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July 1, 2004

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Voters Guide Questions

What main item of legislation would you seek if you are elected or re-elected? (Limit answers to 150 words.)

. . . . Government officials pretty much do whatever they want without fear of prosecution or civil litigation. To prevent this, absolute and qualified immunities against state and local officials should be rescinded. Empanel permanent grand juries at the county level, changeable every six months. Violation of the Sunshine Laws should have felony jail penalties. It should be made a crime to 'practice' law for profit, thus ending the lawyer's monopoly. Non-lawyers should be able to run for prosecutor or judge. No lawyer would be allowed to run for an executive or legislative office. Any police officer or officer of the court found to be committing perjury would be deemed guilty of treason and either skinned or hanged, drawn & quartered. Making false complaints, or using one's office for personal profit should also be punished by death. Jails made available for inspection by a local committee of outsiders.

What is the primary reason you are qualified to serve? (Limit answers to 150 words.)

. . . . Since I am probably the most clever and ruthless of the Revolutionary Resistance political activists in Missouri -- a militia leader who disbanded his militias with none of them ever charged with any crimes, have been accused of advocating domestic terrorism and 'thinking like a terrorist' able to 'think outside the box' and not been caught doing anything other than using the First Amendment of the Bill of Goods -- it would stand to reason that someone like myself able to 'go with the Revolutionary flow' enhancing methods of overthrowing this mighty Evil Empire might be able to figure out how to keep this criminal regime running for an extra day or so. As the only overt White Nationalist Separatist candidate, I work only for the interests of the working-class small-town and rural White people and to hell with anybody else, especially the corporate Republicans as represented by RuntBlunt.

What issue most separates you from your opponents? (Limit answers to 150 words.)

. . . . I am the only candidate of either political party in Missouri who is an overt White Nationalist. My goal is to destroy the Missouri Republican Party by divorcing from these suburban corporate supremacists the genuine racists like myself. By taking away our 3-5% minority bloc, we destroy the basis by which these corporate Republicans at the state-wide level survive politically. Since the percentage of victory for Governor and US Senate in 2000 and 2002 was less than one percent, a loss of the downstate White base for the Republican panderers means that the Republicans must either become pro-white in reality or go extinct as a political party. It is far better to deal with open enemies like the Democrats than false-friend race- traitors like the Republicans. White Nationalists need to stay home or even vote Democrat rather than support Republican race-traitors. My candidacy enforces discipline on Republicans.

Editorial Page Department Questions

How should the state ensure that poor families and children can obtain health care?

. . . . I support making the safety net available only to White families and children, as the blacks and mestizos shall never be anything other than a parasitic and criminal drain upon White civilization. It is idiotic for us to feed and care for racial aliens unable to do anything except breed more parasites and criminals for the state to support with White tax dollars. By eliminating these unnecessary expenses the social safety net should have enough funds to operate supporting poor White families. Also, by declaring those Division of Family Services regime criminals having anything to do with removing from their families White children to be traitors, and exterminating them and their spawn unto the seventh [de]generation, and confiscating their estates, additional funding can be obtained, as well as improving the security and sanctity of the White family.

Do you support the use of state funds or facilities for stem- cell research? Explain.

. . . . No, never will I support using state funds or facilities for stem-cell research. Especially if it will be used to extend the useless lives of most of the worthless bastards who made this country the Turd-World shithole it is today.

Do you support the lawsuit seeking to require the state to adequately fund education? If the court orders the state to substantially increase funding, where will you find the money?

. . . . I do not support the lawsuit to 'adequately' fund edjewcation. The public skrewls are indoctrination centers to destroy young minds, teaching them to hate God and their parents and love the criminal regime. Forcing White taxpayers to support this agenda of destroying independent thinking of White children through increased taxes is abhorrent to me. If the court were to act as a pack of legis-traitors to impose taxation through guise of funding demands, then the court should have an executive and legislative veto imposed upon its lawless rule, then impeached. The alternative would be to either disband state control altogether or to equitably spend less and impose that cut upon all school districts. The incompetence of public edjewcation is bringing all manner of chickens home to roost, and part of the penalty creating diminishing ability leading to lower standards of living means less funding for parasitic and degenerate state organs.

The Missouri Supreme Court upheld the concealed gun law, but not its method of funding. What should the next legislature do about this problem?

. . . . Close this loophole of denial of concealed-carry permits by having the prospective permit holder pay for the administrative overhead as well as fees of processing.

Do you support the bill, vetoed by the governor, to set lower caps on awards for pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases? Explain.

. . . . Governor Holden acted justly and wisely in vetoing the corporate-welfare bill proposed by the insurance industry as a 'solution' by Republican corporate-welfare queens receiving insurance lobbyist money. The facts bore out this wise veto. The insurance companies got three times in raised premiums what they paid out in claims. The difference between the current law, and the vetoed corporate welfare scheme in caps paid out was $600,000 vs. $440,000. Routinely the insurance corporations lobby the Republicans to pass more laws to benefit the insurance corporations and screw both premium payers and the general public. If someone is rendered unfit for life to support himself, the Republicans would ease the burden from those who caused the injury or are responsible for it onto Social Security or Medicaid. Republicans are corrupt in that they always seek to privatize corporate profits while at the same time socializing costs onto the public sector.

Do you support the constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman? Do you think that same-sex couples should receive the same legal benefits as heterosexual couples?

. . . . No. No. Like I have told both RuntBlunt and the LibberToons, the state should be altogether out of the marriage-license business, as marriage is a religious and social institution predating the state. By making of the matter a state issue, then politics becomes involved, and then the absurd, such that marriage is anything other than heterosexual in nature becomes a matter of majority rule. Thus the whole purpose of CONstitution is rejected, that there are some social matters, customs and mores beyond the power and control of the government and never to be put up for a vote. As a Dual- Seedline Christian Identity Believer, I resent the criminal regime saying that it is unlawful for a man to marry more than one woman or that allows open known homosexuals to live. So-called 'civil unions' are an unlawful usurpation by the criminal regime invented to give homosexuals legal parity with marriage.

What would you most like to accomplish in office?

. . . . I would like to create a social order akin to that of 1875 Missouri, in that the White man is the absolute master of family and state, the White woman is cared for within the family setting and it is heaven on earth for White children. When the black and the Indian was driven out, and the Mexican and jew were never present. When the motto of Missouri was reality: The Will of the People is the Supreme Law -- and the only People who mattered were White. When the state did not rule, and the regime-criminal parasites of lawyers, judges, politicians and police were subordinate to the common good. This past reality shall eventually return by means of revolution, civil warfare, famine, disease and death. But I am willing forswear civil, racial, religious and class warfare and bloodshed if I get my way and am elected governor of Missouri.

Do you support the death penalty, and if so, under what circumstances?

. . . . The problem with the death penalty as currently imposed is that regime criminals and social parasites are not the ones executed. Social ills today were not created by the underclass but by regime criminals. Therefore in order to restore civilization it is necessary to purge lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, politicians and their enforcers, the police and their families. My Revolutionary hero is Felix Dzerzhinsky, the first head of the KGB, who exterminated the Czarist regimeists and their families. I favor skinning alive parasitic regime criminals and their spawn and grinding their carcasses into dog food, like YHWH had done to King Saul, King Ahab, and their families. With special emphasis for the Division of Family Services, who have stolen my grandchildren. In their case, make them eat their dog meat, then exterminate them. Only be exterminating those responsible for slavery and injustice can our People restore freedom and justice.

Would you favor asking Missouri voters to reconsider term limits?

. . . . Hell, no! Term limits is the only way to get rid of these thieving stupid evil bastards in the General Assembly and replace them with different evil thieving stupid bastards at the trough. I've seen so many of these wannabe politicians promising change, and then when they get into power they have no intention of changing the system that brought them to power. In fact, term limits need to be extended so that after being term-limited out of one house of the General Assembly that one cannot go on to have another eight in another house of the General Assembly for a total of 16 years. I'd put a limit of 10 or 12 years for both the House and Senate so that after four terms in the House of eight years one couldn't serve more than one four-year term in the Missouri Senate or after two terms in the Senate no more than one or two terms in the House.

Some say Missouri utilities need more pricing flexibility. Others say the Public Service Commission is doing a good job. Where do you stand?

. . . . The Public Service Commission is usually the lackey of those they supposedly 'regulate' so and does a poor job of regulating these public utilities. Better to leave the Public Service Commission speed-bump intact rather than have none at all.

Critics from all sides of the political spectrum have criticized the tax system as unfair. Do you agree, and if so how would you change it?

. . . . Every tax system is deemed unfair by those who get caught enough to where they must pay taxes. I've made fun of LibberToon politicians who happen to be government 'workers' for being parasites who don't want to pay any taxes for their upkeep, thus hypocrites. Under the current system, corporations have shifted the tax burden from themselves unto the poor and middle class, while at the same time asking politicians to grant them corporate welfare. Tariffs were the Constitutional means of raising revenue. Today the globalonyialists and major corporations are outsourcing jobs overseas and bringing in cheap junk via Walmart and big retailers. The solution is to tax any corporations doing business in Missouri for any profits made in Missouri without allowing them loopholes of incorporation out of state or overseas. Republicans, especially RuntBlunt, act against the interests of White taxpayers in favor of corporations.

Should the Legislature raise the $500 loss limit on casinos? If so, should it increase the tax on casinos?

. . . . Definitely not! I oppose removing restrictions on loss limits under casino gambling laws. Rather than raise the tax on casinos, even though that is a better option, these state- run gambling dens should be closed down entirely because they prey upon the poor and weak and literally take food out of children's mouths.

Candidate Notes: (For newsroom clarification. Text will not be published.)

. . . . My Web page is The file photo you have presently is the one I use and recent enough. This survey and its answers shall be saved at:

. . . . I am presently at odds with RuntBlunt because RuntBlunt won't let me run as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt and the corrupt moronic swine refuses to place my web page on the official Secretary of State's Candidate List -- or any other Republican primary candidate. I made a complaint to the Missouri 'Ethics' Commission and they refuse to do any thing about it. So I might sue in federal district court. What is contemptible is that RuntBlunt is using his office as Secretary of State to promote his campaign as governor while at the same time refusing to acknowledge that other Republican candidates have something to say. See my Ethics Complaint:

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