are standing by.

As volunteers went to the aid of the Freemen in an effort to
avoid another Waco, it became self-evident that a workable solution
could not be reached between the two sides.  Nancy's advice to
the federal government on CNN prevents another Waco (Sheriff:  do
your job). My advice in the Resolution preserves the evidence
(Freemen:  get a lawyer). If we are to expose a corrupt banking
system in America from Justus Township, the Freemen need to be


We have reason to believe that if corrupt government activity is
not stopped incidents like the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City
can and will happen again, and we'll be blamed again.  Will
Atlanta be next?

I can just imagine the stories now. Go ahead.  Call us
federal agents, sell-outs, unGodly, politicians, etc.  No deals
were made. No bargains agreed to. No laws were broken.  Our mission
was to seek the truth, and avoid a repeat of what happened to
people like Starr, Mcrannie, Schwitzer, and Peterson, etc.

Due to corrupt federal justice, and confirming the modus operandi
of counter-intelligence/government sting operatives while in
Oklahoma City, it was my painful decision (and mine alone) to
remove my name from the Declaration in order to protect the
operational security and unit integrity of the militia movement
in the America.  Do your own research.  Draw your own conclusions.

As we return to Georgia, we find ourselves at the last three words
of the Declaration of Independence:

Lives: The removal of my name from the Declaration has caused
law enforcement agencies to inquire about my personal safety.

Fortunes: We are all but broke and have lost virtually
everything, but not asking for assistance.

Sacred Honor:  Nancy Lord and myself are now hated and scorned
by many in this movement as well as most FEDs.

But if each of us must compromise our integrity to satisfy the
public and "go along with the program", how can any of us
ever become free men?

Resolution  By JJ Johnson

On Saturday April 13th 1996, I sat in a hotel room with a
gentlemanfrom Montana. He explained the situation in Jordan,
Montana, as best he could from their view.  He later explained
publicly thatit was important to preserve the evidence at Justus
Township concerning the lawful basis for their bank drafts.

It was I, who at Mr. Koontz and Mr Rydell's request hand picked
arepresentative from each state at a national  gathering
called"Operation Rolling Thunder". I asked each to be at a
privatemeeting to discuss options to help preserve, and if
necessary,defend the Constitutional rights of those inside Justus
Township. In that private meeting held later at a motel in
Shepardsville Ky, 23 representatives discussed a more direct
approach. The mission: prevent another Waco from taking place. It
was agreed that the bestsolution was to gather as many people
across the country to cometo Justus township and serve as a barrier
between Federal agentsand the "Freemen". After lengthy discussions,
and virtually every military and political option place on the
table, the a conclusion was reach that it was unrealistic to
prepare and finance such a large number of persons and have them in
place and operational by April 19th, the day we feared the worst.

We then agreed later to produce a statement of resolve, called the
Declaration, which clearly outlined our position of the Justus
Township situation. This document was signed by 20 persons including
myself on April 14th, 1996, and delivered to each signatories' local
office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. at 11:30 eastern
time April 16th, 1996.

It was my belief and understanding that the Declaration was
writtento help prevent an armed assault and to preserve the
evidence. Our goal was to insure due process, and safeguard the
Constitutionalrights of the accused. However, a personal
investigation of all thefacts concerning this matter leads me to
the following conclusion:

WHEREAS Several persons have traveled to Montana in an attempt to
reach a peaceful and lawful resolution in this matter. Other have
expressed a desire to assist as legal counsel. During this
time,there has been no armed conflict between the parties in
question. Both sides should be commended for their restraint.

As the government officers have not used lethal force to
resolvethis issue, it is my opinion that NOW is the time for the
Citizens of Justus Township Montana, to work in Good Faith to
demonstrate their Constitutional responsibility by questioning the
issue of Jurisdiction in the Established courts, securing any
exculpatory evidence in their favor by seeking the advise of legal
counsel oftheir choosing, and placing the Burden of Proof on their
accuser.  By using this lawful procedure, all evidence and
testimony presented for adjudication becomes a matter of public
record, thus Th)Teliminating the possibility of any loss of
documentation or witnesses through force of arms.

Furthermore, although the use of unlawful force by government
officers, or lack of Due Process in this matter is unacceptable,I
cannot and will neither support nor tolerate ANY Citizen or groupof
Citizens, acting in accordance with the Second Amendment of the
United States Constitution, using the Declaration or any other
document to justify or contemplate Acts of Treason, as a policy of
retaliation, thus violating the Constitution , and the Rules of
Engagement established in the agreed Declaration.

RESOLVED: That in an effort to ensure these ends, I hereby
acknowledge my name be removed as a sponsor, or supporter of
theDeclaration of April 14, 1996.

I make this personal resolution without prejudice or malice of
thought toward any other signer or supporter of the Declaration, or
toward the Citizens of Justus Township, Montana. I appeal to our
Creator that this issue is resolved by the law, and not the sword.

May 24, 1996

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Date: 28 May 96 10:21:24 EDT
From: Mike Johnson <102052.3716@CompuServe.COM>
To: BlindCopyReceiver:;
Subject: MJN:Declaration 4/4

   This is not an easy commentary to write. There are a lot of good
people in this movement who are trying to do the best that they possibly
can for God and country. There are many people out there who are putting
in long hours, and some are driving themselves to almost superhuman
feats of endurance to try to do as much as they possibly can for the
cause. Given that the stakes are so high, it is only natural that people
from time to time stop to make sure that they are actually accomplishing
what they want to. Part of that process necessarily involves
re-examining most of what they have already done.

   However, in the course of such analysis, it is also easy to
overestimate the problems that one is facing. This can lead to one
changing what they are trying to do before anything has been
accomplished, and if this sort of thing is done often enough, the end
result will be that nothing at all gets done.

   After having gone back over the Declaration, and reading what JJ
Johnson and Nancy Lord have to say, I have made the decision to stick
with the Declaration. This is largely due to the following reasons:

(1) Unalienable rights are simply that. Unalienable. One can not lose
them simply because they have recieved money from somebody. The argument
that by recieving money from the federal government one has surrendered
their unalienable rights is one that is usually advanced by the
government to fraudulently convince people that they no longer have
those rights. The bottom line is that those rights have been given to
the people of this country, and indeed the entire world, by God. The
only way that one can forfeit one's unalienable rights is to violate
God's laws. Therefore, I do not agree with Nancy Lord that the federal
government somehow magically obtained jurisdiction in the case of the
Freemen because they may have been recieving some sort of farm subsidy.
Now it is true that Nancy Lord may be able to cite 15,000 volumes worth
of secular law that essentially make that argument. The problem is that
the argument, by violating the basic tenants of Natural Law, is invalid
on its face, regardless of who says what.

(2) Even if the Freemen were to adopt JJ's resolution tomorrow and hire
the best attorney in the entire country to take their case, there is no
guarantee that the Feds wouldn't simply go in there, slaughter them all
and destroy all the evidence as a matter of course. After all, given
that the Freemen can not communicate with the outside except through
the Feds, how would we ever know what had truly happened? I do not see
how either backing down from the Declaration or embracing the Resolution
aids the battle to preserve evidence one iota.

   We have come to a very unfortunate juncture in this country. The
federal government abandoned the rule of law several decades ago, and
has largely been ruling through fraud. Decieving people into believeing
that it can exercise powers that were never legitimately granted to it
in the first place. However, that does not seem to be enough to slake
the thirst for power that those people in high places have developed.
As a result, we are now seeing the federal government more and more
base its rule on sheer force and terror. To the extent that things are
going in that direction, it may be that only force or the threat of
force will be able to deal with the situation.
   While trying to solve things through the judicial system is the
preferred method of handling things, I fear that we will see the
government move before too much longer in such a way as to make any
remedy that might be obtained through that method moot. If that in fact
comes to pass, then the Declaration will be a better method of dealing
with that situation then the Resolution is.

(3) I am also afraid that regardless of what we decide to do to try to
solve the problems that our country is facing, we are going to have to
deal with informers, agents provocateur, dissipators, moles and other
assorted unpleasantries from the government's bag of dirty tricks. That
sort of trouble will not go away simply because we decided not to
rattle our sabers as loudly as we had been before.

   Those people who desire a good read may want to pick up a copy of
Patton's book, "War as I knew it" (ISBN 0-553-20491-2). There are a
couple of places in it where he states one of his maxims, one that he
felt was vitally important. It is simply, "Do not take counsel of your
fears." It is my not so humble opinion that while the potential problems
caused by the various different types of government infiltrators
running around are not to be taken lightly, neither are they reason
enough in and of themselves to justify *not* attempting to define a
common stand. Sooner or later, we are going to have to do so anyway if
we are to succeed. The odds are excellent that we may see the government
moving against everybody who has gone public so far regardless of what
they have or haven't said and done. In such a case, we will be in the
same position that the Founding Fathers were when Benjamin Franklin
observed that, "If we do not all hang together, then we will all hang

   So, for the reasons set forth above, I'm going to stand by my
signature on the Declaration.

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 14:09:44 -0700
From: (Mike Kemp)
Organization: Minute Men
To: Mike Johnson <102052.3716@CompuServe.COM>

I agree, wholeheartedly, with the tenets you express. I might also
add that the Declaration declares that due process must be followed;
there shall be no killing, as there has been before. It does not declare
war, simply declares our intent to no longer counsel restraint if our
enemies do not practice restraint, no matter how foreign it might be to
    The bottom line, however, is that I examined the situation then and
made a decision. Nothing has changed that would make me rescind my word.

In Liberty,

Mike Kemp


  Like Mike Johnson, I was down at the Gadsden Minuteman Rally on
May 18, 1996 with two other gentlemen who signed the Knob Creek
Declaration. I have not seen fit to withdraw my signature, nor have
the other two gentlemen from Missouri.

--Martin Lindstedt, 7th Missouri Militia
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