The "Pud-Puller" Faction
Pointy-Head Debate-Club Liber-Fascists

Table of Contents:

What is a Pud-Puller?
Past -- Pud-Puller History -- Past Perfect, Present Imperfect, Future Tense
Present --Pud-Puller Philosophy & (In)Action
Future -- Pud-Puller Agendas

Their Official Ego-Organ --

Showed Me Fascism March-April, 1996
Showed Me Fascism May-June, 1996

A SMAF-Toonian Rogue's Gallery for 1998

A Listing of Pud-Pullers:

J.Mark Oglesby-- The Great Master Debater
Jeanne Bojarski-- Rabid Social Democrat
Chairman James Givens -- Bureacracy sans Power
Vice-Chairman James Higgins -- Clueless Defender of the Status Quo
Dick Ilyes -- The Windbag of Ooooozzz
Kevin Goodwin -- Rear-Echilon Marine
Phillip Horrass -- Don't Turn Your Back On Him
Mitchell J. Moore -- A Lawyer & A Ratman
Mike Harmon -- Roy Blunt Lite

Natural-Born National Pud-Pullers

The Hairy Browne Kampaign
Jo Jorgenson Kampaign -- Another Libbertoonian Tokin' Minority
Steve Dasbach -- What a National Pud-Puller Bureaucracy will look like
William "Goebbels" Winter --Blessed are the Glib
Bill Utterback -- "Only a Libbertoonian Resolvution Allowed 'Round Here"
Liberty magazine -- We would never vote for President Hitler! (Or do anything else either.)

Fool's World -- Pud-Pullerism in Wurds Butt InAkkktion

What is a Pud-Puller?

 There are two factions within the Missouri Libertarian Party. One 
consists of a militant faction, nicknamed the "Shooters,"  who want to 
take back individual rights away from the government by any means 
necessary, preferably through political and peaceful means first. There 
is another faction, called the "Pud-Pullers," who wish to do nothing 
more than sit around a restaurant beer-table, argue economics, politics, 
whine about how bad the government is, and otherwise treat the MoLP as 
an extension of their own personal genitalia to play with.
Above definitions taken from the state lawsuit Lindstedt vs. Missouri Libertarian Party et. al.

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