Feb. 20, 2005 -- To Rudy: Eric on YHWH, Omnipotent & Omniscient, Free Will vs. Determinism.

by Eric Thomson

20 FEB 05. Dear Rudy:

Many thanks for your letter of 1 FEB & the great enclosures, in parti­cular the Rogues’ Gallery of rotten religious rascals with their Judeo-Satanic messages, sup­posedly based on the scriptures. As you write, there is little agreement on biblical inter­pretations, & “even the Devil can quote scripture”, as has long been said. My understanding of this problem is that the same words are interpreted to mean different things by different people, who also extract from scriptures those passages which they seek to emphasize, while they ignore or play down other passages, as we now see with the injunctions against homosex­uality, which are ignored in favor of the ‘new god’, Tolerance. I read with interest the "Wiffenpoof” song’s lyrics about “the place where Louie dwells”. Since the song is Freemasonic in origin, I suspect that “Louie” is Lucifer, as Albert Pike wrote, “that the brethren must maintain Freemasonic doctrine in its Luciferian purity.”

The truth which you are belatedly groping for, I discovered when I was 17. Please let me know if you disagree with these propositions:

Yahweh is all-knowing & all powerful. He is the sole creator of the universe & everything & person in it. He made man in his own image & commanded him not to eat from the tree of know­ledge of good & evil, but man was seduced via Eve who was seduced by Satan into breaking Yah­weh’s command. Then Yahweh produced Jesus, his only begotten son,as a sacrifice on behalf of mankind. In Matthew, Jesus commands his disciples to shun Gentiles, whom he describes as “dogs”, for his message is only “for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

There, that was easy, but let’s see what happens when we read the whole Bible: Yahweh is also said to be “all good”. The opposite of good is evil, I hope you agree, for I’m speaking not as a jew, but as a White man. Yahweh & no one else, created Lucifer or Satan. Being all-­knowing, Yahweh knew what Satan would do before he ever created him, for an all-knowing god must also know the future in every detail, beyond the atomic level. In really simple terms, let us imagine that I created a windup doll, with the ability to think, but “finitely”, as you say. I know exactly what this doll will do on any given occasion, but the doll does not. I know, for example, even before I have created the doll, that he will go out one door, but not the other. The doll may think that he has “free will”, & that he can choose to exit by any door he wishes, but I know different, because I know the future! So with Satan, so with man,does this necessary determinism apply; otherwise Yahweh is not all-knowing. Being the creator, with full knowledge of Satan’s deeds, before Satan was created by all-powerful Yah­weh, it becomes hard to distinguish “good” & “evil”, for these words are opposites. If they come from the same source, Yahweh, then neither Satan nor Yahweh can be defined as “good” or as “evil”. These words thus lose their meaning entirely, & so become jew-babble, that is, nonsense. Since Yahweh created man in his own image, it can easily be construed that Man & Yahweh are both finite & fallible, so we must wonder just how ‘perfect’ Yahweh would be, if he made man in his own image. Although Yahweh is claimed to be “the one god”, he is not alone in the universe which he supposedly created, all by himself, for by his own command, we should have no other god but him. Yet, Yahweh states that another god, Dagon, exists, who was supposedly created by Yahweh, if we are to believe our major premise that Yahweh created every thing & everyone in the universe. In Genesis, I hope you came across the passage about “the Sons of God”. This makes Yahweh out to be a liar, when preachers claim that Jesus was his only begotten son. However, according to Yahweh’s alleged statement about Dagon, these "sons of God” may have been the sons of another god, & not Yahweh’s. St. Paul disobeyed Jesus' command to shun Gentiles, just as some jews broke Moses’ 10 Commandments by worshipping the Golden Calf, so breaking commandments from Yahweh & Son occurred in Old & New Testaments.

As to “miracles”, you have fallen into a trap. A miracle is defined as that which breaks a natural law. Since Yahweh created his own natural laws & man's mind is “finite”, in order for us to know what is a miracle requires us to know all natural laws, on par with Yahweh, himself. As you know, technology which is quite common has been described as “miracles”, such as the invention of the lightning rod which saves church buildings, when prayers fail, as usual. As to prayer, which our "finite” beings use to CHANGE Yahweh’s all-knowing plan for the universe, that is nothing less than blasphemy, if you believe that Yahweh is all-knowing & therefore has his plan for the development of the universe, as he logically must, unless we wish to revert to nonsense. As man’s knowledge of natural laws increases, the number of perceived “miracles” decreases. Since our knowledge of natural laws remains finite, we still cannot say that we have spotted a genuine miracle. Why would Yahweh want to break his own laws, anyway, just to gratify a finite being who does not know what is good for him? Such behavior would reveal a less-than-perfect god.

Thanks for giving me this trip down Memory Lane, when I debated these topics as a college freshman. I am at peace with the universe & I am also comfortable with my place in it, but you &Yahweh are obviously not.

All the best.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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