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Letter From Newton County Jail -- May 24, 2005

(Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:48 am by Hengist from May 24, 2005 letter)
Dear Hengist:

I got your letter Monday, May 23rd. Then Roxie visited me around 1:00 - 2:00 or so, I don'tknow [the time because] the first thing stripped from a prisoner is his civilian clothes, and that measure of time, a watch.Jails seek to disorient a prisoner, so the first thing to go is the watch. Therefore the time goes slowor fast, but unmeasured other than one day at a time. I waxed philosophical about this in a letter toPastor Joseph Keller, another friend and ally of mine. Both Hengist and Doc Keller would end up betraying me, much to my hurt and confusion. The people you call 'friends' you usually find are nothing more than acquaintences you mistakenly thought were friends. -- MLDL.

In any case, Roxie turned over to the jailers 40 zog-bux, which should be adequate for two weeks,probably three weeks for commissary. Last Thursday I received 10 envelopes and a book of 10stamps. A pad of around 48 sheets of paper, and one manila envelope. But the real limiting factor isthat one is allowed to buy only one 4-inch soft pencil per week. It is only sharpened once, and theprisoner has to sharpen it using the burr on one of the metal tables the one hour I am allowed intothe po1 (?) common room.

For the rest of the time I am in "protective lock down" in my 8 by 10 foot cell as an alleged"chomo" or child molester. I have limited time to shower, sweep my cell, or have room to walkper day, one hour. In any case, I whittle the soft pencil down and then use my remaining teeth or afingernail to expose the lead. As the soft pencil gets smaller, the more cramps are to be expected.When the soft pencil gets around an inch or so long, then there will be quite a cramp. Yet theintelligent prisoner throws nothing away because the jailers, rightfully deemed the knuckle-draggingdregs of society, love to interpret the ever-changing rules in a manner to perpetually limit basichuman rights and decency to mere privileges, which can granted and taken away at whim. Whosewhim? Why the jailers whim, of course ! Having absolute, uncontrollable, unaccountable power isone of the jailer's special perks. Probably the most important one to a jailer. However, as more andmore prisoners are created by the system, especially political prisoners, more and more people willcome into contact with these knuckle-dragging, self-righteous goons, and as a result will hate theregime even more. as it is, few people love piglice and prison guards and jailers are even moredespised. There are a few humane ones, like one jailer named Fischer, yet most are mere mercenaries,and some are the very sort of thugs that any just social order would put to death with extremeprejudice, them and their spawn. Thugs like Beeler and Hoyes and the nigger Douglas. There isnothing redeemable about any of them.

The female jailers are worse. The vast majority of them are fatties, who, out on the streethave vile personalities and femishshevik attitudes that would find no takers amongst normalwhigger men. Yet here at the jail there is no shortage of nigger, beaner, and whigger dicks who'dpoke them femishshevik fatties in a heartbeat, balls to the wall. They would not be viewed asdesirable anywhere else. The most stupid and vicious of these is named Whitehill. I alreadyabout this particularly nasty bitch who threw me into detox for not spitting out my bubblegumon her command on April 15, 2004, when I was falsely arrested by one Pat Stuart, a NewtonCounty Juvenile Deputy just after the kids were stolen. Well, she keeps on asking me whatI did to my face. I didn't do anything to my face, you stupid bitch, I merely shaved off half mymy beard and mustache. The right side is clean shaven, the left has two-weeks growth, andthe mustache was left. Now all the guards are curious about this and I tell them that it is fromII Samuel 10: 1-5 and 12: 26-31. Just as the children of Ammon were destroyed for the sinsof their king in transgressing against David's ambassadors, so too must the Zogling whigger-herd animals have their families destroyed for allowing their criminal regime to destroy Whitefamilies in general and an ambassador of YHWH in particular. Thus the jailers fear me, exceptfor the really stupid thuggish ones. However this stupid bitch has no such sense. The thuggishones really do believe that they shall be in power forever and will never have to account to theirvengeful victims for their behavior. But along with stupid thuggishness comes an animalsuperstition.

I am in "protective lock down". During my previous stays here in Newton County, noneexceeded 20 hours for my "Contempt of Pig" misdemeanors. That includes the April 12, 2005Granby Piglice Kouncil-Critter riot. However, now I am an accused "chomo" or child molester.Professional criminals, as parasites and predators, need to feel superior to someone. So theyself-righteously seek to assault anyone accused of child molestation, especially if they think itwill curry favor with the jailers. And of course the jailors hate and fear me. So the "protective"lock down is often lax.

The worst is this round-headed big mamzer from Brooklyn, jew Yawk jew Yawk, who acts likea jew, although it lacks the Khazar snout, named Bosley. Actually, the jewdized whigger/mamzer'sname was Christopher Bagley, s professional criminal given 'Greyhound Therapy' by the likes of Rudopf Guiliani to leave jew yawk. This professional criminal was also a faggot who loved to play tough, like most criminals. But then at the time, I wasn't a professional prisoner just yet. -- MLDL It was hate at first sight, although thiskike criminal was in disciplinary lockdown in Pod # A, in cell number 1 and 2. [a diagramme ofthe cell layout is omitted] Each cell has two steel bunks, stainless steel toilet & sink, cell[undecipherable word] grid has camera to front desk.

So, like a demented jew Bugs Bunny, this Bosley, who I think according to the Joplin Globejewspaper, was passing through with a load of drugs when it got caught, was telling other "chomo"named Dave Kee that unless he busted my head he would bust Kee's head. This Kee is around30 years old and plead guilty to domestic abuse and statutory rape of someone under 16. Actually, Kee pled guilty to statutory sodomy in the second degree. Some criminal playing tough in the pod said that Kee had sex with a thirteen year old girl. So Kee was actually a pleader to what he was all worried about what I was charged with. Kee was a typical whigger, who gets down on others when he is guilty of doing what he blames others for. He got 19 months and was in protective lockdown in cell #9 and 10 for two weeks before I got there. Sowhen he heard that I was accused of being a "chomo," he got all upset. Of course, as a goofymamzer in his own right, Kee is one proud 1/8th red nigger, "Cherokee", of course, as opposedto being Hacksow or Shit-ass from the No Wipe'em Tribe. And Kee is, like traitor Glenn Miller,the proud mamzerizer of a niglet. So this goofy bastard takes 'jew Yawk' Bosley, whose beentormenting him for two weeks, and whines from our bottom-row #9-10 cell up through the sewer/water and air vent up to #1-2 that I will file assault charges against him if Kee assaults me. Keedemands that I kick the door or put a towel in front of the camera. Putting a towel in front of thecamera will bring jailers, as will an assault. I refuse, but tell this Kee to go right ahead and put ona show. So, he kicks the door and hurts his foot. As schizoid as the jew Bosley, it's later that ittells the story about how it's professional twat mother's third husband--an Iranian--beat up youngDavy as a five-year-old, how he was taken by the Missouri DFS, then returned at age 9, thenlived two more years with mummy Dearest until the age of 11, when Davy was given to his hatedracist father, a truck driver and part-time Klansman in Arkansas. Daddy's racist mother has niggerfriends; but hey, are niggers first & friend second. Daddy raises Davy until he's 21, but Davy hatesracist Daddy and loves professional twat Mommy.

I foresee a similar history for my grandson, Malachi Adam Deines, raised by DFS in foster homes,trained to hate "Pa Pa", and now supposedly the reason for my present situation. After two, threemonths of getting Adam alone, without his parents or his big sister Helen, this bitch Tracy Vorhees,a professional "therapist" claimed in July 2004 that I had supposedly kissed Malachi's penis, buttocks,back, and stomach some unspecified number of times at my house or across the street between Marchto August 2003. The Probable Cause Affidavit was signed by this pig named Kevin Young on April11th, 2005. The complaint was filed by wild Bill Dobbs on May 10, and this faggot judge, GregoryStremel, signed an arrest warrant on May 10th as well. I'll enclose a copy of the third-hand hearsaydoubling as a "Probable Cause Affidavit" and the bogus complaint. Copy and send widely. I made acopy for Roxie to send and mail widely, but her secretarial skills are limited. It is enough to train herto download my email. Perhaps you can help her run through this one of these days.

Getting back to Kee. This feeb kicked the door and put a towel to the camera. But I was helpfulenough to put on my Inmate Request Form that I was a racist Dual-Seedline Christian Identity andthat Kee was misceginated and fathered a niglet and thus Mr. Kee didn't want me as a cell-mate andthis was fine by me. So, they moved him over Wednesday, May 11, after an afternoon spent in detox,to cell number 11,12 where he shares a cell with another, quieter, alleged child molester. The prisonanimals don't bother that pair, but rather hate me, as the alleged "chomo." However, Kee did blow uplast week at something this professional criminal, part-beaner, named Simpson, said. This "OJ" , asI call him, is the brains of POD A, as he has spent quite a bit of time behind bars. OJ looks like the kikeporn star Jeremy Reems, and is just as coarse. However, OJ loves to play all sides.

There is another beaner looking professional criminal named Wheeler. Since professional criminalsare a jailer's bread and butter, Wheeler is treated better than most of the inmates. There is anotherbeaner named Perez, called "Taco" by the jailers. An illegal immigrant who has caused massive propertydamage running from the Neosho piglice. Taco was here when I spent the night of April 12 for theGranby piglice false arrest. Rounding off the list is a nigger named Dixon, who tried to get next tomy cell door to show me his dick. I told him; "Go away nigger-faggot, I don't want to see your niggerdick !" This nigger likes to sweep its trash under my cell door. The other nigger knows better thanto mess the White man.

On Saturday night--May 14th--the jew Bosley got mad at a sign in my cell door telling the criminalsto leave me be. The goofy kike would slide a deodorant cap attached to a rope made of bedsheetsunder my door and then bring up on his end outside up the edge of the door trying to spring the doorlock and get into my cell. I, being stronger, would grab hold of the end, and tear off the cap and rope.Three times jew Bosley tried this finally running out of stick deodorant stick caps. Meanwhile I wrotea sign and displayed it to the camera: ' Animals trying to enter my cell 2, 3, 4, 5 times. Aren't yougoing to stop them ?" Of course I got no response from the jailers. As was admitted the next day,Sunday, May 15th, they knew full well what was going on, yet did nothing to deter or punish the jewBosley. Why should they ? They love terrorizing Whites.

Then, for the last two attempts to try to spring the lock on my door, Bosley first made a loopout of twisted bed sheet. When that was also torn away by me, the Beaner Taco loaned him bottomof a deodorant can and a length of under-ware elastic. Finally the tower guard told the mamzersto get away from the door.

Of course the whiggers are no better. One whigger pissed on my door to have the puddle seepinside the cell door. The jailers, one who looks like Putin, (The whigger pig's name is 'Denno' and Denno is an idiotic whigger pig who panics at anything and pretty much does in panic what most evil piglice do for the hell of it -- torture and harass prisoners.--MLDL) the other named Wynn, initially pretendedto believe that I was doing the urinating. Then they pretended they didn't know who was doing it,though I had pointed out the whigger who did do it.

Another whigger, who looked like an inbred, with bad teeth and the addled look of a meth-head--I call him "Meth-whigger" came up to me Sunday, May 15th, the next morning, and without aclue, asked me to him his deodorant cap back. So I asked him how or why he thought that I had it.Meth-whigger then figured that maybe it didn't want to make an admission, even though hisdeodorant was drying out. I think Meth-whigger is in her for meth-phedomines. Newton andJasper counties are ground zero for meth busts in Missouri. Jasper County was, from 199-2003,the number 1 county in the number 1 state for found meth labs. The regime criminals reallysqueeze the white trash around here. I've call meth "Doerge Dope" after Sheriff Ron Doerge.

There is yet another criminal whigger, named Brown, a stocky professional criminal in herefor numerous assaults and parole violation for a robbery. Once the door-pissing whigger left,Brown was moved in with Bosley. I overheard Bosley plotting as to short the wiring and try to"electrocute 9-10." That's me in cell # 9-10. So, just to on the safe side, I decided to make sureto touch the stainless steel sink & toilet before urinating. Well, that night I did smell somethinglike smoke, but like a grass fire. The next day the TV was not working, and whigger Brownwas taking responsibility for it, claiming that he was smoking two cigarettes that he had smuggledin. The jailers were dubious because they knew Bosley. He had flooded a floor by clogging thetoilet. So the water was shut off. But Brown took the blame and now my evenings are oftenruined by this kike, Bosley, running wild in the POD day room while Brown is in punitive lockdown. Tuesday evening, May 24th, this kike got hold of either a can of bug-spray or deodorizer.The kike gloated, while spraying under the crack in my door: "Here's some Bug-a-way chomo."I went to the door and blocked the spray, responding that I wished it was Zyklon B or kike-away.It's a Genesis 3:15 thang between me and this crazy kike. By the way, Bosley has never deniedbeing a jew. Acts like one. Tall and thin, round skull, long thin nose with negro flair at the bottom.It's a Kike.

The guards work in collusion with the criminals. There is a nigger guard named Douglas.On Sunday, May 15, when I made the complaint about the kike Bosley trying to enter my cellno less than five times, this nigger told me that I was perfectly safe. Oh, really ? What if HE wasin a jail cell for raping White girls 40 years ago and the White prisoners kept trying to spring thelock on his cell door and get in. Would he feel safe? The nigger didn't respond.

It was this whigger bitch, Whitehill and her negro Douglas who were on duty that morning.They admitted that they knew all about the rabid jew and taco-beaner trying to break into my cell.So what ? Just a White Devil prisoner. There it was, three deodorant caps, a deodorant bottom,and a loop plus my note ? Did they wish to take the evidence? The nigger Douglas couldn'tleave fast enough. The bitch Whitehell whined about how they were doing their best. Really?Then why not collect the evidence and put jew-boy on lockdown?

As in the Russian "Gulag Archipelago" the ZOG Gulag Archipelago has the scum in powerallied with the scum in prison to work against the middle, and to destroy Political Prisoners.The jew Bosley and mamzers Simpson & Wheeler run this POD A, and their foot soldiers arethe niggers, beaners, and criminal whiggers. The rest of the petty whiggers in this POD do notbother me, but they dare not help the White man. This of course is perfect for ZOG. The Whitemen in protective lockdown which is not very protective, while the jews, niggers, beaners, andrace-traitor whiggers run riot as the whigger herd animals pray that they won't be next.

Now, for a change of topic to something we both know about--Net-Nutzis and whigger-nutsionalists.They have infested the (Bowel-)Movement forever. As Eric Thompson put it in an April article I puton my web site: "The same Blight-wing feebs who now love Ernst Zundel, or "the ZUD", becausehis cause now brings in ZOG-bux for them, used to hate the ZUD because was a competitor to them."Same way for the Net-Nutzis, from Harold Covington to Alex Linder to Traitor Glenn Miller. Theyhate any perceived competition for ZOG-bux or 'market-share' far more than they hate ZOG.

They simply do not understand Christian Identity and are unable to comprehend that DS-CI isabout something more than mere money and power. This is why James Wickstrom is not PastorButler's successor -- Pastor Morris Gulett is. We take our Faith and Cause seriously. GENETICALLY.

Whereas the average Net-Nutzi or whigger nutsionalist on the Net is usually some 20-somethingyoung skin-head, when not a jew-troll. What sort of commitment does it take to call other namesover the Internet? And in the case of Net-Nutzi's what would make them happier than to repeatZOG's lies about a real activist, especially a Christian Identity one. Plus I have made fun of manyof them before. That they think they are unable to be traced to where they live adds to theirarrogance. When it comes down to it, are they really different in their Genesis 3:15 hatred fromthe jew Bosley, the mamzer whigger criminals Wheeler and "OJ" Simpson or their nigger andbeaner foot soldiers? Or the whigger petty criminals in here for the high crimes and misdemeanorsor being poor and stupid ? The criminals roaming relatively wile outside my cage plugged intotheir TalmudVision drug here, in large part, mostly leave me me alone. The jew Bosley and theniggers are terrified of me. They sense, correctly, that when after the total collapse of the civilorder, that there shall be no place for them, and they shall be eliminated, then, if not before.They sense that killing me will hasten their demise, not extend it. They sense that in my NaziChristian Identity malevolence that I have their spawn marked for death as well as they selfs.All I have to do is name their names and the deed is done.

Likewise with the Net-Nutzis and the whigger nutsionalists. They get on line because of nothingmore than vanity. Most of them are absolutely worthless as far as doing something useful.Some of them have claimed that while they don't really believe the charges against me, that Ihave hurt their pore feelings -- as if their sole reason for being in the Movement is to feel goodabout they selfs. In an age of hypocritical solipsism that is indeed the case. In the case of TubbyCovington, his hatred of any other leaders is legendary. (Actually, Covington and I made peace, given that Covington didn't overtly gloat about my false imprisonment nor believe the ZOG lies against me. Besides, Covington has his own family problems to deal with. -- MLDL) If any of them had a wife and children,they should read the attached "Probably Cause" Affidavit and Complaint and realize that all ittakes to lose their family is to be accused by an hot line caller of being a child molester and then,after having one of these professional childrens' "Therapists", one of your own little four, five,or six year-old-children, in order to get to go home, or merely playing to their simple-mindedvanity, then claims that "papa or Daddy played with my peepee." The children are then takenaway and put up for adoption. No charges are pressed against you for an entire year, becauseif these charges disproven, the children might have to be returned. So, a secret family court,in which you cannot defend yourself against the charges runs its course and not being chargedwith anything, yet as an "alleged perpetrator" you lose your children. Then say the MissouriGeneral Assembly changes the law in Revised Statute: Chapter 210 to where there is supposedto be a written notice to the accused, and an investigation completed within 30 days, but therewasn't ! But the penalty for failure to do so is not the death of the regime criminal's family, butonly a Class A misdemeanor. And that can only be prosecuted by those who are committingthe crimes. But after a long hard work in which neither the secret family Kort, nor the AppealsCourt do anything to help and everything to hinder, the end result is that the Appeals Courtrules against you, even if the embarrassed Prosecutor for the baby-stealers didn't dare file anappellate brief because you described his crimes. So, then after you have lost your kids throughthe civil secret process, they then decide to file child molestation charges against you based uponthe lies that the professional "therapist" made. And a warrant for your arrest based upon third-hand hearsay and the vague extorted lies of your children. This warrant lands you in jail towhere you have no paper, pencil, or postage with which to write. Your woman has little Internetskill and can't look up or find your legal files.

And the judge who issued that bogus warrant refuses to arraign you lawfully by giving you a copyof the files in open court or reading them to you. Why? Because proper arraignment meansexplaining why a warrant was based on nothing more than third-hand hearsay, about what somebaby-stealing therapist said that your child said against you.

On May 11th, Judge Stremel, the homosexual judge who issued the warrant, refused to giveme a copy of the "Probable Cause Affidavit" or the "Complaint," much less the arrest warrant.When I insisted upon lawful arraignment, of being given a copy and having it read to me in openKort, Stremel claimed that since I was rude to him and Bill Dobbs, that I be brought back withina week. A copy of the "Probable Cause Affidavit" and the "Complaint" were slid under my celldoor. I have made a copy of it for you to distribute far and wide Hengist. Do lop off my Mark ofThe Beast SSN, though.

On Wednesday, May 18th., we didn't even get that far. Stremel demanded to know about alawyer for myself. I said that I hadn't been arraigned. Stremel then said another week in jail forme. However, there were all sorts of Piglice present and if Stremel had tried to run his railroadthen there would have likely been a preliminary hearing right there, Stremel would have foundthat he thought that sufficient evidence was about to hold a trial, and then kicked it up to thePresiding Judge, Jim Perigo, to bring the trial. However, Stremel couldn't appoint me a lawyer,something big for this railroader, and so he sent me back to the jail.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2005, Stremel set me again before his Kort and I asked about alawyer. I asked if he thought I was arraigned. Stremel said, yes, I had been arraigned. I told himnot lawfully arraigned, because I had not been read the charges and asked for a plea. Stremel seta preliminary hearing June 12, and I said he couldn't lawfully hold a preliminary trial absent alawful arraignment. The jailers started to take me away but Stremel decided to claim that he hadheld an arraignment, and so read first the Complaint and then the "Probable Cause Affidavit"but leaving off why these were adequate to justify an arrest warrant. Stremel has always takencare to avoid having the legitimacy of his granting an arrest warrant on nothing more than theself-serving third-hand hearsay from a baby-stealing DFS bitch. So Stremel got in a panic and hadme taken away without a plea, arrangements for bond, or, justifying his warrant or the sufficiencyof the grounds thereof. As I left I told Stremel that according to Revised Missouri Statutes,Chapter 210 and [indecipherable word] to the 2004 changes, Bill Dobbs, should have conductedan investigation and produced a report within 30 days of when my children were stolen and did not.Thus Bill Dobbs was in violation of law and subject to a Class A misdemeanor, as now was Stremel.I was then hastened to a squad car and driven, alone, back to the jail. The Neosho Daily News tooka picture of me and my half-beard. Check it out ! At least check out theWednesday archives. [Found the article, but no picture]

When I got back to the jail, I was surprised, was still depressed. One always has a little hope,which is seldom granted. However, I shall write up a motion to remove Stremel from conducting apreliminary hearing on the grounds of prior bias and because Stremel having issued a warrant basedupon fraud couldn't be expected to find anything other than to bring this false case to trial given thathe issued the warrant. Given that Stremel has refused to lawfully arraign me proves that.

So what do I really need from you, Hengist ? Well, given that have written me a letter and sentme $40, that is good. But the head Pastor, Joe MacLeod and Roxie suffer from is that the computerilliterate. What I really lack is someone who will keep track of my yahoo accounts and will get my lettersfrom prison distributed to the Internet and out to the Resistance. Roxie says that she has sent my firstletter of many pages to some people, including yourself, but not my second letter of many pages. I havebeen with her for 19 years years not because in many ways like me, but because she is my complement,not my competitor. She has chosen to share my fate, but she doesn't do my work. So I have asked forher to have you help her send out my papers.

The web page that you mentioned which might be tampered with is .I meant to transfer it from the present host because that host, Jack Dickens, censured and banned mefrom his: because I was mean to his whiggers, especially one named Scutter.I was banned on January 16, 2005, supposedly for my racism and contempt of whiggers. Go and I am sure that they are talking about me. In any case, at the end of JanuaryI wrote this Jack Dickens telling him that he could not be trusted to act as a neutral party, that I wassending $40 for hosting for Feb - May, but taking my web page elsewhere upon expirary on May 8th.So I set up a text link telling posters that I was going to transfer soon, but to go to other mirror at: . So, if the web page is down, or modifiedto suit local prejudices, then so be it. After all, I was going to find another server after May 11th, butgot arrested on May 10. So check to see if the missing links concerning my grandchildren are at: If they are gone [and they ARE] from thenthere is a ZOG plot. If only missing from, then it is merely this business whiggertampering with my files, justifying it to himself as he has not been paid. So, look at both pages andtell me what is -- in code, of course--since your letters and notes are being read. Simply say that thewhitenationalist site and forum is OK or not OK and whether the personal page is messed up or not.


I'm going to give you the passwords and user names for the following yahoo groups that I needmaintained and list server maintenance done:


I am assuming by giving you these codes that you are not a ZOG agent. That ZOG isn't readingmy outgoing mail, and that if ZOG is, then it doesn't want to blow cover by messing with the publiclists--yet. Hear that ZOG ? The reason I give you these codes is that we have shared the XXXXXXyahoo account and it hasn't been hacked yet. I need someone I can trust to make sure that theseaccounts and previous mail do not disappear due to my not logging in once a month or so. You are to login at least once every two weeks to the XXXXXX and XXXXXX accounts and the yahoo groups andtake care of the email and group accounts. You are to approve those whose wish to join the lists.It is up to you, of course, as to whether you wish to be known as my lieutenant in these matters, justas it is up to you whether you wish this job at all. I chose this job for myself even though I knew itmight destroy my family as well as my life itself. I don't know why I was compelled to do this; perhapsit is in my blood to fight, revenge for my father, and now my grandchildren, because I see so much thathas to be done and so few of ability doing it, or, simply because YHWH made me do it, and so I amHis vessel unto honor, just as the jews are vessels of dishonor. Romans 9: 11-23.

I should have taught Roxie more, but she has learned but a little. How to download e-mail isabout it. Likewise with Pastor MacLeod as Gulett's successor. MacLeod, like Roxie, is notcomputer savvy. He is loyal, brave, and devout, which is much, much more. Yet it was mine whichwas the political brain of the Church, as I showed after Gulett was arrested. Now I am in this cell,in the penalty box, and can affect little outside or as Roxie, yourself, and others permit. I thinkthat the leadership of the Church has been targeted, not just by the local ZOG, but by the Beast,and so there are these jailings of Gulett, myself, and so to be others--with the Nutzis, Tubby's,Traitor Glenn Millers left intact to lead the (bowel) Movement around and around in circles.ZOG cuts off the above-ground Resistance head and leaves the lemmings and herd animals tomill around.

However, the time of the above-ground Political Resistance is drawing to an end--of thatI am sure. Since ZOG is become more afraid and reckless. ZOG thinks that by cutting off therattle the Rattlesnake is rendered harmless, when rather it was that the rattle that was a warningto all. As time goes by the genius that which was formerly channeled into the above-groundpolitical activity shall be channeled into the underground military activity instead. It constantlyamazes me how these stupid jews, like Potok of the SPLC bitch about how with the passing ofPastor Butler, jailing of Matt Hale, etc., that these "long wolves" spring up instead. Yet thesejews keep imprisoning the politicals, and then whine about the long wolves.

For an excellent article about "Associative Resistance" that I read and agreed with go web page. Politicals and the underground Active Service Units, or cells,do not interact at all other than on rare occasions, the cells issue 'a press release.' This is howI've done things for the past decade. I can not disclose anything I do not know. Thus even if Iweaken or am drugged or tortured, or turn traitor, I cannot do other than release that whichI know. What I know, I often release to my web page or the list servers or forums. Thus ZOGcan't legitimately claim that I am part of conspiracy, although, as in my case and that of PastorGulett, ZOG will claim most anything -- and does!


Ok, here is some more confidential stuff.

Roxie has her own yahoo account: roxiefausnaught.

She got it to get coupons and some e-mail. I would like for when she calls you over the week-endfor you to walk her through some computer procedures. What I want all over the internet is my Word 6.0files for my Appellate Brief in which I whupped Bill Dobb's ass so that he didn't dare file a reply briefput up in both Word and HTML formats. I don't know if you have Word or WordPerfect, but in Wordthere is a way to convert Word files into HTML files. The printer for those briefs was a Hewlett-Packard4P, which was how they were printed in hard copy.

There is on Drive f: a F:/ word case directory in which I keep my legal briefs and files.


In the Wordcase directory there is directory called something like DFS Abuse.

Within that directory called MoCtApp for Missouri Court of Appeals.

Within that directory are a number of files, one called "Brief", which is Roxie's appellate brief.It might have the kid's name on it as well. But is should be dated Feb. 28th.

Have Roxie open up my Explorer File Directory and walk her through.

I want her to send to you, using yahoo mail, this brief AND my May 9th Second Motion to theMissouri Court of Appeals which was filed May 10th, the day I was arrested.

Roxie isn't to save or do anything to these files, other than to perhaps double-click them up to engagethe Word program to see if they are the same as filed.

Frankly, I'd just as soon she didn't unless she does a print, and the printer is out of toner.

What I do want is for her to send you just about every file, as an attachment, to you.

The files should be clean of viruses. You need to walk her through the attachment process using herroxiefausnaught, or pathenry7788, or even the mlindste yahoo account.

You know how to use the yahoo attachments.

She, on the old computer, shall be your eyes. You direct here via the cell phone as the cable modemdoes its thing.

If you have a problem, then write to m, using guarded phrases and by no means revealing passwordsor accounts. Roxie is a newbie, treat her as if you were trying to train a child.

I'll write Roxie to call you after 7:00 pm CST via the cell phone and get this done.

The files are on the AMD 450 computer in the computer room.

The main directory is F:/wordcase,

The subdirectory is DFS Abuse, maybe DFS Abuse 04.

Once you get in there there are all sorts of interesting files to attach, but the most important is the:

Missouri Court of Appeals subdirectory, probably called MoCtApp.

Thus the entire line looks like this, or something like this to browse:


And the most important file is the one briefing, the Appellate Brief of Feb 28, 2005


As you know, I also use Eudora Lite as my e-mail client. I taught Roxie how to download mye-m,ail twice a day. She is doing this. I get perhaps 50 - 60 messages a day and 80 mb a month.

Roxie needs to move the accumulation from the 'in' box to the May 2005 box.

In Eudora there is on its client command line a command called "mail boxes".

I have over three years of mail boxes. There is the "in" mail box and the "out" mail boxeswhich should be up and open.

There are mail boxes, each for each month. Have Roxie bring up the May05mon for"May 05 month" and have it form a new window.

I created this May 05 mon mailbox when the Apr05mon mail box was filled on May 1, 2005.

Have Roxie move the May05mon mailbox over the 'out' mailbox. in fact, I don't need the 'out'mailbox up anyways because I simply am not sending 'out' any e-mail. Not before and certainlynot now!

Now, to transfer the e-mail from the 'in' mailbox to the 'May05mon' mailbox. The May05monmailbox was brought up by going to the May05mon prompt, moving to a second May05 promptand clicking.

The May05 mon is in a subdirectory on the F:/eudora01.mon directory.

In any case, click onto the In box mailbox, go to the top of the mail to May 1, 2005 first message,then click to highlight that first message.

Then, press SHIFT + ALT + END (all at once) to high light all the messages.

That or SHIFT + END highlights all the messages in the "In" mailbox.

Then take the mouse over to 'Transfer', or, Transfer Mail' and choose to transfer the mail to the'May05mon' mailbox by going to that mailbox on the list of Mail Boxes and clicking.

If this is done right, then the "In' mailbox should empty itself before Roxie's eyes, andthe May05mom box fill with several thousand messages.

Then contract the "In" mailbox and set the number to zero by clicking the bottom of the 'In'mailbox. Thus the e-mail is transferred from the 'In' mailbox to the May05mon mailbox.

To create a new mailbox for June 05, go to the 'mailbox' Command and down to 'New'.Click on the 'New' command and a box pops up.

Click 'yes' to the question as to whether there should be a new folder created, because--yes--you do want a new 'Jun05mon' folder created. What should you callit ? Why Jun05mon of course.

Then hit enter or click the mouse. In the new box type 'Jun05mon' ! Thus you have created a newmailbox for the the month June, 2005.

Sounds complicated doesn't it, Roxie and Hengist ? Yet Eudora is how I've stored e-mail since 1995.Eudora is the best way of archiving e-mail of any e-mail client software, ever.

Hengist, if necessary to understand in order to help Roxie, please download Eudora, preferablyEudora Lite 3.0.5 which is the version I use. Send a copy of this letter to Roxie so she can read it andhopefully follow your directions over the cell phone as you both sit at the computer. If need be havecousin Debby help you as Hengist gives directions over the cellphone.

The Eudora e-mail 'In' box needs to be transferred to another mailbox and zeroed out becauseafter 2,000 e-mails and 70 mb the 'TDC' or Table of Contents directory becomes unstable orcorrupted. Then both the 'in box' and the program becomes unstable. When the messages are intheir proper folder by month, they are very stable and can be archived. Eudora is how I've keptup with, and archived, the Internet Resistance over the years. The above-ground Resistance iswatched by ZOF and it's FBI and NSA. We should be as well organized.

OK, I want this complete letter sent to Roxie, but Roxie is not to send it to others. Nor are theconfidential pages 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 or the e-mail passwords and account information on page 18 tobe sent out to ANYONE except Roxie. Don't send it to the jail because they read all incoming mail.

Here are some addresses to send this letter, other than the confidential pages:

1) Church of the Sons of YHWH, Pastor Joe MacLeodP.O. Box 1166, Malvern AK 72104-4248
2) Dr. Joseph Keller,61265 170th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201 (515-388-4329)
3) Walter xxxxx, P.O. Box xxx, Someplace, CA 9xxxx

6killer and Jim Floyd, Ed Steel


For those who have just rejoined us, Pages 21, 22, 23, 24, and part of page 18 were confidential,regarding how the addressee is to help Roxie at home handle my e-mail while I'm in the NewtonCounty jewlag for the high crime of being White and having 4 White grand children to steal. Alsowas there enclosed a correspondence list.

How does one create a Resistance network while ever increasing numbers of ResistanceActivists are being jailed. On April 26th, the head of the above-ground Dual-Seedline Church ofthe Sons of YHWH, Pastor Morris Gulett and his Deacon Scott Thornton were set up by ZOGbased upon the lies of a rat named Joshua Caleb Sutter from the August Kreis faction. Then onMay 10, having finished off my family by means of having some DFS 'therapist' bitch coerce or(illegible word) my 6-year-old slightly retarded grandson claim that I kissed him inappropriately,the Newton County piglice and regime criminals chose to try to finish off myself by means offiling bogus child molestation charges -- copy of the Complaint and bogus "Probable CauseAffidavit" enclosed. Matt Hale was railroaded earlier this year. So, what are we as Resistance activists to do -- in this Internet age?First of all, let's recognize that plenty of revolutions occurred before, when most of the populationwas illiterate, docile, stupid, and really relatively content with the regime in power. Like today,even with the Internet and TalmudVision, reality.

Two dozen Khazar-Bolsheviks in 1905 didn't own a dozen revolvers between them, a dozenyears later, in 1917, staged the Russian Revolution. Ayatolla Knomeini used audio tapes fromParis in the 1970's and overthrew the Shah. But today we have the Internet, and some thingsas 19th Century as me writing on notebook paper using a soft pencil -- all allowed me in jail.Pastor Gulett and Deacon Thornton are more than likely allowed no better. I doubt thatAlexander Solzhensyn was allowed a typewriter in the Soviet gulag.

Yet what can be done is to simply be scan in these hand written pages into .JPF or ,GIFformat and put them on a web page of list server for all to read.

[Note from transcriber: Actually Martin is being a bit optimistic. Either my scanner isn'tup to scratch, or that jail 'soft pencil' is altogether too soft. I was unable to reproduce alegible document via scanning--hengist]

Having much time but only a few inches of a soft pencil with which to write, this past fewweeks, I have written my first sermon as a new Minister about how Noah's Flood was but alocal flood designed to kill the miscegenating Adamites in their post-Eden home land. I hopesomeone will put it into ASCII test. But for now, let people read it on the Church web site inits original hand written format. Perhaps Pastor MacLeod can send a photo copy to Chopperor to Hengist for scanning and posting.

What really makes a prisoner's day is a letter. The letter shows that the prisoner hasn't beenforgotten and is thought of.

Now every single letter written to me in the jail is opened and read, and probably photo-copied.The Resistance prisoners are watched as if they were the Taliban in Gitmo. Every letter to heremust have return address. I do not know how the local jailers would know if it were a real addressor not. Hint! Hint! I have Roxie, Hengist, and Church headquarters to write to. In addition, thereis nothing to stop you from, or anyone, from sending me, printed on bothsides of the paper, or justone side, what is going on in the (bowel) Movement. By all means include the Net hyperlink -- letthe Zogling whigger jailers learn some thing new in spying on the Resistance POW's. Some of youare known already. I get enough Commisary funds. Everything over the $4.60 for ten stampedenvelopes, the $1.10 for the pad, the 15 cents for this evil little soft pencil will be wasted oncandy bars when I'm losing weight on jail food. There's never an unappreciated letter and thatgoes for Pastor Gulett and Deacon Thornton too. Send me a bowel Movement gazette twice aweek, please. Well, the sof pencil has played out.

Hail Victory

Martin Lindstedt
Newton County Jail
208 West Coler
Neosho, Missouri 64850




Bill Dobb's Bogus Complaint

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF NEWTON COUNTY,		      MISSOURI AT NEOSHOSTATE OF MISSOURI, PLAINTIFF 		) 	Filed May 10, 2005VS. 					) vs.					)	Peggy Spicer, Clerk					)MARTIN F. LINDSTEDT 			) Case No. 05NW-CR00881388 		)RABBIT TRACK RD, GRANBY MO. 64850 	) NCIC : 1112DOB: 12/25/57 SSN [Deleted] 					) OCN :		Defendant 		)STATE OF MISSOURI			)COUNTY OF NEWTON			)


The Prosecuting Attorney of the County of Newton, State of Missouri, upon information and belief,charges that the defendant, in violation of Section 566.062 RS Mo, committed the felony of statutorysodomy in the first degree, punishable upon conviction under Section 566.062 RS Mo, in that on orabout March 2003, in the County of Newton, State of Missouri, the defendant had deviate sexual inter-course with Malachi Deines who was then less than twelve years old.

The facts that form the basis for this information and belief are contained in the attached statement(s)of facts concerning this matter, which statements(s) are made a part hereof and are submitted herewithas a basis upon which this court may find the existence of probable cause for the issuance of the warrant.

Wherefore, the Prosecuting Attorney prays that an arress warrant be issued as provided by law.

signed Jacob Skouby
for Bill Dobbs, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney,
County of Newton, State of Missouri


The Bogus Third-Hand Hearsay Affidavit



Case # 04000794

I, Kevin L. Young, upon my oath and under penalties of perjury, state as follows:

I have probably cause to believe that Lindstedt, Martin Frederick 12-25-57 / [SSN Deleted] committedone or more criminal offenses.

1) Child molestation in the first degree (556.067 RSMo)

2) The date of the criminal offense as definitely as I can state was on or about: Between March andAugust of 2003.

3) The place of the criminal offense as definitely as I can state was at: 338 and 337 Rabbit Track Rd,Granby, Mo in Newton County, Missouri.

The facts supporting this case are as follows: During therapy with Tracy Vorhees, Lpc Malachi Deinesrevealed that Martin Lindstedt had committed child molestation by kissing his penis, buttocks, stomachand back. Malachi reported to Vorhees that the kissing had occured several times and he was five yearsold when it started. Malachi stated it happened at his house and at Lindstedt's house.

The facts contained here are true. Signed on the 11th. day of April, 2005.

K. L. Young signed
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Reviewed by
Somebody #6


July 25, 2009




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