Roxie Fausnaught
Libertarian Candidate for Sheriff
338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri 64844

Clerk, Circuit Court of Newton County
Division III, Juvenile & Probate
101 S. Wood Street, Ste. 204
Neosho, Missouri 64850

July 31, 2004

Re: Cases No: 04NW-JU00101, JU00102, JU00103, JU00104

Dear Division Clerk Dana Jo Wallace:

. . . . I received and signed for your certified letter of July 27th on July 28, 2004.

. . . . I was not surprised to see that Judge Keven Lee Selby denied my request for an appeal as a poor person, without even asking for a means test. After all, he justified doing whatever he pleased to do in the first place and doesn't want his abuse of discretion brought to the notice of the Missouri Court of Appeals.

. . . . The attorney, Tom Mann, who this judge denied even letting me have access or intercession to my four grandchildren, was paid for by my long-time domestic companion, Martin Lindstedt, not by myself. I have a widow's pension of $967 per month from the Veteran's Administration. As usual, I must pay for my half of the bills from my residence, and have not been able to get much ahead. Today, I also help support my daughter, Amalie Baldwin, living across the street at 337 Rabbit Track Road, now that her support through her four children has been cut off now that the Division of Family Services have taken her four children and placed pressure upon both her first husband to move away from the trailer half-owned by Martin Lindstedt and got her present husband, James Baldwin, to move somewhere to Neosho, along with their car. Since all my daughter now gets is $90 in back child support per month, and Martin Lindstedt will not support her, I no longer have any financial reserves, but must live from my VA check.

. . . . The lawyer, having been shut out by Judge Selby from even appearing on my behalf, kept all of the $1500 retainer that Martin Lindstedt paid him. This lawyer kept all of the money and only to justify keeping that money, filled out the Notice of Appeal forms. I took these forms on Thursday, July 22, 2004 and filed them, with Martin Lindstedt waiting outside the Division III lobby door because he was threatened with arrest if he entered, same as was done by yourself, with the collusion of Judge Selby, on April 22, 2004. Since then Martin Lindstedt has asked that you and Carmen Jamison be set aside for misfeasance of office under Revised Missouri Statutes 483.165, but Scott Watson, the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney, has no intention of putting those who abuse their positions of power in prison. Those in power have no intention of punishing those who help them maintain their power. All most of us not in power can do is to pray that when your enemies come to power that they shall do worse unto you than you have done unto us, and that you and your families shall be destroyed absolutely and with the uttermost just humiliation and degradation.

. . . . I don't have the money to file on one case at $70 per case, much less four cases. I am informed that I cannot join all four cases together in one in order to save money. Since I do not have $70 plus the additional costs associated with litigation, I do not have four times seventy dollars or $280. Martin Lindstedt doesn't have $3000 to pay a lawyer for an appeal.

. . . . However, I can borrow or get $140 to file a Notice of Appeal for the case of my granddaughter and youngest grandson. Case # 04NW-JU00104 and Case # 04NW-JU00102. They are the ones with the most potential of becoming other than a DFS-created underclass. Perhaps the fathers of the two boys in the middle -- their father's sons -- will loan me the $70 necessary to save them through appeal. Perhaps not. It would stand to reason that a ruling on these two cases by the Missouri Court of Appeals would apply to the two other young children that I had no choice but to abandon for now because of lack of funds to the tender mercies of your judicial and juvenile system. By taking one child each from each father to an appeal, I hope to safeguard all four. I shall be by this Wednesday or Thursday, August 4 or 5th, with a bank money order for the cases of these two children to be sent up upon appeal.

. . . . This particular judge, Kevin Lee Selby and Martin Lindstedt, have been fighting each other since 1995. This particular judge should step down, as there is not even the pretense of objectivity or lack of bias and prejudice. Selby is holding a secret tribunal in which four grandchildren of a political enemy have been taken under color of emergency generated by an anonymous hotline call claiming abuse of two children. Now in secret proceedings a different child held for three months under access by DFS psychologists is claiming that he has been 'kissed all over.' If these allegations are true, then shouldn't I be allowed to hear them with the aid of counsel? Yet this has been denied me. There is no allegations against myself, yet I am denied visitation simply because I do not believe the allegations made in a secret court operating on secret procedures against Martin Lindstedt. Since this judge has continued to sit on this case, and to protect judicial officers of his court who commit misprision and false arrest, then it should be up to the Missouri Court of Appeals to decide whether to rubberstamp this conduct prejudicial to justice and legitimacy or not. Thus, the necessity for appeal for as much appearance of justice as what remains of my family can afford. Two cases at $70 each for a total of $140. That's all the justice I can afford, at least for now. There was no time limit to your letter of July 27, 2004 for me to come up with the money, so this Wednesday or Thursday shall have to do.


-s- Roxie Fausnaught



. . . .


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