Apr. 16, 2005 -- To Tom: New jew Popery; ZOG Collapse Faster Than Rome's; The Trash Empire; Oil Bizness Racket

by Eric Thomson

16 April 03. Dear Tom:

Many thanks for your thoughts of April 9th. I never visited Rome, so I appreciate your impressions. It sounds like a city in a spaghetti western. All it lacked was Clint Eastwood trotting into town on his horse. I agree that the jewsmedia’s spate of papal publicity is indeed pathological, along with the publicity accorded the brain-dead woman whose Florida relatives sound like jews, with the names Schindler & Shaivo. Since the late Pope was also jewish, we have something of a kosher configuration of cabalistic significance, if one cares to play with the numbers. These events sure filled the time which could have been allocated to important news, not to mention niggerball. I suspect that important news was not covered, as a result. There could be a move afoot to meld Catholicism with Judaism & perhaps with Islam, in view of the number of Moslems in the formerly European countries. The Great Whore of Rome would not surprise me if it sought survival by courting quantity over quality, as usual, even if they are non-Christians. If the Jew World Ordure seeks to be all-inclusive, the Catholic Church may be its chosen agent in the ‘religious’ department. Another Jewish Pope should do the trick. As you say, the hebes are watching the Goyim to test how far they may be driven in any direction of the Jews’ choosing. Since Christianity teaches them to be “sheep”, they do indeed behave as ‘sheeple’, if not as lemmings.

Your comparison of the Jew Ass Oy Veh & the doomed atomic sub, “Thresher” is apt, as well as your quotation of the 8th Century Saxon poet’s description of Roman ruins. The U.S. empire was largely the result of technology, which allowed for faster development, & which will likely contribute to rapid collapse. When an empire is conceived with no more wisdom than that of the Romans, & 1ike1y much less, the faster it flourishes, the faster it shall fail. Rome left magnificent ruins, but the U.S.A. will leave great piles of trash, as befits a consumerist society. One Holmesian dog which did not bark in the night is the obvious connection between a throw-away society & its production of waste, much of which can not be recycled. Infinite production of goods means infinite consumption of natural re­sources & energy, plus pollution. Increased population means increased pollution & depletion of our environment. The fact that our environment is finite would seem to put a limit on our infinite exploitation of our necessities of life, for infinite profit in very few pockets.

Bush told another lie today: he wants more exploitation of domestic oil supplies. That is unlikely to affect oil prices, for here in Washington State, our oil comes from Alaska & is refined in Anacortes, WA, so local oil production has NO effect on oil prices, which are pretty high in this area, so much so, that logging trucks have stopped running, thanks to the U.S. oil companies, who are just gouging racketeers. They like to sell less for more & put the blame for high prices on the oil-producers. We can produce all the oil we’d like, & the price will not come down, contrary to Bush, for oil is not only a resource, it is a racket run for the benefit of oil-bankster parasites. A national government could correct this abuse, but we have no national government because we were never a nation.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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