My Four Grandchildren


Granby Police Chief Jason Burn's Misconduct In Kidnapping My Grandchildren


                       Sept. 12, 2002
Re: Granby Police Chief Jason Burn’s willful
violation of Revised Statutes of Missouri
(RSMo) 210.125(3) and RSMo Chapter 610.

Dear Mayor Rick McCully:

  When I called you at city hall from 11:30-11:33 a.m. today
to  ask  for  the required written statement  under  Revised
Statutes of Missouri § 210.125(3), you informed me that upon
talking  to Granby Chief of Police Jason Burns that  he  had
said  something  to  the effect, "there is  no  such  police
report  and  I don’t have to provide one" or words  to  that

   I  immediately informed you that Police Chief Jason Burns
was in violation of the above statute 210.125(3) as well  as
the  Missouri Sunshine Act, RSMo Chapter 610,  which  is  at
least a Class A misdemeanor.

   Let  me remind you again that it was under the initiative
of  Police Chief Jason Burns that my stepdaughter’s children
were  removed from their own home. To show you  that  Police
Chief Jason Burns is acting maliciously in violation of  the
clear express statutory language of RSMo 210.125(3), let  me
draw  your attention to that statute on the Internet,  which
your own police officers can access for themselves when they
are  not  trying to access porn sites or gain  credit  cards
under an alias for purpose of felonious fraud, like the last
Granby Chief of Police did:

RSMo 210.125(3) states:

Chapter 210 Child Protection and Reformation Section 210.125
Protective custody of child, who may take, reports  required
-- temporary protective custody defined.

   3.  Any  person  taking a child in protective custody  under
   this  section shall immediately notify the juvenile  officer
   of  the court of the county in which the child is located of
   his  actions  and notify the division and make a  reasonable
   attempt  to advise the parents, guardians or others  legally
   responsible  for the child's care. The jurisdiction  of  the
   juvenile court attaches from the time the juvenile is  taken
   into protective custody. Such person shall file, as soon  as
   practicable  but  no  later than  twelve  hours,  a  written
   statement  with  the juvenile officer which sets  forth  the
   identity of the child and the facts and circumstances  which
   gave such person reasonable cause to believe that there  was
   imminent  danger of serious physical harm or threat  to  the
   life  of  the  child. [My emphasis added.] Upon notification
   that  a  child  has been taken into protective custody,  the
   juvenile  officer  shall  either return  the  child  to  his
   parents,  guardian, or others responsible for  his  care  or
   shall  initiate child protective proceedings  under  chapter
   211,  RSMo.  In no event shall an employee of the  division,
   acting upon his own, remove a child under the provisions  of
   this act*.

   The  point of the matter is that Police Chief Jason Burns
took  it  upon  himself to falsely claim he  believed  "that
there was imminent danger of serious physical harm or threat
to the life of the child."   I think that it is obvious that
a  small cut on the inner lip from a child falling onto  one
of  his  toys can’t reasonably be plausibly presented  to  a
jury as ‘serious physical harm or threat to the life of  the
child.’ Jason Burns is probably trying to just cover his ass
from  a  felony kidnapping charge and is receiving  help  in
doing so.

   You,  Mayor  McCully, have in effect told me  that  Jason
Burns  has  not filed a written statement, that Jason  Burns
feloniously, willfully, and maliciously refuses  to  file  a
written  statement well over 24 hours in which this criminal
activity started.

   I  am  of the opinion that you should immediately suspend
Police  Chief Jason Burns from any further official  duties.
Jason  Burns chose to be the cat’s-paw by which the Division
of   Family   Services  could  avoid  civil   and   criminal
litigation. Jason Burns has informed you in effect  that  he
is  willfully  engaged  in unlawful and  criminal  behavior.
Therefore, to reduce civil and criminal liability,  I  think
that  Jason Burns should be immediately suspended from  duty
effective  immediately,  until  an  investigation   can   be
launched.  Jason Burns is presently engaged in, at the  very
least,   misdemeanor   activity,  and   possibly   felonious

   I  shall,  of  course, have to bring this matter  to  the
notice  of  the Division of Family Services to  notify  them
that  their case is falling apart and to the notice  of  the
judicial  authorities as well.  I have  been  informed  that
there  is  to  be a "sit-down" meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Monday
morning  at  DFS,  where  this  matter  shall  be  developed
further.  However, it does not do the DFS any good  to  have
the  law  enforcement officer that they used  to  in  effect
claim  that  he is willfully disobeying the very  law  under
which  pretext  that my grandchildren were  kidnapped  under
color  of law. While Amalie and James Baldwin shall want  to
tread  steady with the DFS people, I am under no  obligation
to help conceal criminal activities performed under color of
law.   In  fact, to make accusations of criminal activity  I
have complete standing to do so.

   I  also hereby give notice that I wish to be placed  upon
the  agenda  for  the Granby City Council  meeting  Tuesday,
October  8,  2002  at 7:00 p.m. and I wish  to  bring  up  a
complaint before the Police Review Board as well.

   Copies of this matter shall be filed in circuit court,  a
copy  for  the Division of Family Services, and  possibly  a
copy  for  the  Newton  County  Sheriff’s  Department,   and
publication  upon the Internet.  I am,

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner, Newton County Certificate of Service A copy of the foregoing was hand delivered on Sept 27, 2002 to the Granby City Hall, Granby Missouri with a copy for the perusal of the Granby Police Board.

Notes and Commentary

My stepdaughter and I were notified this morning that there would be a 'sit-down' visit at the Division of Family Services (DFS) at 10:00 a.m. Monday, Sep. 30, 2002, in which actions are discussed to hopefully return the kidnapped children. During my interrogation of the woman on the other line -- I think her name was Jill -- she claimed that Adam had bruises all over his body. I told her that there was no need to make any bruises on the child in order to frame his father, as that would simply implicate DFS further.

This morning, there was an item on the radio about DFS putting a child in a foster home in Willard, Missouri, a town to the Northwest of Springfield and lair of the regime criminal John Ashcroft, finisher off of the CONstitution. The child was later murdered by the foster parent, and the DFS there was refusing to release all the records concerning their negligence in making the murder possible.

I mentioned this matter during my discussion with the DFS representative.

I have also found out that DFS removed a child, the only small child, of a woman in her forties who conceived the child in her old age. She was a drunkard, and she asked that the child be given to his natural father, who had a new young wife. The child lived here in Granby and it happened last year. The child was battered and beaten by the young wife. However, since the Newton County DFS was culpable in making the murder possible, they decided to cover up the murder by claiming that the child had 'fallen' from his high-chair. Thus a corrupt DFS which would cover up a murder for which they were directly responsible both civilly and criminally would have no problem in putting a whole bunch of bruises upon my grandson to cover up their little scams. Hopefully by making this matter public the DFS will not hurt my little grandson further.

In any case, with nothing more than a cut lip, Jason Burns doubtless decided that stonewalling was far better than creating a fraudulent report which would add perjury and obstruction of justice to any possible kidnapping charge, or at the very least, suing for violation of failure to file a police report under Revised Statute of Missouri Chapter 610 -- The Missouri Sunshine Act. While it is a Class A misdemeanor to refuse to file, there is purposefully no jail time whatsoever involved -- designed to allow stonewalling for the cheap price of $500 per offense. Jason Burns figured out, correctly, that it was time to cut bait and let me work for $500 in civil litigation as opposed to being caught in several more felonies of perjury and obstruction of justice by trying to justify kidnapping under color of law my grandson for nothing more than a tooth-cut inner lip. A policy of simply stonewalling is the best policy. Since I know Jason Burns isn't smart enough to think this matter through, as a typical pig Burns is nothing more than a thug with a license to kill and steal, I wonder who explained things to him.

At around 11:30-11:33 a.m. I decided to call Granby City Hall and ask the mayor if I could get a copy of the mandated report. This report is mandatory above and beyond the normal required police report. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the Mayor, Rick McCully say that Jason Burns refused to file this mandatory report, saying that Burns said that he didn't need to. Obviously this is a violation of the very law, Missouri § 210.125(3), that Burns kidnapped my grandchildren under color of. Also note, that DFS personnel are expressly forbidden by this statute from initiating this legalized kidnapping on their own. They needed a physician (who would probably fear being sued for making a false complaint over nothing other than a cut lip) or a police officer to generate a false report. Jason Burns fit that bill perfectly.

Jason Burns was the police criminal who thought that he was John Stouffer Communication's (The Granby Telephone Company) little postal and delivery lackey when under color of law and in uniform he delivered my notice of corporate shutoff last October. The previous Granby Chief of Police, Kendall Brady, had just gotten a slap on the wrist from Judge LePage of a two year suspended felony sentence for making up a false credit card application and cashing a credit card under that false name here in Granby, where he was the police chief. All of which goes to show that when Granby Missouri choses its police recruits from the absolute dregs of the bottom of the barrel, that it gets it's full $8.00 per hour allotment of absolute stupid thuggery.

Burns is marginally smarter than Brady, but more thuggish. Like a pit bull on steroid adrenalin, it never occurs to Burns that its wants are not the law. That's why Burns didn't like being a security guard at La-Z-Boy at $9-$10 per hour because La-Z-Boy doesn't want to give Burns an opportunity to kill somebody or to sell "Doerge-Dope" (local street slang for the meth produced in this area, of which this area is the #1 producer in the #1 state for meth production -- which is no accident) or find other profitable opportunities. This is why Burns continues to harass myself and my family without ever thinking that it is not smart to do so -- unlike the poor drunken woman whose child was murdered last year by DFS -- I have a history of litigation against the City of Granby and the neighboring counties for their police forces' misconduct.

I wrote the above up, it was simple, really, although I did get the dates wrong and had to initial them. I delivered two copies of the above letter to Mayor Rick McCully, one for the police board. As I left after I got all copies rubber-stamped as filed, McCully looked scared.

In Neosho, I went to DFS and delivered a copy of the letter. This is a letter, not a legal filing, although it does collapse the legality of Jason Burn's misconduct. The caseworker -- Jill wanted to talk to me and Roxie. We both were invited to the set-down. I asked if it would be possible to videotape the set-down. She said that that would be the matter for the Newton County Deputy for Child Protection, Dwayne Allen, to decide. I explained that myself and Dwayne Allen have had some go-arounds before as well, but that I would type up an additional paperwork asking for videotaping.

Then I filed two copies at the Newton County Circuit Court. The clerks were evasive as to when Judge Killebrew had signed and runner-stamped the rtequest for custody, as expected, since it was doubtless well after the 24-hour permitted maximum. These regime criminals simply cannot do anything right or tell the truth if a lie and corruption will do. Such is life in the mighty Evil Empire, desperately seeking Armageddon.

I shall be posting further matters later, but the link for this page on my WWW pagee shall be:

I would appreciate the prayers of my Christian Israelite bretheren that my grandson Adam didn't have to receive too many bruises placed upon his small body by the DFS kidnappers trying to frame my son-in-law, and that any further bruising shall not be scheduled.


Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County