June 9, 2004 -- To Michael: ZOG gulags, ADL Involvement

by Eric Thomson

Hail Michael!

. . . . Many thanks for your letter of June 4th and the helpful information on public disclosure. ZOG knows that the Department of Corruptions fears the light of public disclosure as cockroaches flea from bright light. My suspicion is that the ZOG will segregate Whites with leadership abilities from the mass of the sheeple for purposes of brainwashing courses just as the Chinese did to P.O.W.s in Korea. It is vital to understand that fewer than 5% or one out of 20 in a random population show leadership potential, that is, have a sense of humor, courage, initiative and the ability to teach others. In the middle of the bell-shaped curve are the sheeple, approximately 90% of the whole. On the opposite extreme end of the curve are others with initiative who are criminals who prey on the sheeple. That is the other 5% of Ostensible Whites who rule over us as shabez Goy frontmen, under the best government jewish money can buy.

. . . . One of our major founding fictions was the false assumption "that all men are created equal". I learned that Thomas Jefferson had quite a large whiskey still on his Black slave agribusiness plantation so I can give him the benefit of the doubt by opining that he was drunk when he wrote such twaddle, and not congenitally insane. However men may be allegedly "equal", they have never been equal in terms of strength, intelligence, character nor leadership abilities. Modern science reveals that even their individual protoplasm is different, not "equal."

. . . . It would be of interest to discover what degree of ADL involvement, if any, occurs in the divide & rule brainwashing programs within the ZOG-gulags. From my studies of the ADL, they are a large, well-funded organization with a great number of nefarious tentacles which search for things to do, if they aren't already up to mischief. Ex-Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky described the ADL as a major network for the Mossad, which puts the entire Jewish diaspora at the Mossad's disposal. In my own view, the Mossad is just a small branch of the ADL, which is officially "The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith". The ADL exists as a corporation with the same laudable goals in its charter as those of other corporations, such as ENRON. The ADL has many departments, among which are those dedicated to "information" and "instruction".

. . . . In regard to public disclosure, any Jew working for the ADL could conceal his links to the organization while conducting its policies, so as to protect the organization from any 'blow-back' occasioned by policy errors, or individual bungling. The ADL, like the Mossad, enjoys the full protection and support of the U.S. government, as we have learned from the events on 9-11.

. . . . I'm glad to learn that Thule is also assisting you. They never replied to my last letter enquiring if they wished to receive information from me, and I read from another correspondent that at least two of the members had a nasty divorce. Aside from such dysfunctions, I guess they can still be of service.

. . . . Here on the reservation, my work is making this month very hectic and mid-July will require me to be out of town for two weeks, minimum. This will impede my correspondence, but that's the lot of us American coolies.

. . . . In regard to exhibits, I keep all original correspondence which pertains to our ongoing legal projects, for future reference.

. . . . The ZOG is scurrying like rats to hide their misdeeds and malefactions from the public, and when that fails, they offer the usual scapegoats. It is my understanding that the president appoints his heads of departments, who make up his cabinet, and as commander-in-chief, the president is responsible for any failures and misdeeds they commit on his watch. It is therefore unconscionable that the chief would evade his duly vested responsibility, by blaming underlings for policies only he could initiate. Those who seek credit must also accept blame for their policies.

. . . . On the human rights front, prominent jews like Dershowitz have been advocating the use of torture, Israeli-style or KGB-style for persons suspected of "terrorism". Apparently, the abuses against detainees under U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan are just the tip of the atrocity iceberg. The press have published Z0G documents which indicate a direct link to the torture of prisoners and the White House, while Attorney General Ashcroft continues to stone­wall an increasingly curious Congress. As a long-time recipient of Hebrewood propaganda, I have the same feelings toward minions of the Bush regime as I do in regard to those scary Hollywood Nazis, usually p1ayed by, jews who wquld sneer as they said, "Vee haff vays of making you talk." More and more do we resemble the "bad guys" of our worst grade B movies. It would be interesting to see how Rumsfeld, Ashcroft et. al. would have defended themselves at Nuremberg, had they been on trial for the same things we charged the Germans.




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