The Dees-Vanderboegh Two-Times

The Dees-Vanderboegh Two-Times

Issue # 2

Why, They Won't Fight Their Regime!


Their Purpose: To screw up the Nasty Right-WingNut Militia Movement by calling people they don't like a bunch of Nazis, to scrounge loose change from other left-wing nitwits, and to infiltrate themselves as informants and agents provacateur in the militia on behalf of the CONstitutional criminal regime.

Moreass the Sleezester Dees -- Liar-In-Chief
Red Mike Vanderboegh -- Gubbnmint Agent Provacateur & Nazi Bater

Fable of Contents

1. Why, They Won't Fight Their Regime!
2. Commentary to WWWFTR#10, Part 1
3. Red Mike's Fourth of July Regimist Reichstag Fire



Why, They Won’t Fight Their Regime

’Tis summertime in Alabama, and thus the season for mad- dogs, maggots, and keyboard kommando militia generals to be pounding their line of masturbatory drivel across the Internet. In the case of Red Mike Vanderboegh, who is a combination mad-dog, a maggot, and Moreass the Sleezester’s favorite in-fill-traitor militia general, this is especially the case this season of his discontent. Now Red Mike is especially discontented.

Last year, Red Mike decided to attack myself because he hated the principle of an active, effective militia movement making common cause with the Resistance. I then favored the splitting up of the above-ground militia organizations into five- to three-man "leaderless resistance" cells. I also favored the end to witless militia generals’ cowardly Politically Correct whining concerning "How we are not racists!" to everyone in the media or general public who would listen to such with a straight face. I gave a number of political and moral reasons for a change in tactics and strategy, which can be perused in the body of my writings on various listservers and WWW pages.

Red Mike took offense, as well he should. The end result can be discerned on my WWW page at URL:

-- the Dees-Vanderboegh Two Times. After whipping this particular mad-dog maggot militia general into his place, I heard nothing from this cowardly in-fill-traitor for about 10 months.

But, as mentioned before, it is mad-dog & maggot season, the time militia generals are busily masturbating onto their keyboards, and Red Mike is back -- this time with a pretentiously named chicken-choking fest called "Why We Will Fight."

The title of this solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist screed is rather revealing. The grammatical tense seems to threaten that yes, someday, sometime, even these liars, petty criminals, and cowards will fight -- like rats if sufficiently cornered. There isn’t any war going on. Not unless you count the war against ‘those people’ -- NAZIs -- who would fight against "our beloved CONstitutional Republic" which has given us great things, like . . ., um, . . . ahhh, . . . , FiBbIes, BATF, Lon Horiuchi, Waco, Moreass the Sleezester, Docturd Mengele Mark Pitcavage, and that acme of creation & Christianity, a ‘former’ Tri-States militia general, in-fill-traitor & federal informant named Red Mike Vanderboegh.

A NAZI in Red Mike’s eyes (Red Mike is an X-Communist & X marks the spot.) is anybody who dares not worship at Red Mike’s church, wherein the CONstitution is prominently displayed on the altar and Red Mike has a firm hand in the collection plate. This means anybody who would fight with the regime criminals who derive their powers and pay Red Mike’s agent provocateur’s salary on the basis of that CONstitution.

Louis Beam, the Old Resistance chieftain, with his field- proven theories of ‘Leaderless Resistance’ makes infilltraitors and agents provocateur like Red Mike useless, as they no longer could do their jobs for the CONstitutional criminal regime. Moreass the Sleezester and Red Mike view Louis Beam with all the rabid affection Dracula reserves for Van Helsing -- and for good reason. Louis Beam is the most effective enemy of these two Alabama scalawags.

And for similar reason I myself am a natural enemy of Red Mike and Moreass the Sleezester. By means of applied ability I have managed to become an effective Resistance writer, publisher, and philosopher. I maintain that the current criminal regime masquerading as a CONstitutional republic must be overthrown and destroyed, with the successor regimes chosen according to the will of the inhabitants of those successor regimes. If that means that they choose a natural aristocracy of similar belief and race, as opposed to being under durance vile of the current base oligarchy under color of CONstitution, then so be it.

But other militia generals, such as Norm Olson and Dave Rydel, are Red Mike’s enemies as well. Red Mike cannot stand the thought of other militia generals having a greater membership than the 4-5 witless inbreds that is all that he has been able to dominate. At the Gadsden Rally of 1996, Red Mike was so loved by the militia community that he had to negotiate -- and failed -- to be allowed on the private premises where the Rally was held. Even then, Red Mike was a known quantity, a loveless solipsistic-mattoid anarchy fascist, a mad-dog, a maggot, a probable federal informant, and, in the words of one Gadsden participant "A thorough- going asshole who wants to do nothing but fight with us militiamen."


So, if the cowardly Red Mike and his fellow feebs do fight, then who will they fight? More than likely not the criminal CONstitutional regime, but rather the 99% of the patriot groups that they identify as NAZIs.

It certainly didn’t take very long for Red Mike’s large collection of pretentious plagiarisms that he calls a "Why We Will Fight" series to devolve upon the Dees-Vanderboegh Axis hate list. However, Louis Beam won’t bother to respond to Dees-Vanderboegh type vermin. Perhaps, knowing what cowards both Dees-Vanderboegh are, it amuses Mr. Beam no end to consider both cowards befouling themselves in anticipation of their just fate administered personally by the LORD or by whatever human agents HE decides to send, such as Louis Beam personally. One of the perks of successful Resistance activity is the execution of quisling vermin of the deposed criminal regime.

Also, Mr. Beam has a fixed, rigid policy of not giving interviews to the media. So why would he sully himself to respond to such as Red Mike, who has no basis of support outside his 4-5 inbreds in his CONstitional ‘cavalry regiment’ and a few other like militia generals? Maggot Mike Vander-blow-fly should of course be squished, but only by the New Resistance, which has as one of its duties the unearthing and neutralizing of such vermin which infest its training teams -- namely the open militias.

So, last year, around the middle of June, Red Mike decided to pick a quarrel with myself regarding my Resistance activities. One of those activities, as promoted by my WWW page, The Patriot Coalition,
is indeed to form a coalition between the more alert and intelligent CONstititional militiamen, Christian Identity believers, Racial Nationalists, survivalists, and others in the growing army of discontent with the CONstitutional criminal regime.

Their purpose? To exercise these Declaration of Independence’s clauses:

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, . . . it is their right, and it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

But Red Mike, the type of vermin who not only loves the current criminal regime, but doubtless one of its in-fill- traitors would not hear of such a coalition taking place in order to "alter or abolish" his beloved CONstitutional criminal regime. Red Mike fired off a number of missives, to his so-called John Doe II Times, concerning how I was a "Modern Collectivist Militiaman" but the cowardly lying filth didn’t have the courage to confront me personally until the matter was brought to my attention by a militia sympathizer. Upon me taking this sneaking cowardly lying fascist to task, I didn’t hear anything from Mad-Dog Maggot Mike Vander-blow-fly until recently.


At the Gadsden Rally of May 1996, my attention was focused by the large percentage of the militiamen there who were of Christian Identity persuasion. I estimated that the percentage there was well over a third, probably close to forty percent. This percentage was not just line militiamen, but rather large portions of the open militia leadership. Doubtless one of the reasons Red Mike was not admitted to the Gadsden Rally was because of the dislike and hatred between these elements and Red Mike.

So given the large portion of Christian Identity elements at an "open public CONstitutional militia" meeting, what portion of the "Leaderless Resistance" cells were of CI belief? The proportion is doubtless much, much higher.

So Red Mike, a collectivist socialist fascist gubbnmint lackey if there ever was one, was naturally perturbed at the contents of "Modern Militiaman" of 1996 and 1997. As Managing Editor of "Modern Militiaman" I reserve the right to contribute two articles in every issue. Almost every issue contains an article trashing the CONstitution and an article showing how to set up Leaderless Resistance cells, Resistance Political Front activities, communications, and intelligence operations. The notion of a free people in rebellion against Maggot Mike’s dream regime makes Red Mike rave.

So Red Mike accused me of being a "collectivist militiaman." One might wonder how a policy of "Leaderless Resistance" into independent cells of no more than one-to- five dedicated individuals could possibly be called "collectivizing" militiamen. The answer of course is that Red Mike is a liar only a fool would believe.

The only ones who are discomfited by effective Resistance organization are enemies of the Resistance and pathetic militia general feebs. While I have been chewed out by militia generals concerned that such Resistance organization would make their "leadership" irrelevant, usually I have mollified some of them by remarking that "A" or "brain" cells could be formed and they could maintain command and control via communication tendrils over essential cadre. Other militia generals I have baldly called nitwits and suggested that they possessed insufficient intelligence and command presence to hold together more than 4-5 inbred imbeciles, sort of like the 1ACR. There is nothing more pathetic than a lone militia general, without even 4 or 5 other militia generals to command but still possessed of delusions of adequacy.

Yet it is regime in-fill-traitors and agents provocateur who really hate the ‘collective’ policy of Leaderless Resistance cells. When a Resistance Action Force cell averages no more than three individuals, then how is vermin like Red Mike to give them orders, much less spy on them for the regime? Then the Dees-Vanderboegh Axis becomes irrelevant. While, in their lucid moments, both Dees- Vanderboegh might complain about the hated resistance becoming more and more effective as they become internally organized, forming tendrils and subverting the CONstitutional criminal regime, most of the time both Dees & Vanderboegh will remain silent about this real and growing threat to their criminal regime, which pays and protects them. There is absolutely nothing that Morris Dees type foundations and Red Mike militia-general regime-informant clones can do about a growing Resistance movement, in which only the unlucky or most foolish elements are caught by gubbnmintgungoons. They are cut out of the loop, totally blind as to the goings on of the Resistance, other than what Resistance philosophers and political operatives choose to put up for the edification of all. Such writings usually contain information for the Resistance, misinformation for criminal regime elements and the promise of extermination of informants, such as Red Mike Vanderboegh.

So, lacking any power over the Resistance, the Dees- Vanderboegh Axis must usually pretend it doesn’t exist, but rather the real threat comes from mythical NAZIs that they have largely made up. For Moreass the Sleezester and his Southern Professional Liar’s Center, since the most dangerous threat to the regime such as Resistance Action Force cells is beyond their control, they must rely on continuing threats coming from the ineffective and infiltrated Kluckers, skinheads, and open public CONstitutional militias.

(Nazis, Nazis, everywhere! -- with gliberal fools to hoodwink. "Send your dollars today or skinhead Nazi Christian-Identity fundamentalist militiamen are gonna kill a whole bunch of niggers, gooks, wetbacks and Jews tomorrow! We take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express in order to keep this from happening. Send some more money! Quick!! Before it is too late!!!")

Now while the vast majority of Americans they vilify are patriotic, hence Nationalistic, most of them never were socialistic, much less professed X-Communists, like Red Mike. Most of them always knew full well that fascism is nothing more than the open exploitation of the many on behalf of a connected few. Many of them are coming to realize that CONstitutionalism is but a similar facade -- cover and concealment behind which cowers fascist vermin like Bill Clinton, Moreass the Sleezester, Red Mike Vander- blow-fly the mad-dog maggot militia general. But race- baiting, hate-mongering, and demagoguery are all Red Mike and Moreass the Sleezester know how to do. It works for them. It always has. These vermin cannot argue with results which have worked for them in the past. The current CONstitutional criminal regime is filled with such offal, proclaiming that they are a legitimate regime over the very citizenry they exploit or oppress in the name of a CONstitutional republic. Since Resistance is no longer futile -- it must be Nazi! Thus the propaganda of their Bolshevik Great Patriotic War is recycled anew to implement their New World Order.




So why is a coward, liar, fascist in-fill-traitor and a regime criminal agent provocateur such as Red Mike pestering me anew? After all, Red Mike usually only dares prey on someone weaker than himself, and a Resistance operative such as myself is neither cowardly and weak. The reason for this attack by Red Mike is understandable when you consider that Red Mike really has no choice in the matter. Red Mike is a rat cornered.

Consider the demise of the open public CONstitutional militia movement for all practical effect and purpose during the past year. Almost all of its effective membership has disappeared underground, leaving nothing for clueless militia generals to command and nothing for criminal regime informants and agent provocateurs like Red Mike to infiltrate.

This process happened in Missouri, where there is now essentially only one open public CONstitutional militia now existing, the rest of the smaller militias having gone to ground. As a result of this, two Missouri State Troopers styled Alan Haggerty and P.J. Payne had to surface and cut off their activities. Some of these militias were partially disrupted for a while, as some of their membership were compromised. Yet this disaster brought about by aboveground militia foolishness was rectified. No new militias will be formed in Missouri as all the Resistance talent will accrue to the benefit of Resistance cells.

The chaos brought about at Knob Creek by witless militia generals acting like themselves this last April 19th, highlighted the mental and moral bankruptcy of the open CONstitutional militia movement. It was seriously proposed by members of an informal Resistance network (perhaps a forerunner to a proposed Resistance Council), that the open militia movement might very well have to be propped up, as a necessary cover and front for further effective Resistance activity. The open public CONstitutional militia is useful in that it occupies a continuing stream of this criminal regime’s infilltraitors such as Red Mike Vanderblow-fly. Also, one of the main sources of Resistance talent was through an open public CONstitutional militia unit, and these "farm teams" for the Resistance big leagues should indeed be maintained.

Thankfully, some of the militia generals were sobered by the consequences of their folly and lack of planning. General Rydel learned that the main benefit of his militia "theater command" was to function as a communications center of use to open militia and Resistance Political Front operatives. Idiotic political organizations such as the so- called "Third Continental Congress" became a deserved laughingstock. Some of the militia generals patched up their differences caused by the fact that most of them are egocentric nitwits because they had no other choice in the matter. Some of them actually learned something from their self-imposed injuries.

So the open, public CONstitutional militia limps on for now. It will continue to limp on for the future as long as both Resistance and criminal CONstitutional regime have an (differing) interest in maintaining these open public militias. The Resistance will siphon off the brains and muscle out of the open public militias. The criminal CONstitutional regime will continue to set up target militias for show-trial whenever convenient.

So given these Resistance realities, it is to be expected that Red Mike Vanderblow-fly would choose this traditional Alabama hot season suitable for mad-dogs and maggots to further poison the wells of civil discourse between the militia and the Resistance. Yet let’s not attribute everything to Red Mike’s lying viciousness while ignoring his ample cowardice. More than likely Red Mike has been ordered back into action by his handlers in the criminal CONstitutional regime.

Consider this: Red Mike was never an effective militia general. All he commands, or ever likely commanded, were a few fellow feebs, maybe four or five at the most, in his so- called 1st Assorted Criminal Regime militia or 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment. Remember, the State of Alabama doesn’t recognize any such militia unit, Red Mike’s half-squad of nitwits probably don’t even have a plow mule between the four of them, and it certainly isn’t any ‘regiment.’ Everyone in Alabama who knew him wouldn’t let that lying asshole on the place when everyone else in the militia movement had an open invitation to attend back in ’96.

So the total value of Red Mike’s affiliation with the militia movement was his so-called "John Doe II Times" wherein the real -- and only -- culprits in the Oklahoma City bombing were supposed Nazis and Christian Identity elements living in a compound on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. Red Mike asserts that in the trail of blood "All Roads Lead to Elohim City."

This of course is a lie. All roads of responsibility for the Oklahoma City bombing lead to Sodom-on-the-Potomac. Everyone in the Resistance and militia movement know that the criminal CONstitutional regime blew out the support columns using demolition charges, using the excuse of Timothy McVeigh’s truck bomb as cover. So when Red Mike claims that it was a Nazi sting gone bad, Red Mike is really covering up for the real culprits who killed all them gubbnmint ‘workers’ and their spawn. Red Mike almost never dwells on criminal CONstitutional regime responsibility for the OKC bombing. No, the fault lies altogether with supposed Nazis. In his WWWF#4, Red Mike even posits how Louis Beam, eating popcorn with his children the morning of April 19, 1995 was somehow totally responsible for the OKC bombing. Red Mike and his handlers know that there has to be some tame ‘CONstitutional militiamen’ somewhere continually yammering about how it was Nazis who planted the bomb, equating the Resistance with the bombing, thus drawing attention away from the CONstitutional criminal regime’s Manchurian Oswald and the CONstitutional criminal regime’s provided Ryder truck and CONstitutional criminal regime’s fertilizer bomb and the CONstitutional criminal regime’s demolition charges at the columns of the CONstitutional criminal regime’s gubbnmint building which killed off 168 of the CONstitutional criminal regime’s terrorcrats and their spawn.

Perhaps the main reason why Red Mike isn’t publishing his John Doe II Times drivel anymore is upon the orders of his CONstitutional criminal regime handlers, who don’t want Red Mike rocking the boat on the CONstitutional criminal regime’s show-trial and conviction of the Manchurian Oswald and assorted patsies. There is an Oklahoma City grand jury convened and lawsuits against the CONstitutional criminal regime for its true part in the CONstitutional criminal regime’s gubbnmint building bombing. Red Mike’s sniveling lying agent-provocateur drivel certainly does wear a bit thin among us Nazi swine in the Resistance who sincerely wish that the CONstitutional criminal regime would blow up some more CONstitutional criminal regime IRS buildings on April 15, or April 19th or any other working day in which CONstitutional criminal regime takes the notion to launch another propaganda assault. We might even, if suitably warned by Red Mike and his fellow regime agents provocateur, hanker to watch such on pay-per-view as we munch on popcorn and pretzels, guzzle Michelob during that Michelob moment, wear our finest black-&-silver-trimmed SS uniforms, and teach our young-uns how to make a proper Nazi/Aryan/Confedrut/CI/White Nationalist Army-of-the- Resistance salute.

Red Mike Vanderblow-fly’s "Why We Will Fight" is nothing more than Politically Correct drivel from a criminal agent provocateur who wishes to make the Resistance fit the criminal regime’s notion of how a Resistance fighter should be presented to the masses. Since the criminal regime’s notions of proper, lawful ‘resistance’ is incompatible with the true Resistance’s goals and motivation for struggle -- successful revolution and regime criminal extermination -- then the propaganda from Red Mike Vanderblow-fly should be spurned. Maggot Mike would clothe himself as a concerned patriot, when he is really no such thing. Red Mike has done absolutely nothing for the militia movement ever since he wormed his way into it under the Tri-States Militia front, along with another colonel named John Parsons. Unlike Parsons however, Red Mike is a much better liar and agent provocateur. As such, he is far more effective for his CONstitutional criminal regime than the far more brave and honest Parsons.

I refrained from responding to Red Mike’s attacks for close to a week now before I chose to respond. It is not because there is a "kinder, gentler Martin Lindstedt." The reason is because I love to give Red Mike enough rope, knowing that the Resistance political situation is so strong that such discretion is advisable.

Unlike a year ago, the militia movement has folded up. In any case, Red Mike was never deemed as anything more than a putrid pimple on the anus of the militia movement anyway, because with his mad-dog militia-general mentality Red Mike would attack any other militia general who received a smidgen more publicity from the media than Red Mike got. Now while I have criticized the militia generals myself, the criticism was in most of the cases not personal destructive criticism, but rather criticism meant to influence policy to tighten up internal security and foster Resistance development. Nor was the criticism meant to finish off the typical militia general unless it was determined that such militia general was a probable Resistance threat. I make no apologies for regarding the open, public CONstitutional militia organization as a sideshow of an effective Resistance.

For about two years, 1994-1996 I had to hold my tongue as to what the proper role of the militia is. No longer. The proper role of the militia was to provide the nucleus of a Revolutionist officers corps and cadre. To form a great Army of Revolution designed to overthrow the current criminal regime, exterminate the criminal regime’s regime criminals, and to refound successor regime or regimes in line with the will of the governed, thus re-establishing our Western Civilization.

But yet the average open public CONstitutionalist suburban white militiaman could never have known or sensed this truth in his heart. The beating heart of this movement had to be provided by those oppressed by a CONstitutional criminal regime. Someone who had lost a father, a brother, or a son sacrificed to a malevolent baal state-god’s CONstitutional idol by a complicit baal state-god’s priesthood. It is oppression and injustice which sires a Revolution upon the social womb of inability to change. It is those people, now natural and implacable enemies of a CONstitutional criminal regime, who are my brothers and sisters -- my commanding officers and my fellow soldiers.

I am grateful for the solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist stupidity of Red Mike Vanderblow-fly and his CONstitutional criminal regime handlers. Red Mike has called my fellow Revolutionists a bunch of Nazis -- when they overwhelmingly are nothing of the sort. Mad-Dog Maggot Militia General Mike Vanderblow-fly has defamed and shit all over the Christian Identity, Racial Nationalists, skinheads, and perhaps even over a few members of National Socialist political persuasion out there. It is the Dees-Vanderboegh Axis which is the hatefest source of a CONstitutional criminal regime, not the Resistance, which now forms a voluntary Patriot Coalition of all who hate Red Mike's murderous collectivist CONstitutional criminal regime.

There are a lot of people out there who have suffered at the hands of CONstitutional regime criminals like Red Mike and his handlers. They know full well that the CONstitution was made up by a scheming pack of lawyers, Freemasons, and Illuminati for the sole purpose of betraying the First American Revolution and imposing themselves and their spawn to ride booted and spurred over a suffering humanity. They no longer bear any allegiance to a CONstitutional criminal regime. They know full well Red Mike and other such false paytriots and creeping-jesus baal-priests hate them, planning for their enslavement under a New World Order paved with Politically Correct platitudes.

Well, the only coin which can pay for Resistance loyalty is another of like value. The only coin which can buy Resistance brotherhood is another of like value. The only coin which can buy Resistance solidarity is another of like value. I am pleased to hear that Resistance operatives and sympathizers felt that Red Mike went over a line of honor in criticizing myself. What they really meant was that Red Mike was criticizing them and their beliefs and that he did so in a sneaking, sniveling, sanctimonious manner unworthy of even such open Resistance enemies as Morris Dees and Mark Pitcavage.

My Resistance countrymen, it is past time to know who our friends and our enemies are. It is past time to ferret out and unearth such false friends and traitors within our midst such as Red Mike Vanderboegh, the CONstitutional regime criminal who calls us all Nazis in order to justify our imprisonment and execution by a CONstitutional criminal regime, Captain CONstitution Jon Roland, the world federalist who would impose CONstitutional tyranny upon all the peoples of the world starting with ourselves, and Mild Bill Uttercrock, who can find no CONstitutional provision allowing Texans to secede peacefully from the present de facto corporate CONstitutional criminal regime. ‘Friends’ like that must be treated like the enemy spies they really are.

Very well then, Issue #2 of the Dees-Vanderboegh Two- Timers Times is now open for publication

. .



The sides of this present civil war have been chosen. The Revolutionist officer corps and its fighting men have been self-selected. We no longer need to know why we will fight -- we already know. We don’t need to proclaim that we will fight -- we are already engaged in the struggle. We know ourselves and we know our CONstitutional criminal regime enemy. One hundred battles fought -- one hundred battles won. We will prevail. We will win the total civil war ahead and we will win our peace.

--Martin Lindstedt



Real Hostile Feedback: Part #1:

Was: piml] Why We Will Fight,#10:"Twilight of the gods" Feedback

>From: Mo10Cav (
>Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 01:51:55 EDT
>Subject: piml] Why We Will Fight,#10:"Twilight of the gods" Feedback

>Why We Will Fight, #10
>A John Doe Times Publication
>25 May 1998

>In this Issue:

>"Twilight of the gods"-- Elucidations & Amplifications

>"Rodney King" Wants To Roast Marshmallows at the  
>"Gotterdammerung Bar-be-que": 
>"Can't We All Just Get Along?"


>An Unhappy Camper Wants Off the Mailing List

"The Law perverted!  And the police powers of the state perverted 
along with it!  The law, I say, not only turned from its proper 
purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose!  The law 

(snip -- a whole bunch of literary borrowings that Editor Red Mike 
imagine camouflages him from scrutiny of the intelligent.  Flies 
do the same thing to survive the winter and hatch maggots come 
spring.  They wrap themselves in leaves, much like Red Mike does 
in the CONstitution and Christianity.  What is important is to 
make them shuck their camoflages and concealment.  --M.L.

>From the Editor:
Whoa, mule!  Why We Will Fight, #9, "Twilight of the gods" (Parts One 
>and Two) sure got some folks riled up.  Some because of what I said, 
>some because of what I didn't say (or didn't say clearly or 
>completely enough). 

And hopefully some from those who are wise to Red Mike.  
Red Mike is a graduate of the Pravda School of Journalism.  The trick 
is to make up a lie and repeat it often enough so that he can continue 
in his life's work -- infiltration of the open public, CONstitutional 
militia movement -- which thanks to others like Red Mike is about 
kaput. --M.L.

I got some very nasty (some of it incoherent and wildly 
ungrammatical) email 

Perhaps they merely neglected to consult the Dees-Vanderboegh 
Dialectics of Style handbook before proceeding.  Most fascist 
pedants act like frustrated English teachers.  However, the 
main reason that Red Mike has his grammar correct is because he 
plagiarizes everybody else's writings, not having much space inside 
his solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist mind for other than his 
mission to torment and subvert those people idiotic enough to 
listen to him.  --M.L.

                         regarding my "apostasy" from the "patriot" 
cause that I would dare criticize two upstanding American "heroes" 
as Louis Beam and Martin Lindstedt.  As most of this was profane or 
worse, I'll not repeat it here.  

   Count on Red Mike to refuse to print the really good letters. 
The Dees-Vanderblow Two Times really believes in only printing 
the news they see fit to print.  --M.L.

                                 Had a couple of "cancel my 

Get back on Red Mike's mailing list, then, you Resistance slackers.
After all, I do my part to infiltrate nests of sneaks such as 
Dr. Mengele Mark Pitcavage's mail-list and the other lists.  
I know it isn't fun to observe and mentally dissect maggots like 
Red Mike, but such things are necessary for the Resistance. --M.L.

                     One of these, "Unhappy Camper", appears as an
addendum to this email.  There were a couple of "how-could-you-dare
-attack-such-a-wonderful-human-being-as-Martin-Lindstedt" with one 
of them insisting that Martin had never, in her lifetime, ever told 
a lie.  

    Compared to Red Mike, that is probably true.  However, I have 
never claimed to be an angel, but rather a Resistance fighting 
man -- with all that implies.  --M.L.

        I was reminded of a quote from one of Martin's "heroes":

"National Socialism does not harbor the slightest aggressive intent 
towards any European nation."  -- Adolf Hitler, NSDAP party congress, 

Yup, that Adolf sure was a straight shooter, just like Martin I'll 

    See, ain't Red Mike good!  Straight from the ADL, JDL, SPLC, 
Goebbels "big-lie" mass communications skule.  Take a quotation 
from Adolf Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer, then imply that your target 
agrees with it.  In the meantime, cover yourself in Christianity 
and CONstitutionalism.  Red Mike is pretty good at this trick. 
That's why he is still in the militia movement as one of the 
regime's informants and agents provocateur.  This is why the 
militia generals allow themselves to lose the propaganda war. 
They let this maggot infiltrate them even though it should be 
obvious that it was the CONstitutional criminal regime which is 
responsible for the OKC bombing, and Red Mike has foisted the 
blame off onto "Nazis."  --M.L.

>Now several folks got the idea that because I was speaking from 
>a Christian perspective, 

   Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
   Christians attribute the sayings of the one person to another 
all the time, spreading deceit and hatred, and that is the 'Christian 
thing to do?' 
   Well, Red Mike is indeed uncommonly vicious, but his fellow 
Christians do this sort of thing all the time.  That is why 
Christianity has as good a reputation as it does among honest 
people.  Christ may not be amused, but in a world which is a 
testing ground between the Red Mike Vanderboeghs and Martin 
Lindstedts of the world, HE allows the struggle to continue before 
dealing out the rewards.  
   This sort of thing helps me understand the moral positioning of 
the Neo-Wodenists among the Resistance.  When they point to their 
honorable lives and the sanctuary of evil provided for the Red 
Mike Vanderboeghs of the world, I usually have nothing to say in 
favor of Christianity.  How can I, when I make the exact same points
concerning CONstitutional-idolatry as a baal state-god favoring 
Lysander Spooner's "Knaves, Dupes, and Cowards" as practicing 
CONstitutionalists?  --M.L.

       that I somehow believed in consititutional rights only for
Christians.  As more than one of these are people that I respect 
immensely (such as Bill Utterback and Jon Roland, whose critiques 
are reprinted below), I realized that I must not have made my 
position clear.  Perhaps I assumed that since I had enunciated my 
position on this clearly in earlier Why We Will Fights, that I did 
not need to spell it out in #9.  A mistake, certainly, on my part. 

   Time for him to blow some smoke up the asses of his fellow 
CONstitutionalidolators and CONstitutional criminal regime 
regime criminals, he means.  --M.L.

>Let me be as plain as I was in earlier issues:

>1. The Constitution's protections extend to all regardless of race, 
>creed, color, religion (or lack thereof), national origin, etc  To 
>this I have sworn an oath before God.

   A public oath before God?  
   Very well then, Red Mike is forsworn, as I shall show in a minute.

>2.  Yes, I believe that extends to my enemies, personal and 
>political, including Nazis, even including Bill Clinton and 
>his puppeteers.

    Well, let's not play Red Mike's game of quoting at length 
Joseph Stalin and attributing it to Red Mike.  
    No, let us instead go to the horse's ass and see what the 
horse's mouth said on or about July 24, 1997 in the "John Doe II 
Times" at

concerning the FBI wiretapping of someone on Red Mike's 'enemies
list," Attorney Lyons of the CAUSE Foundation. The CAUSE Foundation 
has tried to help the Montana Freemen and instituted suit for the 
Branch Davidian survivors, thus incurring the enmity of Red Mike and 
his regime handlers.


     JDT Commentary: I must be getting jaded, for the above not 
     only fails to outrage me but there are aspects of this that I 
     find wildly funny. First, if this were any ordinary law firm 
     or bunch of citizens, I might get pretty upset at the FBI 
     requesting the phone records of someone who was suing them. But 
     then, these guys are the same guys who helped CIA Petruskie 
     get Strassmeir settled into the "racialist movement" in a big 
     way. These are the same guys who claim that Andy was victimized 
     by his family and the German government's "political correctness" 
     campaign, wanting you to forget at the same time that they 
     bragged about how GSG-9 helped them get Andy back to the bosom 
     of his loving family in Berlin. These are the same guys who 
     shielded a material witness (perhaps THE material witness) to 
     the OKC bombing conspiracy from the press and talk about how 
     afraid they were that the bad old FBI would get their innocent-
     as-the-driven-snow client, and then in the next breath would 
     talk about how wonderful the FBI was, that the Feds certainly 
     didn't want to talk to Andy about anying so gauche as the
     OKC bombing and his little Elohim City Fed-rat friends. 

     The phone records in question are for the OKC bombing 
     investigation, not the Waco suit-- although Kirk doesn't mention 
     that, does he? Frankly, the notion that the FBI is checking up 
     on one of their own is certainly not surprising. I wish Mr. 
     Lyins well in his OPR suit. Will he be suing his FBI contact 
     as well? 


   See, when it suits him, Red Mike has no problem with the FBI 
wiretapping people that he calls "Nazis."  He claims that he would 
normally be "outraged" at FiBbIe abuse, but this abuse Red Mike 
finds "wildly funny."  
   Red Mike then goes on to excuse FiBbIe misconduct on the basis 
of the false accusations he has made against Attorney Lyons.  He 
spouts a litany of abuse and false accusations, like he was an 
experienced regime informant and infilltraitor secure from perjury 
charges by a u.S. District Attorney.  Which of course is exactly 
what I suspect Red Mike of being -- namely an infilltraitor and 
agent provocateur infesting the militia movement and a propaganda 
source dedicated to demonizing the Resistance as Nazis as targets 
for CONstitutional criminal regime persecution and extermination.
   Doubt what I have said?  Go over to Red Mike's WWW page provided 
by some criminal regime's useful idiot and see for yourself.  See 
how much Red Mike disrespects the intelligence of those he 
infiltrates, knowing that most of you don't have enough sense 
to research Red Mike's past lying blather.

   Red Mike has no use for Christianity, no use for the truth.  See 
how quickly he lied above and forswore his oath?  

   Red Mike is a perfect example of a CONstitutionalist.  That paper 
idol of the baal state-god was designed to allow natural-born 
criminals and moral degenerates such as Red Mike to do exactly 
whatever they wanted to do under color of 'law' and get away with 
it.  --M.L.

>3.  I would of course extend the rules of war to enemies who fell 
>under my authority.  American soldiers, including militiamen, learn, 
>teach and respect the Laws of War.  It is Nazis who engage in 
>Malmedy massacres, Lidices, Ouradours, Dachaus, Trebilinkas, 
>Auschwitz's and others too numerous to mention.  

   Remember how much Red Mike honors his word? 
   Look, my fellow Resistance fighters.  If you were to fall into 
the hands of a CONstitutional regime criminal like Red Mike you 
would be shot in the head quicker than you can say "Katryn Forest" 
or "My Lai." --M.L.

>                                                    Were Lindstedt 
>and his Nazi-running-dogs to show up in my neighborhood, they would 
>be given: a.) the first shot; b.) the chance to surrender after 
>their assault had been torn apart by the neighborhood watch's
>crossfire; c). and, after we apply the flex-cuffs, trips to the 
>Sheriff's office, hospital or the morgue as appropriate.  We would 
>even say a prayer for their departed, heathen souls.

    If the Resistance, which Red Mike calls "Nazis" were to mount 
an expeditionary force into Red Mike's neighborhood, then I doubt 
seriously that any quarter would be asked or given.  After all, it 
is CONstitutional regime offal such as Red Mike which has made this 
total civil war for survival necessary.

   Upon capture, Red Mike and his fellow fascists would be hung out 
of hand for treason for past parasitic practices.  What need for a 
trial?  What need for lawyers, especially when most of them will 
doubtless be already swinging?  It is not as if Red Mike and his 
fellow CONstitutional regime criminals could be innocent of their 
public CONstitution-sanctioned criminal activity.

   Nor would we bother with saying a prayer for such as Red Mike. 
We are not hypocrites pretending to a fake Christianity, such as 
Red Mike and his fellow fascists.  Let the Devil have them. Or 
for those who are of Christian Identity persuasion who believe 
that the reward for evil is death, let the only thing left of them 
after their carcasses have been rendered down for dog food, the 
memory of their evil remaining in the minds of their victims be 
expunged by summary justice.  --M.L.

>4. The 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Constitutional Militia is 
>probably the most broad-based outfit you will find.  

   First of all, there is no such thing as a CONstitutional 
militia.  According to the CONstitution which Red Mike supposedly 
obeys, the only CONstitutionally authorized militia is one which 
the state appoints officers for and trains under the authority of 
the feral criminal regime which "organizes, arms, and disciplines" 
them. See Article 1, Section 8 of the u.S. CONstitution.

   Has the feral CONstitution criminal regime authorized Red Mike's 
militia?  No?  Is Red Mike been provided with arms or military 
discipline by the feral regime?  No? 
   (In Red Mike's case, perhaps Red Mike's gang of 4-5 fascist 
commie nitwits is authorized, as Red Mike is undoubtedly a 
CONstitutional criminal regime's best in-fill-traitor and agent 
   Nor has the State of Alabama appointed the officers of Red 
Mike's Bolshevik gang of fascists, much less 'trained' them.
   As far as calling Red Mike's Bolshevik gang of 4-5 inbreds a 
"Cavalry Regiment" is an exercise in absurdity.

   The CONstitution was not going to allow the people it professes 
to rule any authority to form private armies.  Therefore, there 
ain't any such thing as a CONstitutional militia.  The reason why 
mattoid militia generals like Red Mike wish to wrap themselves in 
a 'CONstitutional militia' is that they cannot stand to admit that 
the purpose of an unauthorized organized soldiery can be for no 
other reason than to engage in rebellion against a CONstitutional 
criminal regime which has lost all support of the population. No, 
Red Mike wants to strut around in witless meglomaniacal fascist 
euphoria, stroking his little pistol, pretending that his wet 
dream is somehow 'lawful' under his precious CONstitution that he 
wraps himself in.  --M.L.

>                               We have no atheists that I know of,
>but we've got some hardshelled skeptics, every manner of Christian 
>(even some that other Christians don't consider Christian, and vice 
>versa), Jewish folks, one devout Moslem (not "muslim" as in 

   Can't expect Malcolm X muslims to want to be token Uncle Toms 
in Red Mike's Bolshevik gang, er, 1st Assorted Criminal Regime's 
militia, er, "cavalry regiment."  
   White Nationalists and Black Nationalists agree that each 
race should have their own country.  Unlike Red Mike and his 
fellow fascists, these Resistance elements do not seek to 
exploit each other.  A true patriot desires racial peace without 
race-baters like Red Mike and CONstitutional regime bureaucrats 
whipping up racial hatred over welfare and forced bussing.  White 
Nationalists and Black Nationalists have common goals in living 
in separate societies in peace.  Marcus Garvey and the KKK were 
allies in the 1920s. Read the "Autobiography of Malcolm X" by 
Alex Haley.  Malcolm X reserved his greatest contempt for 
"Uncle Toms" and lying white racists and political exploiters 
such as Red Mike. --M.L.

>             Republicans, Democrats, libertarians, some Irishmen 
>and a couple of dogs (faith not listed). 

   OK, Let the roll call show 4-5 criminally insane nitwits and 2 
uncircumcised dogs in Red Mike's Bolshevik gang & infilltraitor 
'militia.'  --M.L.

>                                         They span every 
>socio-economic class.  Heck we even got some token racists of the
>unaffiliated type.  So what?  

    They's Nazis, Red Mike!  Remember? 
    Oh, I forgot.  They are rendered kosher if they are in Red 
Mike's Bolshevik gang, where himself and the FiBbIes can keep 
an eye on them.  --M.L.

>                              The main thing is, as I said in an 
>earlier WWWF, that American is a country where you can hate anyone 
>you like, as long as you don't commit crimes or seek to make your 
>particular brand of hate the law of the land.  As we said, the 
>Constitution is for anybody and everybody.   Nazis, as Lindstedt 
>makes plain, seek to destroy the Constitution and supplant it
>with their Nazi "aristocracy".

   OK, so us people in the Resistance can be as big of Nazis as we 
want just so long as we don't overthrow Red Mike's CONstitutional 
criminal regime.  So in other words, a fully Nazi Resistance is 
OK by Red Mike just as long as it is ineffective.  In fact, a 
Nazi Resistance is preferable to, say, a Resistance which may not 
be Nazi at all, especially if said hypothetical non-Nazi Resistance 
is filled with a whole bunch of pissed-off people who will settle 
for nothing less that getting themselves free from the CONstitutional 
criminal regime beloved of regime criminals such as Red Mike.

   So the real position of Red Mike is becoming clear.  This agent 
provocateur and infilltraitor showed his true fascist colors, and 
then when his audience questioned Red Mike's criminal intensity, 
the Politically Correct Red Mike Vanderblow had to allow that it 
isn't Nazis so much which are the problem, but Revolutionaries.  
Whatever the Resistance may well do, revolutionary activity is 
strictly forbidden!  On pain of death!!  Sieg Heil, Red Mike!!!  
Long live the New World Order Dictatorship of the Proletariat 
under the CONstitution!!!!  The CONstitution is the baal-state GOD, 
and Red Mike is its profit!!!!! 

   Red Mike's demonization of the New Resistance leader Martin 
Lindstedt is similar to Moreass the Sleezester's demonization of 
the Old Resistance chieftain Louis Beam.  Look at Moreass the 
Sleezester's profile of Louis Beam.  See

The title "Louis Beam: Hard Core Revolutionary" explains Louis 
Beam's perceived danger to the CONstitutional criminal regime and 
its parasitic regime criminals.  The #1 perceived danger to such 
regime offal is not that Louis Beam is a "Nazi" but that Louis 
Beam represents an effective Revolutionary danger arising from out 
of the ranks of the People.  The ancient criminal regime and its 
regime criminals tremble at the tread of a Revolutionary hero such 
as Louis Beam.  They tremble even when Louis Beam is meditating with 
his children on April 19, 1995, on his living-room couch, merely 
eating popcorn.  What can that mean, whine the cowardly jackals 
of the criminal regime such as Moreass the Sleezester and the 
criminal regime's infilltraitors such as Red Mike.  Why the mere 
fart of a Resistance demi-god such as Louis Beam sounds to them 
like the hammer of Thor ready to smite these criminal regime's 

   Such is the depth of fear for CONstitutional regime criminals. 
Each and every one fears the day when that shit-stained bloody-red 
rag is no longer totem to protect regime criminals and social 
parasites.  It is not fascism they hate -- for they are all fascists. 
It is not 'racism' they hate -- for they are all racists.  No, 
it is the wild red addictive justice which tastes so sweet in the 
mouths of their former victims who have become Revolutionaries.  
Freedom cannot exist until every last tyrant and parasite has been 
absolutely exterminated. --M.L.

>"We do not believe in programs, in plans, in saints or apostles, 
>above all we do not believe in happiness, in salvation, in the 
>promised land."  -- Benito Mussolini, "Fascism."

    It has occurred to me that none of us supposed Nazis and 
fascists really understand Red Mike's sacred books.
    I admit that I have been an offender as well, not getting 
past 32 of Mein Kampf when I was 22 years of age and 
wondering what all the fuss was about.  I always would drop 
off about the time Hitler described Viennese city poly-ticks 
of the late 19th century.  I suppose it is because my Germanic 
ancestry is largely Prussian and they always did look down on 
Austrians a bit.  Call it racial memory if you want.
    So perhaps the Resistance should put Red Mike to work in 
something other than spying on the militia movement.  Offer 
Red Mike a job as chief Marxist dialectician.  We could ask 
Red Mike to offer programmed instruction in fascist doxology. 
At least have Red Mike offer a course in programmed instruction 
in "Mein Kampf" or Benito's "Fascism."  Nobody would be allowed 
to take something interesting such as Red Mike's commentaries 
on "The Turner Diaries," my lecture series on early Anglo-Saxon 
history or programmed instruction in Lothrup Stoddard's "The 
Revolt Against Civilization," which would explain why our Western 
Civilization is currently under siege by underbred CONstitutional 
criminal regime mattoids like Red Mike Vanderboegh. --M.L.
>5. Our enemies, that is, collectivists like Lindstedt and Clinton 
>who would destroy or pervert the Constitution are self-selecting 
>--  they have deteremined on their own to attack the thing we have 
>sworn to preserve, protect and defend against all enemies foreign 
>and domestic.  

   First of all, the First Criminal was elected with no more 
election-packing than usual by mass-underman.  So in reality 
the First Criminal was not self-selected.  He was elected by 
much the same process by which your inbred Bolshevik gang of 
anarchy fascists elected you, Red Mike.  In fact, Clinton is 
really the end byproduct of CONstitutionalism, of democracy. 
   Clinton has greater legitimacy than your fascist gang calling 
itself a CONstitutional militia -- which is of course extra-
CONstitutional because no system of tyranny unchecked by 
any consideration of true accountability can afford to legitimize 
violent protest to its inevitable abuses.
   So, yes, Red Mike, I am as much self-selected as you are.  
There is no criminal regime job description for someone who would 
destroy it.  If you want a job title from the criminal regime so 
bad, Red Mike, why don't you just admit that you are a gubbnmint 
infilltraitor?  --M.L.

>                    Now having chosen this course they have also 
>chosen to lie about their ultimate intentions, although I will 
>give Lindstedt points for his latest writings (such as 
>"Gotterdammerung", and unlike his earlier stuff) are refreshingly
>pointed about the Nazi direction of his opinions.  

    Red Mike, the only liar about 'ultimate intentions' is 
yourself and your fellow fascists and control-freaks masquerading 
as patriots and freedom fighters.
   Were you not paying attention when I said repeatedly that the 
purpose of the Resistance is to wage a successful war of Revolution 
against regime criminals such as yourself, and then to exterminate 
them  -- root, trunk, and branch?
   Revolutionists such as ourselves will of course win because we 
can afford to destroy everything as we know we can rebuild once you 
parasites are gone.  It's sort of like setting the roach bombs in 
the house before going on a camping trip.  You cockroaches don't 
have enough sense to provide for reservations to your own roach 
motels.  Since we don't want you parasites to live in our world 
even as slaves, there can be no mercy for such as yourselves. 
   The converse is not true.  You parasites with your criminal 
compulsion to rule would die without us slaving for you.  If you 
kill us, then you die of starvation.
   So the Resistance -- Revolutionists FOR Civilization -- have an 
unassailable strategic advantage.  We prosper by exterminating you 
parasitic CONstitutional regime criminals.  You starve if you kill 
us.  Now all we have to do is think things through, and we are rid of 
'our' First Criminals, 'our' Red Mike Vanderblows, 'our' Moreass the 
Sleezesters and Dr. Mengele Markkk Pitcavages -- all the fascist 
control freaks who would dare rule over us under color of 
CONstitution or open force.

   I suppose you solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascists with your 
self-centered Weltanschauung lack even as much survival instinct 
as a cockroach scurrying from the boot which would crush such 
honest vermin.

>                                                  Clinton is still
>obfuscating.  But it needs no great detective to see that they are 
>flip sides of the same collectivist coin.  

   Red Mike, you are the only collectivist in this conversation.  
While a Resistance Action Force cell is no democracy, it operates 
according to a consensus of all within the cell.
   As brought up already, the Resistance shall destroy you 
collectivists absolutely, and bring about a freedom guaranteed by 
strong men after your 'oligarchy of the base' (See: Edmund Burke's 
Reflections on the Revolution in France) has been thoroughly 

>                                           C'mon guys, we got in 
>this to oppose "jack-booted thugs".  Does it matter that Lindstedt's 
>band of thugs at this point in time merely aspire to the power the 
>ATF has, rather than to roll it back in the interest of the safety 
>of all citizens as do we?  

    Red Mike, you have no such intentions.  You would doubtless call 
whatever limited government us Revolutionists set up "anarchy" or 
"despotism."  Some of these successor regimes might very well consist 
of nothing except people of homogenous race.  Others might very well 
consist of people who are not allowed to mix within the homogenous 
communities.  The sort of 'affirmative action' system favored by 
racial demagogues and exploitation parasites such as yourself will 
doubtless be the first thing to go, but people like you won't be alive 
to cause any commotion over this 'violation' of your do-gooder 
sensibilities.  People of like kind will congregate together, like 
they always have done.  Some of these assortive groupings will be on 
the overt differences such as skin color and some of these groupings 
shall be on subtle similarities such as character or intelligence. 
There will be plenty of land and material resources for all, because 
only healthy survivors shall survive.

>                             Their intentions are clearly the same, 
>or worse, as the Clintonistas and should they ever get power they'll 
>make the BATF look like kindergardeners.  Why should we believe
>anything they have to say, merely because they currently lack the 
>power to enforce their will upon us?  Does this powerlessness make 
>them our friends?

    Come off it, Red Mike.  You would judge the Resistance on the 
basis of your own scurvy character.  Obviously you have not been 
infiltrating quality militia people, for which I would be grateful 
if it weren't for the obvious fact that the quality open public 
militia people sensed the content of your character and sensed you 
were a skunk long before you could spray them.  Since you have no 
character to speak of, not even a bad character, you still probably 
wouldn't have understood decent militia folks back in the days of 
several years ago when they were above-ground.  Now the only 
company you have left is your fellow militia generals and your 
Bolshevik gang of 4-5 criminally insane horseless mattoids calling 
itself a CONstitutional militia cavalry regiment.  That and an 
occasional visitation from a Resistance philosopher and renegade 
intellectual such as myself taking gleeful delight in tormenting 
such amoral vermin as yourself is all you have to look forward to. 

    I really could care less if the white-chicken element idiotic 
enough to still listen to Red Mikes believe me or not.  My friends 
and allies believe that I am their friend and ally and that I would 
never betray them.  That is enough for me.  If you parasitic regime 
criminals choose to think that I am a liar -- that I would spare 
your lives to live as hewers of wood and drawers of water for those 
you formerly oppressed -- fine, OK.  If the white-chicken element of 
the mattoid majority believe that I will exert myself to save them 
from their just fate brought about by their suicidal hypochondria 
after I expressed no such intent, then they might well be sorely 

    The Resistance seeks not power over others but freedom for 
themselves.  With self-freedom comes self-responsibility.  Since 
we have no responsibility for the evil you regime criminals produced 
and the masses tolerated, we have no interest in either denying 
nor granting such a freedom they never earned or wanted in the 
first place.



Red Mike's Fourth of July Regimist Reichstag Fire.

>From: Mike Vanderboegh (
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 01:32:12 EDT
Subject: BLOODY INDEPENDENCE DAY? A JDT Flash Message....
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 16-bit for Windows sub 38

>John Doe Times Flash Message
>21 June 1998

>A Bloody Independence Day?

   More than likely unless the Resistance derails the disinformation 
express from Red Mike Vanderboegh justifying another regime sting 
and blaming it on mythical Nazis.  --M.L.

Both Feds & Terrorists Working On It, It Seems...

   Oh, no!!!!  Please, Mr. Louis Beam, please, please, please don't 
eat some popcorn on your living room couch!  The criminal regime is 
about to launch a blood-bath on the Fourth of July and Red Mike is 
softening up the militia generals to blame it on mythical Nazis  
instead and so we don't need you eating any more popcorn on your 
living room couch so that Nazi infilltraitors tell Colonel Red Mike 
of the Tri-States Militia/Coalition and Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 
horseless mattoids calling itself a CONstitutional cavalry regiment 
and then having them criminal regime infilltraitors blaming any more 
regime murders on the Resistance. 
    Couldn't you eat corn-nuts or yogurt instead, Mr. Beam?  And 
please, not a firecracker, not even a bottle-rocket on the Fourth 
of July lest us Neo-Nazis read something neo-Jungian in it and 
run wild to our racial memory archetypes. --M.L.

>From the Editor:

>As many of our faithful readers know, the 1st Alabama Cavalry 
Regiment, Constitutional Militia, 

   Also known as the Tri-States Militia/Coalition and as Red Mike's 
Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 horseless mattoids calling itself a cavalry 
regiment.   --M.L.

>has (in addition to publishing The John Doe Times and Why We Will 
>Fight) been active over the years in debunking many "war alerts"
>issued by other, more credulous sources within and without the 
>militia movement.  

In other words, when Red Mike isn't involved in informing on pore 
distressed people such as Crazy Willy Lampley for wanting to conduct 
a self-help policy of urban renewal on Moreass-the-Sleezester's 
Little-Church-of-the-Eternal-Gliberal-Offering, or in telling any 
media whore who will listen that it was mythical Nazis who are solely 
responsible for the OKC bombing, Red Mike is busily pissing on his 
fellow militia generals in addition to informing on them. --M.L.

My personal favorite stories of deliberate disinformation and
stupid misinformation over the years include "the guillotine 
train"; MOM's exercise of fervid imagination entitled "New World 
Order assassins kill the Muellers" (surely the first time 
professional NWO assassins have cloaked themselves as neoNazi 
lumpenproletariat in the personages of the Kehoe brothers); 

   Since Resistance is no longer futile -- it must ALWAYS be 
Nazi!  --M.L.

and repeated "Red Dawn" tales of massive numbers of (fill in 
the nationality blank) 

   How about Mexican Tyson chicken pluckers?  --M.L.

troops gathered in some obscure province of central Mexico,
set to invade as soon as they can get their logistical tail past 
the inadequate road net and corrupt Mexican cops looking for La 
Mordida.  The water alone necessary to support such a force, I 
delight in pointing out, would make this the largest naval 
engagement in Mexican history.  

    Red Mike hasn't figured out yet that the Mexicans don't 
have much of a navy.  They don't have much of an Olympic  
team either because the ones who can run, jump, or swim are 
already in the good 'ol uSSA.  --M.L.

>Now I read with mock horror that Bill ("I shot it out with 
space aliens") Cooper has issued a warning that the Queen of 
England and the ADL are out to kill him.  (Well, of course.  
The only questions are: Will the assassins be speaking
English-accented Hebrew or Brooklyn-accented Cockney?  Will 
it be Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Elton John, or Mel Brooks, 
>who delivers the coup de grace shot to the head?  ET perhaps?) 

   Could Red Mike perhaps provide a relevant hyperlink to prove 
the charge?
   In any case, there are a lot more people who believe in UFOs, 
James Bond, the Mossad, and the wickedness of the ADL than believe 
that they will collect a Social Security check.  Who is Red Mike 
to tell them that they are wrong, especially given his past -- and 
present -- history of disinformation? --M.L.

>In the past 72 hours, I have received a series of messages 
>from folks I trust, regarding several potential threats to 
>this country and our people. 

   Red Mike's regime handlers?  Red Mike's fellow infilltraitors? 
Alleged Neo-Nazi informants who have nothing better to do than 
call Red Mike up and beg Red Mike to trash them out but good in 
his Dees-Vanderblow Times Two Internet site at The Informant's 
Lie-bury where Mr. Clark Simmons routinely collects cookies and 
probably runs an anonymous remailer?  Or maybe the militia 
generals that Red Mike has pissed on when he isn't informing on 
them have a self-destructive urge to tell Red Mike everything?

>Each, coincidentally or not, centers around Independence Day, 
>4 July 1998.   

   Wild Bill was right about them space invaders!  I seen it myself 
in true life as a documentary at the $1.25 all-seats theater in 
Joplin last year before it went to videocassette, and then again 
on HBO.  --M.L.

>They may be related, or not; 

   Probably, although I didn't see a green card among the lot 
of 'em.  --M.L.

>they may not be entirely accurate, or they may be smoking hot 
>gospel. In each case I only know that the source has in the past
been reliable, and the trust factor I have in each of them is high.   
>But taken together, I realize that the time has come for us to 
>issue our first ALERT message.  

   Red Mike is selling smoke detectors now, is he?

   Look.  Red Mike refuses to name any source for his alarmism. 
Yet people are supposed to take Red Mike seriously?

   Who is this informant?  One of Red Mike's fellow regime 
infilltraitors all set to drum up some hysteria, so when 
yet another regime infilltraitor Reichstag Fire comes down 
(alleged Neo-Nazis being so unhelpful as to not provide one this 
past April 19th), that the Patriot community is supposed to 
thank Red Mike for 'warning' us?
   I mean, the Patriot community still hasn't gotten over Red 
Mike and his Tri-Staters both informing on anything that moves 
while at the same time providing the credulous media with 
misinformation that it wasn't the feds responsible for blowing 
up their own building and upping the body count with demolition 
charges on the building support columns, but rather mythical 
Nazis who are wholly responsible.  
   Now Red Mike is up to it again.  No Reichstag Fire set by his 
criminal regime handlers, then Red Mike has 'saved' the Patriot 
community.  Another Reichstag Fire set by Red Mike's criminal 
regime handlers, why we all are 'saved' thanks to Red Mike's 
warning, as Red Mike blames those members of the Patriot community 
that he hasn't set up yet for being in a quasi-Nazi plot to set the 
latest Reichstag Fire.
   Doesn't anybody in the Patriot community have as much of a 
sense of needful paranoia as Wild Bill Cooper, who regardless of 
faults common to the Patriot community, retains enough sense to 
sniff out an infilltraitor skunk such as Red Mike Vanderboegh 
from 1500 miles away?  Doesn't anybody else other than Mr. Cooper 
and myself have enough sense to not trust a Tri-Stater with a 
proven history of betrayal, and who always seems to have an 
unending supply of criminal regime propaganda to dispense to the 
gullible in both the Patriot community and to the pro-regime media?  

>When the histories are written, this warning may have no more
import than Bill Cooper's fantasy laser tag alien body count.  
Or it may be the equivalent of Revere's message that the regulars 
were marching out of Boston.  You may believe us or not, as you 

   So in other words, you can believe Chicken Little saying the 
sky is gonna fall or not because of the acorn boinging off Chicken 
Little's head.  Or not. 
   Whatever you do, just don't pay any attention to Red Mike's 
criminal regime handlers throwing acorns. Don't pay attention 
to that man behind the curtain.  Don't pay attention to no BATF 
or FiBbIes being at the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995.  
Don't open no physics books and don't believe Air Force explosives 
experts, neither.  --M.L.

>But rest assured that our sources believe what they had to say.  
>And believe me when I tell you that they are serious people, and 
>so we take what they have to say seriously.  This is why, for 
>the first time, we're passing such messages on to you, in the 
>form of this alert flash message.

   Other than regime informants such as Red Mike, there is no 
other "we" identified.  Wait a minute.  "We" is the traditional 
pronoun of monarchs.  Maybe our fearless rulers are ready to start 
another Reichstag Fire, and they wanted their faithful infilltraitor 
Red Mike to tell us all.

   For the baal state-god is god!  And Red Mike Vanderboegh is 
its profit!  --M.L.

>We urge all our readers to turn on their radars, check with 
>their local and national press contacts, and shine whatever 
>light you can on these subjects.  Cockroaches scurry for the 
>baseboard when the switch is flipped.  Don't hesitate to flip 
>that lightswitch if it within your grasp.  The life you save
>may be your own.

   Red Mike knows all about being a cockroach.  This is why he 
hasn't revealed his regime handlers, 'er fellow informants, 'er 
sources.  He don't want to get stomped, nor his fellow federal 
infilltraitor cockroaches neither.
   Yet keep an eye on Red Mike and listen to his warning.  The 
next July 4th Reichstag Fire you avoid may mean that you get to 
fire off some bottle-rockets with the kids and grandkids July 4th
in 1999.  --M.L.

>As for us, we are waiting and watching.  And while we wait, 
>we're counting our beans and bullets.

>-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR
>Editor, The John Doe Times & Why We Will Fight.

   Red Mike wants a last meal to make him fart before engaging 
in a suicide pact with his fellow regime infilltraitors.  Oh well. 
Such a simple humble federal informant is he.

   Look folks.  Keep an eye on Red Mike.  Either way, if you are 
credulous enough, Red Mike wins.  If Red Mike's criminal regime 
handlers commit another Reichstag Fire, some of you will be stupid 
enough to not wonder where Red Mike heard this rumor.  If Red 
Mike's criminal regime handlers don't commit a Reichstag Fire, 
then you dumbshits will thank Red Mike for warning them off.  
Either way, Red Mike gets your mind off from his past behavior as 
a pro-criminal regime infilltraitor, informant and media-baitor. -M.L.

>JULY 1998.

   Feds, Red Mike.  Same thing.  --M.L.

>In Washington D.C., a source in federal law enforcement has warned 
>a friend of ours that the Feds are "expecting" a neoNazi or 
>Identity-sponsored terrorist incident on 4 July 1998.  Since the 
>Feds have snitches and provocateurs in most of these organizations, 
>and thus exert some operational control over them, they would be 
>the first to know, I agree.

   Wouldn't it just be easier for Red Mike to go to his FiBbIe 
handler in Birmingham, Alabama to get his marching orders?  I mean, 
this way Red Mike won't miss a day of work and have to fight with 
his warehouse boss tired of listening to his conspiracy theories 
and Scalawag bullshit.  Plus, the criminal regime ain't out air 
fare.  Or his fellow feddrul informants ain't out telephone change.
   In any case, how is it that Red Mike always has first crack 
at what the FiBbIes say is yet another CI/Neo-Nazi plot?  I mean, 
don't they read the "Dees-Vanderblow Two Timers"/"Why, We Won't 
Fight Our Criminal Regime" e-swill disinformation on the 
Informant's Lie-bury?  And now that they screwed up again and Red 
Mike knows all about what latest Reichstag Fire is coming down, 
why haven't the FiBbIes debriefed Red Mike and plugged the latest 
FiBbIe leak?

   Sort of makes the relatively sane wonder, doesn't it?  After 
all, if Red Mike isn't a gubbnmint infilltraitor, then what are 
the FiBbIes doing, letting Red Mike spill the beans before getting 
to count them like pieces of silver?  I mean turning in Crazy Willie 
Lampley along with fellow Tri-Stater Colonel Parsons back in '95 
is one thing, but Red Mike has already gotten his 30 pieces of 
silver for that job.  What has Red Mike done for the FiBbIes 
lately, that Red Mike is blabbing their misinformation all over 
the Internet for them?  Business as usual?  --M.L.


>Bin Laden, Saudi exile banker and terrorist leader living in 
Taliban-controlled Afghanistan at the moment, has threatened a 
major terrorist attack "within four to six weeks" for a period 
that includes 3 July, the anniversary date of the downing of 
the Iranian airliner by the U.S. missile cruiser Vincennes in 
the Gulf in 1988.  The State Department has issued a warning to
Americans living and travelling in the Middle East as a result, 
but few are paying attention.  Bin Laden's threat was not limited 
to American assets in the Middle East. 

   So, if it isn't CI/NeoNazis, it must be A-rabs.  Of course, 
the A-rabs have been pissed off at the ZOG-HOGS for using 
our tax dollars to give to the Jews to run A-rabs off their 
homeland and kill A-rabs on/off their homelands/reservations 
for the past fifty years, but they just gotta light off a 
humongous firecracker on the 3d/4th of July or some/any time 
next week?  

   Well, at least the A-rab terrorist threat is improving.  
Anti-ZOG-HOG death threats are no longer strictly confined to 
the area around Tel Aviv/Haifa.  --M.L.

>Strangely, the victory of the Iranian team over the Americans 
>in World Cup soccer is seen by some U.S. intelligence analysts, 
including a friend of one of our sources, as contributing to 
the likelihood of a strike rather than defusing tensions.  Islamic 
"Fundamentalists" apparently see in the victory "the hand of Allah"
>which might encourage them to proceed with such plans.

   Yep.  The only thing more dangerous than a bunch of hankie-heads 
losing a soccor match is a bunch of hankie-heads WINNING a soccor 
match.  Just when you thought it might be good sportsmanship/diplomacy 
to throw a game of a sport that nobody in this country gives much of 
a shit for anyhow.  I mean, now that we have already conceded the 
other major A-rab sports such as the camel-turd toss, hurling 120mm 
smoothbore depleted-uranium rounds from atop a broken-down T-62 
imported Russian tank, the hashish-chaw spitting contest, desert-sheep 
milking, etc., etc.
   But I will concede the danger in an A-rab source for Red Mike's 
Reichstag Fire if it means that Red Mike's CIA handlers get a cut 
in the conspiracy theory pie.  --M.L.


>A source of ours who keeps track of the spiritual warfare 
dimensions of terrorism and terrorists informs us that this 
solstice period is seen as particularly favorable by some 
neoNazi/Odinist morons, who believe that with enough blood 
sacrifice the doors to Valhalla can be forced open and Thor, 
Odin and other miscellaneous biker gods can be loosed once more 
upon the world.  A mass-death terrorist strike would be seen 
by such twisted folks as such an offering to the gods.  Remember 
it is not necessary for us to believe such claptrap, only 
>necessary for the Neo-Nazis  to believe it.  

   Back to Red Mike's Neo-Nazis again. 

   I wouldn't mind at all the Wodenists sacrificing a rat or an 
uncircumcised dog or two or especially not a reasonable facsimile 
thereof such as Red Mike and his Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 horseless 
mattoids calling themselves a cavalry regiment.

   Regrettably, the summer solstice was on June 21 -- not July 4 --
and Red Mike and his Bolshevik Gang are still wasting perfectly 
good air.  --M.L.


>Here we go again folks.  A different very good source informs 
>us that the the Feds are laying on a big raid for clinic bomber 
Rudolph's support structure in North Carolina (Murphy area, etc.).  
One of the Feds problems is that they have succeeded in stirring 
up enmity in the local populace and even law enforcement.  Months 
of kicking in doors of innocent folks homes, cutting out local law 
"out of the loop", and generally running roughshod over the rights
of citizens unconnected with the bombing, have left have the whole 
area ready to explode, whether they agree with the Feds or not 
(and most of them don't).
It will be almost impossible to keep this threat from spilling 
over once the issue is joined.  The Feds should have no illusions 
(and according to our source they don't) that such a strike 
>would bring Constitutional militiafolk into the fray almost 
   I have never seen a CONstitutional militia ever put up a 
fight anywhere.  In any case, don't expect Red Mike and his 
Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 horseless mattoids calling itself a 
cavalry regiment to be riding shank's mare to the scene of any 
fighting unless it is on the gubbnmint side.  --M.L.

>The provocational aspects of this should cannot be overlooked.  And 
>indeed, the rumors about a terrorist strike "on or about" the 4th 
>may be regarded as "noise disinformation" by Feds wishing to
>exculpate themselves before the fact.

   Since the FiBbIes know they are not trusted, this is where Red 
Mike comes in with the "noise disinformation."  --M.L.

>Certainly Clinton could use a week without Monica Lewinsky on 
>the front page, and we all know what the November elections mean 
>to him.  A nightly body count on the evening news, from all 
>over the country, would provide an Oklahoma City-sized 
>"Reichstag Fire effect" if the "agressors" could be painted as

   See what I mean?  Red Mike knows how to set Reichstag fires. 
Better take his FiBbIe-provided Reichstag-Fire setting matches away 
from Red Mike.  --M.L.

>The fed leaders of such a raid would do well to read a few 
>pages of North Carolina civil war history:

>"It was a personal kind of war, up in the mountains.  It produced 
>its share of heroes and more than its share of bloody-handed 
villains.  The fighting took place in a different dimension than 
the organized battles on the main fronts, where huge formations of 
uniformed men fired massed volleys at other huge formations distant, 
faceless, uniformed men.  In the mountains there was little of 
that longe-range, impersonal killing.  In the mountains the target
in your gunsite was not a nameless figure a thousand yards away, 
positioned at the other end of a smoke-obscured battlefield 
crowded with regiments.  Instead he was an individual human being 
with a clear and unique face, and he was, all to many times, a 
man whose identity and home you had known since childhood.
When you pulled the trigger on such a man, you did not leave a 
heap of distant bones-- one more swollen, powder-blackened 
piece of carrion among hundreds, heaped on the same acreage.  
You left a dead MAN whose wife and children you probably knew 
by name....The war in the mountains may not have been large, but
it was vicious and took place on an all-too-human scale.  There 
were vast regions of the mountain country that were more dangerous 
for any outsider who did not know the score than the areas near 
the front lines in Northern Virginia...Many men took the wrong 
fork in the road, went  a mile too far down an unfaniliar cove, 
>and were never heard from again.....

>It was this kind of war in the Mountains:  The killers had 
>names, their victims had kin, and everybody owned a gun."

>-- Bushwhackers: The Civil War in North Carolina, The Mountains 
>by William E. Trotter. 

    All Right!  Who is the FiBbIe responsible for getting Red Mike 
a library card?

   I mean Red Mike isn't talented enough of an infilltraitor to write 
anything other than FiBbIe/Commie agitprop on his own.  Other than 
what Red Mike learned from the Joseph Goebbels/Morris Dees Elements 
of Style Handbook and the raw material Red Mike gets from his 
criminal regime handlers or fellow regime infilltraitors and 
informants, Red Mike gotta plagiarize.

   And just when I was looking forward to another free installment 
of "The Turner Diaries" without having to pay William Pierce a penny 
for the book.  Count on them gliberal shitheads and closet racists 
like Red Mike to be stocked up on some really good race-porn to beat 
off on.
   That, or direct quotes from the Red-Letter version of Mein Kampf. 
It ain't the same, trudging through reading that huge tome, after 
you are used to having Red Mike reciting the really good stuff from 
memory for ya.

   I think I should like to personally skin alive, as a bona-fide 
crime against humanity, the regime criminal infilltraitor handler 
of Red Mike's responsible for getting Red Mike a new library book 
to plagiarize.


   And that's probably the way it is, (a gonna be) July 4, 1998. 

--Martin Lindstedt
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