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Figure. Chronic wasting disease among free-ranging deer and elk by county, United States.

Para Last week or so, while I was engaged in my own struggle against the Newton County Division of Family Services and their natural-born allies, the collapsed flanks of the degenerate whigger trash and vermin which makes up my stepdaughter and her husbands keeping me from my grandchildren, I came across an item of extreme interest regarding TSEs (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) -- contagous holes in mammallian brains which lead to death) in deer, and by extension cattle and hue-mans. The Almanance Independent, a Movement general information WWW page, article concerned a summary from the ZOG Center for Disease Control Journal (Vol. 10 #6 of June 2004) and how the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer was inevitable:

While medical experts feel certain that a bizarre disease among deer and elk isn't a threat to humans, they haven't had any understanding of how Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) spreads from animal to animal - until last week. Last week's issue of one of the federal Centers for Disease Control's in-house medical journal gave a grim prognosis for stopping its spread.

Colorado wild-game experts -- predictably -- found that CWD spread to deer living in paddocks with already-infected deer. But what they also found was that deer commonly got infected with CWD in paddocks where infected deer carcasses had decomposed almost two years earlier -- and in one of three paddocks where infected deer had lived over two years earlier.

The new findings -- to an extent -- demystify CWD. It no longer is unclear whether the disease only spreads by direct contact with infected deer -- something unclear until this study. What was already known was that CWD was contagious from one deer to another by direct contact, unlike "mad cow disease," another prion disease that is spread by contaminated feed.

While the wild-game researchers note that the prion that causes CWD cannot be found in deer droppings or soil, they believe it also ends up in the ground that way -- due to its involvement in the digestive tract of infected deer. As for the infection of deer only in paddocks where there had been infected deer that died, they believe that decomposition of the dead deer bodies put the prions into the ground -- and then to growing plants. However, they note that the lifestyle of deer and elk make geographic spread of the disease largely contingent on contact with infected live animals moving to other areas.

1. " . . . . a grim prognosis for stopping its (CWD's) spread." That means that CWD won't be stopped from spreading -- not when the disease vector -- call it 'prions' -- is not only spread through direct contact with infected animals, but whole areas, starting with 'Ground-Zero' at Ft. Collins Colorado, then spreading to Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and now Utah, New Mexico (next to Texas), Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois have become 'prion-poisoned' districts in which the very ground itself is a reservoir of toxicity.

2. Mad Cow USA a book which can be downloaded freely, notes that infected sheep, sufferers of scrapie since the 1700's, could be removed from a pasture, and a new herd without scrapie would develop scrapie even after the pasture was unused for two, three, or five years later. Thus the Centers for Disease Control have found out, no surprize, that the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk is akin to the spread of scrapie in sheep. Once the particular plot of land is 'prion poisoned' then that area is forever prion-poisoned for all economic effect. No privately owned land can afford to lay fallow for decades, especially out West where the land has no other use except for grazing. Thus scrapie might well transform itself by jumping the species barrier to scrapie in goats, then to CWD in deer, then to BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) in cows. Such a species-barrier jumping Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), could also affect meat&bone fed food animals such as pigs and chickens, even though such would never develop symptoms because most of these food animals are slaughtered well before their middle age.

3. This study 'proves' only what was already known or suspected. Live deer can spread CWD to other live deer. This study 'proves' that just as in the case of sheep, a prion-poisoned pasture from dead deer can spread CWD over a period of two, three, or four or more (?) years to live deer. Mad Cow (BSE) in Britain was spread from sheep protein (scrapie) leading to spread to cows in feed. This doesn't prove that scrapie (sheep TSE) can't be spread to deer by feeding sheep prions to deer. And most emphatically, and the whole purpose of this 'gubbermint psci-un-tisst' disinformation, it is not disproved that pretty much anyone with a prion-poisoning axe to grind can spread CWD by the simple method of taking winter-kill deer from the prion proving-grounds of Colorado, Wyoming, or Wisconsin, cooking their tissues into animal feeds mixed with alfalfa pellets or grain, and then prion-poisoning a whole new territory, an entire new ground zero from which to in turn prion-poison the local area.

Look at the county map again. How did the 'mad deer' found in New Mexico, next to El Paso Texas get there, at least 400 miles from central Utah or Colorado? Did some mad deer take it into its prion-maddened head to run due south or so, following its nose like a good little wetback deer, to get to at least New Mexico or Texas before it croaked? Or did it shit in the woods and infect the other Texican/Nuevo Mexican bambis? Or did someone, say reading books about mad cow in Britain, or Mad Cow USA, a book out at least since 1997, or even reading Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World, which I reviewed during the 'Anthrax Summer' of 1997. If Michael Crichton can think of the effects of prion poisoning and develop a science-'fiction(?) novel, perhaps his best novel, cannot others, especially the ZOG-aggrieved can consider using prion-poisoning as a weapon of ass destruction as well?

4. 'They believe!' How very touching, their act of faith. Such is the wishfool thinking common to ZOGlings. If a mad bambi shits in the woods and no gubbernmint scientist hears it, does it make a sound? And, if it doesn't cause a sound, even metaphysical, does it have an effect? If the spread of CWD is the effect, then most likely Bambi shitting in the woods is the cause.

5. So in other words, not even vegetarian whiggers are immune. The end result is that agribusiness and corpsorate farming cannot feed anyone safely, especially in the big shitties. Safe food means family farms. It was corpsorate agribusiness, according to Mad Cow USA which created and spread these Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs).

6. It is not the natural 'lifestyle of deer and elk' which are responsible for the spread of CWD. Rather it was the farming of deer in small paddocks for half-acre 'trophy hunting' which created much of this problem just like Sans Fagscrisco bath-houses spread GAIDS. Rather it was feeding deer animal prion-poisoned proteins which spread CWD. It might well have been a policy of deliberate prion-poisoning which brought CWD to New Mexico, 400 miles away from another CWD outbreak which spread CWD to new areas. And further areas may well be prion-poisoned by intent, as opposed to accident. This is 'grubbermint psy-ence' at 'work.' Nothing said clean and neat but rather with a shit-flavored sugar coating of unreality, as if thinking for ones-self is 'bad form' -- and bad faith.

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