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1. Missouri law section 566.090(1) prohibits private sexual acts between 
adults of the same sex. PREP has been working to repeal this law. Do you 
support or oppose the repeal of this law?
            support  1  2  3  4 oppose

  Circle 1--Strongly support repeal.  I support the repeal of this law as
the sexual practices of consenting adults on private property is not a 
legitimate concern of the authorities or government.

2. Several bills were filed in the 1996 legislative session that would 
prohibit the state of Missouri from recognizing marriages performed 
between persons of the same sex. Do you support or oppose same-sex 
             support  1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 4 -- Strongly oppose State recognition of same-sex "marriage."
I have opposed state recognition of same-gender marriage in the past as 
I do not recognize homosexual coupling as the equivalent of marriage. I 
have proposed that the government get out of the marriage-licensing 
business altogether as marriage is a private contract between man and 
woman, and is sometimes an ecclesiastical concern as well. Allowing the 
government power to recognize something gives it the power to deny it as

3. Anonymous HIV testing is a key component in the battle against AIDS, 
because it facilitates the education that is an important tool in slowing
the spread of the HIV virus. Do you support or oppose anonymous testing?
           support 1 2 3 4 oppose

  Circle 3 -- Oppose anonymous testing to some degree, government-sponsored 
anonymous testing absolutely.  I support anonymous testing for those 
persons, knowing that their lifestyles have made them vulnerable to AIDS,
are responsible enough to voluntarily find out their medical condition 
and if infected, refrain from spreading disease to innocent others. 
People who prefer anonymous testing would go to their private physician.
  However, a physician's first duty, in the case of infectious diseases, 
is to the health of the overall community. If the physician recognizes a 
source of disease, he should take all necessary steps to isolate it and 
keeping it from spreading. There is no Constitutional right to spread 
  I recognize, on the other hand, the benefits of anonymous testing. If 
a person suspects that he is infected, but still wishes to remain 
sexually active to the expense of innocent others, that person might very
well refuse to voluntarily get tested. So therefore there will have to 
be some form of mandatory testing for the irresponsible.
  So I support anonymous testing and the keeping of the results secret 
for sexually responsible adults and the use of mandatory testing and 
penile and vaginal tattooing for the irresponsible. A mixture of voluntary
and mandatory testing programs will need to be used to responsibly 
safeguard both the rights and survival of both the individual and 
society. The crux of this matter comes down to the testing doctor and to
whom the test results are released. The decisions and guidelines reached 
must be debated and resolved somewhere between the competing ideologies 
of privacy rights and medical necessity.

4. PREP believes that mandatory HIV testing is an invasion of an 
individual's right to privacy. Do you support or oppose mandatory testing?
          support  1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 2 -- Somewhat support mandatory testing. The reasons for my 
answer were brought up after question 3. 
  On issues of such importance, ideologues on both sides are essentially 

5. AIDS is a health crisis that will eventually impact on a majority of 
Missourians. Do you support or oppose state funding for AIDS services?
           support 1 2 3 4 oppose

  Circle 3 -- Somewhat oppose.  
  .  ". . . eventually impact on a majority of Missourians?"  If you 
cause a panic, the end result will be an unnecessary tightening of the 
rules and less freedom and privacy for all.
  Unless or until AIDS is spread pneumatically, it will remain a disease 
for the socially suspect and politically weak homosexuals, drug users, 
and prostitutes. However, society as a whole cannot foolishly expect 
disease to remain exclusively in the lower social strata. 
  I support limited state funding for general public health. However, if 
funds for AIDS are to be spent, they will be spent predominantly on 
mandatory testing and not as a welfare sinecure for the already infected.

6. House Bill 1637 from the 1996 legislative session stated that 
homosexual and bisexual persons are unfit to be parents, despite studies 
that show no adverse results in children raised in such families.  Do you 
support or oppose the rights of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals to be 
parents and have legal custody of children?
             support  1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 2. I support the rights of homosexual parents to be parents over
their biological children. In the case of custody over non-biological or 
foster children, the issue of homosexuality might or might not be 
relevant, but should be raised along with the prospective parents 
financial and social status to determine the best interests of the 
adoptive child.

7. PREP believes that reproductive choice should be a fundamental right 
for all women. Do you support or oppose a woman's right to choose 
              support  1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 4 -- Strongly oppose such a "right." No one has the right to 
destroy the life of another.

8. PREP believes that blanket and random drug testing are invasions of 
an individual's privacy.  Do you support or oppose blanket and random 
drug testing?
              support 1 2 3 4 oppose

  Circle 4. I oppose random and blanket drug testing as a violation of 
the Bill of Rights. Testing for drugs after an accident, like blood-alcohol 
testing, should be allowed provided there is probable cause and all 
Constitutional safeguards are followed. But blanket and random drug 
testing is nothing less than statist witch-hunting. 
  Drug Prohibition maintains the profit margins of smugglers, fills our 
prisons, spreads AIDS, increases government power over the lives of 
citizens, corrupts the police and judiciary and rides rough shod over 
the Bill of Rights. Time to end it.   

9. Many of Missouri's municipalities have laws restricting the 
relationships between persons who share a home.  PREP believes that 
shared housing should be based on space available and not on the 
relationship of the occupants.  Do you support or oppose restrictions on 
shared housing?
            support 1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 4. I strongly oppose any government restrictions on shared 
housing. Any restrictions imposed should be imposed by the owner or 
landlord over his private property. Public property creates a demand for 
bad public policy. 

10. PREP believes that equal rights should apply to all citizens, 
regardless of sexual orientation.  Do you support or oppose the inclusion
of sexual orientation language in Missouri anti-discrimination laws?
            support 1 2 3 4 oppose

   Circle 4 -- Strongly oppose. I do not trust anyone to draft laws which 
should not exist in the first place. Anti-discrimination laws are nothing 
more than politicians imposing their own prejudices and making them law 
to be enforced by policemen.

11. PREP believes that health education curricula should include instruction 
regarding the range of reproductive choices, the variety of family 
structures, and the wealth of options in personal sexuality.  PREP also 
believes that health education curricula should be age-appropriate.  Do 
you support or oppose an inclusive approach to health education?
           support  1  2  3  4  oppose

  Circle 4.  I strongly oppose any such measure because I strongly oppose 
the extension of politically active, results-poor government-run public 
schools. The number-one goal of a Lindstedt administration would be the 
extermination of the government school system in favor of a wide range of 
private, church, and home schools chosen and financially supported by 
parents of school children.
  ". . . range of reproductive choices?" Are you talking about teaching 
little girls promiscuity and abortion?  ". . .the variety of family 
structures?" Let the old-style Mormons teach it in their own schools. 
". . . wealth of options in personal sexuality? Is that the same as 
lecturing the little nippers about safe sodomy? Masturbation is one thing 
not necessary to be taught in this country; it just comes natural.
  No, I don't think I can support any of the above proposals. In fact, 
I'm certain of it.

Additional Comments.
  There are a number of issues upon which I agree with the Privacy Rights 
Educational Project. I agree wholeheartedly in increasing the overall 
freedom within our society and hope that responsibility develops to use 
those regained freedoms reliably. 
  However, after reading your questions and sensing the premises behind 
them, I am concerned that upon gaining your freedoms you will institute 
more government and government programs in order to advance your agenda 
of license rather than self-disciplined liberty. Perhaps I am wrong in 
my concerns. But I act upon my own principles and concerns.

Sincerely yours,

Martin Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Missouri 

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