Martin Lindstedt's Resistance Anthology CD-ROM

There are a number of people who are not on the Internet who have heard of my work and want a copy of my collected works. There are some people who have Internet access who don't want to go to the trouble of downloading over 7 megabytes of material 100K at a time. In either case, those people who have relatively modern computer equipment (486, 12X CD-ROM drive, and Win95) can now buy a complete copy of my Internet WWW page, Patrick Henry On-Line.

Included on this CD-ROM are some of my legal papers which I have filed during my numerous lawsuits against the criminal regime. Or, alternatively, video files in mpg format. These legal files concern both election and civil-rights lawsuits filed in federal and state korts. The data files were created by a sheet-fed Panasonic scanner and the installation software is i ncluded so as to allow the CD-ROM drive to read these data files. A customer ordering the CD-ROM will be able to choose which legal files they prefer to have on the CD-ROM by sending me an e-mail and thus getting into a discussion as to which sort of legal content would suit them best.

Also included in this CD-ROM are some of my assorted writings and other work in progress necessary to bring this CD-ROM up to 620 megabytes capacity, which are the full capacity that formatted CD-ROM disks hold.

Included in this CD-ROM is the full contents of Patrick Henry On-Line,including Modern Militiaman e-zine and the full content of The Patriot Coalition now that this WWW page has been kicked off of Geogulags for content violations.

While I do have a policy of sending a floppy disk for specific content for the low price of $5, I think it is far better to get 400 times the information for only twice times the price.

It costs approximately $2 for me to buy a CD-ROM blank and about an hour or so to record the CD-ROM. Postage and handling is another $1.25-$1.50.

As time goes on, I hope to get additional content from other sources wanting for their content to be distributed as widely as possible. As this content becomes available, I shall be more than happy to bring it to customers' attention so that they could order this content, either via CD-ROM or by videotape.

The CD-ROMs are recorded in IBM-compatible format using a CD-RW. I have found that a 486 processor with a 24-speed CD-ROM running Windows95 is the minimum configuration in order to read 95% of the files from the CD-ROM without mistake. A Pentium-level processor seems to get along with a slower speed CD-ROM, but less than a 12X CD-ROM is not recommended. Win95 is preferable to Win3.1 because of the long file-name attributes even though the files on Patrick Henry On-Line are eight-dot-three long and all the applications are Win3.1 applications. Those of you who have a Pentium-class processor probably already have Win95 as it is.

Martin Lindstedt
Electronic Publisher, Patrick Henry On-Line
338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri 64844



Would you like to see the contents of other WWW pages? Send me a list of what WWW page you would like to see, and I'll try to arrange for it to be copied onto CD-ROM for you if I am able to make a deal with the other electronic publisher concerning his copyrights.



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