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Issue #4, Jan.-Feb., 1997 -- Surviving 1997



Purpose and Dedication: This electronic and limited print newsletter is dedicated to the modern militiamen and women of the American Resistance Movement. The writers, editors, and contributors of this newsletter have by their talents became leading actors within the overall Patriot movement, be they militiamen, common-law jurists, tax-protesters, Freemen, shortwave talk-show hosts, Libertarians, Conspiracy Theorists or other assorted Rebels with a cause. We are an unruly bunch.

Most of the feeds and articles to this newsletter come off the Internet or electronic mail, which is the Gutenburg device of choice. Far-flung, quick, cheap, and secure, the Internet is a growing web of information which cannot be stopped or effectively censored. While at least one copy of each issue will be printed in order to take advantage of 1st Amendment press protections, thus blanketing the electronic edition, this and every issue is designed to be pulled apart and redesigned for every region, for every portion of the former Sweet Land of Liberty, to be used by Patriots everywhere. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are the opinions only of the authors, nobody else. The result should be freedom, not peace.

This is the third issue. I have the honor to be the editor of it. Hopefully, there will be other issues, other editors, and new writers as the old ones are locked up, shot, run-off, Arkancided, or bored to death -- anything other than complacent. Now let's go out and raise some hell and have some fun.

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Table of Contents:

1. About this Issue, -- Patricia Neill, Roving Editor
2. The Militia Attitude -- Rick Slater
3. A Declaration of Inner Independence -- Claire Wolfe
4. Just Don't Do It -- Senator Charles Duke
5. Sons of Liberty No. 25 -- Gary Hunt
6. Americans Dying for Martial Law -- Don Harkins
7. Surviving With Honor in the Time Ahead -- Martin Lindstedt
8. Review of Triple Ought -- James Rawles
9. Watts and Black-Robed Lawyers or U.S. Government vs. Everybody Else -- Patricia Neill
10. Not Worth the Paper It Was Written On -- Martin Lindstedt



About This Issue:

This issue of Modern Militiaman has to do with survival. Physical, mental, and political survival in the near future should be a matter of concern for all resistance people. With that in mind, the first article by Rick Slater on the necessary state of mind for the modern resistance movement. In a similar mode, the next article by Claire Wolfe covers a few ideas for personal independence, taken from her book, "101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness." Claire's book is very good and I highly recommend it. Ordering information for the book follows the article. Get a copy.

The next series of articles concern current political events and show the worsening state of affairs in this country. Washington is for sale to globalists and multinational corporations, the Supreme Court's decided that judges can punish defendants even when no crime was committed, government agents kill Americans and steal their property via the legal fiction of civil asset forfeiture, more police stops of vehicles for "probable cause" drug seizures are occurring, and then there is the continuing terrible story of betrayal of our military in Gulf War Illness. The situation looks bad.

What's a resistance movement to do?

Survive, for one, any way we can. Political survival by continuing to work within the system as we can, at the same time acknowledging that the system was broken a long time ago and currently benefits only the elite. Physical survival is the concern of the next article, by Martin Lindstedt. It offers very good advice and its suggestions should be followed by one and all. Next comes a review of a shareware novel, Triple Ought, by Jim Rawles. The book is not only a good read, but has scads of good survival information.

Spiritual and mental survival using whatever comes most natural to each individual: prayer, mental preparedness and strength of mind, humor, whatever it takes. I offer my own way of dealing with the Supreme Court's US vs Watts decision--that defendants are liable to double jepardy and their sentences can be increased for accusations for which a jury found them not guilty. In my opinion, satire is not only healthy but also a weapon of ancient lineage. Humor can help us: laughter can punture fear and can also puncture the bloated self-important egos of the elite.

Last but not least, comes another essay dealing with political survival by Martin Lindstedt. One essential element in survival is seeing things as they are, clearly, with no black heart depression on one hand and with no rose colored glasses on the other. Martin's essay takes a very straightforward look at the Constitution. Someone once asked Ghandi what he thought of Western Civilization and he said "Its a good idea." That same thing could be said about our "Constitutional Republic."

Last, Modern Militiaman is open to having other roving editors. Should any of you unruly types out there want to try your hand and have some fun, send email to Martin Lindstedt or Patricia Neill. In the meantime, enjoy and get prepared for the rock and roll.



Militia Attitude

by Rick Slater (


An attitude and a state of mind, not a club or group or organization. A habit of performing responsibly each and every waking hour of the day. A FORCE to be reckoned with and not a reaction to events. A positive motion of learning, growing and changing which instills learning, growing and changing in others. Evil can only hide.

I expect you already have your food, heat and shelter for this winter. I expect you have medical supplies, disaster plans and transportation alternatives in place. Mine are not elaborate or all encompassing and I don't expect yours to be either. Nor do I expect to go into it because you can get that elsewhere. I have been asked to write something that you can't get somewhere else.

I talked with some brothers in the southeast. They were looking for a pat on the back for a plan they had which would produce a civilian military structure. They resisted any advice to form an un-American Activities Investigation plan. It was a shame that Starr got trapped while trying to trap someone else but I fail to see how integration with the National Guard patriots and Military patriots is going to stop the recent epidemic of manufactured diseases which are incubating all over the world. Perhaps someone can explain it to me. Until then I will continue to network with my fellow nobodies.

I learned to fire an M-16 in the Air Force in 1971. I have never handled one since but I saw the wisdom in it when M-16's were handed out to all flight line personnel in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1972/1973. We thought it was a joke for them to bother teaching mechanics to fire a rifle at the time. Then a year later, when I was looking at the possibility of getting orders to go to Vietnam I thought it wasn't a joke anymore. Thankfully, I was never sent there.

Now I talk with people that think all militia should always be carrying firearms and be proficient in a variety of conventional weapons usage. Well I could probably get real good at it but I first have to figure out who is going to take my place fixing machines and get them to give me the money they get for it so I can pay my bills. Reality seems to always get in my way. The joke here is picturing some fool trying to kill, with a handgun, e-boli, anthrax, AIDS, whatever else was introduced in our society from the Persian Gulf and whatever else the Medico-terrorists are experimenting on us with at the moment. I don't know about you but I do not appreciate someone creating terror and causing fear to try to get me to do something that they know is harmful.

Think I'm kidding? Try finding a doctor that will accept responsibility for any harm caused by a vaccine. Tell him or her you will get the vaccine if they sign a form saying they will allow themselves to be held responsible for injury caused by the vaccine. Even having the burden of proof on yourself that the cause of injury was from the vaccine is not enough to get them to sign. Obviously vaccines are not safe enough for a doctor to risk his practice giving them.

Everyone should know how to use deadly force to his or her advantage. After all we are surrounded by deadly force and you are better off having knowledge and not needing it than needing knowledge and not having it. For example whenever you see a "Caution", "Warning" or "Danger" sign you should think "Weapon!". The force need not be recognizable to others as a threat but it must be real power. If something can cause harm you are probably in the habit of avoiding harm to yourself and others when using it but what is fighting but avoiding personal harm while allowing maximum harm to another. If you think your microwave in the kitchen is not deadly force then defeat the door switch, stick your hand inside, turn it on and see what happens. How about the stove? A person carrying boiling water? Ever get a shock from a color TV? Gasoline? The whole discussion about whether police need warrants or not would be nonexistant if the police were afraid to enter your home because they mght get hurt by something. I have been told I have a dangerous mind. I disagree. Playing it safe invites danger. Taking risks scares trouble away. Attitude is everything.

When you network look for people who are different. Look for different attitudes, beliefs and habits. When you need a vehicle fixed to be somewhere at a certain designated time you aren't going to care if the mechanic is a vegetarian pacifist. You will only care if he knows what he is doing. As a general rule though you should watch out for pacifists because they might already know they are surrounded by deadly force. Don't end up on the receiving end of a "workplace accident".

Of course if you have an official license to kill, blessed by the American Medical Association, you never have "workplace accidents" - just acts of God. I guess I am just jealous of someone who is paid to cause pain and suffering by many monopolies that insure people will always need to "keep coming back". Personally I have found that when I work on a machine and it ends up no better off than when I started people go to someone else to get it fixed. I see these same people go to a doctor, get no better after treatment and go back again. It must be something they learned when they got their college degree because I was never told why that is a good idea. I was probably not told a lot of things.

You might want to think about resolutions because it's -yawn- that time of year again. Get ready to be bored to tears by the proliferation of habits of talking about changing habits. Don't believe a word they say because if they knew they'd change they wouldn't say and if they say they'll change they don't know how to. Manage and plan your time, prioritize your personal values, set your goals realistically and progress inch by inch, a day at a time, a little everyday just like all the nobodies before us who made this nation great enough to be envied by every other nation in the world. Don't believe for a minute that any of the "posterboys" in the history books had much to do with it. Start something. Stick with it long enough to attract others and watch the "posterboys" show up to "save your day". You know you couldn't do it without them. Probably because you, like me, have an attitude. We know how to get by. We're from the same state (of mind).




By Claire Wolfe

Where's the capital of a free country? Washington? Zurich? Luna City? No way. It's in your brain! Unless we are personally free--that is, unless we are prepared to govern ourselves, intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and in our actions--we aren't ever going to have a truly free country, even if we manage to win this one back from the usurpers now posturing as our "leaders."

I had that in mind when I wrote the book *101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness* (Loompanics Unlimited). So while the book deals with a lot of things, from playing dirty tricks on feds to building a store of emergency goods, a big chunk of it is about how we, ourselves, think and live.

Even the most freedom-loving of us (myself unfortunately included) too often act unfree. When we give our Social Security number because it's easier than making a fuss, when we let ourselves be sucked into dependency on a bad habit or a government check, when we tremblingly obey a bullying cop, when we let our wages be stolen by the taxman--we are contributing to our own unfreedom. Thus we are undoing the good work we accomplish elsewhere, and we are conditioning ourselves to live as serfs, not free men and women.

While I applaud the courageous souls who form militias and marvel at the smart few who manage to get bad laws repealed, there is a great deal more we can accomplish, right inside our own heads, without assistance, money, equipment, fancy skills or other things that can be hard to come by.

As a sample, here are handful of the book's 101 ideas. If you're interested in seeing some more, check the order information at the end of this article. If you have ideas of your own to share, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Just e-mail me at:


Picture this. Your favorite vice is taken away from you. Bang! It's gone! No more booze, cigarettes, coke, cola or whatever. Now what do you do?

There's nothing wrong with drugs, cigarettes or anything else you like to do and can do without harming others. But there's everything wrong with being dependent.

You could lose access to your favorite vices in an economic collapse, a natural disaster, a guerrilla war, or if you end up in jail. If you're a slave to your habits you can easily become a slave to anyone who can control your habits -- anyone who dangles the desired thing in front of you and tells you you can have it if you just cooperate. Even if you don't end up in that dire circumstance, you could still spend a lot of time in pain and struggle over the loss of something that really should never have been so important.

Free yourself. Now. Don't get caught unawares. Enjoy the things you enjoy-fine! But be absolutely certain that you're in charge of them, not vice versa.

And don't forget-media blather to the contrary, chemicals and unhealthy habits aren't the only thing people let themselves become dependent on. You could be just as "hooked" on books, computer games, model ship building, work -- or a whole bunch of other things -- as some people are with alcohol or heroin. Examine your heart. If you find any "can't live withouts" there (other than the basic human needs for food, water, warmth, etc.), start practicing doing without them right away.

Freeing yourself from petty dependencies can also be good training for freeing yourself from big dependencies-like dependence on government.


Here's some advice found on the back of the business card of attorney William Curley of Gillette, Wyoming:

If the police officer says...
"Please open the trunk."
"May I come in the house?"
I'd like you to do some tests."
"Do you understand your rights?"
"Would you like to give a statement?"
Then politely, on the advice of counsel....
Just say NO.

(This business card copy is (c) William Curley, Gillette, Wyoming and is used with permission. All rights reserved.)


Your belongings can imprison you in a lot of ways.

One, buying nice cars, stereos, spas, boats, houses & such can keep you in permanent debt bondage, so you never have the freedom to quit your job, take more time for yourself, relax and tell society to go to hell.

Two, you can get hung up on owning things for the sake of things. I mean, on the day you die, is it going to make any difference whether you owned a Lexus or a Geo? Whether your CD player had a sixty disk changer or a six disk changer?

Three, you can get so attached to them that, if they're stolen or destroyed in a fire, you suffer more than you should.

Four, they can literally imprison you if a crooked police agency, drooling with desire for property seizure, covets what you own enough to trump up evidence of a crime.

At the very least, keep your expensive goodies hidden from the world. Never brag and strut 'em.

Better yet consider dumping them. Or pay off the ones you have and don't tempt yourself with more. There are better things in life than owning a jet boat or a three-carat diamond ring. Not just more important things -- but literally things you'll like better once you get in the habit.


You hold back from doing what you really want because the ghost voices of parents and past teachers nag in your head, "It's foolish, boy," "It's impractical, girl."

You "know" you couldn't make a living as an artist, hitchhike around the world, build a better mousetrap, live off the land, build a cabin in the woods, invent cold fusion, write the Great American Novel, raise sheep for a living, move to a mountaintop, be self-employed, live in a hamlet in Vermont, join a monastery, lead an insurgency movement or build wooden clocks for a living.

But you only "know" because other people told you so.

Whose life is it, anyway? Does it belong to you, or to the ghost of your third-grade teacher?

What's the worst that can happen to you if you follow your inner voice on what someone else believes is an impractical course? You could die? So what? You're going to die anyway. You could fail, be laughed at and have to listen to "I told you so"?

Well, I agree that's worse than dying. But the proper answer is a steady gaze right in the eye and a firm, proud, "At least I tried."

More important, what's the best thing that can happen? Freedom? Fun? Wealth? Happiness? Fame? Satisfaction? A sense of contentment at the end of the day?

Isn't it worth going for?

Now, having said that, prepare yourself as best you can before you take the leap. Do your best to make sure you've built the necessary skills, have the needed resources, and are going at it with the right attitude.

Follow your bliss-but don't leave your brain behind.

*101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution* by Claire Wolfe is available from:

Loompanics Unlimited,
P.O. Box 1197,
Port Townsend, WA 98368,

1-800-380-2230, $20.90 postpaid.
Discounts: 5-9 copies, 20 percent off;
10-49 copies, 40 percent off.




by Senator Charles R. Duke, Colorado District 9
(719) 481-9289 -- December 2, 1996

Many people have had the experience of being stopped by law enforcement authorities, some for infractions and some for routine checking, such as for being under the influence or license verifi- cation. There is today a disturbing occurrence that not only are law-abiding citizens restrained, but also a search of their vehicles is sometimes made.

In still other cases, this Senator has been contacted by constituents who have been notified that the Tax Assessor would be visiting their home to make an interior inspection. Most will allow this without question. Some, however, question whether they are obligated by law to allow the search. A search of the Colorado Revised Statutes by Legislative Legal Services revealed no law requiring these people to allow the interior search.

In at least a few other cases, real and personal property have been seized by law enforcement and disposed of before court action can be taken to stop the disposition. In all these examples, these people do not at all understand why our Constitution is not followed.

Prior to the War for Independence, incorrectly referred to by most as the American Revolution, these actions were all being perpetrated by King George and his tax collectors. In 1761, the king was issuing "writs of assistance" to allow his tax collectors to search the ships, warehouses, and homes of the colonists, looking for contraband. This so terrorized the colonists that, when our Bill of Rights was added to our Constitution, two amendments were added to restrict the power of government to perform these acts.

The Fourth Amendment states, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the persons or things to be seized." In colloquial terms, this means that searches of your private property, on a routine or otherwise inspection, is prohibited without law enforcement having some probable cause to believe that a law has been broken. It further specifies that a warrant is necessary, supported by an oath or affirmation before a judge.

Therefore, you may think you are required to allow these searches, but a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in an Ohio case declares that the searches without probable cause or warrants are permitted if you "volunteer," then it compromises the ruling by stating that law enforcement does not have to tell you that you are volunteering, as the Ohio law implied that they must.

Well, this isn't a whole loaf, but it is a better ruling than many by the U.S. Supreme Court. It means that the proper response when you are asked to allow a search is, "I choose not to volunteer to allow the search." This, of course, may not sit well with the law enforcement and they may search your vehicle or home, anyway. But now you will have a U.S. Supreme Court ruling behind your explicit denial of volunteering. As this ruling becomes known, the suggested response should be sufficient to stop the search.

Everyone is familiar with the Fifth Amendment's prohibition against self-incrimination, but the Amendment contains many other passages and concludes with, "...nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation." Thus, private property may not be seized and disposed of without compensating the owner with fair value for the property seized.

These are not rights that you have been granted by government. In fact, it is the nature of government to encroach upon rights. Our Forefathers believed that these were unalienable rights granted by our Creator. They also believed so strongly that these rights were not subject to the rule of Man that two of ten Amendments constituting our Bill of Rights dealt with explicit denial to the power of govern- ment to encroach upon them.

It is not necessary to change our form of government in order to regain these rights. It is necessary to recognize that blood has already been spilled to secure these rights for you. It is now your responsibility to understand these rights and to use them properly. So, borrowing a phrase from Bob Dole's recent campaign, the next time law enforcement asks you to volunteer your private possessions for searches, just don't do it.



Sons of Liberty, No. 25 (excerpt)

by Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

More and more the question arises, "When will the line be drawn?" Perhaps this question has been answered, and in such a way that it is only necessary for recognition of what has been stated by actions to understand just what our course is.

Prior to those fateful events of April 19, 1775, blood had been shed in the name of Liberty and in the name of Tyranny. Most, however, rely on the current 'recollections' of those events which, if they reveal any hostilities prior to Lexington and Concord, are limited to that instruction of the Boston Massacre, some five years prior. Little is said of the many minor skirmishes and raids on British forts to seize firearms and powder. These events, however, did occur, and hostilities were not unknown prior to the open rebellion which achieved a sort of official status with the passage of the Declaration Setting Forth the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms.

We can see by the expressions of discontent by the authors, that April 19 was not the only act or grievance that the colonists had. It was merely the final straw in what had been a covert opposition to despotic rule.

Today can we say that we fair any better? I suppose that it is fair to say that we fair far worse than those patriots who risked or gave their lives for their posterity. The rules of the game were new and the enemy didn't rely on think tanks to circumvent a reaction by the colonists.

Now we can only look back over the past few years and, with careful analysis, recognize that there is a scheme in place and that it is slowly decapitating the potential resistance to submission to their authority. That decapitation, however, is not just physical force, nor is it the incarceration of numbers of people who pose a threat to their success. Their means are far more devious than simple overt acts against those who would cherish their Liberty.

Writs of Assistance were blanket warrants allowing the holder to search whenever, wherever and whomever he chose. The writ didn't expire and it could be passed on to another. No Grand Jury issued the warrants, nor were any judicial parties involved in determining lawfulness of the searches. The evidence secured, whether it resulted in charges and trial, or not, lead the Crown's forces to others who might be potential opponents of the tyrannical subjugation. Those who could be charged, without raising the wrath of the average subject, were charged, tried and convicted. Those who held a public respectability were least prone to be subjected to this technique.

A situation that exists today and of which I can find no counterpart in history, however, seems to create more serious impacts on our efforts to resurrect the Constitution than any of the divisive means used by the British. Divide and Conquer has been an axiom of war for centuries. Only foolish people would fail to recognize the need for a just cause and a perfect union to achieve the goals, such as we seek. But, then, we are also aware of the difficulty of seeing the forest through the trees.

Bill Clinton may be the most contemptible President this country has ever had the misfortune of being 'administered' by; Hale-Bopp may be harboring an alien craft as large as the Earth; Abortion may be the greatest evil man has ever instituted under law; End Times may be just hours away; War may resume in the Middle-East; Religion may be outlawed next week; and, we may feel that we must wait for some event that will, without a doubt and which is obvious to every person in this country, be the signal for us to finally take action to pursue the goals which we espouse.

In 1975, Anna Mae Aquash and Joe Stuntz found that their time had come. Anna Mae was killed directly or indirectly, by the actions of the FBI. Joe Stuntz found that the time to ponder whether it was time to resist by force, or submit, could be delayed no longer. Leonard Peltier has lost the rest of his life, again at the hands of the FBI.

On February 13, 1983, Gordon and Yorie Kahl found that the time to fight was upon them. Gordon was murdered a few months later and Yorie is still in prison.

On October 2, 1992, Donald Scott found that it was his time to die at the hands of a greedy and self-serving government.

February 28, 1993, early in the morning, six Branch Davidians found that it was their turn to die at the hands of government. Just 51 days later, eighty people who thought that they would be walking out of their church, Mt. Carmel Center, found that their time to become blood sacrifices to the tyrannical government in Washington, had come. Eight Davidians remain in prison.

June 28, 1995, Michael Hill found that government would not tolerate those who would be free.

It would appear that those many dead would have preferred to wait until some apparition appeared and said, "it's time to fight." Instead, they found that the time had come when it was not expected. Perhaps it is time you take the initiative and set the time, yourself.

The division that continues to be fomented by the government will deny us the unity, without which we will surely have a more difficult course. The initiative must be ours. Is it necessary that some event (which the government is carefully avoiding) be the signal to act? Or, is it necessary for those who are committed to the resurrection of the Constitution and our birthright to recognize, as Patrick Henry did before Lexington Green, that the war is inevitable, Let it come! The initiative stands in the hands of those who are worthy of the task. The responsibility to support, by whatever means possible, the actions of those who will act, is squarely on the hearts and in the hands of those who are committed, but not yet able to participate fully. If that defense is by words, then so speak -- but to condemn the acts of those who refuse to wait until death comes to their door is to stand with the tyrant, not with the People.



Americans Dying for Martial Law?

by Don Harkins
The Idaho Observer

Will you please get mad enough already that we can declare martial law?

What is going to take to get you mad enough that we can finally justify ending this silly little game of thrust and parry with your Constitutional rights by declaring a state of emergency to get those pesky rights out of the way once and for all?

We have pushed every button we can think of and you refuse to get angry enough to engage in acts of social unrest: We have methodically stripped you of your Constitutional and civil rights; we have shot, bombed and burned hundreds of innocent men, women, children and dogs and cats; we fuel both sides of little wars all over the world with profits generated from the sale of drugs to your children; we overrule your jury decisions and declare the initiatives and referendums you vote for unconstitutional; we are stripping you of your right to keep and bear arms as fast as we can; we have created trade agreements with foreign nations which are killing your ability to make a decent living and raise a family and we are taxing you to death to pay for all the evil things we are doing to you.

What is it going to take to make you get mad enough so we can finally pound the last nail into your Constitutional coffin? When are you going to give us the perfect reason to suspend forever the silly document which is the only thing that stands between you and the slavery we want to give you to protect you from yourselves?

Let us draw you a map:

Gulf War Illness is the most likely issue to bring about the critical mass of social tension in this country necessary for the federal government to justify a declaration of martial law. For those of us who know beyond doubt that our government is an evil monster hell-bent on reducing inalienably sovereign citizens to the status of slaves who exist as an expendable pool of human resources, the moment we have both dreaded and hoped for is about to be upon us.

Unable to get a rise out of the American people, no matter how blatantly they are abused and murdered, the U.S. government has drawn us a three-dimensional, full-color map of how it has betrayed our troops, then their wives and children, and now the rest of us, by at least facilitating, if not initiating, the epidemic infection of our population with a cocktail of man-made chemical and biological substances against which we are virtually defenseless.

The map it drew for us is about to be pictured on every TV screen and mounted within the pages of every magazine and newspaper in the country. The government is even going to give the dominant media full reign to expose every sordid and treasonous detail of its conspiracy to kill a lot of Americans and is going to allow their silly political pundits to talk openly about its inhuman treachery.


Why would it do that? Because the American people are too fat, lazy, stupid and apathetic to react angrily at anything short of having a map drawn which illustrates an obvious plan to make them agonizingly sick for the several years prior to their inevitable deaths.

Is there anything the U.S. Government could have done to make it more obvious that it wished to be caught in the act of killing its own troops and infecting its own population with indefensible contagions?

Consider the following:

The government entities which documented their plans to go to war with Iraq in 1988;

The government entities which approved the documented sale of chemical and biological materials by American companies to Iraq and Iran from 1983 to as recently as 1993;

The government entities which knew that chemical and biological weapons were awaiting "coalition" forces in the Gulf;

The government entities which inoculated their unsuspecting troops with strange, experimental chemicals to supposedly protect them;

The government entities which knew what mustard gas, Sarin gas, anthrax, and a full menu of other deadly toxins do to ravage the human body;

The government entities which have incessantly denied that American troops were exposed to these contagions which were sold from the laboratories of American companies to support the biological weapons programs in Iraq and Iran prior to the war;

The government entities which refuse to treat their soldiers, and now the spouses and children of soldiers, for the multitude of contagious, agonizing and eventually fatal symptoms they are enduring;

And the government entities which will prescribe psychotropic drugs like Prozac for those they view as mental patients but will not prescribe antibiotics to sick people because they still maintain that a disease which does not exist cannot be treated.

Consider also:

That they are the same government entities which knew that eventually people would follow the paper trail, which is no less than a mile wide and purposefully left for them to find, so they would finally get mad enough to demand accountability;

That the American people would become justifiably indignant at being lied to and purposefully put in harm's way so that a plan to slowly, torturously and painfully kill thousands (millions?) of people could be put into motion;

And that they knew that once it inevitably became common knowledge that "our" government purposefully contaminated the American people with unstoppable diseases for which they neither have natural immunities nor access to cures, that they would finally become outraged enough to demand the culprits be held accountable;

That they knew that Gulf War "Syndrome" involved heinous enough crimes against humanity that the collective anger of the American public would swell to the point that martial law could be declared

. Will the plot to kill us and ruin our children make us mad?

Once the sleeping American public understands that, contrary to the position our government has maintained from the beginning, our troops were exposed to chemical and biological agents during the Gulf War, there will be no media or government barriers short of a declared state of emergency (martial law) which will stop the public disclosure of a mountain of evidence which suggests that the U.S. government more than knew the chemicals and biologicals were awaiting our troops: It arranged in advance for those nightmarish contagions to be there to greet them.

Was that the government's plan for the World Trade Center Bombing? Waco? Ruby Ridge? Oklahoma City? Was that why the government admitted, 30 years too late, that the second Gulf of Tonkin incident which was credited for U.S. ground troops being sent to Viet Nam never actually happened? To make us mad and riotous enough that it could declare a national state of emergency?

Are we so unbelievably apathetic that it will take nothing short of an insidious plan to kill us off and cripple our children with birth defects to make us civilly disobedient enough to demand real investigations into the activities of a government which has slowly and methodically dismantled our Constitutional Republic?

Have the government entities responsible for infecting our population with man-made diseases, which are not likely to ever go away, been trying to make us mad enough at them that we would become so socially disobedient they could justify the declaration of a state of emergency?

We are about to find out. But, never fear, if killing us and creating a generation of horribly birth-defective children won't do it, I hear that the government has imminent plans to ban all of our older, pre-1990 model automobiles. That ought to make people pretty mad.



Surviving With Honor in the Time Ahead

by Martin Lindstedt


I have heard a number of people in the Patriot movement allege that they are ready to fight the New World Order or whatever latest bunch of conspirators is impressed upon their memory at the moment. I usually ask them what preparations they have made to ensure the survival of themselves, their friends and family. If I note that they have made no preparations, then I write them off as being of no danger to anyone other than themselves. After all, if they are not able to exercise enough foresight to save themselves, then of what value will they be on an offensive mission? In fact, a lack of preparedness is a sure sign of someone who is more likely to be a burden, rather than an asset to our movement. A person who must be kept alive by the charity of others is usually not worth saving. Their dependency might end up menacing you.

If you couldn't buy any more food from the local supermarket, how long would it be before you and your family were starving? A week? A month? A year? Anything under a year means you are relying on someone else to feed you. Once you figure out on whom you rely, then consider yourself in a relationship of dependency to that person or organization, with them able to place you in bondage as payment for that dependency. Do you like that person or organization? More important, does that person or organization like you? These are questions of life and death inherent in a master-slave relationship.

If you are relying on someone else or the government to save your life in return for unquestioning obedience, then you have no business reading this article. Just stop reading this article right now and go back to whatever slavish foolishness you were doing before you started in on this. You will end up either dead or killing someone better than yourself for a survival that nobody or no one will be able to guarantee. You are better off dead, along with your dependents, because you are nothing more than a parasite. Better people deserve the spot you are presently wasting on this earth.

Ensuring your personal survival

Get out and stay out of the big cities. Personal survival will be difficult enough as it is without living in a place where it is almost impossible. Any towns over 10,000 people, much less cities over 100,000, are where the basic means of survival like food or water are the very first things to be disrupted, cut off or destroyed. These towns and cities are not only the first places to suffer the disruption of power and logistics necessary to keep those cities upon their normal lifelines, they are the very places wherein the thin veneer of civilization will be stripped off first as people start literally killing and eating each other and hatreds rise to the surface.

City living is incompatible with survival when things fall apart. If you are not going to prepare yourself a hide-out in a small town or rural area, then you might as well save the first bullet for yourself and get it over with.

Water supply.

The first requirement of survival is a source of water. Regrettably, while the price of water is relatively cheap, the price of water storage is much higher. So you store at least enough drinking water to last each person for about a week in plastic jerry-cans, unused gasoline cans, or, even in milk jugs. For long term storage, put a quarter teaspoon of Clorox bleach to keep the water from growing algae, and open the top to let the bleach to work its way off.

One of the smartest tricks I found out for short-term water storage is your bathtub. If there is a nuclear war or something going on, rinse out your tub and turn the water on cold unless you have an electric water heater. (You want the natural gas turned off and all the pilot lights of gas appliances unlit during emergencies or disasters.) The twenty, thirty gallons in the bathtub could keep you from going thirsty for a week or so.

If you have drilled wells, be prepared to go thirsty unless you can generate electricity to make run the pump. If there is a river or creek nearby, then you can either put in some water purification tablets you bought at Walmart or by boiling or distilling the water. If there is a large die-off of people, then you do not want to get typhoid or any other nasties caused by drinking unsafe water.

Still another trick is to catch rainwater off of your roof by means of a plastic polytarp. Drive some nails into the eaves and sluice the flow into cans, water tanks, bathtub or another polytarp with the corners held upright by a wooden framework, pickup bed or hole you dug into the ground. Sometime the tarp leaks, so fill up your regular containers first.

These solutions can work in the rain-watered east. In desert areas, the problems of water generation and conservation should be paramount on your mind.

Food supply:

If you were unable to attend to your water supply predicament, then this is rather moot. But if you come this far, then success in ensuring and defending your food supply will determine your survival.

Few people other than long haul truck drivers realize the thinness of the threads ensuring survival. Cut off the transportation of food and essential goods and this country faces a famine, regardless of whether there is a bumper crop of anything 25 miles away. Cut off electricity, and almost everything people rely upon to eat for the next week spoils right in the refrigerator. Everything will spoil in a well-stocked deep freeze within a week. Unless you know how to can food and have a supply of mason jars handy or are able to dry or salt it properly, then pretty soon you will be facing famine.

1. Lazy man's food storage. The easiest way for people to prepare for the future is simply to go to a grocery warehouse or purchasing club and to buy canned goods and bulk foods by the case lot. Load the stuff up and store it in an extra room where it won't freeze in winter or get too hot in summer. Use a black magic marker to mark on the boxes the date in which you bought the stuff and after you have gotten a room full of canned goods, then you start eating the older stuff first.

Even your 4- or 5-cans-for-a-dollar on-sale canned goods will keep for four or five years if you store them in a cool, dry place. Even if starvation doesn't come to Amerika by then, you will be surprised to see how much money you saved by trying to save yourself. The price of the canned goods will have risen by at least the inflation factor and you will have saved money on your food bill. This the lazy man's method of food storage. Twenty to fifty dollars per month spent on cheap canned goods is a better retirement investment than bank certificates of deposit plus you can ensure that the Banksters aren't making anything on your money or spending it on NWO/ZOG type stuff.

Of course, if there is a famine in the land, you don't want people looking at all the tin cans with fresh labels in your garbage cans. They might want to help themselves to your self-provided bounty. So use the can opener to open both sides of the can and smash down flat the cans so you won't have as much volume to dispose of. In fact, you might not want to throw away the cans at all. It might be a while before a steel foundry is set up, and you might want to side or roof your house with the tin plates.

Anyone so stupid as to rely on an electric can opener to open his canned goods deserves to starve. Use a P-38 manual can opener that the GIs used to get with their C-rations or use one provided by the sardine tins.

2. Bulk grains. You need never starve if you go back to the basics of food storage by buying bulk grains.

The agricultural revolution started when mankind in various portions of the world learned to grow the staple cereals of wheat, rice and corn. By themselves, these cereals are able to sustain your life at a nominal cost, especially if you buy them in bulk from a grain elevator or feed store.

The best grain to store in bulk is whole grain hard wheat. It is the grain most commonly used in bread, and can be eaten as a porridge. But most importantly, unlike corn or rice, if you buy it from a grain elevator or feed store, it has neither been processed like rice usually is nor been hybridized to the point where it cannot sprout as is usually the case with corn. This means you are able to plant wheat and have a high likelihood of getting it to germinate, sprout, and thus farm a new crop in most of America. Rice farming requires moisture, hard work, and extensive cultivation in paddies. Most seed corn in this country is so hybridized that the pig corn you buy at the feed store will not only fail to sprout, but that even if it does the second crop of hybrid corn will not put out adequate ears. Very few people know the techniques to use in order to breed a true, self-sustaining hybrid corn.

For a change, if you can get it, buy a bushel of milo or millet, a bushel of rye and two bushels of barley. Millet can be used as a staple cereal, but is best used for livestock feed. Barley has a higher percentage of starch in the grain and can be used for making beer as well as for making bread once you learn how to malt barley.

These whole grains are cheapest when they are bought by the gunny sack at a feed store or grain elevator and you buy 100 bushels. Then the cost for the grain is the cost of sacking it up over the price they offer the farmer. Yes, such grains can be bought in one bushel increments, but the price is more likely to be $8 per bushel as opposed to four dollars per bushel.

Storage. Grain like this is best stored where pests such as mice and rats can get to it. While people have been storing grain in silos and in holes in the ground, the best place for most people to store their grains is to keep the unused whole grain in the sacks and store the sacks in an old inoperative deep freeze or refrigerator where neither moisture nor bugs or rats can get to it. Don't waste electricity cooling the grain, nor chance internal condensation by running such machinery. On the coldest day of the year, open the refrigerator door and let the grain get really cold, then shut the door and lock it. Old refrigerators which no longer work are perfect for storing whole grains, because they are like an insulated box you can get for the price of hauling them off in most cases. You can put a latch and a hasp on the things and rats and mice won't know you are storing grain in them like they would if you kept it outside in paper bags. You can also store beans and sacks of dog-food in those refrigerators as well, for a change of pace.

When you buy your whole grains in bulk from the farmer or the grain elevator, you could get 20 bushels for $100. This is cheaper than buying canned foods or dog-food to eat. It doesn't leave tin cans laying around, and most city-bred looters wouldn't realize that you have food in any case.

Buy a grain milling device or two to grind up your grain. Grind it up finely for flour, less finely for corn meal, and roughly for porridge, if you grind it at all. Buy a jar of yeast to start out your loaves of bread, but eventually get used to making your own sourdough recipes.

For further information on going this route, check out the wisdom of Kurt Saxon's WWW page which I reviewed. Anyone interested in survival should keep on stock a supply of whole grain and knowledge of how to farm that particular grain. Eating whole grains is not only inexpensive, it is healthy as well.

3. Survival rations & dog food. Dehydrated foods are expensive and usually an improper waste of money. The only people who buy such things are people with more dollars than sense. Far better to spend your money on bulk grains and canned goods.

Dry dog food is said to have about all of your essential vitamins and minerals except vitamin C already packaged in a sack which requires no special storage or keeping other than for the whole grains. The flavor of dog food can be compared to that of meaty crackers of a sort. However, unlike whole grains, you cannot plant dog food and have it produce more Kibbles 'n Bits. After having driven a truck to pick up loads of dog food from the manufacturer, knowing what most dog food is made of makes me prefer only to keep a bag or so around in order to feed the dog. No doubt the dog would make better eating.

4. Home canning, gardening and farming. After the bad times start, most of us will be growing our own food in any case. So NOW is the time to start learning how to do so.

An acre of good soil per person can provide most people with enough to live upon, especially if most of it is devoted to the cultivation of potatoes. Don't let the fact that potatoes are cheaper bought in 10 lb. sacks for less than 10 cents a pound deter you from learning how to grow this staple of life.

Cut a potato into sections, with an `eye' showing in each section, plant the sections 8 inches distant in rows 2 feet apart. After the eye sprouts, heap a hill around each plant, until the top withers and it is time to dig for the potatoes.

But don't be like the Irish, who put all their hopes in this one crop. Garden seed is cheap. Learn how to plant all manner of crops and how to take care of them from pests and disease. In all things, steer clear of using hybrid seed when at all possible. You want your second plantings and all the ones thereafter to be successful.

Another skill to learn is that of canning the produce you do not consume into glass mason jars. By buying a canner and a lot of mason lids, you can re-use the glass jars again and again. The technology for this method of food storage is simple, and long proven by many generations of farmers' wives. Long after the lack of generated electricity makes refrigeration a dream, home canning of meal portions will be best method of storing food.

Defense and Survival Alliances

As mentioned before, the above survival strategies are difficult, if not impossible, in an urban setting. How are you going to raise a garden and keep the fruits of it secure when you live in the midst of starving people? How are you going to hide the fact that you are not starving as much as your neighbors when the tenuous transportation links to your neighborhood are cut by war or civil strife? Cities will be the first things to go in the event of disaster. Plus, cities are targets in their own right for nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

So what if you are a survivalist with no choice but to live in a city? What do you do?

Now is the time for you to start making an alliance with a fellow patriot who lives out in the country. Usually, this fellow survivalist has the food and the means of production of more. What he doesn't have is the numbers or firepower to defend these means of survival from the plundering hordes from the city. Now is the time for you to make survival alliances with your country survivalist. Let him know you as an allied individual, not just another human locust who made no provision for the future other than theft so that he has to shoot you in self-defense.

Your average country farmer has made no plan for the future either. I recollect a meeting with a relative of mine who lives on the family acreage a mile and a half away.

"Well, Mike, how many head (of cows) do you have?"
"About forty."
"How do you propose to defend that many head, or even one cow against starving people with nothing left to lose? Are you going to just let them rustle so many of the herd? What if they come back for the rest?"
"I don't know . . . I haven't given the matter that much thought."

And he hasn't either. Just about every farmer, be he small time or corporate, sells his monoculture of corn, pigs, chickens, or cows to a grain elevator or a corporate food-processing plant and buys his groceries in town with the money he got for the crop. There are very few self-sufficient freeholders left any more. This farmer usually has little more understanding of survival and self-sufficiency than his small town cousin, although his knowledge of practical survivalism hasn't altogether disappeared or become as atrophied as the third- generation suburbanite or city dweller. When civilization dies and is submerged under waves of hungry refugees, most farmers will find that they can neither defend their corporate farms, nor produce a second crop without massive inputs of petrochemically based farm equipment, hybrid seed, pesticides, fertilizers. Corporate farming is as prone to disruption as big cities.

If you are going to live in the city, large town or suburb, then now, while it is not too late, is the time to form survival alliances with rural people, by making of them an extended family. You bring into the partnership the cash with which to buy the manufactured goods, tools, weapons, ammunition, canned goods, and, most importantly, yourself and your family to help defend your rural partner. Knowledge in medicine, mechanics or electronics can also prove valuable. Your rural partner is able to build up a surplus of food and provides the means of growing more. He needs you to help him protect what he has got from people he doesn't know, who are desperate, lacking any foresight to prepare for a future which arrived.

The best rural ally will be someone who looks poor or nondescript, who doesn't flaunt his wealth for the taxman or looter to steal. Depending on the size of the farm, there can be several families living together in mutual self protection. The best location for such redoubts are over an hour away but less than two hours from any major city and at least a mile away from any major highway.

At least once a month, visit your rural ally and prepare together for your mutual survival. Always keep a full tank of gasoline in the car, an emergency pack and a loaded gun in your house and know more than one way to get to your rural hideout. Every time things appear grim, get ready to pull out and disappear for a long time.


Survival is nothing more than a matter of tough-minded preparation for events which anyone cognizant should recognize as inevitable. If you can keep your mind on the "what is" then you will know "what is to come" and you can make preparations for those events. You will be using your mind more fully than most people, and you won't be adding to the social problems yourself; you will be part of the solution. All human progress has been based upon people like yourself, self-trained survivors.

This article is meant only as beginning a thought process conducive towards survival. There are other people with far more information and practical techniques than myself. For greater knowledge concerning survival techniques, contact Kurt Saxon, who sells at nominal prices books and manuals with 19th century technology or contact other militia organizations' WWW pages via my links section.




Triple Ought

by James Rawles
Copyright 1996

A Shareware Novel
Available at


"When the Crunch came, it did not arrive without warning."

That's the opening line of this fast-paced, lively, and fascinating novel about who will survive the collapse of civilization--coming soon to a city near you. The Crunch, a total collapse of the economic, political and societal order, is only too realistic, and all too reflective of the frightening trends we read about in our newspapers and watch on our televisions. For now, it seems it is only happening "over there": Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia. Soon, however, it will happen here, and Triple Ought outlines a potential, graphic scenario--violent, protracted, and, if you're not prepared, absolutely deadly.

The good news about Triple Ought is that it is a virtual manual for how to prepare for the Crunch and post-Crunch. It outlines how to establish a survival retreat and a useful (but not recommended) "get out of Dodge at the 11th hour" scenario. There is a gold mine of information here: how to plan the logistics of survival, which weapons to buy and learn to use, basic tactical training, storing food and medical supplies, which ammo to store, conditioning--both mental and physical, how to build up a house into a defendable stronghold, useful medical knowledge--you name it, and James Rawles has incorporated it into his novel. Yet for all of the wealth of information, it is still a terrific novel full of riveting scenes of chaotic violence as well as scenes of strong, capable people overcoming hardships, rising to meet the incredible challenges of living in the coming dark age.

Triple Ought is a very unusual book. Marketed as a shareware novel, it can only be read online or downloaded from a web site ( It is not sold in hard copy form. The author requests that if you find Triple Ought useful or entertaining that you send him $5. It is a fine action novel, complete with shootouts at barricades on the highways and raids on the stronghold as well as emergency surgery for gunshot wounds and a compelling scene of a home birth. We're talking true self-sufficiency here folks. And the basic how-to's to achieve that self-sufficiency stud every page, so you'll want to keep Triple Ought around for reference. The author makes experienced recommendations on every facet of what might be needed post-Crunch, and shows why being prepared ain't just a Boy Scout motto anymore.

Triple Ought is a remarkable first novel, a lightening-fast read that you'll go back to time and again. The only flaw I could see is a certain cardboardy-ness to the characters, but that is often the case in action novels. In Triple Ought, it hardly matters. This slight flaw is incomparably overweighed by the tight construction of the story, the vividness of the story itself, and the storehouse of useful information. Read this book. And don't neglect to send your $5 to the author--the book is worth a hundred times that amount.

James Rawles not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. He and his family bought a farm in rural Idaho eight years ago, which he is currently making as self-sufficient as possible. Rawles, a 35 year-old former Army Intelligence officer, obviously knows his stuff, as you will see from reading Triple Ought. He now runs Clearwater Trading, a mail order business that sells survival products and "shootable antique" firearms.

It's rare to find a novel that's not only fun to read but that also provides the reader with valuable information; this novel should be required reading for anybody in the patriot/militia movement, and the information that lives inside the action of the novel may one day save your life or the lives of those you love. Get it; read it; pass it around. You'll be glad you did.



With Humor in the Time Ahead.

January 6, 1997, US vs Watts. "With complete and inexcusable abandonment of the most basic definitions in the language of justice, the Supreme Court ruled that you are guilty when the judge so decides, even after the jury has found you not guilty."
-- Dave Delany, (Dave Delany's Freedom House)

Black-Robed Lawyers vs. Everyone Else

by Patricia Neill 1997


SMUCKWAP NEWSSERVICE, Washington: The Supreme Court ruled today that judges can do whatever the hell they want. In a landmark case, Black-Robed Lawyers vs. Everyone Else, 666 Fk.U. 666, the justices handed down their inestimable judgment that since lawyers in general and judges in particular are such fine examples of humanity, not to mention smart enough to get through law school, judges can do whatever they please.

"The Rule of Law has ended," proclaimed Supreme Court Justice Arrogant B. Astard, "and the Rule of Judges begins!"

Turning their shiny black backs on the rest of America, the justices decided to toss out two hundred years of Constitutional law and indeed, to rid themselves completely of having to heed the Constitution.

"The law is what we say it is," said Justice Whiney I. Diot. "It has been this way for some time now, but with Black-Robed Lawyers vs. Everyone Else, we are coming out of our judicial closet. No more arguments will be allowed from anyone, and we don't want to hear any more of your complaining about your rights. In fact, any mention of so-called rights will guarantee you 100 years, hard labor."Ibid. p. 669

Justice K. Rupt Assin concurred in his opinion that "judicial oligarchy has now fully come into its place in American history and will be fully enforced by an iron rule of law, and remember, law is whatever we say it is."Id. p. 670.

The Center for People Who Want to Leave This Country Because It Is Beginning to Look Too Much Like Nazi Germany analyzed the justices' decision.

"Judges now legally can put anyone in prison for any reason they want, for as long as they want," states the analysis. "Judges can also put jurors in prison for 'obstructing justice' and for anything else, including not handing the judge whatever money they may have on them at the time. Jurors who don't behave exactly as the judge desired have been persecuted in the past, but "now they can receive prison terms much longer than their own lifespan added to the lifespan(s) of the defendant(s) in any trial."

The report also mentioned the justices' decision that anyone who says anything disagreeable in their courtroom can be immediately arrested and jailed, their property confiscated, and their spouses and children taken as "wards" of the court under the justices own personal pleasure ... er... supervision.

The concept of separation of powers was addressed in the Center's report on the decision.

"There is no separation of powers," it reads, "when not only all the justices are lawyers, so are all Congressmen and the President, his wife, his cabinet, the entire Department of Justice, most lobbyists and almost everyone else in Washington, D.C."Id. p. 666, Also see Federal Rules of Professional Criminal Procedure, Rule No. 69.

When questioned about what effect the decision would have on all Americans, the spokesman for the Center said, "I can't be certain. I suspect that emigration rather than immigration will become a major concern. Those Americans who are lawyers will be fine, for the most part. No one will ever again show up for jury duty. But if we thought we had an overcrowded prison problem before, we're in for a *major* shock!"




by Martin Lindstedt

The Constitution was ratified over 200 years ago. It was nothing more than a piece of paper then, and it is an even more worthless piece of paper now. It promises to define the structure of a republican form of government. It guarantees nothing, especially now when the people who are to live by and under it are incapable of living together in peace. All the Constitution has ever been used for is to serve as cover for political criminals to convert socially common resources to their own good and as a paper idol for the foolish.

The Founding Fathers violated the Constitution every single time when its expressed limitations proved inconvenient. George Washington established an unauthorized national central bank to pay off Revolutionary War debts. Abraham Lincoln read into it a demand for a unity which did not exist in order to enslave free men and to free the enslaved. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ignored every single Constitutional paper protection preventing the socialistic transformation of this country into a welfare-warfare state. Presently we live in a Anarcho- Fascistic state wherein a cowardly bureaucratic despotism makes a number of petty rules which it dares enforce on only what few productive people are left not armed to the teeth and looking for a fight. Pretty soon it will be every man for himself. Constitutional scholarship will go by the boards during the clawing for survival.

Don't believe this? Let me prove my point by going over the flaws that Lysander Spooner pointed out in 1870 which were printed in Modern Militiaman #3, and then show a number of other flaws which have turned out since. I'll show that absolutely nobody in government obeys Constitutional paper -- or ever did.

Inherent Constitutional Design Flaws

Lysander Spooner pointed out that only a few men signed the Constitution, and that this document did not in any way bind future generations. Since the Constitution pretends to set up a government based upon the consent of the governed, then how can it be held to apply to people presently living who never were consulted on the matter, or, if they were consulted on the matter, would not bother to sign it now?

Every generation must determine which type, if any, of government will be established over them, to rule them. Right now it is commonly admitted that the Bill of Rights would never be ratified today, what with the quality of people presently living today. The people who matter, the ones who decide the type of government, are the ones who are the strongest, most ruthless or willing to fight. Every single tyranny or despotism is a majority-rule government, because the majority collaborates or supports that government in one way or another. When a majority of the people who matter decide to overthrow the government no matter what, then that government is doomed. Right now we live during a period where sides are being taken in advance of the struggle to come.

In Section II, Spooner shows how the payment of taxes and voting binds nobody. Paying taxes or voting for candidates to a government "established" by a Constitution puts nobody in thrall to that government because the basis of government voting or taxes is force and this duress establishes nothing except a duty of rebellion when the force is weakened or absent. The heaviest chains are those we impose upon ourselves.

Also covered in Section II are the people who end up supporting governments in general and the Constitution in particular: Knaves, Dupes, and Cowards. Knaves, because they see ways in which to use the government to advance their own interests, common, every-day fools who because they get one vote to rob someone else out of millions cast, think they live in "the greatest country on earth," and lastly people who know something is wrong, but are too cowardly or lazy to summon up the effort to change it.

Going on through Spooner's treatise, one notes that the Constitution gives unlimited, despotic power without responsibility to members of Congress to pass any legislation they please without being held to account for it.

It is said that in the ancient democracies of Ancient Greece that if any do-gooder wanted to pass a law or other infringement upon the liberties of other individual that he had to stand on a stone block with a noose around his neck. If the law passed, then the noose was removed. If the new item of legislation failed, the stone block was removed. This safeguard was altogether removed by the absolute immunity from responsibility for their legislation granted by Article 1 Section 6 of the Constitution.

Every single lawgiver in the Judeo-Christian heritage posted a set of laws which were relatively easy for men of good will to obey. Moses brought down 10 Commandments, which Jesus Christ simplified down to two: Obey God by keeping his commandments and love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. These burdens are easy and the yoke is light. So how has any legislature improved upon the abovementioned Godly legislation? Particularly when it is observed that all legislation created today is for the express purpose of rewarding special interests at the expense of the social order as a whole, eating out what little remains of a civilization, a social fabric, which took centuries to weave.

By Sections 7, 8, and 9, Spooner is pointing out that the reason for secret ballot is to render comfortable and secure a government of assassins and thieves. Nobody wants to be held responsible for the crimes government officials commit under color of their legislation. The secret ballot works to diffuse responsibility away from the voters for the elected official. Thus the tripod of power, responsibility and accountability is limited to one long leg of power, which can be wielded like a club, without care by the corrupt.

A sole king or despot, by reason of the absolute power he holds, is held absolutely responsible for the crimes he commits and therefore can be constrained through fear of the consequences of his actions. In a "democracy" like ours, putting all the governmental Charles I's and Adolf Hitler's to death for their acts of tyranny means finishing off all the worthless people who elected or appointed them to their posts. A decaying democracy ensures that it is not only one head you must chop off, but rather millions of necks must be severed in self-defense when another Charles the First or Hitler is spawned all the time by degenerate masses who have the advantage of numbers enabling them to out-vote the productive.

Any future limited government established upon the wreckage of this one must be limited to the voting of people who have something to lose if the government doesn't work out. There can be no more secret balloting; rather, an arrangement much like stockholders putting their livelihood as bonding indemnifying the actions of their elected officials. Power must be chained to responsibility and accountability. Divorcement of this principle is incompatible with survival in an era of nuclear and biological weapons.

In Sections 11-15, Spooner shows that the oaths to the Constitution are worthless because they are not sworn to anyone (remember the secret ballots) and nobody and nothing holds the oath-breaker to account. In the case of Southerners who had to swear a loyalty oath, it was also because of duress; in the case of soldiers, it is an unconscionable oath to swear to kill or rob others based upon what politicians say the Constitution says.

Sections 16-20 covered what Spooner considered the New World Order of his day: International bankers and governments. The bankers get a monopoly from the governments and the governments get the money to buy soldiers to terrorize their subjects into paying the taxes or tribute and to obey their whims. The productive efforts of the surviving citizens, terrorized by the murders of the resistors, are used to support parasitic bankers and kings. Thus the cycle continues. Money buys soldiers, soldiers extort money. Spooner considered the American Civil War as a tentacle of the European system of plunder to the New World, with the North taking the part of the European kings.

Of course this view of Lysander Spooner's would should play well to those patriots who believe in a NWO/ZOG connection between the Federal government and the Federal Reserve. However, I submit that it would be best to real ALL of Lysander Spooner's treatise, not just the parts of it you may like. The part which should be studied is the portion designed to cure Constitutional idolatry. If you care to dwell on the last part, remember that the same influences which seem to dominate today were the same ones which held true yesterday; human nature hasn't changed.

Constitutional Promises NEVER kept

The guarantees promised by the Constitution have never been kept. Not even by the drafters or the Founding Fathers. They broke the Constitution every single time it proved inconvenient.

During the ratification process, the Federalists used about every dirty trick in the book to attain ratification. In Pennsylvania, they kidnapped delegates from the rural western counties in order to gain a legislative quorum. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire the Federalists delayed the ratification process when it became apparent that the current delegates would deny ratification. George Washington was inaugurated as President in 1789 without ratification of North Carolina and Rhode Island, well before the Bill of Rights, the price of ratification, had been paid.

Alexander Hamilton, who wrote most of the Federalist Papers in an effort to get the colonies to ratify the Constitution, didn't wait very long in George Washington's administration before establishing a national bank, although establishing such a bank wasn't enumerated in the stated powers of the U.S. government, nor mentioned in his Federalist Papers as part of the necessary and proper functions of government. Anything to get the suckers to ratify the Constitution first, then put up with it later. Bait and switch government has been with us since Washington's first term.

John Adams wasn't in office a year when he and his Federalist faction dealt with criticism by passing the Alien and Sedition Acts, which directly violated First Amendment provisions to the U.S. Constitution. (Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; . . .)

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase on executive, not Constitutional authority. He was the only chief executive of the lot who admitted the divergence -- afterwards. He went ahead anyway and bought the lands from Napoleon.

Jefferson's cousin, John Marshall, the longest-serving supreme Court chief justice, was one of the "midnight judges" appointed to a position by the outgoing President John Adams. Marshall is the judge most responsible for the truism, "The Constitution is what the Supreme Court says it is." In Marbury v. Madison (1803), by a legal trick Marshall created a power denied the supreme Court by establishing "judicial review" concerning the Constitutionality of legislation by the Congress and of Executive action. In McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) this usurped power was used by Marshall to negate the 10th Amendment and ignore the 9th Amendment in favor of the Article I Section 8, "necessary and proper" phrase, thus destroying all constraints to the growth of federal power. A national bank could be chartered for the care and feeding of special interests in defiance of the sovereign states' responsibilities. (*) Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) brought forth the "regulation of commerce between states" Art. I Section 8 clause which effectively destroyed all state sovereignty under the pretext of regulating interstate commerce. John Marshall set the stage for "interpretation" of the Constitution meaning exactly whatever the supreme Court says it means. The government as a whole can do whatever it wants if one part of the government says so.

Not bad for an officeholder under John Adams who found nothing wrong with the Alien and Sedition Acts. Doubtless Jefferson was talking about his cousin John Marshall as the chief of a "subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working under ground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric," "working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little to-day and a little to-morrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States, and the government of all be consolidated into one."

Every single one of the Chief Executives, Congresskritters and federal judiciary ever since have been violating their oaths of office with impunity. The process speeded up with the tenure of the greatest (Lincoln setting up a virtual dictatorship over dissent in order to wage a Civil War to bring back insurgents who had had enough of federal authority; FDR abrogating what little remained of federalism to foment socialism) and latest (some rascal popularly known as `Slick Willy' -- a known liar and thief, a suspected rapist and murderer).

(*) (Note: There is no such thing as "State's Rights." States are artificial entities devoid of humanity or sentience; they have no rights, only responsibilities.)


Tear Down this Paper Idol


As long as the Patriot movement continues to worship the paper idol of the Constitution nothing can be done. Worship negates critical thought. Critical thought negates worship of the Constitution. Lysander Spooner's article, "No Treason #6 -- The Constitution of No Effect" highlighted design flaws within the U.S. Constitution, with scarce mention of the great flaw which necessitated a civil war to settle the issue -- slavery of human beings of a different race. The design flaws in the Constitution are still with us today, but enhanced.

What kept the Constitution in force for so long a period of time was not the quality of that particular piece of paper, but the quality of the people upholding it. The moral, mental and racial composition of America has changed and is changing dramatically -- but not for the better. America did not have a perpetual underclass without hope for the future in 1789 or 1870. People who could not live within the framework of the Constitution had an escape valve further West, where they could escape from both the law and kill each other without collateral social damage. There is no longer a West to act as a frontier and dumping ground wherein both pioneer and psychotic can battle to the death to settle the issues of freedom vs. dependence, justice vs. order, good vs. evil. Now this war, this struggle, this Kulturkampf must take place within the very bosom of society, every man for himself waging a war of each against all and all against each.

1913 was a nexus year wherein the composition of Constitutional government was twisted irrevocably. An unratified income tax amendment enabled the U.S. government to grow well beyond Constitutional bounds by taxing the productive to subsidize the consumer. Another amendment stripped the states of their responsibility of choosing their Senatorial representation, opening up the floodgates to democratic rule, as opposed to republican representation. And the re-establishment of a centralized banking system (after a 77-year closure of such by Andrew Jackson) misnomered the Federal Reserve placed into the hands of special interests the power of unaccountable currency speculation and fiscal mismanagement. After 1913, wealth and privilege would be determined not by production, but by politics.

Since then, the parasitic forces destroying this country and its civilization have increased. An unnecessary World War I created W.W.II, which lead to an interventionist mentality on the part of upper-caste government leaders sending the sons of the poor as cannon-fodder to Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, where they were betrayed as POWs and poisoned by the toxins of Corporate Amerika. New Deal lead to Square Deal to Great Society as the taxation burden was deliberately shifted from corporations to the middle classes trying to raise the quality children every society needs in order to pay for welfare for the elderly and degenerate elements of society. The Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights to keep silent about your business by not generating records to furnish to taxation authorities was disallowed in favor of allowing penumbras from the 14th Amendment to define a new right to "privacy" -- a euphemism for abortion. The ratio of mentally ill as opposed to mentally normal shot up from one in ten, to one in six, to one in four. A 1918 high school degree is now superior to an undergraduate college degree. Over one percent of the population is imprisoned, but we do not have enough prison space to jail all of the criminals, the most rapacious and predatory of which are in law- enforcement and government. All this (because?) in spite of the fact that this country has more lawyers than the rest of the world combined. The government admits that average taxation for the remaining workers approaches 42%, which means the actual figure is higher. The government also admits that the national debt is around 6 trillion dollars when it is actually over 30 trillion when the unfunded liabilities are counted, and with only 2.5 trillion in paper currency in circulation at this time (In spite of the Iranians, who are printing up as many counterfeit $100 bills as possible.)

How has "The Constitution" prevented any of this? Has it not served as a screen for government wickedness, instead?

Essentially, we are screwed. There is no way an economic and social collapse can be prevented, even if we all decided to behave right now. There just are not enough gifted, quality people to drag up the mass of people seeking their natural level. What a political document such as Constitution says is irrelevant in the face of natural reality which says that justice will done, so help you God. What will be will be -- even if it is not pretty.

Worshipping the Constitutional paper-god distracts you from reality. Your survival depends on knowing "what is" rather than wishing for "what ought to be." If you cannot and will not cultivate a frame of mind necessary to survival, then you will not survive. You will not deserve survival.

The people who do survive the days ahead might well use the Constitution as a template for the governments which are founded after the coming anarchy extinguishes itself. But nobody will trust democracy any more, nor is there likely to be enough consent generated to establish a republic. The successor states to the anarchy which follows this decaying democracy will be authoritarian non-hereditary monarchies or military dictatorships of limited domain; rule by survival leadership. The very best leaders will follow insofar as feasible the spirit of constitutional rule, but they will not be dominated by it. They never forget that it was "Constitutional" rule which lead to the collapse -- and the necessity foundation for them to take over.

So give up your worship of the paper-god of Constitutionality. What has it done for you, except allow some smarmy looters to rule over you in its name, much like the high priests of some cannibal god?

Do you really think that pagans worshipped idols of metal and stone because they were so stupid they believed the work of their hands, their creations, were greater than themselves? Of course not. Every single one of them would tell you that they were not worshipping inanimate statuary. No! The statutes represented the great god "Dagon" or "Baal" or "Molech" or "Christ", in much the same way that a piece of paper called "The Constitution" represents "Truth," or "Justice" or "The American Way."

Would it not be better for you simply to tear up or destroy the statuary and papers that bind your mind? It would certainly be cheaper to not obey or support any of these high priests, whether they bear the name of "High Priest," "Reverend" or "Governor." They might not like the cessation of tribute from the irrational, but once you get your point across by hanging a few of the worst or by sacrificing them before their false gods, the rest of them will take the hint and leave you alone -- as long as you let it be known you are on to them.

So tear up in your heart the paper god known as "The Constitution." The life you dedicate to your own peaceful purposes may well be your own.



             END  Modern Militiaman #4 -- Surviving 1997




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