Jan. 2, 2005 -- To Rudy: The Masonic Roots of the USA/ZOG; Masons Serve Satan; Satanic Heraldry; A Plutarchy, Now a Kleptocracy

by Eric Thomson

2 JAN 05. Dear Rudy: Happy New Year!

Many thanks for your latest, greatest flier which relates 12-7 with 9-11, & which asks “cui bono.” In terms of evil, that is, Satanism, there is no better example of evil incarnate than the Freemasons, who are, like Zionists, jew-supremacists. Jews are a nationality, not a religion. That’s why they have over two-thirds of Israelis listed as “secular jews”. If we were to speak of “secular Catholics" or "secular Presbyterians", we would be talking nonsense. However, if we were to speak of “secular Englishmen”, we would therefore understand what is meant by “secular jews”.

The so-called American Revolution was financed by French gold & led by Freemasonic conspirators, among whom were my ancestors. Charles Thomson was secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence & sketched out the Great (Satanic) Seal of the United States, of which Samuel Adams disapproved, calling it “a tawdry Masonic device”. He was correct, except that the “Great Seal” fulfills its cabalistic function as “making all things manifest” to its intended victims: us, & the Gentiles of the entire world. As we all have seen (on the back of the $l bill), The “Great Seal” has its two sides displayed publicly. FDR, a 33-degree Mason, put it there in 1934, as I understand, when the size of our paper money was reduced into its present convenient dimensions. You may recall that U.S. currency resembled diplomas, & were we to use it in today’s inflationary crisis, our pockets would indeed be stuffed. To go to the grocery store, we’d probably have to carry our “folding money" in a large ruck­sack. FDR was apparently planning for a super-inflation, just as he was planning for World War II, on behalf of the Soviet Jewnion,with his fellow jew bankster buddies.

If you truly wish to take on evil, you must confront”the floundering fathers” of this Satanic entity called the U.S.A. (Under Satan’s Administration), as one Freemason “joked” to me. Let’s go back to The Seal: Above the “all-seeing eye" or “evil eye” on top of the pyramid, there appears words in Latin: “ANNUIT COEPTIS” (HE APPROVES OUR WORK). Who is “he”? Remember that the founders of the U.S.A. were mainly Freemasons, including Thomson, Washington, Jefferson, Ben Franklin et al. So was King George III & all British male monarchs since the founding of The (so-called) Bank of England, that is located in The City of London, a short distance from The Mother Lodge of World Free­masonry & The Great Synagogue. Our “revolution” ended our allegiance to the Crown of England, but not to the Bank of England, a private jewish entity, like The Federal Reserve.

U.S. Freemasonic grand panjandrum, Albert Pike, initiated the construction of The Great Phallus or “Washington Monument”, which was interrupted by The Civil War, after which, Pike was a founder of the pseudo-Masonic Ku Klux Klan, to keep the niggers down, but not out, as Lincoln intended. Lincoln wanted the Blacks repatriated to Africa, most probably Liberia, which had been created for that purpose. So who is “he”? Pike revealed who he is, in an official pronouncement to his Freemasonic brethren: “Be it known to the brethren of the thirty-first & thirty-second degrees that Freemasonic doctrine must be preserved in its LUCIFERIAN PURITY.” So that’s who “he” is!

The founders’ intentions of world conquest are declared beneath the pyramid: “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” (NEW WORLD ORDER). As you may already know, the 33d Degree is “honorary”. It cannot be earned, but only granted. FDR was 33 Degree & so was the noted Satanist, Crowley, whose 33rd Degree certificate is reproduced in Peter Tomkins’ “The Magic of Obelisks”. Communist leader, Salvador Allende, of Chile, was also 33 Degree, as well as his supposed assassin, General Pinochet. It is obvious that the U.S.A. was the place from which Soviet Communism was founded, funded, fostered & fed from 1917 to the present, when it was replaced by Zionism or Judaism in its current form. Now, it is morphing into “Globalism”, hence, “The New World Order”. The U.S.A. has served its purpose. That’s why its pyramid is incomplete on The Great Seal, for it was only a steppingstone to another entity, as we are witnessing.

I type this letter on official Yakima County election material, which must be printed at tax-payers’ expense by federal order in Spanish & English. In his book, “Philip Dru, Administrator”, Woodrow Wilson’s jew boss, Mandel House, predicts the “annexation” of Mexico by the U.S.A., but as one 19th century politician warned: “The U.S. will conquer Mexico & be destroyed.” However, our forebears were too wise to annex all Mexican territory with its alien people. As time passed, we became more stupid & venal, so we keep our borders open for these alien invaders, whom the foolish, fat-cat traitors deem “cheap labor” -- for them, but not for the tax-payers & native jobless.

It is well said that “form should follow function”. What we have seen of Judeo/Free-masonic manipulation in this country over centuries is that our official institutions were designed from the first to swindle & to exploit the American sheeple. Politics is people-power, not paper documents, whose words are subject always to interpretation & obfuscation. We have, in effect, a CON-stitution with CONNED citizens, who have now become serfs, as the result of their stupidity & cowardice. It is therefore debatable that their exploitation is not justified by their own behavior as sheeple, rather than as people. Thoue who behave as cattle merit the fate of cattle, as any rabbi will tell you. Now we need Patrick Henry to say, “Is life so dear & peace so sweet . . . . "

When we are faced with crises stemming from basic errors in our establishment, it is necessary to reconsider the bases of our current political entity, rejecting those which are alien & hostile to our interests & removing those concepts which were false from the beginning. All men are not created “equal”, for example, nor were we ever a “nation” & certainly not a “democracy”, but a plutocracy fobbed off as a “republic” for the bemusement of the boobs.

Plato predicted in his “Republic” that democracy (the rule of the many) becomes plutocracy (the rule of the money), which becomes timocracy or fascism. What we witness is that our plutocracy has become kleptocracy or rule by thieves. As H.L. Mencken noted: “Every American lives for the day he can steal something.” Our most popular politicians promise to steal for the voters what they want, in order to get elected, & devil take the hindmost, or as Al Gore blurted: “We must not say that it’s every man for himself.” But it is, here in the Jew Ass Oy Veh! Those who live in the present have even stolen from generations not yet born, in the form of the “national debt”, so all Americans are guilty of massive theft to one degree or another. This is why it’s so hard for reform to occur in a society as corrupt as ours, but as more & more people join the masses of ‘have-nots’, with nothing to lose (Janis Joplin’s definition of “freedom”) the likelihood of a political-demographic upheaval increases, for we are too stupid & greedy to enact timely reforms, as our history proves.

Satanists have existed long before the U.S.A. was founded. The highest honor in England is The Order of the Garter. A Red Garter dropped by the Marquessa of Salisbury signified her adherence to a satanic cult. When her allegiance was made manifest to all participants at a royal ball, the King of England stooped & returned the garter to her, saying, “Evil to him who evil thinks,” which appears in Latin. Another satanic emblem was the upside-down pentacle, a five-pointed star with its two ‘legs’ on top, signifying a goat’s or Satan’s horns. This emblem was adopted as The U.S. Congressional Medal of ‘Honor’. As the jewish cabala says: “All things must be made manifest.” No crosses are to be found, to my knowledge, in any official emblem of the U.S.A. Even police and/or sheriffs’ badges are five- or six-pointed stars, which still have cabalistic or black magical significance. If you are sincere in wishing Satan to “get behind thee”, then it is necessary that all Judeo-Satanic symbols be destroyed, including the Great Phallus of The District of Corruption, etc. We can even hire Mexicans to do the job, “cheaply”. Ha!

Some writers claim that I hate this country & its people. They are quite wrong. If I did not love them, I would not bother to concern myself with these issues. Perhaps I would join my feckless fellow Americans in their version of Hawg Heaven under ZOG, as the USS Titanic sinks beneath the waves of history. The status quo under this Zionist (jew-supremacist) regime is deadly, so doing nothing and/or supporting it will merely hasten our demise. That’s why I proclaim DOWZ! (DOWN WITH ZOG!) & ORION! (OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!)


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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