St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Press Release of Apr. 23, 1998



Reporter Mannies:

   You sort of caught me at a bad moment.  I had just gotten out of 
the bathtub to answer the phone, and I am not much good at interviews.

   The focus of my candidacy shall be as a promoter of what I call 
the political arm of the Resistance movement, namely the Resistance 
Political Front. 
   What was known as the militia movement is pretty well irrelevant 
now, as it consists mainly of clueless "militia generals" leading 
a few even more clueless people around.  The new Resistance consists 
of a large number of "Leaderless Resistance" cells of from 2-5 people 
who are either related to one another or people of long friendship 
bound together for the purposes of survival.
   I am presently trying to bring together, as our Sein Fein to our 
Resistance IRA, a political movement to achieve Resistance objectives 
and achieve a sort of communication between Resistance Action Force 
(RAF) cells.  This political organization I call the Resistance 
Political Front (RPF) and its purpose is to attain RPF objectives 
and to act as a communication network for the scattered RAF cells.
   During the past few years, as a result of my writings and 
Resistance activities, I have become a leading Resistance 
chieftain in the United States, as I am able to communicate with 
both the Old Resistance and the New Resistance.

   The focus of my efforts is Resistance Activity.  This especially 
means running for public office as a means of educating the masses 
and forwarding Resistance political objectives.

   The gist of my campaign is that unless the ruling elites stop 
acting corruptly and stupidly, and start holding themselves 
responsible for their misconduct, as opposed to using their regime 
courts as the axe-blade of tyranny to grant themselves immunity and 
regime police to murder or imprison their enemies, civil warfare 
ending in the destruction of the current criminal regime and ruling 
regime criminals is both inevitable and necessary.
   As one of these revolutionaries, I insist that those who been the 
agents of our social order's destruction be held to strict account 
for their corruption.  As much of this corrupt behavior has been 
deliberately been brought about by criminalizing victimless offenses 
in order to bring about a police state, I support legislation which 
would make public officials, lawyers, judges, and police the new 
criminal classes, subject to re-education or extermination.  One 
cannot defeat evil unless one eliminates the agents of evil.

   Now will my proposals win over?  Of course not!  Not a single 
civilization in the history of the world has ever halted its 
demise by purging itself of the ruling parasites which infested 
it.  The newspapers, including this one, will label me, correctly, 
as an extremist from beyond the Pale.  As the LibberToon Party is 
filled with LibberToons, most of which consider me to be the sole 
author of LibberToon Original Sin, and a traitor for revealing 
LibberToon dirty laundry, the odds are good that I'll lose and lose 
big in the anonyminity of the LibberToon primary.
   However, by bringing these proposals before the people, that 
the basis of their problems lie in the criminals who rule them and 
that everything which goes wrong must be laid at the the regime's door 
for retribution, I intend to restore either responsible government or 
contribute towards making Amerika further ungovernable.

   So the frontispiece of my campaign is to propose the following 
bit of civil rights legislation as a proposed Amendment to the u.S 

   1.  Any government official who has used the power of his office 
       to violate the human or Constitutional rights shall be deemed 
       to have no human or Constitutional rights worth respecting.
   2.  Congress shall make appropriate legislation to enforce this 
       Constitutional provision.

   The appropriate legislation would end all immunities created by 
judicial fiat.  In addition, the penalties for corruption and 
dereliction of duty by ommission or commission would be made capitol 
offenses, with the burden of proof against the former regime 
criminals.  Having no Constitutional rights, the regime criminals 
would be subject to bills of attainder, forfeiture of estate and 
corruption of blood.


   Regarding my campaign in the LibberToon primary.  In essence, what 
we have here is a political party dominated by mediocrities and petty 
criminals who could not make it in the major political parties and who 
want the situation to remain that way. However, this year, what with 
the fact that the LibberToons are not the only third party on the 
ballot, the desired aim of most Missouri LibberToonians -- that they 
be a 'private club' -- will probably come to pass.  However, that 
means that they will lose the only thing valuable thing they still 
possess -- ballot access.  With only two state-wide offices up for 
election, and both the Reform and USTP running candidates, it is 
likely that ballot access will be lost this year.  In voting for the 
higher offices, the electorate tends to vote for name recognition, and 
with the split-off of the protest vote the LibberToons might very 
well be dumped off the ballot.

   The essence of LibberToon thought as practiced both the Missouri and 
National level is a foolish, criminal-type solipcism which puts the 
irresponsible wants of the LibberToon first.  I wrote an article in 
late September, 1996 concerning this entire national slide into 
solipcism called "Cult of the Me-God"  See   for the entire text.

   I wrote that article with LibberToons specifically in mind. Once 
you understand the "principle" of short-term selfishness behind the 
so-called "Party of Principle" perhaps you can understand why the 
typical LibberToon only gets into a lather only over "smokin'-dope-&-
sodomy, plus abortion."  They wrap libertine behavior in a mantle of 
freedom, calling themselves "Libertarians."  These rancid sanctimonious 
hypocrites are only able to think of themselves having wit enough only 
to conceal their basic natures by saying they are for "freedom."  Yet 
if it is in their own self-interests, they are the very first to 
violate the rights of others.  Every time I meet somebody that calls 
themself a "Libertarian" I immediately assume that I am talking to 
a Solipcistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascist (a SMAF).

   Hence the buying-and-selling of the presidential nomination for 
Harry Brown by National "Libertarian" Party bureaucrats in 1996.  
Browne was a thief in the receiving of stolen goods, and the National 
Party Bureaucrats were thieves in selling a nomination which did not 
belong to them as well.  In fact, the National LP thieves are well-
versed in simony, doing the exact same thing with the Marrou campaign 
in 1992.  These Libbertoon Party bureaucrats are nothing but thieves, 
supported by state-party hacks in their thievery.  I refuse to buy 
a membership or pay any party dues to an organization run by  
thieving hypocrites.

   Hence these LP thugs in Missouri inviting me to their little 
lynch mob at a restaurant managed by one of their fellow fascists 
in order to expel me from the MoLP.  At that meeting, because I 
insisted on videotaping these criminals in action as was my right 
under Revised Statute of Missouri Chapter 610, Conduct of Public 
Office, also known as the Missouri Sunshine Act, these LP criminals 
proceeded to have their stooge, the manager of the Heidelburg 
Restaurant, call the Columbia Police and have me arrested for 
'trespassing.'  Then, by majority vote, by 28-1 with two abstentions, 
these criminals proceeded to violate RSMo 115.603, which provides 
that every political district in the state have representation. 
As I was elected by the Libertarian voters in my precinct, county, 
and Senatorial District to represent them as a public official 
in a public political party, these MoLP criminals not only violated 
several election laws, but also the rights of libertarian voters in 
Southwestern Missouri to representation. 

   Since the conceit of these 'Toonians and SMAFs is that it is 
immoral to have the majority of the people vote away their rights 
to engage in sodomy, recreational drug usage, abortion, and 
income-tax evasion (all of which I myself abhor except for the 
avoidance of paying tribute to regime criminals), then by what 
right do they use majority rule to vote away the rights of others? 
Thus, anybody of even normal sensibilities can see that these 
lynch-mob LibberToons have no love for liberty, but rather to
wrap around their perversions under the color of 'liberty.'  I 
have no doubt the first thing some of these homo Anarchy-Fascists 
would do, after repealing sodomy statutes and advancing 
'gay-marriage' legislation would be to make 'homophobic hate 
speech' a capital offense and lower the age of consent to five 
years of age for the benefit of the North American Man-Boy Love 
Association.  And most LibberToonian SMAFs would vote it in.

   I intend to put most of these LibberToon-SMAF candidates on the 
hook as to whether it is moral or not to use majority rule to vote 
away the rights of others.  If they say it is moral, then I will ask 
why not vote for second- and third-rate politicians from the 
DemoPublicans who feel the same way, and who have experience is doing 
exactly that.  If the 'Toon or SMAF says that it is immoral to vote 
away the rights of others, then I will ask why they voted to strip 
away my rights and the rights of SWMoLP voters using majority rule, 
and violated several Missouri election and public meeting statutes, 
and to cover up such criminal behavior had me falsely arrested to 
boot.  Either way, they lose any pretentions to any moral legitimacy.

    My opponent, a fourth- or fifth-rater if that, was one of the 
people who voted to expel me, and to have me jailed by police.  Is 
that the sort of person an honest Libertarian voter would wish to 
allow to have any power over themselves or others?

   The Missouri Libertarian Party is filled with these degenerate 
mediocraties.  It will never grow because from 10-15 of the same 
old bunch refuse to allow it to grow beyond their control.  If 
first-rate candidates, such as Bill Johnson back in 1994 were to 
appear these SMAFs immediately plot together to pull him down. 
If a Resistance fighting man such as myself appears, these SMAFs 
will engage in criminal activity and try to use the forces of the 
criminal regime to destroy him.  Anyone who would dare rise above 
the level of mediocrity that these fifth-raters can control in 
actually growing the MoLP will find that these fifth-raters will 
use fair means or foul to ensure their continued rule.  Thus the 
MoLP will never grow because it is a LibberToon kakistocracy, 
with rule by SMAF.
   However, the problem with rule by Solipcistic Mattoid Anarchy-
Fascist is that it will never reach critical mass.  What's in it 
for me, if I were to be almost as greedy, selfish, and stupid as a 
full-fledged LibberToon?  There's not enough power in their "private
club" to support more than 10-15 Toonians/SMAFs ruling the roost.  
   Anyone really serious about wanting more sodomy or abortions might 
as well vote Democrat.  And with the police and regime criminals 
running the drug racket, there certainly is no shortage of 
smokin'-dope at as low a price as the regime-created black market 
will allow.

   With the ouster of myself, there is no right wing to the Missouri 
LibberToons.  All that is left is the smokin'-dope-&-sodomy social 
democrats.  With the appearance of the Reform and USTP parties, 
and the loss of conservative voters, in the general election the 
MoLP will slip to being the fourth- or fifth-rate party on the 
ballot -- if it retains ballot access at all.  It is ballot access 
which is the only asset of value to the MoLP.  Once ballot access 
is lost, the former MoLP will be back to being exactly what it 
now claims as being in order to justify their violation of the terms 
of their charter as a political party -- a private club. 

   I welcome the day when these Solipcistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascists 
can meet in comfort in a restaurant restroom -- drinking beer, smoking 
dope, sodomizing each other to their heart's content, as they plot how 
they can take over the world and be loved as 'freedom-fighters' for 
their 'great sacrifices.'  I suppose it does these fools good to 
pretend that they are such freedom-fighters in their days off working 
as government bureaucrats and lawyers.  But there is no way that anyone 
truly interested in a complete and thorough liberty will ever take 
these mediocre two-bit shithouse fascists seriously as anything other 
than as objects worthy of banishment or extermination from the company 
of civilized men.

--Martin Lindstedt                                       4/23/98
Libertarian Candidate for u.S. Senate