* * * * Tamara Millay * * * *

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate - Missouri 1998
P.O. Box 37042
St Louis, MO 63141

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Kansas City Star's choice in the Libertarian Primary: Tamara Millay

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Dear Friend,

My name is Tamara Millay, and this election year I am running for U.S. Senate on the Libertarian ballot. I am running against incumbent Republican Kit Bond, and most likely Democrat Jay Nixon, who is currently Missouri Attorney General. Candidates from the U.S. Taxpayers Party and the Reform Party have also filed.

Tamster the Hamster is of course lying. Tamster is right now running against myself. If she loses the August 4, 1998 primary she will be out of the running and the Toons will be dead meat.

Secondly, say Tamster wins the LibberToon primary. In this case, she will be running as a fourth-or fifth- party candidate, behind the U.S. Taxpayers Party and the Reform Party. Kit Bond and Jay Nixon will of course pay her no more attention than they will pay say, the Female Circumcision Party candidate. They will pay her no more attention then an elephant or donkey pays to a maggot crawling up its hind leg. --M.L.

Kit Bond is a typical Republican. Every election year he convinces people that he is for lower taxes and less government. He fights democratic spending proposals, but only because he wants to pass his own spending proposals.

Of course BullShit Kit is a typical Publican. Two terms in office, this backbencher drone hasn't missed a single chance to take a campaign contribution from the New World Order. Given a nickle in bribes to BullShit Kit, Missery's Congresskritter from Korporate Amerika, the NWO and ZOG-HOGS get to loot the country. Poor Tamster, a resume secretary for Korporate Amerika, says she will save us all! Will her employer let her? --M.L.

Jay Nixon is a typical Democrat, who thinks he can solve problems through bigger and better government. He believes he can help young people who use drugs by locking them up. Our prisons system is terribly overcrowded, and cost the taxpayer big bucks because politicians like Jay Nixon feel they can get votes by being tough on young people.

Jay Nixon has been imprisoning the inner-city negroes right and left for selling dope to Yuppie Slime ('Toons needing a fix). And Jay Nixon has been running wild imprisoning the old white common-law people (especially my friends -- The Missouri 20) who are typically fed up with the Missery criminal regime. So, having imprisoned the blacks, the inner-city natives have rebelled against Jay Nixon and the Democrat leadership. So Jay Nixon is dead meat as well. --M.L.

This year I want to make a difference, but your help is needed. I want to restore America to the country our founding fathers had envisioned, a place where citizens are safe, not only from criminals but also from government bureaucrats.

Speaking of gubbnmint bureaucrats, the so-called Chairman of the Missery Toons, Adolf Givens himself, is a bureaucrat. He works for the University of Columbia as a systems anal-ist. His job is to program education bureaucrat computers the better to track the human cattle run through the ignorance chute.

Baby Hughie Emerson, Christ's Own Fudge-Packer is another education bureaucrat.

The former Chairman of the 'Toons, Phil Horrass, another one of Tamster's supporters, collects an Army disability check and brags about how he managed to fool the VA about how the tumor which claimed his legs was service connected.

The Congressfeeb running for 4th District KongressKritter, one Edwin Hoag, a.k.a. Judas Hogg, is the token resident lunatic serving on the Missouri Mental Health Board. Him and his equally crazy girlfriend collect $300/month crazy checks. Call them welfare-collecting 'Toon Kongressfeebs.

And the Ratman himself, Mitchell J. Moore, is a lawyer who insists on having a monopoly on the 'practice' of law for only lawyers.

Nope, the whole Toon Party is comprized of gubbnmint workers, bureaucrats, and similar gulpers-down at the public trough. And they want to tell fools how much they want a smaller government! Why? Won't the employment and welfare checks come to an end then? Not a single one of these big-city and suburban 'Toons would make a adequate militiaman or survivalist! So this professed love of smaller gubbnmint is but a ruse for the benefit of fools. They are not founding fathers but degenerate parasites chaotically insisting on the demise of a criminal regime which keeps them alive.

Now since I detest the criminal regime, the presence of internal barbarians pulling down the criminal regime like tapeworms suits me just fine. But I would warn rural white people that these parasitic degenerates are lower than white niggers and best shot on sight like chicken-killing stray dogs if they come singly or in mobs around your property. --M.L.

Citizens today are threatened by abuse from the IRS. The FBI wants access to the Internet with anti-encryption laws. The EPA has accumulated unprecedented power and is able to restrict private land usage.

Our legislators deny medicine to patients dying in pain. They think it is their business to keep a useful, lucrative crop out of the hands of American farmers. Judges may no longer use their discretion when sentencing first time offenders. Roughly two-thirds of prison inmates are incarcerated for non-violent drug related offenses. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of almost any country in the world. And you, the taxpayer, must pay for these prisons and the upkeep of these non-violent prisoners.

OK, now the topic which comes first into a typical LibberToon's head. The expensiveness of good quality smokin'-dope.

Now I myself have no problem with legalizing drugs. I hate pigs and I hate legis-traitors setting up a police state under color of the drug war. These criminals went over the line, declaring a civil war on drugs in order to sneak in a police state and make a fortune smuggling in contraband. For every day some idiot spent in jail, they should spend a year as public slaves for the destruction of the civilization they caused.

But yet abortion, smoking'-dope and sodomy is the end-all and be-all of a LibberToonian's mental and political view. It is all about their pleasure, and to hell with the rest of the society. When one figures out that 'Toons are Solipsistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascists, unable to think of nothing else other than themselves, you then figure out "Liberty" is synonymous with "Licence" for LibberToons. Thus they cannot understand the majority of citizens wanting to have some sort of laws to protect the younger generation of children from becoming a herd of amoral solipsistic mattoids puffing their remaining brain cells surviving publik skruling away in a cloud of pot smoke. I'd sure hate for my kids to wind up as 'Toons.

So the second good result from "drug legalization" is that the typical 'Toons might well overdose on their newly legalized drugs. It's not as if 'Toons can get any more stupid, selfish, and worthless. --M.L.

Our forefathers did not intend the government to break the backs of taxpayers, inventing new taxes whenever they can. Our forefathers intended a place where people are free to pursue happiness, where each individual could reach their full potential according to their ability and effort.

Why, "Our forefathers" intended to let 'Toon femni-fascists acting as resume secretaries allow all manner of Third-World immigration to take place, allowing white men to take their place as second-class citizens, lest they get uppity thoughts regarding going into management to boss around resume secretaries. --M.L.

This year is an opportunity to make progress toward that ideal. However, there are a number of obstacles and a number of opportunities.

First, an obstacle. A man from southwest Missouri has also filed to be the candidate for U.S. Senate on the Libertarian Party ballot. I won't mention names. My opponent has tried to sue the Missouri LP and its officers. Fortunately, the judge threw the case out as frivolous. My opponent had his membership in the Missouri Libertarian party revoked, for immoral and unethical conduct. My opponent is not a libertarian; he is using Libertarian Party ballot access as a means to express his views, which I feel do not conform with those of the LP.

Tamster the Hamster knows my name. She thinks by not mentioning it that it will somehow go away. And yes, I have sued the Missery 'Toon Party and its officers for their violation of Missouri election laws and for violation of my civil rights. I have never met a more vile pack of fascists before in my life. Tamster the Hamster is one of the fascists I sued.

The suit was dismissed by a federal judge protecting the State of Missouri Defendants. The initial suit started because the fascist 'Toon leadership didn't want me to run for governor in 1996, and thought that they would stop me by refusing to waive a $200 filing fee. Since they didn't have enough sense to leave me alone after I lost the gubernatorial LibberToon primary to Jaymark, and then plotted to remove me from the LibberToon Party, I had to sue them for civil rights violations.

On April 20, 1997, after having passed an illegal bill of attainder aimed specifically at removing me from the MoLP, and trying to strip me of my elective offices, they chose to hold a LibberToon Party lynch mob to do exactly this by majority rule. Although these moral degenerates and hypocrites whine and bitch because majority rule doesn't allow partial-birth abortions, or for them to engage in their past-times of smokin'-dope&sodomy, they have no problem in using majority rule to vote away the rights of the minority. A LibberToon lynch mob is the essence of democracy.

In addition, these criminals didn't want to be videotaped in criminal activity, so they deliberately held the meeting in a restaurant managed by one of their stooges. Although as a public official engaged in public business, I had a right under the RSMo 610 -- The Missouri Sunshine Act -- to record the activities, they refused to let me do so. They had their stooge call the police and have me arrested for trespassing.

Thus these LibberToons, the so-called "Defenders of Liberty" and "The Party of Principle" convened an illegal lynch mob to vote me out of the MoLP, and when I refused to stop recording their criminality for the record, they had the police arrest me for trespassing, although I had been specifically invited to this lynch mob.

Tamster the Hamster and her endorsing LibberToon Party officials were the criminals involved in this matter. Since they have committed these crimes together, they have no other choice but to stick together and endorse their common criminal conduct.

Tamster the Hamster is correct in that the only thing of value the LibberToon Party has is ballot access. When the 'Toons lose ballot access, they will be reduced to the status of 10-15 criminals meeting in an restaurant whining about the high price of good reefer and who has died of AIDS because this awful society didn't recognize gay marriage. --M.L.

By Missouri law we have to allow him to run in the Libertarian party primary. My endorsements are included with this letter. Virtually all the officers of the party have endorsed me for U.S. Senate. Virtually all members that I know have endorsed me.

Yes, yes, poor cretins must obey the law for once and thus they have to "allow" me to run for U.S. Senator as a LibberToon. It's not as if I've obeyed all their little rules in the acceptable manner of getting freedom. I'm such a wild man because I wish to kill anybody who would deny me my freedom or violate my rights.

Tamster's fascist statement is indicative of LibberToon thought. "We," the ruling Toons and Toon officials only "allow" someone to run as a 'Toon because the State of Missouri, against which we perpetually bitch because it won't allow us to have free abortions and cheap smokin'-dope-&-sodomy says we can't keep that bad old Martin Lindstedt off the ballot. --M.L.

It is important that you make the right decision on Aug 4th in the Libertarian primary, and vote for me, Tamara Millay.

It is no longer the Al Franken Decade. --M.L.

Another obstacle is a lack of funds. This letter alone, which I believe necessary to enlighten everyone who might be voting in the Libertarian Party primary, will cost nearly $1100. That's postage, printing, envelopes. I need to raise enough money with this letter to pay for this mailing. And later, in this letter, I will tell you about my plans for any extra money that is raised. But, now, let's talk about opportunity.

So it is going to cost Tamster at least $1100 dollars in order to put in her scrapbook that she ran for U.S. Senate. This unless the LibberToon officials who are running the Party into the ground decide to embezzle a little bit for Tamster the Hamster. The National LibberToons did that for the HairyBrowne Kampaign, after he bought the primary off of them. What's a little bit of simony between friends? Besides, the MoLP has a long history of embezzlement. What's a little more or less?

I think it is hilarious that someone who borrowed $200 from his brother to pay the filing fee and who has only spent less than $10 on his campaign is making the 'Toons spend a 110 times that in order to advance to the primary where they probably won't retain ballot access, and will be greeted with the contempt they deserve. --M.L.

Right now, people are leaving the Republican party in droves, and joining us. They have come to realize that what we have been saying for years is true, that there really isn't much difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. We, the Libertarian Party, offer citizens the best choice at the ballot box.

More Hamster-shit. First of all, only politicians or somebody wanting something from the government more substantial than a welfare check ever join any political party. This is especially the case for the Publicans, which is the Party of Korporate Amerika. So there are not "droves" of people to leave the Republican Party.

Secondly, the Missery Toons have purged every single right-winger out of the Party. The reason I got purged out of the LibberToon Party is because there are no more right-wingers left. Nothing but pro-abortion, smokin'-dope-&-sodomy Libbertoon Social Democrats are left. Might as well call it the LSD Party. This is probably why I'm 500 votes down to start out with in a 2,000 vote primary. The Toons will vote for Tamster & friends.

The real hard-line conservatives who have left the Publicans went US Taxpayers Party. Regrettably the USTP got the 'Toon disease and has the notion it can build a political party without building county committees and allowing strong local leadership to develop. It too wants to be a private club for the benefit of insiders and not a real political party. --M.L.

We need to keep this momentum growing. And I believe that my campaign will do just that On the campaign trail, I intend to be on the lookout for people who are willing to step forward and start county committees. I will be watching for eager college students who want to set up a campus organization. Because folks, we are in this to win the war, not just an occasional battle here or there.

More Hamster-droppings. What momentum is this? Unless it is other lemmings marching to the sea.

Any successful county or district organization is not going to let the state 'Toons boss them around. Since the state 'Toons are really nothing more than a pack of fascists, any dynamic personality which emerges is going to be treated like Bill Johnson or myself. This is just a matter of past history repeating itself.

Secondly, the 'Toons have lost the advantage. They are no longer the only third party around. They are really the fourth party in terms of voters in the general election, well behind the US Taxpayers. And with myself at their heels telling the voters all about these moral degenerates pretending to be freedom fighters, they will never, ever become a major party. They simply are just too mediocre and corrupt to ever amount to anything.

My goal for this election is simple. I want to recruit as many people as possible to make this the biggest and best political party in Missouri. My needs are simple too. Money for traveling expenses, and advertising. We have to be a real political party, with ads in the newspaper, and the radio, and flyers on the doorknob. I need organizers across the state who can schedule radio interviews, and distribute flyers for me.

Not gonna happen, Tamster. How are you going to recruit, when you and other Toons' only talents displayed so far is in kicking people out of the party and having them arrested after they show up because you invited them to show up to be kicked out of the party?

Also, if you aren't smart enough to do all this yourself, then you certainly won't get any of your fellow 'Toons to help. Most of them are too busy with their campaigns or exercising their appetites (abortion, smokin'-dope-&-sodomy) to have much time with you. Anarchists Unite????

And, being a resume secretary for a software company, it seems that you couldn't even get anyone to write any quality content for a WWW page provided by the LibberToon Party. And you certainly are not intelligent enough to generate any political content, much less any original thinking on your own. You are a fascistfeeb surrounded by fascistfeebs -- mediocrity incarnate drowning in a sea of socially entropic gorp. --M.L.

The real key to a political movement is PEOPLE! Sustained growth depends on dedicated individuals who are willing to do outreach to their friends and neighbors. PEOPLE willing to set up an information booth at their county fair. PEOPLE who are willing to get on the phone and follow up on inquiries. PEOPLE who are willing to put their time and money on the line for freedom.

You are not going to find this among you Toonian fascistfeebs. When each and every 'Toon is a Solipsistic Mattoid Anarchy-Fascist, each looking after nothing more than himself, how exactly are you going to possibly live in peace, much less work together? -- M.L.

I hope you are one of those people, and will support me with your time, your money, and most importantly, with your vote, on August 4 and on November 3.

So Tamster first begged the 'Toon list to give her some money, then she decided to put her begging on-line for the general public.

I, Martin Lindstedt, do not believe in begging my friends and relatives for money in order to run for public office. What is the point? After all, I am not going to get elected to any political office any more than any 'Toon is going to get elected.

Secondly, the point of any honest man running for public office is not to prostitute himself by prooffering to the highest bidder his allegiance if elected, but rather to state his message honestly and simply to the people at large -- even though he knows full well that the people are doomed because they have been rendered inadequate to live in freedom.

Jesus asked what it availed a man to gain the whole world yet lose your own soul. But yet we see Tamster-the-Hamster and the 'Toons selling themselves for nothing. Probably they must do so, because that is the totality of their value? --M.L.


Jim Givens Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party
LaDonna Higgins Vice Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party
Jeanne Bojarski Secretary/newsletter editor of the Missouri Libertarian Party
Steve Schaper Chair, St. Louis City Libertarian Party
Mary Ann Gassmann Chair, Jefferson County Libertarian Party
Mark Oglesby Governor candidate 1996
Karl Wetzel Treasurer of the Missouri Libertarian Party
Jim Higgins PR Director Missouri LP
Dick lllyes Congressional candidate district #1 1998
Ed Hoag Congressional candidate district #4 1996, 1998
Grant Stauffer Congressional candidate district #5 1992, 1998
Mike Harman Congressional candidate district #7 1996, 1998
Robert Hoffman Congressional candidate district #9 1998
Mitch Moore Congressional candidate district #9 1994, 1996
Arnold Trembley State Senate candidate district #24 1998
Phil Horras State Senate candidate district #30 1994, 1998
Lisa Hoffman State Rep candidate district #19 1998
Connie Holder State Rep candidate district #145 1998

The list could go on and on.

If the list could have gone on and on, it would have. With the exception of Trembley and the Hoffmans, every single one of these cretinous criminals have wronged me or one of my voters at one time or another. So they have no choice in giving their fellow Toon criminal their endorsement.

The rest of the 'Toons are cowardly. Sure, they'll vote for Tamster the Hamster. But they dare not say it aloud for fear that I'll shit all over them going into the general election. Why piss off the Titan, who on his WWW pages can go into their peccadillos?

I can assure the 'Toons that if I win the primary, I'm going to shit all over every single one of the sons-of-bitches underneath me in the primary ticket unless they are my candidates, which I personally have recruited or have demonstrated an ounce of decency and courage in defending the rights of their voters. If I lose the primary, the same holds true.

I have never seen a bigger pack of moral degenerates or pieces of human shit as I have seen in the 'Libertarian Party.' I think I have a duty to humanity to explain why I have come to that conclusion.

--Martin Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate
Chairman, Newton County Libertarian Party
Chairman and State Committeeman, 32d State Senatorial District LP
Director, Resistance Political Front

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