Homily -- Sunday, May 02, 2004

(Torture As An Amerik[w]an Family Val[j]ue)

by Jim Floyd


. . . . . Rise and be seated. Bow yo heads, Saints. Lord, I join with our great and wonderful leader, George Bush, whom I know You pushed-off on us, and together, we thank you for being solidly on our side in this war.

. . . . . Lord, I know you love truck drivers; why else would You have made so many of them!? We want to thank You, Jesus, for the release of Brother Tommy Hamill.

. . . . . We want to thank You that nobody stuck a broom handle up his ass, or forced him into a naked pile of prisoners, or made him feign sex acts, or took pictures of his genitals, or tied electric wires to any of his appendages. We thank You that those barbarian A-rabs fed him, and gave him water, and kept him safe from their sadistic, lesbian women.

. . . . . We are grateful that nobody pissed on him, or put a piss-soaked sack over his head, or sodomized him, (oh, maybe I said that already), or kicked or beat him, or locked him in a dark cell with no toilet.

. . . . . Now, Lord, we ask that You also bless and protect our mercenary, death squads, and continue to reward them financially. Bless our American Corporations that are sacrificing so much to rebuild what we tore-up.

. . . . . And bless our new general from Saddam's Republic Guard whom we bribed into being our top Kapo. Bless our radical clerics, Lord, and damn theirs.

. . . . . I see Yo hand in all this, Lord, and I know that You are blessing us because of our family values and because we support Ariel Sharon, and his marauding, land thieving Jews. Help us, Lord, to continue to be more like them, Your chosen people.

. . . . . Lord, I ain't asked nothing for meself, but I do have one small request. If You ever talk to George Bush again, please, let me know, ahead of time, because this sophomoric son of a bitch gets mixed-up, sometimes, really confused, and maybe I could help keep him straight.

. . . . . Help us to keep the faith. With all the infantile lies flying about, Lord, it's getting harder and harder to be a true believer. Help our leaders to tell the truth or be more sophisticated in they lying.

. . . . . Amen and Amen

Homily- Sunday, May 02, 2004


If we hanged Julius Streicher, what should the world do to Fox News?

. . . . . Perhaps, I should find the lyrics and the name of the hillbilly singer. Maybe I won't remember, exactly, how his words rhymed, but I clearly recall the message; [I've got yo terrorism swinging, right here, and we gonna stick it up yo ass.]

. . . . . Oh, did they giggle? I'm talking about Fox and Friends, which should be called Fox and Friends of Israel! Dooky, the weatherman, Brian, the little war-stud, love child of Meir Kahane, and E.D., a dirt-road whore with a house full of half Jew young'uns. A true Shiksa, of the first rank and file, whom the Jews have rode hard and put up wet far too many times, and it shows, oh, did they giggle!

. . . . . The song was, 'Osama yo momma.' And the threat was sodomy. My greatest fear was that it would become popular among the radical clergy of the Pentecostals and Fundamentalists and would become part of their TV liturgy.

. . . . . Then they opened the phone lines. "Hello, E.D., this is Joe from Georgia, and I love yo legs. Well, I'll tell you what we should do with them A-rabs. We should strip'um naked, stake'um out in the snow and make popsicles out-of-um!"

. . . . . Another group-giggle, then the next caller, "I watch ya'll everyday and keep Foxnews on all the time. What we need to do is bring them people over here and do medical ex-per-i-ments on'um, that's what we need to do."

. . . . . America, don't you try to tell me that you never knew, never heard, or never had any idea that this line of sadist propaganda was pervasive in this country. Every city has its very own Radio-Jew, with the same village idiots calling-in daily, and saying the same stupid things. Things like, "I've been a Christian fur a hundred of forty years but I think we ought to nuke them sons-of-bitches."

. . . . . And now you are shocked and appalled by the pictures of our beloved troops sticking electric wires up the asses of prisoners of war? That is not who we are, you say. Well, get real. This is, is, is, is who you are!

. . . . . The next time Bush says that they, (Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghans, etc.) hate us because of our morality and family values your reply should be a resounding, YES! That smiling little trollop, giving the thumbs-up, and pointing at the POW's penis, is your daughter, or daughter-in-law. Face it, America, the Muslim world don't want your damn family values.

. . . . . Enough! I will close with 'the most ridiculous statement' from Foxnews, last night. It came from the Rev. Billy O'Reilly. This cocksure, radical cleric has a spiritual adviser named Dick Morris whom you will remember as the little Jew with a propensity for crawling around, naked, on all fours, barking like a dog, and talking on the phone with Bill Clinton, from his whore's bed room. Anyway, O'Reilly had the answer, he always has the answer, "Don't show the pictures," he said.

. . . . . Oh yes, Bill, we don't need to see no pictures. It's them damn pictures. Before the pictures Rumsfeld was a great stand-up comedian; the pictures robbed him of his humor. Before the pictures this war passed the mother test, but now the margin is narrowing. Bush babbles and looks down. And it's because of them damn pictures. Brilliant, Billy, brilliant!

. . . . . I opened with a prayer and I wish to close with a prayer. Dear Jesus, I love You. I've studied You and Your life for fifty-eight years. I don't love a Time-Warner jesus, I love You. And I know that You have no truck with the people I have written about. You also know that I intend no irreverence or blasphemy. I only wish to shock a lethargic, imbecilic nation. Help! We are perishing, dying from dumbness, please, help us.

Bishop James Floyd
Spiritual Adviser to the poor and infamous

[Editor's Note: I Added the Sub-title Torture as an Amerikwan Family Val[j]ue, not Jim Floyd, because I wanted the content of Jim's message to be known before it was read, as a warning and for its shock value. Amerikwa supports torture as an Imperial family value because it is not freedom or liberty or courage which drives ZOG's forces, but rather treason, greed and terrorism. Every single Amerikwan pig, politician, lawyer, baal-priest supports torture of their perceived enemies, both foreign and domestic, because terrorism and violence are the only tools available to get the Imperial job done. However, what shall end AmeriKwa/ZOG is when the Peoples of the Earth, both foreign and domestic realize that it is the ordinary ZOG/AmeriKwan herd animals, lemmings, ZOGlings which support this imperialism, torture and terror, and take action to bring them chickens of violence, torture, and terror home to roost in ZOG's homeland. --Martin Lindstedt



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