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We need to amend the Bylaws to expel a member.  The state committee 
has to do that.  Then we can immediately give the crazed one a 
hearing and boot his sorry ass out.

BTW...We still need donations for a Harry Browne billboard on I-70.  We 
gave them a down payment for one month but we are $300.00 short.  Send 
contributions made out to Mid-Missouri Libertarians to Mitch Moore at 
1210 West Broadway, Columbia, MO  65203...
The LP news has a story on the front page about a billboard in Tennessee.

Thanks to J. Bojarski for the $50.00 that came in today's mail!


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> > Sorry to have taken so long to get to this Email, I have been 
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> I can relate. The last storm system blew transformers and stuff all 
>over town and today is the first day I trusted the electricity enough 
to go online.
> > I have also thought about writing a letter to Martin's proxie 
> >voters but have not had the time to do so.  For anyone interested 
> >I have in my possition ALL of the proxie votes submited by Martin 
> >and other people as well as the addresses and sometimes the phone 
> >numbers of these people.  I would be glad to send copies to anyone 
> >who would like them.

> I think it would be fine to just keep ahold of them puppies, just 
> in case.
> Jackie B.
> Thanks to J. Bojarski for the $50.00 that came in today's mail.



Beginning of the End for the LibberToons

How the SMAF-'Toonian 'Leadership' Showed It's True Criminal Nature

In 1996, I was running for the nomination for governor of the Missouri Libertarian Party. Upon my announcing for the nomination in February 1996, in opposition to my collegue on the 7th District, J. Mark Oglesby, the ruling clique of LibberToons on the Expediting Committee had a fit. They knew full well that I despised them and I had no intention of curbing my tongue for the benefit of those fascist swine.

So knowing that I didn't have very much money, these fascist swine decided to forestall me by refusing to forgive or refund the $200 filing fee. Even though they had done exactly this same thing to run Libertarian candidates back in 1994, they decided to hide under a law forbidding any gift to candidates running for Missouri political office under a new law the Missouri General Assembly had passed for the benefit of incumbents to where no political campaign contributions could be made while the legislature was in session. (Later this law was overturned on April 22, 1996 in Shrink Missouri Government PAC v. Maupin. But such a ruling would have arrived too late for me if I would have just sat there. Such is typical LibberToon behavior -- bitch about government laws while at the same time benefitting from different regime laws, a government paycheck, or receiving welfare benefits or gubbnmint contracts.)

Now of course I researched the law and found out that the Toonians could hold filing fees and return them after May 30, 1996 (or on April 23, 1996 after the ruling). Yet they refused to do so, after a debate on the matter wherein I asked for candidate filing-fee relief not only for myself, but for any other candidate who wished to run as a Libertarian. I was at the mercy of these Solipcistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascists whose definition of "Libertarianism" was exactly in line with, and nothing more than, their own selfish wants. Sure, some of them would go home and forgive the filing fees of those who wanted to run for county positions -- if they could find any candidates willing to run. But most of the SMAF-'Toonians on the Pud-Puller Politburo had me pegged right. If I was allowed to run, I would have no gratitude towards then for extending me a 'right' that I always thought I possessed -- to run for public office even if I didn't have a filing fee. And I certainly was not controllable by them for what I might say -- certainly not after the contemptable behavior I had observed in these petty fascists while they plotted and connived against each other, but for the most part in trying to pull down the best candidate the MoLP had ever found. They knew full well that I despised them -- and that I'd say as much. So the 'debate' was pre-arranged, and with majority rule I was bound to lose.

And so I did. The vote on this matter, in the Expediting Committee was 7-3 against, and I lost. Such are matters decided in the "Missouri" "Libertarian" "Party." Over 80,000 votes brought in by a wonderful candidate such as Bill Johnson, negated by the plottings of around 10-12, if that, perfectly wretched vermin claiming to be -- of all things -- "Libertarian."

I promptly filed suit in Missouri supreme court against the LibberToons and the State of Missouri regarding the provisions of RSMo 115.357. Then I went to the funeral of a good man, a founding member of the Missouri 51st Militia. Then I helped out a militiaman in his farce of a trial in Boone County on Wednesday morning, April 20, 1996, went down to Jefferson City to file for governor with a $100 loan from my brother and a $100 loan from a friend, later that afternoon helped get my widowed sister-in-law's brother filed as a Calloway County precinct committeeman and as a state representative on the Libertarian Party ticket and then went home.

The May MoLP convention was a corrupt farce. Using techniques of voter fraud and majority rule, the rights of proxy voters who could not attend were deemed irrelevant, and a number of fraudulent items were added to the MoLP CONstitution. In addition, I lost my seat on the Expediting Committee due to vote fraud, and the negation of 7th District proxies. The next day, I found out that people who were not members of the Missouri Libertarian Party had been allowed to vote away the rights of members in good standing.

In July, I wrote up the Constitutions of the Newton and Jasper County Libertarian Parties, and formed the 32d Senatorial District Libertarian Party. I promptly set about to invalidate the fraud committed by these so-called MoLP "Libertarians," but Adolf Givens and the ruling SMAF-'Toonians refused to obey their MoLP CONstitution. So I immediately went home and filed a federal lawsuit against the LibberToonians and the Regime of Missery.

So the ruling SMAF-'Toonians were pissing down their leg that I might beat J.Mark in the primary. J.Mark Oglesby, with his whiny, effeminant voice sounds much like the closet homosexual that he probably is. I was pretty sure that J.Mark would turn off a whole bunch of voters if he campaigned real hard. But the fact of the matter is that people who are disgusted with 'Toonian behavior usually vote Republican or, if they want something from the gubbnmint, usually vote Democrat. 'Toons vote for 'Toons.
However, I did get 36% of the primary vote cast. This 36% I got would mean that Jaymark would not run for Senator in '98 against Tamara Millay because that means that the SMAF-'Toonian vote would be split and that I would become the winner. Jaymark, the very essence of a Solipcistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascist, probably was told by the ruling Pud-Puller Politburo that he couldn't run this year -- not unless he wanted that "dreadful Martin Lindstedt" to win. So Jaymark stayed out to pout. Not having any love for anything other than himself, Jaymark didn't even bother to run for LibberToonian elective office this year. Such is to be expected. SMAF-'Toonians, with sufficient love enough only for themselves, are natural-born corn-holers of each other. Pore Jaymark got the shaft from his fellow SMAF-'Toonians, and for once he didn't like it.


So now that I've lost the LibberToonian primary, the fears of the SMAF-'Toonian "leadership" fades away. After all, if I am not the head of the MoLP ticket, the 'Toons can do whatever they like. They need not fear me "taking out the trash down-ticket." And what they would like is very much to kick me out of the MoLP. Especially since my lawsuit against them proceeds apace, given their absolute incompetence in dealing with it. And I continue to send them insulting e-mail, making fun of all their pretentions.

So what I regard as the most verminous of the SMAF-'Toonians, Mitchell J. Moore, a lawyer who has weaseled his way into the LibberToons even though he has a government-operated monopoly license to steal from the common citizenry, proposes in the message above that I be kicked out of the MoLP by means of using the state committee to change the rules specifically in order to kick me out of the MoLP. In short, here you have a lawyer, plotting to create a bill of attainder specifically against myself -- to create a by-law specifically to violate the rights of a targeted individual using majority rule of LibberToonians. Isn't democracy wonderful! Makes you wonder why the SMAF-'Toonians foam at the mouth just because a majority in a representative democracy voted that they can't smoke dope, endulge in a little recreational sodomy, or buy and sell underage children for purposes of prostitution. Figured out why, in addition to calling them Solipcistic Mattoids, I also call them Anarchy-Fascists?

What is equally compelling an argument against any belief in the inherent decency of these so-called "Libertarian" fascist swine is the composition of the people involved:



Implementing SMAF-'Toonianism in Missery



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