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Issue #5, April 19, 1997 -- Commemorative Issue



Purpose and Dedication: This electronic and limited print newsletter is dedicated to the modern militiamen and women of the American Resistance Movement. The writers, editors, and contributors of this newsletter have by their talents became leading actors within the overall Patriot movement, be they militiamen, common-law jurists, tax-protesters, Freemen, shortwave talk-show hosts, Libertarians, Conspiracy Theorists or other assorted Rebels with a cause. We are an unruly bunch.

Most of the feeds and articles to this newsletter come off the Internet or electronic mail, which is the Gutenburg device of choice. Far-flung, quick, cheap, and secure, the Internet is a growing web of information which cannot be stopped or effectively censored. While at least one copy of each issue will be printed in order to take advantage of 1st Amendment press protections, thus blanketing the electronic edition, this and every issue is designed to be pulled apart and redesigned for every region, for every portion of the former Sweet Land of Liberty, to be used by Patriots everywhere. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are the opinions only of the authors, nobody else. The result should be freedom, not peace.

This is the fifth issue. This issue will be dedicated to looking at our past, and to planning for our future.

Managing Editor Martin Lindstedt (

Copyright 1997. Anyone is at liberty to copy this newsletter in whole or in part for non-profit purposes provided they properly attribute copied portions to Modern Militiaman and the author(s). People who do make a buck from it are expected to pony up.



Table of Contents:

1. About This Issue by Martin Lindstedt, Managing Editor
2. State of the Militia, April 19, 1997 -- by Martin Lindstedt
3. What has the Militia Ever Done For Me? -- by Norman Olson
4. Modern Militias -- by Mike Johnson
5. Last Kings, Chapter 1 -- by Martin Lindstedt
6. Crime Pays -- by Kurt Saxon
7. Selected Columns of Vin Suprynowicz
8. Patriot Riddle -- by Martin Lindstedt
9. A Fundraising Letter for a Oklahoma City Grand Jury -- by State Representative Charles Keys
10. Dangerous Liasons -- by Martin Lindstedt
11. Return Fire -- Letters to the Editor



About This Issue:

The purpose of Issue #5 is to briefly look at our past and to prepare our Resistance organizations to win the Great Revolution, presently in its initial stages, but well past the point of no return. The social order has broken down. Since there is no justice there can be no peace until either our side or the predator and parasite side is exterminated to the last combatant. Anything less than this is delusional wishfulness, which has no place in this magazine. The time has come to either prepare yourself to kill our enemies or to be enslaved by the New World Order or any other gang of looters coming down the pike.

The first article is “The State of the Militia, April 19, 1997,” by myself. The modern militiaman is someone who is squared away and quietly working for the day to re-establish civilization upon the ruins of the present decayed democracy. He is not an egotist, sitting at the computer keyboard, trying to make a name for himself. Rather, he is within an underground cell of from 3-5 fellow combatants, maintaining loose anonymous communication with those people who cannot go underground.

Such a militiaman is a steady, confident individual. He has provided for the people who must depend upon him for survival. Having made provision for his dependents, he is in a position to serve others. Being a modern militiaman is a call to service, to God, family, and country. Having unknown quantities of such men and women ensures that the Resistance will eventually prevail. So what is “The State of the Militia” today? Excellent, but always to be improved.

With a slightly different analysis of our present and an appreciation of our past, Commander Norman Olson reminds us all of “What has the Militia Ever Done For Me?” Commander Olson has been there and done that. The Michigan Militia was founded in April 1994, three years ago, along with such famous militias such as the Militia of Montana and the Gadsden Minutemen. The month of April, Nineteenth day has always been pivotal for American Patriots -- 222 years ago and today.

Mike Johnson, who formerly ran the best e-mail list, has weighed in with his opinion of what a “Modern Militia” should be. For those of you who still need “Constitutional Blessing” before destroying your enemies who ignore that particular scrap of paper in the rush to enslave others, this is a very good read. Mike is an original thinker and back when he wrote this article, which is still in the mainstream of militia philosophy, even I would not have dared to disagree with it.

This article is included because it is a pap to help wean the Thomas Jefferson wanna-bes without going cold turkey and because I wish to provoke Mike, along with Patricia Neil, into being the Roving Editor for MM#6. Then him and I can tussle -- or not.

What passes for humor is next included when I recount a minor incident that took place between the prophet Elijah and the po-leeece roundabouts April 19, 776 B.C. Since all we are left is an Appeal to Heaven for justice, this story shows an appeal or two which worked. With God as a juror, things worked out so satisfactorily that Elijah didn’t have to file the equivalent of a Title 42 § 1983 before one of the King’s Baal courts.

Kurt Saxon, a bona-fide character, shows how “Crime Pays” between an unholy alliance of criminals at the top and of the bottom preying upon the cowardly middle of a decaying social order. Kurt Saxon, who espouses and coined the term ‘survivalist’ preaches a secular gospel -- evil will cannibalize itself, but not before taking a bunch of idiots down with it.

Go to his WWW page at: http://www.KURTSAXON.COM/cary and buy some books which will tell you how to survive the days ahead by providing for and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Upon the heels of Mr. Saxons’ revelations of the origin and end of the Amerikkkan Police State, I go on to show that state evil is not new nor is the necessity to destroy it by posing a “Patriot Riddle.” Future issues of MM will pose such brain teasers and moral questions. The reward for thinking seditiously will be the first printed issue of this most seditious rag. Perhaps it will become a collector’s item after our side wins. Like the touch of natural royalty, it might even cure moral scrofula.

State Representative Charles Keys needs money to impanel an Oklahoma County Grand Jury to probe what really went on two years ago. That is why he wrote a fund raising letter. He wants to find out who is responsible. He wants to punish John Doe #2, #3, #4, . . . . #5,436. Of course we know who is the real John Doe #2 (also known as The Great Unindictable Co-Conspirator) that bombed the Federal Building. (Not counting Manchurian Candidates and Oswalds.) After all, it is THEIR building and THEIR human chattel. Render unto Caesar, that what is Caesar’s for target practice. Just keep us out of it.

The last major article will be the aptly named “Dangerous Liasons,” wherein I make a case for the recognition of reality. It is time that we recognize -- and influence -- our natural allies and source of shock troops in the Christian Identity, White/Black Nationalist and Neo-Nazi movements.

I am not asking anyone to love these people or their ideals. Just as we must understand our Enemy, the better to destroy them, so we must understand our allies and the enemies of our Enemy. If we fail to do so, our Enemy will divide and rule over us, like he has been doing for time immemorial.

I know full well that a number of militia mediocrities will piss and moan over the politically incorrect promulgation of such policies. Screw ’em. There is no longer time to waste waiting for them to grow a set of nuts.

Lastly, loose ends to tie up:

There will be some Letters to the Editor published. If you want to be published, fight with the Managing Editor. The Managing Editor loves to fight.

This is to announce that Modern Militiaman’s Electronic Gazette, a weekly e-zine devoted to militia matters will be published starting April 19, 1997. Rumors, newspaper articles, conspiracy theories will be the primary things displayed therein, although from time to time this Editor will grace the Gazette’s electronic pages in order to set the militia movement aright. E-mail bandwidth shall not be wasted on posting to non-subscribers. Most of you will have to get it off of the appropriate WWW page(s).

--Martin Lindstedt, Managing Editor




The State of the Militia, April 19, 1997

So what is the state of the Militia Movement this 19th April, 1997, four years after Waco, three years after the first militia units were formed, and two years after the Oklahoma City bombing? All of us militiamen know our past, but in what condition are we in now, and what will be our future? Let me make a few observations, then I will stick out my neck and make a few predictions.


Our Past. This movement was conceived at Ruby Ridge in 1992, given birth on April 19, 1993 at Waco, and grew up suddenly on April 19, 1995 when we were blamed for an act of murderous terrorism we did not commit at Oklahoma City. We have been hammered hard, but have learned from our mistakes due to the sedition and conspiracy trials of 1996. While many of the open militias have degenerated into groups of “militia generals” commanding “units” of 4-5 lesser officers, yammering about the need to “restore” a piece of paper called “The Constitution,” in the meantime modern militia units have, like icebergs, reacted to the heat by shielding well over nine-tenths of their bulk under the waterline.

As time goes on, our people, us patriots, will cease looking back to a past increasingly grown distant -- gone with the wind of change. Instead, we now grow the flexible communications network to connect by unseen links our cellular structure, as we learn self-government through flexible consensus. Meanwhile, hidden openly in plain sight, our political groups are forming, ready to subvert to our own ends the political parties, having overthrown and burnt away the deadwood. We use through inaction even our derided “militia generals” to broadcast disinformation and random noise while we pursue our goals, as we try to decide what new form of government we shall implement after we bury the current corrupt world order.

The agents provocateur of the corrupt regime succeeded only in catching and imprisoning the congenitally stupid and loudmouthed. No longer are militiamen so stupid as to hold meetings and allow criminals under a informant quota system talk about making bombs to use against the NWO/ZOG. Make bombs or not, the time for talking such foolishness is in the past. It is now understood by even the most stupid militiaman that any wannabe mad bombers are fedgoons, planted by the government to perform acts of terror to attribute to our Cause.

Also unearthed for what they were are the “militia leaders” whose only apparent function was to criticize other “militia generals” for the way they ran their militia squads. Their petty egos revealed -- when put under stress -- absolutely nothing. Some of them quit in a huff and disappeared, never to be heard of again. Others went to the other side and now, thankfully, are poisoning their new co-workers with their bile and venom. A snake is a snake, regardless of which side they say they are on, and they will strike whomever is closest.


Our Present. Paradoxically, our lowest point so far occurred sometime in the past few months, sometime in December, January, or February. The Movement seemed to have gone dormant with the convictions of Robert Starr, McRaney and Spain. The First Criminal won re-election by a Moronic Majority of Amerikkkants who wanted a sympathetic moral degenerate who “understood” them to rule over them. The misfits of the Viper “Militia” pled guilty rather than take their chances on a corrupt show trial. The Missouri Fifteen were found guilty in the corrupt state kangaroo-kourt system by a judas-jury of “tampering with a judicial officer by means of filing false liens” even though none of them had filed or signed any such lien. Some “militia leaders” quit -- or turned.

Perhaps, learning the wrong lesson from his colleague in Missouri, the Texas Attorney General will allow federal troops to invade the “Republic of Texas” and several of the old people too feeble to carry a gun and run around in the woods who make up the majority of the common-law court jurors will get killed. And, in large part, the “militia generals” will fail to show up with their squads to fight the next civil war, and other militia generals try to rationalize why there wasn’t “No More Wacos!”, even though there was. Perhaps then it will be thought that the militia movement is down -- and out.

Such an impression will be wrong. The low point of the American Revolution was at Valley Forge the winter of 1777-1778. So too was our Valley Forge of 1996-1997. The true revolutionists who always said, “As many Wacos as what it takes to get the point,” will come to predominate. Our Goliad, our Alamo, our Waco, our Ft. Davis, will always be remembered -- and ultimately revenged in full to overflowing.

Our elderly patriots, having their naive efforts at “paper terrorism” rubbed in their faces by dying in prison, having suffered a world of HRT, will relearn the ways of war from their youth and apply it one last time against the gubbnmint gungoons of our New Nazis and New Communists. Freemen aged sixty, seventy will show how they fear not death as they apply the judicial lessons of rope and rifle against the lawyers’ guild, bringing red justice to the State.

The stonewall of silence and complicity behind the murders in Waco and Oklahoma City is cracked. Internet WorldWideWeb pages and videocassette documentaries are communicating the truth to the uneasy majority. The Old Elites are becoming uneasy, like the Bourbons and Romanovs, figuring out that their massive creaky police state will not protect them from the wrath of the oppressed. Soon they will be trying to co-opt the New Elites, who, sensing the coming change, will refuse to buy pottage at any price. “You have neither heads nor oceans of your own blood enough to negate justice,” shall be the confident reply. “We shall not serve, when we can rule ourselves.” “Go to those you wronged, and accept their justice.” “No justice, no peace.”

Having received their declaration of war and having no other choice, the decayed elites will try to get their way using the mechanism of state power acting under color of “law.” But the old shibboleths shall be measured and found wanting. For once good men have figured out that man-made laws are mere scraps of paper devised to do evil without fear of retaliation, evil men will recover their just reward from good men freed from their self-imposed artificial restraint. There will no longer be a blank check extended to do evil. The peace of slavery shall not fall upon the land. Evil shall be paid back in full and in kind.

Present events are shaping the future. The militia movement which survives and prospers will be the militias who know full well what they want and will do whatever it takes to get their goals accomplished. We can no longer go back to the past of the 1950’s, 60’, 70’s or 80’s. Any such attempts will be as successful as stegosaurus, with his walnut-sized brain, trying to get back to his heyday in the Cretaceous period. How many stegosaurii do you see running around nowadays? “Change or die!” -- is the law of life. Any militia falsely founded upon a piece of paper over 200 years old, which all pay lip service to but nobody obeys called “The Constitution,” deserves sacrifice to the State-god upon their false altar. Rather, it is to be understood that a steadfast application to the personal liberty of yourselves and your friends, while taking full advantage of any opportunities to defeat the enemy (gubbnmint, NWO, ZOG, city hall) is the hallmark of a successful Resistance organization.

So go out and form new underground cells, striving to improve the human quality of our organizations, while publicly forming open militias devoted to embarrassing the government’s pretensions to legitimacy. Our movement is alive. But it is only quality elements which shall survive in the days ahead.


Our Future. Is glorious. We shall overcome -- someday.

We shall win the upcoming Great Revolution by default because we are the only ones who can make order out of the coming chaos. Most of the social predators and parasites shall die in the conflict wherein the mass of their human herd animals perished. Us surviving patriots shall destroy the remaining predators, because we must not let them live to feed upon us. Then to us shall fall the task of building up a new social order wherein power is always chained up by its triumvirate partners called accountability and responsibility.



From: Norman Olson 
To: Martin Lindstedt 
Subject: Re: Permission to reprint article.

Dear Commander Olson:
    I came across this article attributed to you at the Patriot's Page 
on the Internet. I would like your permission to reprint it in my 
e-zine, Modern Militiaman #5.
    I don't altogether agree with it, but it is valuable in a sense 
of where we have been, and a different view of the future. Also, as 
you are a founder of one of the charter militias of April 1994, I want 
the movement to look back with some pride as to where we have been, 
before we turn our faces to what we must do in the future.
    MM#5 will be a politically incorrect issue, as I have a different 
view of the State of the Militia, and I believe the time has come to 
make allies of the Christian Identity and White/Black Nationalist 
movements to face the common foe -- the government.
   If you give me your permission to reprint below article, it will 
be with the understanding that while MM#5 found your article of value,
other than the text, our opinions are not necessarily the same.
Sincerely yours,
--Martin Lindstedt,
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman


Martin, You may reprint the article  (it needs some typos
corrected)..  In the one place where I refer to the 
"Constitutional Militia" that term is vague... It would better
be:   Modern Citizens Militia.

  The disclaimer you suggested is a good idea.  

Kind Regards,

Norm Olson

P.S.  You may also print my e-mail address should others
want to follow up.

What has the Militia Ever Done For Me?

Norm Olson, Commander

Northern Michigan Regional Militia

Once again I must rise in defense of the fledgling militia. I am not making excuses for what it has not done, because those who expect great things forget the tremendous cost involved... (My dear mother used to caution me to "be careful what you pray for, you may get it".) Quite frankly, I have tried to restrain the militia so that it wouldn't do something that history will never forgive...

-- Number 1 - We are not ready to fight a campaign... we are still unsure of our own motives for doing anything... With the death of many popular conspiracy theories (black helicopters, Gurkas massing along the borders, Soviet equipment on rail cars, cryptic stickers on road signs, Russian troops in salt mines, underground cities of 10s of thousands of soldiers, etc.) we find that involvement in a militia is rather pointless. Some still stay active in the militia because they are visionary people who see the need for eternal vigilance. Others however have left because there are not enough things frightening enough to stay.

-- Number 2 - We all have our own particular idea of how to fix things. Some feel we ought to go on the offensive to destroy the threat before it attacks. Others still feel that politics and rhetoric are the way to go. Still others contend that defensive preparedness is best. There is not a concerted voice on what we should do at this time...

-- Number 3 - Instead of criticizing the militia for what it doesn't do, consider what the militia has done already.

With the emergence of the Constitutional militia in the Spring of 1994, the corrupt power brokers in Washington began to measure carefully their steps. Sure they thought we were middle-aged, overweight, wannabe's running through the woods, but ya know, those are the most dangerous kind of people... They don't fight like ordinary soldiers... They are unconventional, and we showed the world that there were enough of us to "take care of business" should the need come.

I firmly believe that had it not been for the visible and public show of strength, the guns, uniforms, etc., there might have been more Wacos... Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will openly and defiantly shake a gun in the face of any tyrant. Because of the gutsy and determined stand that the militia took during 1994, the feds had to rethink their options. We made them blink!

Remember that cold war is preferable to hot war if we can have it. The militia won a great victory in this regard. With the emergence of nearly a thousand militia organizations, and an effective, albeit simple, communication system, the militia put a credible force upon the plain. We stopped the feds dead in their tracks... The militia can take credit for that and only eternity will reveal how many terrible abuses of power we actually prevented by our public and open show of strength.

But allow me to view this thing objectively for a minute. The Waco incident was the last engagement of the government's war against the people before cold war. Since then we have had incidents, but they were situations that involved "Barnie Fife" law enforcement who did stupid things... The last confrontation of any significance was the Freeman Standoff in Montana last year. I am certain that the feds ruled out another Waco frenzy because of the militia. Without the militia's open and public stand and the avowed retaliation should the Freemen people be butchered, I dare say that the Freemen would be dead today.

Now, people can argue this way or that over what the militia is accomplishing now or will accomplish in the future. Let them argue. But from where I stand, looking back at what the Militia HAS accomplished will be written about in history books as one of the great acts of righteous defiance by the people of this land against the abuses of power of tyranny. When the tyrants attack, we will be there. History will hail the defender as the champion ... so it must be.

Make no mistake about the resolve of the militia: it is still alive and well. But it will take a Lexington, or another Waco to bring us out for we are enduring, patient, and resilient. We, like our Forefathers before us will suffer many wrongs and we will find that many of them are sufferable.. But while we endure, we prepare for what must come. We will wait, ... and when we rise, the earth will quake beneath our tread...



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