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Neosho, Missouri 64850
Attention: Jim Burrows

August Primary Election Questionnaire

PARTY: Libertarian
DATE OF BIRTH: December 25, 1957
PLACE OF BIRTH: Pierre, South Dakota

OTHER OFFICES HELD: Chairman, Newton County Libertarian Party, Chairman and State Committeeman, 32d Senatorial District Libertarian Party
OTHER OFFICES SOUGHT: State Representative 132d District, 1994, Governor, 1996, Sheriff of Newton County, 1996, Granby Municipal Judge and/or City Councilman, 1996-1998

PRESENT OCCUPATION: Truck Driver, Resistance Writer/Philosopher/Electronic Publisher
EDUCATION: High School GED, Bachelorís Degree.

WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO SEEK OFFICE: It is my opinion that the current form of government has become both unjust and unable to make peaceful social change, thus it becomes necessary to alter or abolish it. I favor the decentralization and breakup of federal and state government in favor of local government managed by a natural aristocracy. So therefore my political endeavors are a mixture of political warfare and coalition building.

WHAT QUALIFICATIONS DO YOU OFFER VOTERS: I am very good at forming political organizations. Founding member, 7th Missouri Militia, 1995. Advocated that most of the Missouri militias go underground to form "Leaderless Resistance" Action Force cells, 1996-1997. Forming a Resistance Political Front to act as the political arm to Resistance Action Forces as the Sein Fein acts on behalf of the IRA.

WHAT WILL BE YOUR GOALS IN OFFICE IF ELECTED: Overthrow of the current corrupt criminal federal and state regimes (and punishment of regime criminals), in favor of secession of homogenous nationalities, followed by a loose voluntary confederation of the whole. The current criminal regime is destroying our civilization, and the process of social decay must be combated by a breakup and a reconsolidation, shaking loose in the process those regime criminals who have misruled our social institutions for their benefit.

Martin Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate, U.S. Senator



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