An Aryan View of Torture

by Eric Thomson

The disgusting little jew, Dershowitz, was featured in a recent jewsradio report in which he seemed to enjoy his kosher casuistry and his pseudo-Semitic sophistry on behalf of the ZOG’s use of torture, which is now, under ZOG, subject to talmudically-twisted definition. Dershowitz used two fundamental arguments:
(1) What is torture, in terms of methods and degrees?

(2) What, if anything, justifies the use of torture?

Dershowitz seemed to enjoy the idea of “inflicting non-lethal pain” by use of "sterile needles under a suspect’s fingernails”. In his definition, this infliction of extreme pain was non-lethal, and therefore seemingly permissible. I thereby gathered that Dershowitz would not deem this “torture”, but back in the Second World War, Americans did deem it torture: specifically, pulling fingernails or inserting bamboo slivers under the fingernails, as allegedly done by Japanese interrogators. I put it to you, Mr. Jew: if this is “not” torture, would you mind it being done to you?

The second part of the ZOG’s argument is also skewed with the assumption that torture may be justified, if the reasons are deemed “important”. This brings up the matter of the Gestapo and their Soviet counterparts who regularly used torture, ranging from beatings to more subtle psychological methods, which were just as jarring and just as scarring on the victims’ psyches, if not their bodies. Our ZOG calls such torture “Stress & Duress”. This includes physical discomfort, sleep-deprivation, hooding, extreme sound bombardment, plus all sorts of personal indignities aimed at weakening physical and mental resolve, so as to produce compliance with the interrogators. Such methods may be practiced over prolonged periods of time, and they are deemed to be effective for purposes of intelligence-gathering, so who are we to castigate the Gestapo (since Soviet bodies are exempt by ZOG) for doing what it considered effective, for reasons it also deemed important? It is obviously ‘special-pleading’ for us to make exceptions when the torturers happen to be jews and/or members of the ZOG, for the argument becomes irrelevant to non-jews and non-zoglings: “Torture is all right if our side does it.”

The ALL-Lies of World War II bragged of their instigation of guerrilla or partisan warfare, which was illegal in terms of international conventions designed to protect civilians from reprisals recognized as legitimate, on the part of uniformed troops. Moreover, uniformed troops who were captured were not to be tortured, but were required to give only their name, rank and serial number, just as I was told in the U.S. Army. So this is our World War II inheritance: guerrilla warfare; waging undeclared war on civilians, with all manner of hideous and horrible weapons heretofore forbidden by international treaties, plus a routine use of torture. It is noted that those who fight wars tend to become alike in their views and in their behavior, which is one very good reason to avoid war in the first place! It has also been noted that behavior in foreign wars and/or civil wars can come home to roost, where it is often applied to civilians, such as the post-Civil War dragooning of northern children into public schools, at the point of federal bayonets, and forced school integration thereby in the 1950’s. As we know, guerrilla warfare can break out, any time and in any place, where people have grievances, but no ostensible government, and when they perceive that those who seek to govern them are illegitimate occupiers, as occurred in The American War of Independence. As many have noted: What goes around comes around.

My definition of torture is anything deemed as “cruel and unusual punishment”, whether or not it is accompanied by war. In this case, war is irrelevant, because the ZOG never declares war when it commits acts of war. It’s another example of our hypocrisy that we would deem all the things we now do as “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”, when the alleged perpetrators were Germans and Japanese.

Orwell warned that “tyranny begins with the abuse of language”. Messrs. Bush and Dershowitz are redefining subjection as “patriotism”, imperialism as “democracy” and torture as either "nonexistent” or “necessary”. I believe it was Tweedledee or Tweedledurn who declared that a word meant exactly what he wanted it to mean, neither more nor less. It is a tribute to our cowardice and to our stupidity that we allow ‘our' public representatives to perpetrate such monstrous abuse of language, on behalf of further abuses of our lives in this land of ZOG.

Maybe I should just say, “No habla inges?"


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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