Modern Militiaman

A Journal of the Modern Resistance Movement

Issue #10, Jan. 1, 1999



Purpose and Dedication: This electronic and limited print newsletter is dedicated to the modern militiamen and women of the American Resistance Movement. The writers, editors, and contributors of this newsletter have by their talents became leading actors within the overall Patriot movement, be they militiamen, common-law jurists, tax-protesters, Freemen, shortwave talk-show hosts, Libertarians, Conspiracy Theorists or other assorted Rebels with a cause. We are an unruly bunch.

Most of the feeds and articles to this newsletter come off the Internet or electronic mail, which is the Gutenburg device of choice. Far-flung, quick, cheap, and secure, the Internet is a growing web of information which cannot be stopped or effectively censored. While at least one copy of each issue will be printed in order to take advantage of 1st Amendment press protections, thus blanketing the electronic edition, this and every issue is designed to be pulled apart and redesigned for every region, for every portion of the former Sweet Land of Liberty, to be used by Patriots everywhere. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are the opinions only of the authors, nobody else. The result should be freedom, not peace.

This is the 10th issue. This issue is dedicated to showing why there cannot be peace on earth between the criminal regime and the Resistance.

Managing Editor Martin Lindstedt (



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Copyright 1999. Anyone is at liberty to copy this newsletter in whole or in part for non-profit purposes provided they properly attribute copied portions to Modern Militiaman and the author(s). People who do make a buck from it are expected to pony up.



Table of Contents:

1. About This Issue

2. The Resistance Year of 1998 -- Martin Lindstedt

3. Course of Action -- by William Michael Kemp

4. That Christian Identity Thing -- Patricia Neill
4.A. Professor Michael Barkun Interview -- Jan. 26, 1998 --

5. Clinton's War -- Dr. William Pierce

6. Wolves, Horses, Sons and Whores -- by Jim Floyd

7. The Resistance Political Front -- Martin Lindstedt

8. Fight Back? -- William Michael Kemp

9. Had Enough? Kill Them All Now! -- -- by Geoffrey Erikson

10."The Siege" -- A White Nationalist Movie Review -- Martin Lindstedt

11.Change of Command at the Michigan Militia Corps -- Notice by 8th Divisional Officer Rick Haynes, Commentary by Martin Lindstedt -- Jan. 19-21, 1999

12.KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes Declares Civil War II, Part 1 -- by KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes

13. Return Fire! Letters to the Editor

14. Command Decision.



About This Issue:

Managing Editor Martin Lindstedt.



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